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All right, so we're about to go into Baxter Hall here, so this is kind of a multipurpose academic building here. This is home to a lot of different things, such as a Starbucks mondo, which is a sandwich shop. And here's one of the computer labs that we have in Baxter Hall. Um, these are typically used for classrooms during the day, but after classes are over, a lot of students come here, do their homework just so they have access to a computer here. And I see we have both Windows and Matt. So whichever platform you would prefer to use, we do have both open for you. And these are just some of the different events and organisations that we have on campus here is kind of some of the things I was talking about earlier. The Bruner bash off campus movie night and then our school is actually taking students to Six Flags Go on October sixth, just as find a day to get out of get out of the campus, get out of Jacksonville that just go have some fun and they're actually be going to Fright Fest. And I think it would be a pretty good time. So right here, if you can see it. This is our Office of Career Services and Office of Global Program, and they're actually closed. Right now. They're responsible for the Office of Career Services, specifically is responsible for jobs on campus and whether it be employed on the campus over preparing he Once you graduate, I see. And then they're responsible for this wall graduate ready and the Office of Career services Make sure that you have either your job set up in place once you graduate, I see, or that you're prepared to go to grad school and over ninety eight percent of students that Goto I see either are employed within the first three months of leaving I see or our on set to their graduate program, so that's pretty cool. So now we're going to go ahead and go into my second home, the theater, on the campus. Our theatre is called Cyber Theater, and you can see behind me all of the past productions that we've had. These are really old. He's actually older than me, so I can show you some of the newer ones that we've recently done, such as Like Bonnie and Clyde. We did Outlaws Terminal Cafe, and then one year We even did. Here it is Hairspray. So we do all kinds of productions. Every four years we do a musical and come. Other than that, we do plays and we typically have a play once a semester, main stage play faculty directed, and then we have other kinds of one acts throughout the year that our student directed. So our main stage plays air held in cyber and then our student. One actor. They're held in The Ice Box, which is over in Kirby Iceboxes, an experimental theatre. It's a black box theater, and it's rather small, but it still gives students the experiential learning that they need to direct and theater to act, to do lighting, design all the different aspects of it. So we're actually going to go take a peek at a rehearsal. Right now, we're doing a play based on the history of Isis connection to the underground railroad, So gotta be kinda quiet. Gotta sneak in and see what they're doing. Why? For. D your newspaper? Yes, sir. Slavery, like the vampire slowly and impeccably sucks away the lighter side of the face and it's far to stagger We are inside of our Kirby Icebox Black box theater, and this room is typically used for theater classes. I've had multiple classes in here. I've had my acting class. I've had my light and sound classes in here, and this is just an experimental space for students to get hands on experience in a theater environ. So this does have a stage, of course, and then above us, it does have all the lights that would typically be in a regular theater. And, like I said before, this is just a good place to have classes and just for students to experiment with the different aspects of the theater. Now we are inside of Kirby six. This is one of our two lecture halls that we have on the campus. This conceit the entire football team in here. However, most classes typically will never fill up this entire space. I've had multiple classes in here before. I've had my African American history class in this room, and right now I currently have my Nikon class in this room, and they use the space that, along with classes, they have meetings in here, admissions events. Like I said before the entire football team can fit in here when they have their meetings, but class sizes here it I see typically stay under twenty are student to faculty. Ratio is fifteen to one, and I've had classes ranging from seven people to about thirty people, and thirty is probably the maximum amount of people you'd experience Here. We have a typical dorm. This is my room. I live in funding. GER Hall. This is a sophomore residential hole. This is my roommate Elliot over here. So just like a typical room, there's two bids to wardrobes, two dressers and two desks. You could arrange the room any kind of way that you want. Don't even bring refrigerators. You both brought our own TVs, and you could bring a fish tank. You can pretty much bring anything that you want to. We just only have one rule. If it glows, it's it goes. So no toaster ovens, no lava lamps, anything of that nature. Just because it's a fire. And then what's really cool? Right outside my door here is that I have we have a lounge on this floor. The's Air, my friends. Madison Serenity Inferno. Madison's doing that. She was having a good time. We're just here for a good time. Not a long time. So, yes, This was Monday in And then here we have our pool for a swimming team and then over in the corner, we have the old record breaking largest hot tub in the state of Illinois recently, another school. I'm not sure who beat our record. Our hot tub can hold up to thirty five people, but someone broke the record, so oh well, we also have a steam room downstairs in the pool and we have Asano and they're both really, really relaxing to go to the hot tub is also very relaxing, and the pool is open, typically until ten during the week and then ate on the weekend. So it's just kind of a nice spot to kind of wind down and relax. After studying all day or going class. Every too stressed out Pol is a pretty Then here we are on the infamous way to the seal at ice here. And I see we have a very, very strong legend that if you step on the seal, you will absolutely one hundred percent not graduate at all. So if you do step on this, you have to come over here and Pet Link installed at him on the nose. And then your I was forgetting. We are currently in the Cummings dining. How meeting? I have go. Roasted turkey and potato, A lot of it. Nor