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Hello, everyone. My name is Mark a role for and I'm coming to you live from Davis in college campus. Um And then this video will tell you Tim things about my school that you should know whether you're considering applying or like if you have already applied and they're coming here. So first thing, these air in no particular order, they're just 10 things that on the first thing is that we have take home test. So this goes with another one of things. So two things on one, we have the article and take home test the article which says that you won't cheat or lie still or think anything like that. He's taken really seriously to the extent that they let you take, um, certain tiss home Thio, take him in your dorm room. So like, instead of having taken in class, I'll give you an envelope. You're like, OK, well, you take this year's time limit and, um well, they tell you, with a night reviews, like outside material like that, and you take it in your room, put it in an envelope pledge. It was just me signed her name to it on, and then take it to wherever supposed be. That happens a lot, especially during the final seasons, where there's like it's a take home. It's either take home with self schedule, which is probably another thing where you could schedule your own midterm. They'll just have, like, a long period of time where you can go sit in any room in chambers, which is one of the main academic buildings here. And you could take a test for from like the time piers from eight to like two or something like that. And you could choose a time frame like eight to however long your test is. And take it like that. Um, also, if you ever like at Davis and are looking at their majors, you like, I don't see anything that I want a major. But I really love Davison. Um, you could just make your old major. We have a program here that allows you to creature all major and like the courses that that is attached to, and that's not here. Then you could make it so that your major send you to another school like to take classes. Would that be a domestic study abroad or another? um so, yeah, you can make your own major. That's something in terms of academics and other stuff. If you have a research project that you're considering it like huh, I love this idea. We'll talk about this. There are plenty of opportunities here to get, like scholarships and funding for those projects. Whether that's the international, like study abroad based thing or whatever your project is, really, there's funding for it. Usually there's like different rounds of us, like the round that comes out. If you're trying to do research during winter break or if it's like a more broad, um, project, then there's, like various two days. But I would just be at this be something like go through all the funding options for to see which one bit suit your project. Um, along those same lines, we have the other, which is like a business. It's ah, So the Hurt hub is a building that host, like little offices for various other businesses that want to come on campus, and those businesses work as their own like business, whatever their business does. But they also hold events on campus that you're more than welcome to those two So a thing that I've heard a lot about on campus is that there's like no real business like track at Davidson. So there's like a business group, like a club I don't remember name of its lack of business clothes. And then the Hurt hub has a lot of stuff that late. People go there a lot for that types of some three, a start of like, If you want to start your own business, you do not know how there's three. It's that program I did. That program was really good where they can teach you that. What goes into running a business and things that I asked you about. Hey, you Merriman have a business family to do, doesn't do all these things and they walk through your specific thing with you. Um, in terms of other resource on campus, we have Lulu Belle, which is essentially like a They have a blueberry that honestly so if you ever had, like issues buying books, they'll have books in there that you could either like use for the semester or you could just borrow. They have there's a food pantry and they're so if you ever like okay, Well, I don't have an extra meal swept this week. Um, and I clearly still need to eat that you go bluebell, pick up something own. They also have a clothing events. So, like, if you have ah, interview or something that you need to go to, then you don't close for you can go in there and they'll give you clothes. Um, laundry and everything on campus is free so that I don't think you have issue with that. But if you ever have, like, long dream materials, they can you get that there? Um, in terms of other group related stuff, we have a lot of like campus clubs and groups of the Navy seal Clubber something. Julian's gonna always start your own. There's process for that as is there a process for most of the things, You could be a lot of things ranging from like radios, groups that have, like radio stations and on the stuff real gems, podcasts and these bets. Like other groups, there's a