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Student Interviews!

In this video i Interview a few students on life here at Clark Atlanta University. They have genuine answers and it was a really fun process interviewing them! They are all freshmen here.

Video Location Cornelius L. Henderson Student Center

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Sela Porter
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Why did you come to the left? Use Clark Amanda University. First, it's hbcu and I really wanted to get that HPC experience. Oh, how would you describe the Was it the The workload here on the workload here is into bed. Um, it's not necessarily light, and it really depends Or your left. Okay? It really depends on, like your teacher in the course, but it's nothing that can't or something crazy. Well, questions to, um what what is a pro up going here? A probe going here? It's a relatively small campus, so you can get places without having a walk. That's very true on DH. Lastly, what is Akane of going here? Akane, I would say is it is located in the heart of Atlantis, so it isn't necessarily safest. Please, you just have to make sure you're careful and very observant of your surroundings. Why did you choose to come to see you? I told you to come to see you because it gave me full tuition. So did Howard by chill seeing you because I got my housing paid for through basketball. What are some pros and cons over tending some pros is that it's a lot easier to make friends because we're surrounded by two other institutions. Let me tell you our biology program, as far as like being organized, they are, um, financial aid. They lose a lot of documents, Um, as compared Teo pw wise, I guess, like lack of funding shows you have Sam on the same equipment and opportunities that Peter you guys have. Lastly, what makes you different from other schools? Um, the history. So you have a really interesting history as faras I being consolidated, and I got history with being intertwined with Spellman and Morehouse. You're like, Okay, we're here with the last interview. So what's your name highlighting this Queen Hightower And where you from? I am from New Jersey. Why are you here? A kleptomaniac? Because they need money. About, um, what else could be eggs? You? How would you describe the workload? Oh, the work was SC manageable. I last question What makes opulent different from other schools? There's always something to do is like a lot of it's going on and we're a part of the center. Like, it's always like a bunch of people in there walking around stuff and chat. Well, thank you for being interviewed today.