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The University Center

My friend Hannah shows us around the University Center, one of the biggest student housing buildings in the South Loop! This building houses students from Columbia College Chicago as well as from Depaul University and Roosevelt University. This is where the most traditional dorm-style rooms are found.

Video Location 525 S State St

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Ryan Quade
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The mail room which hold packages for you and any other large male down here. There's the multimedia rooms here, all time movies. So usually won't have fishes getting a washer dryer. Here's a computer lab where they have printers do have supplier on paper, but otherwise printing is free. Yeah, You have all the music practice, sirs, so there's a lot of them that's really here. Here's the management office where you could go in like us questions. If you have problems, Ari on duty is usually here, so go answer any questions you have. So that as soon as you come out, the elevators are residents. Of course, it's good garbage and recycling the study of arms here. Like, this is about me and my roommates room. We have a shared bathroom with two other people who live on the other side of the same. Um, so there are some sweets and apartments in this building, but this is something. Who are you? So two thinks drawers a big Here you are shower so power. So when you bring it guts, you have tio, have you check in at the front desk, Steve. I think you can have a guest overnight for three nights in a two week period, and I don't want to be. They don't have to be consecutive, but just three days to two weeks, can't you wait another two weeks? So, as Hannah said, Security is kind of intense. It's also like all of Colombia's residence halls. So we at least like if you check somebody into like, a just a Columbia residents all you don't have to have a name tag.