group called having this group. I think they just do. I don't know what they do, but I wasn't it for a little bit. And we went around. We put googly eyes and stuff to make things look like they're always happy to look at. So, yeah, there's that in terms of, like campus culture and things, there is, um I don't know. A lot of people say Dave's in this super super endeavors. I don't think it's that that first, but I think it's I think it's more inclusive of the ways that it is not divers, in the sense that there are clubs for the groups of people were there less of them and, like space is created for them to feel included. I'm there. That's obviously area would get better, but that's something that they've been. It's been a lot of conversation about making sure that people feel included on campus. And as far as like funding your Dave's and experience, there's this thing called Dave's and Trust, which works to make sure that students graduate without debt, which is some people's actual experience, which is my experience. That guy, when I graduated may I will not have any debt, no loans, no, nothing like that because Dave's interest on Major so that I could come to him anything to pay for. Um mmm and I don't know how this works, but like there's something about, like, not students not getting loans and stuff like that. But there have been cases where that's not the case, but it's like usually Davis and try. This covers everybody. And if there's like a specific case, but doesn't that something else usually usually, Um, and lastly, there's a lot of, like campus opportunities to light explore these air that wacha excursion happen all the time? Well, they're planning trip and you sign up and they'll pay for you to go and two others in the stuff. Like last weekend, we went to scare Winds, which was fun ish. I just I'm not in the scary stuff on everyone, but it was fun. It was fun. Um, so, yeah, that's my 10 things. It's a lot of things. There's a lot of bits and pieces about. If you come in Davidson, you'll have you Gil experience your first frolics in spring. It's really fun. It's very Davis and thing Winterfest out of the stuff. So, yeah, those are my 10 things about Davis in college, but I think you should know going into your application. But we're not really application part is like in general. Yeah, thanks for watching and stay Hello, everyone. This is Mark around or coming to you again from Davis in college. Right now, I'm in Chambers Hall building active. I think every student's been most of their time. And unless they spent more time in wall, which I probably also show you Oh, look, look, I'll show you. I just wanted to say, like, the basics. Every floor, there, three floors, they look pretty much the same. Same layout. Oh, the back in from the side, which I'll show you. Um, it's home. Pretty popular for pictures. So when you declared a major, take a picture out there, um, always graduating time. Well, it would take the same picture out there. I definitely and yeah, so, um each well, except for the first floor, the 1st 4 has the little gallery, which is where they have, like, events and stuff. And then it's also where the red story is. The second floor in place of the Little gallery just has, like, a lot more lounge space. There's also Professor Office is on the second and third, and, um, the third floor is where we have hands Auditorium, which is where it's just a notorious. There's classes hold in there, too. But they have. We have a speaker that isn't speaking in a classroom at the Duke Family Performance Hall, Warren, a little gallery or in a number of other places. They speak your hands. Auditorium. Yeah, I think that's all basic, So let's get down to what it looks like. what should come into your life from my new room and sent tail to 15? Well, I probably shouldn't have told you where I stay, but it's not like you could put it on because you guys like to get in a building down. I got cat cards. Well, some y'all do book, mostly all don't and the door locked. Anyway, you can get in, but we going Paul issue and intro. So today's video okay? Obviously I'm in different clothing than I was an eclipse, you see, because I was moving day and okay, so I moved in. But as you see, my hair wasn't done in that video. I had, like, the box braids in, but I had a rapid mall. So I spent the rest of that day cleaning my room and finishing my hair. A couple days later, here we are and for the most part, off suddenly and I've already junking up this disc and I can't say that I'm 100% suddenly because I'm still trying to get all these classes and my books, everything together. And I forget which supplies I needed. Which ones? I don't because it's a whole crate of stuff under my desk right now Stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm not going need. And I don't like that. But, you know, I don't even know how I feel about that. Because usually I don't even use desks. I want something class, because I, for some reason, has some strange, like, objection to them. But as you can see, I'm sitting in my we can't really see, but I'm sitting in my desk. Okay, So I'm going to eat once over my side of the