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what's popping baby leaves. All right. Good morning. Good morning. So today is gonna be my ass. Stay here for the summer, and I'm gonna film that for you guys, and I'm gonna be filming. This has move out. Block so state soon. I just won't go. I always wake up Phyllis A man that sucks. I just literally jumped out of bed a girl Because I always go back to sleep in like i oversleep and not today's my finals. So I was my God, I can't oversleep like I have to go study and stuff. So I just literally hopped out of bed, but yeah, so I'm gonna just, like, get ready a little bit and we don't be on our way. All right? Today I'm just worried My Lou ya t shirt Keep rising Sea. I'm really not sure. And I'm wearing these little shorts are like boy shorts from this company called World Vision. And then I'm gonna wear my coach. Slides appeared with eight. You know, I'm gonna be home a little way. I know this is, like, right on top of red, but like, it'll be straight. And I know I look like a little boy. Oh, yeah? And then I have this polo jacket. I know I look a good guy, but like so I'm looking looking my hair Y'all loud. But I really want to do my hair, like, into its look by boners. Look back on my cell, but I can't find any of, like, my brushes or anything, so I apologised way down. You know, I'm weird because, like, I didn't know I have to hop out of bed. I had a norm side of eight said and it was 7 45 I just hopped out of bed like I got, so I don't know why I just got up really fast. I am. But I don't think anyone I didn't have to get up, But I had woke up like seven, and I looked at the weather, and it's supposed to start raining at eight, like, 80% chance and I don't want to really get rained on, so I was like, I gotta get up, but yeah, so I'm probably gonna get some of my hair how he wants to do so I'm probably just gonna wear it down because I don't somebody just It's like I don't really care. Like, um, if you could sweat like whatever so much he looks so white. I love this and here's my room like this. We can't find anything that everything play everywhere boxed up or like just yeah, not just like out because, like, I'm ready now, it has found some money in my pockets that's late, like it's always cool to find money, even if it's like a dollar or something, because it's like, Oh, my God, this morning, what did I pose? People provide my story, but it's like, Oh, my gosh, this is like more than I had before. So whatever I'm gonna show you guys hired me might stop by limiting because I made this last night and it was so bomb and like I'm gonna forever be making it. So first is my first time. So now I'm walking downstairs in my building. The boy that I study with like my suitor only actually just texted me that he's here already. So perfect time. So I guess it's kind of a good thing that I woke up early, so now I'm in the dining hall, you know, I'm sure job before, but I'm about, uh, I can't remember about me. I looked up a little blast. Oh, has ground turkey sausage. And this afraid so sticks only like breakfast. But, like, I want a few myself and then I'm actually on sold. My breakfast is sad. Look at it. It's got hash phone and then a biscuit, and it's pretty usually looks like Memphis Blues. So, like, whatever, this is enough. So basically like And like, I had a broken down more like shoppers last night, but they got a possum or and I put a lot of look. So my mom and my sister here talking white, But my mom, my sister here. So I just had to walk outside to give me my key. And I'm taking my final in 15 minutes. I'm not really ready, but we're still studying and stuff. So wish me luck. I need all of it minutes. Okay, I'm a little late, but I'm going. It's possible to find Well, you just remember life isn't always about passing. You could do good in middle school high school, but college is something different, and it's okay because, like, it's not like I like the way I think about college is like, I was really hard, like, I'm really, really smart if you know me. You know, I skipped a grade, not because I I wanted to ring thing because, like, they offered it to me And I was like, Sure, you know, because I have the Christ hear us. So, like I skipped it. Whatever I had to do a little extra stuff, but not really too much because I was already like a head, you know? So did that. Um I graduated with a 4.7. No, I think I think I graduated 4.2, but I had a four points up. I can't remember because I remember, like I saw it just like my senior year. But whatever anyway, is whatever it was over four point. No, that's great, too. So I went really hard, though in high school, everything to get into college because gpm out it Once you're in college, it doesn't matter. That's what they don't tell you. They literally like, owes you pass the class like that's really all that matters. Unless, like you're setting high goals for, like, years for something you really don't matter at all. Ideo But I've been studying like the first part. Like that. They was 68 questions. I pass it. Pass this one over here. It'll not So now my sister. But we're walking to the dining hall at just just found out. Don't quote me on this. I'll let you guys know after we go in and try it. But if you have a meal plan, you like your meal plan for other people and then they could come into. And I could have literally been doing this the whole time. Like my friends came. Yeah, this building is falling apart. They stopped falling. What on? They're gonna do it again. Whoa. Now, don't try to get this. You two so happy somebody just