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Thinking about George Mason University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting George Mason University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet George Mason University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to George Mason University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the George Mason University experience. These George Mason University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

You guys. I wanted to give you a quick tour of my apartment and what it looks like so two. Frank Kitchen. Pretty messy in here. I dont be in here much so I don't clean this room alive. And then we go in here. All right, Here's my room. This is a double, so there's the other over. And then I'm on others over. Right here is one of the main buildings on campus. This is called Exploratory Hall. This building is pretty massive. See, it wraps around here. Um, this is a lot of science classes and stuff. I really like that space right up here. Take a little check. We could go and chill, get some outdoors feels it's really nice inside. There's a lot of places to sit down and do your homework and such and meeting with classmates and stuff on group projects. I was just kind of space in there for that. So yeah, right here. I have the engineering building. This is probably the most important building that I have been in because that house is a lot of my classes. For my degree, it looks really cool. So yeah, there's a lot of computer labs in there. We have tto do assignments and stuff, probably like seventy percent of my classes have been in this building. School of Engineering. It's definitely one of the biggest degrees or areas of study here. Mason. Um, So this definitely plays an important role of mine and many other students lives. All right, guys, I want to show you one of the lecture rooms here. This is important to me. This was the room where I had my very first lecture class. Kosar. Some students get ready for class. Pretty big, with stats to fifty class and sure statistics. Pretty easy. There's a big class is where I started think this'd is my life. I got work this year. Hello? I'm here. Breakfast. Jalen. Quit. Then I'm gonna work. Wait. I just got a class to get some food simply to go right downstairs. Give it replaces me walking into the student union building, also known as sub one. Also the boating that has owed. I'm as I mentioned, which is the office diversity inclusion at most a culture education. I used to work here as social media coordinator and yeah, let's get back into it. It's a one rolling. Yes. Okay, beautiful. It's got some from the garden and then I'm gonna head off, too. Outside, eating some lawful that I got from Bonzo. So the seasonal humming? Yeah. Loathe you can hear me. But currently outside trying to take out these benches were Wait, come to my soccer But I'm gonna get dressed first way. Okay. He didn't keep score way past the point where I really get through the walls Down down the field. Every three almost broke my ankle. Okay, now I'm leaving soccer game talking back in the back. Yeah. 140 You couldn't get it right? Who are you guys? Thanks for watching this video if you made it this far. Also subscribe. If you're new here, I'm Eric Williams. I'll see you guys in the next. and oh, dime for having me come out. I really appreciate you guys. And so because, like, performance anytime, if you guys know the songs, please take it out. And I mean, if you know, the songs will probably know the song. So please sing with because it's cold and my voice might crack So if you guys are singing, you won't even hear the theme Theo be, Uh, I mean, this this first song is pretty self explanatory. You guys should know it's perfect. Wait, wait. Sweet. Never knew someone waiting for me. X really? Just iss just just me, You and I's way. Yeah, see my when you say D'oh! WeII bred. She shares my dreams. Wait, wait, wait. This in into when I saw you in a dress. Hey, guys. So I want to talk to you more about my coursework and my scheduling kind of stuff with a school. I'm actually sitting here this beautiful pond here on campus. That's right. Inside Patriot Circle was actually a main road, just circles around campus, so it's actually really easily to get around. It's maybe like a ten minute walk on either side to campus. So it's just a big circle. It's actually really cool. Uh, anyways. So my coursework classes like discussions and lectures and labs and stuff. It really depends on what class you're taking. That, um, you know, whether they're just lecture based or they're more discussion based, certain classes that I have. They were just really lectures. And then there was a separate lab class. Ah, some classes I have were like, right now I'm taking an ethics class where it is more discussion, basically was kind of like no right or wrong answer really depends on what class you're taken there on, actually, something along with the classes, Why I came to Mason to is the class sizes so actually, like thirty percent of all the classes, he could have twenty or less people in them, and over fifty percent of classes have between twenty and fifty people. That's really actually a big deal because you get more one on one time with your professors, get to experience and ask questions more. And the professors here, too. So because we're in so such close proximity with DC, we get a lot of experienced adjunct professors, which I really love, their really experienced in their fields. I know what they're talking about. You get really insights and help from them about the specific topics you're learning for class. So they're really helpful to emailing them for setting up for office hours and such. I've never had a problem. They're all very, very helpful, which is really cool. And really, some classes like my major classes actually don't have a ton of worked like a week to week. There's definitely some big projects that take a good bit. Usually the more general classes that you have to take. That s'more week to week stuff in terms. Of course, load. Some weeks. I don't really have a lot of stuff. Another week, some kind of cramming it, all landings. That's a big, uh, group project or something. Like that or some programming coding. Simon, I have to do that takes a while. Here. I have one of the main Jim's on campus. This is called the FC of War Aquatic and Fitness Center, taking their here in a second. This is where all of our pools are for those swimming sports. And there's a fitness room there stuff. So let's check it out. All right, Here's the main competitive. Cool. Got some cool of spectators sitting up here. Yeah, really big. Does training and doing some laps right now. All right. Here's the other pool. Mrs Thie Wreck pool. Um, two D'Oh What you want? Just wreck lapse labs here on your own. There's a big hot tub there, Tool. See? Right there. Big hot tub. Feels really nice going chill there's ah, class aqua aerobics. I think it's in the other pool area, but that's like in the week days at five. So you can go there and get a good workout in the pool. Done. It's actually really fun. You know what's up? Mason? Wait here. Gold Rush here first Friday basketball game. Got some games, Got it. Got free T shirts. You know what's going on, guys? Here's a tour of one of the freshman dorm rooms. This is in Dominion Hall. So doorway coming through big clouds space. This is a forced triples. It was actually three bedrooms in here. There has been is the bathroom. So this is kind of small room. Looks like it's John John. My space. Sure feels cozy in here at night. All right. Here I am, outside of another dining hall. This is called Ike's. So this is where most of the freshmen go to eat because it is closest to there. Neighborhood called Presidents Park, which is right there. That kind of starts it out. So this is twenty four hours. A lot of people go here during the middle of the night. Teo staying out, Study, strike it out. Wei have stunning hall. You got pizza, which is really good. Walk through here dessert bar. Chinese start Friday. That's more stir fry that sandwich making like a subway, Clarence. Different areas. There's a sitting area. Walk over here some more. Check it out. Big open area looks good. We got metro centre burgers and fries. You guys, I'm outside of South Side Dining Hall. This is one of the three main dining halls on campus. It's probably the most busy because it's near the center of campus. Of the other two were going on on the outside, um, freshmen are required to have a meal plan because I have to live on campus there. First year comes with unlimited swipes. Um, for all of the three dining halls. Southside is open from seven in the morning to A M except on the weekends open at ten. Thirty. Um, X is another, uh, dining hall. They're open twenty four hours. And then there's another one called the Globe, which has more normal strong hours. Don't go. There's much you guys saw him at South Side now a late breakfast about eleven a. M. Omelette house grounds juice. Tell you what. The omelets here are insanely good. Very addicting because they're so good. So I gave him all the time. It's probably not the best. The South Side's awesome. You can eat whatever you want, how much you want. It's kind of like unlimited buffet style thing. They only give you so many like a portion size for a place to get a get multiple played some time. I have a really nice dessert bar here. I have little vegan station over here. He can discover and get food whenever you want. It's really cool. Not the best quality, but there's a lot of options you can choose from. You don't really get bored of, uh, the same things.