room. Wait. Oh, I couldn't keep it clean for two days. All right, I'm gonna give you the once over featuring my junk. There's nothing on the bed, so I just opened a package. And what did you think? You. Why don't you just open the package and throw the box away and all the stuff that came out box? Great question. I have no answer. What's on the way. I mean, there's nothing in my day it really set for my journal in pins and like, oh, it's a whole bunch of socks because I couldn't find a match is, But I'm pretty sure I have them somewhere, so I put him on the mound in my bed. Just case because my sock drawer is down to two. So when I come across the sock, I'll find its parent and stick it in the drawer. Yeah, and is also dirty. Well, the dirty laundry hamper thing. But I must tell you, in a way, is junkie book. I mean, I'm sure your room and clean right now, even if it is good for you. The bullet was out further. Do list this duties? We got a sink. Yeah, we got a whole was seen heart anyway. Closet 20 Exelby. It wants that drawers. And this is with desk. Now, here. We got space. Yeah, that the rats closet looks like with those lofty bangs. And there's a space up here too short to stand up there and show you. All right, here's my setup picture wall. All that stuff came out that bought that big box right there. So I mean, I mean me and want a wherever they put this this one little box thisted enormous date. We'd like three pieces of paper. I'm just like I know what I order. Boys kiss way anywhere, Anywhere, Anywhere. All right, so we got this thing section anyway. Yep. And I got the under my belt section. There's a mat down here into pillows and my favorite part. We owe my snacks, but that's not my favorite part. Don't you think you love food? Market? So what could be better than snacks? Oh, a disco ball. A disco ball? What? I have no Snapchat because my jam session videos are about to be. Do you hear me? Anyway? So what exactly do I got to show you? Oh, my grape juice dash Looking out at grape juice. Ah, that's pretty much it. The rest of my stuff is like closet stuff. And I've already shown you the eclipse of light. How to room. Look, before I set stuff up and I got a fuzzy rug and like overhead space above the closet, I'm in. So until this year, I'm living this space, Not here. I really like. So seriously get you got here when I'm not at work or a glass. You feel? Anyway, that was intentional. Move it. Anyway, I think that's all I have to show you. Yes, all my butterflies in my flowers, but they were up in the other room and Howard. And so yeah, I think that I conclude his video. I loved his light. Oh, my gosh. Anyway, But I see Michael bloody shirt. This is the infamous no no famous shirt. I bet this is the famous shirt for one in the cart. Kalanick Consul, What? We said Kalani saw my show, and she said she loved that. This is the shirt. This is that shirt anyway. Yes, Well, thank you for watching. I'm gonna stake assistant and post every week. Now I know my thing says every week on the banner, I'll get around the change in the be patient because I'm back in school now, So yeah, stay tuned. Thanks. Watching. And I'll catch on another video piece. Hello, everyone is Marco Vela por coming to you from Davison College. And today I want to talk to a little bit about how I prepare for a C T. Which is the only test I took. Davidson will require Quintus and yeah, that's the one my school my high school prepared us for which is very conveniently time, because I'm getting ready to take the g r e this week for Post grad related academic related stuff. So yeah, this is how I personally prepared for the CT. So for me, I think this depends on, like, your strong suits. What do you what subjects you know, you're good at and ones that you think you are. So, for me, I'm really good at writing. So the essay part was no issue for me in the grammar like reading sections were no issue from because reading comprehension is like another one of my strong suits. How ever math, on the other hand, was not one of those areas for me. So, in preparing for the a c. T, I did a whole lot of like, extra like I had a home math tutor for regular class in high school. and I just cross some of that stuff over and just like, Hey, Qi also show me how to do this. That that there that thought would be on a city. I had a really big So my big Red A C T test prep book that my high school, Um, I think the apartment with a program or program came in and gave us free classes. So I took that class. It was offer every Saturday from, like, 10 99 to 1 or something like that. Um, yeah, they came with a really big test book and homework, and that's how we got prepared. I honestly thought it was more helpful to do the math with my tutor. Just because I work better when I'm able to ask questions and in a classroom setting when it's a whole lot of us doing the same problem, is it? I don't know. I feel like a little class down. If I were to stop and ask questions, so I was I took a lot of stuff back to my tutor. So, um, in terms of the other subjects, I think finding A like what? This is a free like program one line, or like a book or flash cards or something