said they wanted you and I got in the way. If I shout out to her if she watches this, But yeah, and it worked. Way are in the dining hall. Asia is in this little guy here, but I ain't got no food. Yeah, I'm about to get a little chicken taco. Yeah, you already know I'm back, Eddie, with my sorry lemony Oh, my God. Littering so good. I love Starbird. I love you And I'm so mad that I like I literally just not thought of this is the best idea ever way. I know it's so hot out here. Absolutely. I was still recording. I've seen that look up in your ass. I couldn't. Huh? I know the pressure. Yeah, I like about the job. I could not gladly. You this. Just understand You're not taking It's hotter outside than it was before. I changed. What? Both everybody working right now. This is work, work, work, work. This is what I call I hope she's not talking making a walk back. See, you were recording foot log. Well, that's why I don't get your mama. Yeah, yeah, you pretty hard. Because I've been my rules. I'm just ready for the fall back. It's my new because that arm is gonna be late. And I can't wait to show you because I've got ideas like, I have literally so many ideas for you and I just started looking. Do you? That's nice, but yes, over to storage place. And, you know, this is probably throwing a couple more clips of that into here, but hey, all We had a storage place right now. This is how the car, it's like I have stuff all the way in my back, see in the trunk. And then my mom has stuff in her car and them ages munching on. But yeah, I'm not the story. It's like, That's like we just bought, like, a box, and then we're just gonna stuff it there. Yeah. Oh, I want to show you guys a little bi. I'm probably not going to because my phone is dying and I need to start editing. Sorry about that. But as you guys see, like, that storage place, unless you guys know how it goes, all right, as I wasn't gonna longest. But I'm just walking a little bit for you guys to see a little bit. We're just emptying out the cars right now. There's Mom. Oh, yeah, I'll show you. It's, like, really weird. I don't like it. Syrians like a dungeon. I feel like there's gonna be a snake in here or something, But this is the little room. It's like a little storage room. I put paper towels now because you know I'm right. Shit. But I had to improvise. It's like it's gonna be like and like I can. I'm just spitting on my stuff in here, basically. Oh, I'm not gonna leave any of my clothes or shoes in here. Like I thought I was, like, shoes right there. And then, like, shoes and clothes and stuff right here. And I'm just taking a home because, like, I don't want to leave it in here. But besides, that, everything goes. Should be pretty good in here. And so thanks for watching me. Should get my channel in, Like, two weeks ago. We were called, but I will be jumping videos, little time home because, like, you know that. Yeah, I just saw him. And I saved your job. And I was, like, Wait, trying the door still closed? Wait, wait. Look at this school. It isn't one of your time. So the school is literally so back, like this. Name, someone, this Look, this is where I'm about to be staying, so I'm gonna unpack myself, But I can't find my old cards, so I'm really mad. Like I gotta go buy a new one in a new one is 15. What about over there? Yeah, we just got here, Ray. So there is my family. Oh, I can't zoom incident. But here's my point of Asia. I got me. This is Belle. I literally thought it broke. But anyways, we're walking stick in my our card. So the building I'm gonna live in is, like over there, but we've gotten kind of for not really that far. I see some picture spots right there, right there. But yeah, it's really, really far from where you get your AARP card. And then were you that you're our car is like right next to the dining hall, So, you know, honestly, I don't know where we're going by kind of you want a picture for thumbnail? I believe I know where it is. So this is where we're at in this the right. So we're making no brothers. I'm so mad, huh? Well, this is a process that usually have to go through at, like, orientation or moving Example. I didn't do this last time, so I eventually guys this last time because I think I had previously on my own burn. I think I got my old car. Like I remember when I got my own heart on the sleeve, But I just remember I didn't show you guys so sorry. So this is how it is now. You is not usually like you could just walk in like when I did. Isis, you know something's wrong. Thank you. Uh, officially, even though I was officially you touching my butt? No, e it says welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I'm really happy. Like we really wait in this line for an hour, and I got my card, and I could finally move into my home saying boys walked around when we first went in there. And now they just came. No coincidence. This little baby video parade dreads and not lady talking about. So I I just wanted a little orientation. People like can give me a lanyard because I need a land here for my Because I didn't want to just hold it. Believed someone we can't just give away land. It's like I'm saying, I thought those step foot here like you can't get with layers, but yes, we all get away. You best believe I got millennia because they was not about to play with me like excuse. Excuse me? Like a little fair that's happening on campus. I didn't believe them at first, but look, there, they're, uh hi. Oh, my gosh. Is that another? These are so cute. Okay, let's go. This find my room, Jack. I know if you look hard. All right? We're going to the