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Thinking about Full Sail University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Full Sail University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Full Sail University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Full Sail University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Full Sail University experience. These Full Sail University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello. Everyone I know I'm going to talk about condition are awful mercy so easily reversed. It isn't have their own dorms, but there are problems waiting very nicely, like little organized. So their eyes are on the mark in the booth sold which all are like walking distance from Seoul University. You will get more details about the house in part from the national students entered the provide housing time where you will find every details about the rain aboutthe distance about how structure like they have brains off the bar. Everything besides there is a page which you spawned Isis housing on its own. I find that society so you get more information here. Also, you will finally makes from the isis. If somebody leaves, Are they pulled beer? Find their waves, Get commission into university. Not just been society sorry into a student center light coming form where you have to fill up the wall with your personal informations and you also you're different. So that way to find me if you can get your requirements besides the waste here you'LL find a name off a friend. People fixed pigs from there in that scene and also for other. So here's all about preparation and all. I hope you will find it very easy. Oh, hi, my name is Violeta are shaking I am from India and pursuing my masters in game design. I'm also the vice president for International Student Society. So here, at full sail changes in society is a club which helps all the students from all over the world get accustomed to the culture. Over here they get to also we work with other students who are domestic. For here, they learn about the culture, the food and how to interact with one another. It's a great networking experience for them as well, so they also learn about, say, for example, they would like to go places when they have a break. So they learn about that, and over here they learn about other degree programs as well. So, like I'm from the Game Design Master program on DH, if I would liketo work on a project and if I wanna like talk to people in film program for script writing because we are not specialized in script writing, we have development artist line and all this stuff, so we kind of reach out to them for that. And it's really good when it comes to networking here at school so we have the freedom to talkto the big programs. So as international student society be encouraged, students likely mentor them and then we host even for them. So every month we have different kind of events, which it gives them an opportunity to participate and be a part of the event as well. Say, for example, like lip sync battle are like they have, like cultures are programs as well as Halloween events or Christmas party on these different kind of evens. This helps them also born with one another, and they feel more at home. So we give them a comfortable experience so that they feel more like family because they're away from their hometown and they need to adapt themselves over here because they're all by themselves. And also we have a team like an officer's so that we have for each individual drawer, like event coordinator student coordinators as well as secretary posters with president and then me as vice president. So as thirteen, we organized a lot of stuff for the students so that they get to reach us and ask us for different versions, Hello, Friends. Silvana here again, I'm going to talk about the banking systems over here. So most of the transaction off international students don't tow Bankofamerica because bank off Amita has it .'LL work inside. The campers are willing to. And not only that the office on Bank of America is to find around two months away from. So he's exporting business by cycle. And seven years are so there are other banks as well, like cheese, TD banks and SunTrust but high personally pee for Bank ofthe American for the eating mood on DH for the location. Not only that, but also during the orientation week, you will find there is present. It is over here. They will help you out with the systems. Like how to open your account. How to handle it if you like everything. So no. So not only that. I also like if you go to the bank, be able to point out a specific person for you who will stake on that? You will stay in touch with you. We'LL help you out for everything. So once you open your account, you got you got you receive David Carr, which will help you with your cash budget and everything. Life me, bring us two times. It was difficult for me and whisky as well to lead the cash with me. And also I find difficulties of still. Now I carry cash. I find difficulties to cal. Call cool it to understand the competition off coins. So once you have the debit card, you don't need to understand the calculation, so that's this is Cottage. I'm thankful fate on this my first and foremost. So it has comfortable because Or observation businesses, for instance. Office. So they gave me a coin every twice in a baby. So they're looking for any updates and help me find housing any dollars and anything. Anyways, they have been really helpful on flying from India. Thought that has bean Bill. Easy. I assumed, as I thought, here I want a pickup. So this I gotta mail from the logistics that they have sent a driver with a phone number. So that so that I can I'm Trojan. Smooth guy called me up and you begged me. I want to be left alone. So I came back to the housing on, dropped the backpack, and I didn't even have to go somewhere. So it stays. Move on. Coming from India, I couldn't Hello, everyone. Now I'm going to talk about the transportation system over here you can use off by side killed, but other than that, it can also use our lift. But that will be costly. You have a license or here are you want a license? Then you can contract with the National Student Department and you can buy a car, but gain that cost me. So this option is going for a cycle. You can find a secondhand cycles in the pawn shop. If you want to buy a new brand you want, you can go too hard and there is a bus. Other than that, there is a bus system over here with two dollars you can ride like each time you liked us bus. You need dollars to pay them on. With four dollars, you can ride the whole day. But game the problem is the meeting, their own schedules. So it's difficult when we're in a hurry. Are we have to We have an appointment, so we have to catch the class. It's This is not a good option. So personally, I before by cycle, because that is very like, you know, easy.