that you use. The study will be helpful and knowing your strengths, I think that's helpful to you. Don't need to like you need to, like, study the subjects you think you're good at, because the team could very well be very different from what you think you know. But it could also be very similar. So just look over something like that in a city book. And, um, yeah, I also took AP tests and such, which comes with a whole course attached to it. But for extra prep, I always got a P books like they be Princeton ones, which everyone's and I studied from there. A sZ faras. My experience. I as I mentioned, I'm a better writer and reader than I am with other stuff. So my AP test for English. I don't remember which AP English composition and literature maybe think so. That wouldn't really well, I took that intent. Great did pretty well for the first time. The first time I took it wasn't attached to a AP class. It was just a took regular English, and they said whoever had AIDS in that class will go. Will have their chest paid for some. I was paid for, and I took it like that. And I got a three, which is pretty good, considering I hadn't been prepared with, like, eight p like class. Um, and as far as a c. T. I had a different experience because I got sick during two of my sittings. Um, the 3rd 1 went much better. You have to take you through. Charles got sick anyway. Um, yeah, my iced tea was fine. I'm not a huge fan of Les standardized tests, so I feel like this The environment stress me out a little bit, but I think I still was. Definitely was still able to do well. So yeah. What did I tell you? Make sure you prepare, like, even beyond your leg. Whatever you're you think you're good. Makes you get a little bit of everything. Recap, little bit of everything. Math was where I focus the most times. Been the most time in the air that you know. Yeah, sure. A sz faras ap test, if you can. I suggest getting eight people because you never know what's gonna be different. The book cover more things than maybe your class, my. And if you don't know that, then you can't prepare for us. I think the books helpful, but you can probably also find a free version of it online. Yeah, Um, take a jacket when you go take your E C t. Because it's cold in here. It's cold. Um, yeah. Makes you have your I d on a good stuff, but yes. Thanks for watching, and I'll pull more video soon. So what's good? Gay? I just don't dress these today. I intend to address this because ah, lot of incoming freshmen have been messaging me on Instagram and Snapchat, asking about, like, very states like workload, not this other stuff. Don't let these college do scare you about coming to college. If you could handle high school, you can handle this. I don't understand what it will be my year, people and, you know, freshman air bud and get out of try and scare people like there were people trying to scare us when we were in the eighth grade getting ready to go to high school like there were people trying to scare us, didn't I was gonna be people trying to scare you. But you have to know that there's something that you can handle. I'm telling you, college, is it easy? Necessarily. Content is what you make of it. It's not difficult. It's not difficult, but you've got a lot of men. It's time. You gotta know how to do all this other stuff. She didn't necessarily have to know how to do before I keep be accountable for yourself like that. So basically you need to learn how to do that anyways, Like I mean, God was stressing in high school, over final, so I don't understand why college finals are like Whoa, whoa, whoa. The people that are in library and pull all nighters nine times out of 10. It's because they procrastinate. You don't have to pull all nighters in college. I don't pull all nighters and my grades of fire like, is not like that. You have to be like that. Sure, there are cases where somebody's just so busy that they need a cup of coffee. That was me yesterday because all my classes from 8 15 ran into everything on my day wasn't done. It's like what? Like nine. But some days, it just like that. What's the difference between there and having being a high school, having sports practice straight after school? You still in school till, like, seven? I mean, I don't really feel like it's a do that that much of a difference. Sure, you're not living in the household with your family anymore. Sure, you get tired of eating. It happens here every so often, but like you're not like dreading every second of being here. So Here is my real advice to you incoming freshmen and transfers and whether l should be in this category that I haven't put in there yet. You'll be fine. Just make sure you put in the work. You see results. Maybe not immediately. Because I felt my first, like, handful of college exams and you get the little excuse always your first exam as a freshman. Well, uh, you get those excuses, even though I know that's not why I feel, but I mean, the test don't magically start looking different like it was stupid balls. What choice? He was still a little mad. Please do not do said man, because count wasn't my strong suit, but so it's bad what else I got for