room. I can't think Message to shape. Oh, my God. I didn't know they didn't. Dirty 74 Yeah, it's our way. Oh, yeah. Oh, I don't know. Do they? In the room all the way down here. So, like, this is the main And it okay? Yeah, My bed is right now. I would Oh, I think it was rolling chairs. You know, I'm not gonna say sorry, but yeah, I interview is so pretty way Got a buxom You begin. Where? Even in the car for vulnerable. I don't even know hard. Okay, look, this is the building. And mercy is all the way literally, All the way out there and over there, literally up there, over there, Like you can see nothing. I'm all the way in the corner of, like, 700. Hold on. Wait. And there's, like, places a park, your bikes or whatever. And then there's a valuable choruses, even though I'm not gonna use it, actually know something about it? The other where I was they had a falling out. I'm sorry. Oh, my God. Okay, sorry. If they had a global Cory to, I just never used it. Let's go. Yeah, so hello, sister. If you're seeing this video, I just want you to know I love you very much. I hope you look great. We got a mission. I'm sad. You want to say a shout out to board flight clothing? Because like they were keeping me fly like all the time late. No details left out? No, nothing like and I being the fire's cool Look, my shirt is literally but dazzled out like is literally I stepped in a puddle anyways is literally so Cousteau shadow. So born fly. I'm have them in my discussion, of course. Anyways, so, um, there's not even close to being over like, we literally we went to We just went to my storage unit and picked up like my phrase my microwave and everything that I had in my dorm already. Like from before. So now we're back here, and I'm trying to walk to my building, which is right here, right here, trying to walk there. So all this is so pretty, but so that I could get one of the big box on wheels because we got more stuff. So, you know, Yeah, keeping all updating, keeping. Give me all feel. It's definitely about the rain. Or it already did. Not sure, but I'm just really tired. I'm ready to just go to sleep. Man, this is so much like who this un compared So diverse one like this is way worse. Way worse because we got to make five trips. I'm on the seventh floor. It's like, and then the elevators are like packed, like, literally. You can't even get in one. So it's crazy. It's crazy. But hopefully hopefully it's all over soon. And I really like Parliament. Last time I was in heritage and this woman in Parliament and I really like it is really nice. It's more like an apartment style. It's really fancier in there. Like it's nice, as bad as a good last time. Guys is a very bad It's a and we're still out. We're about to go to Publix and buy food. And then now we're going to Kmart because it's closing and we're just gonna, like, see what they have. But I still need, like, a couple things from room like trash bags and laundry detergent, all the things that I used and it's literally eight o'clock at night like we've been doing this for so long. I've been up since, like, seven o'clock in the morning. I'm so tired. This is crazy, But whatever, we're almost on get age. Uh, he loves her life. She does. I swear, Bernie. But I need to do this. Stores wait. We don't know. Back in ability. Look, I have stuff we all have buys public. We got food, we went toe whatever came are we got other stuff. So now I'm just back in here is actually busy like its people down here, but like, it's moving day, so whatever. And I guess people are going out and stuff like you were just doing whatever living them. So, yeah, I'm gonna try it from my room, take a little bit, but this will be for the move important today. Thank you for watching. Get This comes up to my channel, and I'll be that for more. And I will be back with a room for sure for sure for sure. was popular babes. Good morning. So I just woke up and I saw the horrible because I have mad sake, like I'm so, so, so, so sick. And it's Labor Day weekend. I'm dying, but yeah, I look way better than I did yesterday. Like yesterday. I literally couldn't even see out of this eye in this. I would not open. But today it's opening, and I could see out of it. So on the bright side, I don't want to leave about he and are recorded videos. I'm like, well, corn, like my morning routine for you guys. And she has a little bit about what I do in the morning. So shower money Right now, one of my eye is so small, less popping thieves. Oh, my God. I will hear my voice, my third so bad. But anyways, I actually won't go really sake. So that's not a good thing, because my birthday's in a couple days, and I just knew this was gonna happen, because every year I'm sick on my birthday, so hopefully this you're not, like 60 dying, but like right now, like I'm getting really sick. But anyways, I just took a shower And I was gonna film, like, right when I woke up, but I literally forgot. And when I got in the shower, piercing hurts. When I got in the shower, I was like, I had a film today. So I'm filming for you guys sitting in my college morning routine. I must show you guys kind of like a day in the life, but a little, like, shorter than that. Probably. Um right now, I'm about to go study for my test, which is what I do before test days. And we have a test every Monday. So obviously, I was like what I do for that. Make sure you get this video thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. Someone just walking right now because I'm gonna get food, and I'm gonna say in study, So Hi. I'm so tired. Eldest sons hitting, but I don't know who