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Talk with Apoorva

Talk with Apoorva Handigol, a third-year sociology and anthropology major talk about her experience at Carleton

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Why did you choose Carlton? So it was kind of a long story I didn't expect to end up, but I did like, program here. This has never been the country and just decided college. What was really trying to go you C or a large like minister, out with it. I want to I the types of resources to one on one relationship with professors and stuff stop in administration and also like tutoring. Financially, we're so, um, aging here than anywhere else. I just knew that I would be able to feel like a student here. Not just like a statistic or a number like a nine interceded class. I have learned so much just by Just in the past three years, I've met people that continue to teach me so much about the world and about being a really critical and strong independent person moving through the world and really making sure that every environment we enter we're making it better for people that are coming after us. What is your major in? How is it? It's like, how do you like it? Yeah. My majors Sociology, Anthropology, which is really amazing. I came to Carlton, someone who had been famous in my whole life but wanted to also explore the humanities and just found sociology anthropology away too. Really examined the world, understand how it came to be. It looks like and also how we get, like, work to dismantle. Kind of like institutional, structural, systemic racism and others since repression that are really that we are at the forefront of changing. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Carlton? Besides favorite thing. Honestly, it's so easy to gain financial resources to do so many things. I've done all my internship on my spring break trips conferences fully funded by the college and something that I never would have dreamed of having when I came in and something that I really miss it. Yeah, Something I don't really like is I mean, I really love the winter. Barely seen snow after a while, like depression's a really, Really. So it's really hard to take care of yourself here.