you? Don't get here and get, like, sad because you'd be looking around you just like dang. They got a lot of free time balling young court. They stay your laying right. Your ease your day by. You don't do myself as hips need it. That's what, like the writing center and tutors and artistic before. Don't Don't be the person that gets here and his life. Oh, what like high school? I got straight A's without trying college. It'll be like that. You know, every level is harder than the last. Like that's how video games work. But we're gonna give you four levels that are also saying and a one and a dog like that Was the case high school be the end of it? And the military school beating up everyone will be equally difficult. It's the next level, baby. Keep pushing. You know, it's gonna be a little bit tougher, but she was prepared for that. That's what you did all high school, preparing to be here to do what you gotta do to get to this next degree. I mean Oh, Justin, I really hate that they do that because I saw one of these tweets on Twitter. They were like, Oh, your doctor was ugly and high school went to get a card. You thought you were done my high school. Wait till you get to college. No, baby, you can come out and you find yourself You won't do amazing. You're gonna be amazing. Just like that. Of course it's gonna be this same group behaviors. Is this angry people that they you think they like you and then you figure it out. You get to college and everything will be brand new. And you might be a little wound at the beginning, but you get used to, and then you're just And the next thing I know you won't be a junior like me. And graduation is gonna be what four credits away, and you won't be like, Okay, so I was, like, Okay, like, there's gonna be some obstacles along the way you had at one douchebag. Professor. That's gonna give you Ah, mess of a semester. But you're going to pass his class, okay? And you won't be. He's gonna be amazing. Maybe you might build glass. He won, ma'am. But, baby, don't be scared to take it again. Is Paige You pay us everything for time. I it will. I hope I don't feel a class. I feel like that would hurt, but as of right now, extremely wonderful. So it's go study abroad with this. Um, I went to Howard for a semester. You could go wherever looking to exchange programs. If you go to a Peter B. I mean, you're like who? And I want to know what hbc you was like a little bit. Get the experience. Look out for you. Make sure you're doing what you want to be doing. Don't let people talking down from nothing and get to know people because my connections get me a lot of places here they like. What you doing this weekend? Because I got this spot in the conference I want you to take. And I would like, I make time for that. I got you. I got you. Be nice to people because we're nice to people. Everything's just easier in life. It's just better. I guess that's just what it is. People like nice people, even when they don't wanna admit it because, like, I'm the sweetest thing. But I don't get told I'm nice and people still like drop doors in my face And people are still rude that where it is, it's the life this life you gotta like, get even with anybody because that's not my role. I don't get it, but you don't think of someone. But I'll come back and drop it here. But But now thank you for watching See y'all later or next week. Wonder to make sure you like, subscribe and I see you here. The next video piece of Hello, everyone. My name is Margaret Ford, and I am currently a senior Davis in college. I'm from Rhona Graff is Alana, which is on the border. But I like him for you. Oh, Virginia. And I'm a sociology major. Calm communication studies minor. I was about Kate. Stay calm studies because they call it. But, um, my college search experience was really it was a lot just because we had, like, are we had, like, a specific set up in my school. So you have the schools that you like. You're confident that you can get into their on the list. He probably requirements of what you like about him. And then you have your reach Schools. Davison was one of my reach schools just because, um I think my gp was like a lot. It wasn't It wasn't that much lower than the average yet. You were a p um, opportunities. So it wasn't like the opportunity for must to my GP to be as waiting like lofty. So, like, a lot of GPS were like 4 to 43 I don't know if we had that many ap classes. Where might you be that hot? So I don't know. I felt like I did not have all the qualifications get him. But I was very well around it. So that was another thing I was looking for in the school was that there were a lot of things for me to do and be a part of. So yeah, Um, yeah, pretty much. I looked at a lot of like, HBC news. Um, and TV's on my show. Auntie's almost this uscg was on my list. Uh, Davison was on my list. I ended up only applying to schools USCG and Davidson just because uscg their deadline was before Davison's for early admission early? Yeah, I plotted in advance. So I was like, look in the first group of 2020 class to get in early admission. The first, the first version of because there's two like grounds of and that