told me to stay up all night. I just literally I could not sleep like my ears were. Hi. I know this sounds really weird, but if my ears air Hi. I'm, like, really uncomfortable in like they were hawk. I couldn't sleep, so I was up to, like, six in the morning or something. No one. I have class at 10. And no, when I was about to wake up in, like, 8 30 But you know, I did it. I'm, um It's like nine right now, So I'm giving myself, like our I'm gonna get some coffee and probably some My God avocado toast because your mom says I'm gonna try to go vegan. So even though my sister's life, that's expensive trying so literally, I'm just walking right here. It's really close to my room rooms, like right here and then the place I'm going to right there. So I want to be there, and I'm going to go toe inside people's because I want to try some of their bagels. And last time I got Starbucks. So this time I'm gonna get But, you know, I'm just sitting, like, tucked up in the corner because I just got my food and gun until robber, but whatever. And I'm about to try to like watching two videos or try to do the practice, test and study because, like this stuff, this sword and I don't want to fill this test, but oh, my God. I think I want to kill it. Anybody looking me? I killed it. I have issues with killing bugs. Anyway, let me show you. So you taking photos? I don't want to be. It's like Big Buddy, but not all the way through, huh? Isn't there? It doesn't have any flavor. And I didn't get any harpy because I'm st. So sometimes it makes me feel like way worse when I drink coffee stuff like that, this actually good, but it has no flavor, but oh, well, I don't care. All right. Okay. So I'm getting kind of aggravating because my own homer, like my practice isn't working. So it's kind of aggravating me because I call my supposed to study. I tried to, like, look at it and look up like videos of stuff, you know? But this is like my morning routine, Like when I have a test and I have says every day Well, every time I have this class, So you know, this is what I do always wake up and I go study, and then I go to class and fail, and then yeah, go to my room. Yeah. So, No, I'm just walking there. I'm walking to class right now because I'm gonna tell them like it's not working. So, like, I wonder if it's gonna, like work on their computers or something. Oh, my gosh. There's some things in this school that, like I've literally never seen before, But some things are really pretty. This looks like the tree of life. I just song for y'all. Oh, my God. I feel for people. This always happens. I'm sick on my birthday. Every here, or like, I guess. Yeah, I'm basically It feels like like my throat feels like I have, like, struck by order. Something I hurt so bad. It's beer. Really weird. Oh, my God. I thought that was a snake. I'm like Loki, not scared of snakes anywhere. I'm kind of fascinated by them, But I don't want to say that because, like, if I came in contact with one Uh huh. I just follow up. I wouldn't You know what to do because I ain't touching. I'm not. Boy, I love watching stink videos on YouTube right now, and I don't know why. I'm just, like, kind of like, Weird Disappeared. That's it. Oh, my God. Dying doors. Soul back. Maybe I should stop talking. I'm about to be. It's crazy because I've actually never been to us is early And there's a lot of people like going to class right now, and I'm just, like, shocked. I really be late every day because I'm used to, like, crawling out of bed right now in like, or ending the class like, 10 minutes before it starts. And I'm never here like it on the other side of campus. But it's cool because, like, this is where my my class is gonna be in the fall. So yeah, I know that, Yeah, it's crazy how many people are actually here right now. So, guys, it's like a living 22 I think, and my class ends at 11. 50 but you get to leave whenever you finish the test. I learned this look like a whole hour to take this test, and I got 10 out of 18 and I feel like that should be more than a 58. Like what? I got a 58. They have a retakes or military take him. If not, I don't even know what I'm about to do. I might have to drop this class or something. like I don't even know. I don't know. It doesn't matter how much I stood here now, so whatever. But yeah, that's like my morning routine kind of my college. What is that? This guy just zoomed by on something. I don't even know what that is. Hold on. Hey, I want to record it for y'all. But he's zooming. It's not a keep about Kate. I wouldn't have told me anyway. So that's how my life is going. I'll show you like a little bit harder luxuries, But yeah, besides them, you know that's the war routine for when I have algebra. So this is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and yeah, that's what I do. And then I go to my room about sticking out because I don't feel good, but I'm probably not taking out because I never do. But I'm trying to. And so thanks for watching this video of himself if you like to hear if you enjoyed or if you could relate to the failure, but some of you might be successful not at school anyways. I used to be. I used Bailey's. Make sure this is Scottish, you know, and I will be doing a week in my life. I was gonna do it this week. A week in my college life. I was gonna do it this week. But I'm gonna be leaving, like, this weekend, so and I'm gonna be filming a lot of videos for you. So I was like, I'm not gonna put the pressure on myself inside it do that. So, yeah, that's not gonna happen this week, but it will be happening soon, so stay tuned for that.