plant for the 1st 1 and I got in, Which is why I didn't apply to any more schools. Um, and I decided to make these videos because I have a YouTube gentleman that I do tours of schools arm and I go here, so I do tours of, like, blooms and stuff on campus, But also notice that there's not that many tours on line of Davison College campus and something I was hearing a lot of campuses that, especially for international students, that they don't see the camps before they come. They just come and just hope it all works out. So if there was a way for people to see and know what they were convincing prior to getting here, that would be helpful. So I started making videos and things, and I'm here making videos for you guys so that you could know what you're getting into. What's expect things to see things do all the stuff on Dave's in college campus. So, yeah, thanks for watching us stay tuned for more big nodes. Waas. Good gang issue, girl. Margarita coming to you live from Davison College for seeing your movie and day. Yeah, I was coming. Policy, I'll give like a side. 85%. Yeah. So Oh, who take a deep breath? We left the house like fire 30 this morning. Put it away. Um all right, so when I say eight tomorrow and another 15% is just like is that even 15? I don't know, the other 15%. Just little pieces. Like command strips, papers. I just ripped off a drug from a girl because the first week of being in a room, I'm like, I don't want trash can cause I'm trying to make it out. But first, little batch of moving you gotta put up stuff in trash. So we're gonna pause and I put a little clip right here of what the room was like, empty. And then we'll come back and I'll show you what looks like now forget everything. Thes clauses don't have old age. It doesn't have to say it's a nine year anyway, that you get this. You got this in a bit. Watch what I do. Just so Oh, once you knew I was gonna have my disco ball. And so I got the idea was to get a bunch of mirrors and put him up like this one so that when the thing was on will reflect off of it. Does that condom? So, yeah, the colors were just pink. Blue gray. I just got a whole bunch of stuff that I like. Desperate. They're gonna doing nothing. But you must do this for me because it's cluttering, like is clutter. You did. This is very true. I noticed. That's over 15%. I gotta clean up some stuff. What? This semester, I plan to stay on top of everything. And outside of my little calendar that I put in my journal and the calendar of academic stuff is in my book back. I now have one on the wall. Nice. Nice chalk marker. Got my markers right there. I got a cleaning kit for I got the boot of lives. Uh, right there. You know the pictures that that's my bed set up different. Just not notice a William Oh, matches the bay, but not okay to curtains. The curtains are lighter now. Lastly, the currents are lighter When the windows open like they match with the windows open because they're black out curtains. So when they're doing what they both do the match, I guess. And then I got, like, ah, whole hamper full of clothes that I just do not feel like putting up right this second. And you know what's coming food? Because, you know I can't go nowhere without almost next snacks. These next. I saw this on instagram shoutout. Whoever gave you that idea fridge, Microwave kettle pictures. I put my own this on the wall because this, um, wouldn't reach. So where it was, it was sitting right here. But I put it right here so that uploaded into their pictures. Butter flaws. My desk is kind of junky, but you could see it. Yeah, these chips gotta zip like Ziploc section of Gotham. I blew the second of a store. I got a new speaker. Oh, who? This was a mistake said Not really. Because now I'm in the mirror light all the time. I just ain't right. Here's down here. Vacuum again. Well, yeah. I'll show you the bathroom. Tommy. Bathroom. We haven't done much in there yet, but I still show. It's a soda towards Tommy pod. Like we got a big tapestry. Four people. This is our lounge area. Got a table? Yeah. And then bathroom. I don't know, but I didn't get the special this year. Like I just came with all the stuff just seen already. So you're due to dirt? I came a little. I need to get small blood of glass. That's how I feel about situation. Oh, look, I got these cars, pulls it up here. Who? I saw Keo Dai. So cute. What else I got to show you. Well, I got a new ticker. You know, once he did it, I feel like I showed them to you because they know that we got in his past him. Oh, but I got this. I'll show you teacup. I gotta string him up. This one and this one star Oh, don't plausible thing. And then I got I want to show you this video. Probably gonna watch this. And they were all her energy. Go brown, white, white, white boy. And I still got stuff to do today. And it's like, five o'clock. You're not still I left. I left all my vitamins at home. This is ridiculous. Uh, anyway, yeah. Oh, I also got a room. They're wooing you. Uh, it's crazy anyway. Yeah, that's what I got. So all on pictured things unsure? Something's got a water filter picture thing. The one of the britta ones fan, Because, Tommy, the air conditioning thing situation already don't work. And we've been here. What a day. And I'm not a fan of that, but it's all cool. Um, I got a little pink things. They're going to slide in copy drawer things, tons of wipes. Oh, this year you might get more food related videos because I I've been on a little meal plan since, like, sophomore gear. But like I've been struggling on the Lord will plant this year. I plan to make, like, more things that need to be prepared and of that meal prep boxes. So, like, I'm about to be prepping meals. Oh, I almost forgot to show you on the most important. I want to show you what I'm about to put you onto the best thing on the face of planet like something will be left for Margaret. No diversity in Harlem. Take notes, and that should be all of you Because this is the best thing Only visitor gonna face the whole entire, Like when the stock would be the best thing on the face of earth Cumin rainforest burned down But I die, Grace. Anyway, white cream strawberry little bit white crane Strawberry is the best juice The absolute best use cranberry juice is my thing. If you follow me on instagram if you follow me on instagram you know I do Or cranberry juice like, Aye, there's a pretty time I was like, I need take myself off cranberry juice. I go through, like, three bottles a day, Not like b size bottles, but, like the little 16 notes things I have Want breakfast, lunch, dinner. Go to two million things and, like my face start bringing out the sugar. Is that true? Is that what I was breaking out, huh? Isn't it? Is less sugar and cream bridges for Yeah, So I got off him for a little bit, But But last month's there. I didn't have your young I was in a dog was single, so I It was in my fridge using because when I moved in, her freezers are revered so I did not have white crane strawberry because Fred was significantly smaller than mine. And, you know, just need a big fridge. So No, no, no, I don't think I'm doing You don't say that like her shields like this tall. I'm not even trying to find a nice drive. Funny. There was no freezer on it, None of it. So, um, yeah, I had to drink plain cranberry juice, which was fine. I like plain cranberry juice, but in a white cream strawberry, that's for sure. I'm so excited. I got when I got to ease it needs it. A really warm I should not be this excited for some juice, but of course I am. Well, have you? I think there's a lot of things I got to show you. Got blackout grooms. I don't like the big over here light. It's just too is to break into all over the room. My God, I have in my dark corners of the room. I like the little shadow off it, which is not something I have with you. Yes, it so yeah, yeah. Thanks for watching. And I'll see you in another video. I'll see you in another video. But look August about. I think I'ma still do a video a week, but two videos occasionally, but maybe two videos every other week or something like that, because I don't see myself doing it. Being Elsie was a lot of time, but if I got time, I'll drop two years week. Yep, that's what I'm saying. That way if I don't post two videos like, say it anyway. And I only said I was doing in office, isn't it? Yeah, things were watching, and I'll see you in another video piece out. and everyone. It's Marga Bella for coming to you live from Davison College campus. And today I'm gonna show you what? Um, some of the campuses events look like So you're bored on campus is one of the organization that hosts a lot of our events, and they're holding one tonight, so it's Ah, it's a retro arcade game night. I'm so outside of. So let's go. Yeah, yeah, right. You got no power. That's Oh, no, no, no. No way. You saw food and there was random the table at the back that had, like, pizza and buffalo wings. You're bored. Events usually always have free food of some kind. There are other events on campus, like after Midnight's I love Those I Love After midnight. If you come to Davidson and they haven't after midnight go, you'll get over being tired of promises. So worth it, Uncle. Sometimes they have my favorite one. Well, I don't even notice my favorite, but they have one last weekend when was like board games and like breakfast so they'd get like there was like pancakes and bootleggers, biscuits and other stuff. But my favorite one so far, I think this one's my favorite. We have building waffles. Mine was so good, so good. It was the waffle. But then there was Nutella and strawberries. It was so good. Like it was worth being up at one o'clock in the morning because after midnight, so literally doesn't even start until 12. And sometimes the first, like some number of people get there and they get free. Um, like merchandise. They had a hat. One year last year was Cups. I don't know what this year's Woz climate been torn yet, but I suggest that you go to those events anyone aboard events, because there's always parties. But there's not always there's not. I don't think there's a new board thing every every weekend, but there's always gonna be a party on campus. So like make sure you do a lot of everything. It's a lot of fun things also. Thanks for watching, and I will see you in another