here we have our sandwich salad bar. They switch it up each day. They do really think of really diapers, background of food. I've had some stuff I've never even heard of before. Here. And I see on a scale of one to ten, if I have to. Here, I see. I'd give it a good night. Seven and a half, maybe in a It just depends on the day and depends on what you liked. But dining hall here, we're pretty much everything. All courses see, a lot of right now, he's our ice cream machine. So this is kind of the main eating option that we have here. All right, Next, we're going to go into our library. This is she relied, very. And when we first go in here on the first floor, we're going to notice that there's not that many books. But when we go upstairs and downstairs, we'll get to see all of the library parts of the library. So this is the main floor of the library. This is our social floor that we have, and this is kind of the area where all of the work it's stone. So a lot of computers air in here, study lounges, all of the countertops that are white, actually dry race. So that's pretty cool whenever you need to do, like math homework or just need to john and note down really quick and in the middle there, that desk is where our surface librarians are typically during the day, and they could help you with finding anything in the library. If you need help with citations, they are more than glad to help you out with. Then, over here we have one of the study lounge is in here and you can reserve this room if he would like to come in here and study or do group work, And then right here is our digital learning center. So these are some of the really big screens for group projects. Or if you just want to sit here and do your own homework, you are more than welcome. It is Well, like I said before, we have Mac and Windows. So whichever platform you would prefer, we do have both. We're upstairs on the second floor of the library, and this is where a lot of the book's heir at all different kinds of John Rose you can see music theory on this shelf and history of fainting and then European history. Over here, there's all sorts of different boats up here, but this floor is the quiet zone, So this is kind of more of the library by, um, you can still talk, but people would prefered if you're quiet and then downstairs in the basement, which is currently closed at the moment is our silence zone. So if you just needed to be absolutely quiet, the basement is the best bet for you to go when you just want to go study and get some peace and quiet. We are now at the Center for Academic Excellence. So this is where our tutoring services are held at, and if you ever need to schedule a tutor, they are free and they work around your schedule. So if you have to practice for sport or you have practice for anything else or any other conflict, they will work around your schedule to make sure that you get the help that you need to succeed here. So our trio program that we have is for first generation students and income eligible students and students who may have a disability. And that's just a programme to give students the extra push that they might need when they come to. I see so that they're aware of all the resources that they have and so that they could be successful in their education. And our trio program is very similar to our Yates program, which is for first generation students. And they get to move in a week early and get familiar with the campus and all the different offices on the campus so that they can find the tools and make sure that they are well prepared for anything that they may face here at I c e. They're starting in again. You'll probably see this picture in quite a lot of advertising for the school, because this is just one of the really, really historic buildings on the campus, and it's still used today for classes and academic offices and so on. Over there. If the states very, very first college building. This is Teacher Hole. This is the oldest college building in the state, or and Beecher Hall is actually not used for academics. It is used for our literary societies. And let me tell you what literary societies are in one's. So literary societies on our campus are our form of Greek life. So literary societies were Mohr academic based, so they still focus on academics rather than Greek life itself. So we have male and female literary societies, and then we have a nationally recognized service for eternity, a pl Alfa Phi Omega. And there's several opportunities to join these literary societies if you're interested. I personally am not in one. I do have plenty of friends that are in literary societies, and they have met so many people. They've even said that the people that they've met in their literary society have help them get over home sickness. So literary societies are very, very good weigh on our campus to meet new people and to get involved with Some advice that I would give incoming students would be to get involved. There's so many opportunities to get involved on campus and so many opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds that you probably would have never had the opportunity to meet before coming to school. But what I will say, you have to be careful and not get too involved. The mistake I made my freshman year was that I wanted to be in so many different clubs and organizations. But I stretched myself out too thin when it came to meetings and different other events, and ultimately I started slacking in my academics just a little bit, but not much just because I was involved too much. So you have to learn how to balance yourself between academics and extracurriculars, no matter where you go. But that would be my tip team. So gardener turn in and Pixley and Ellis are the four first year dorms that are for first year student. So gardener Turner, Pixley and Ellis are the four first year halls for first year students, and I would say personally that Gardner is the best one just because I live there Last year, and, you know, I'm kind of biased to the other ones. But Gardner, Pixley, Ellis and Turner all good dorms for first year students. And typically, if you do come to I see for your first year, you'll be in one of those four buildings unless you know someone who's an upperclassman that lives in the other buildings such as Monday, Anger Green and Lincoln. We do have campus houses, and those air typically open up two sophomores, juniors and seniors, and then we do have campus apartments as well. But those are typically for juniors and seniors and the other halls that I mentioned. Like Monday anger. Lincoln and Green are for upperclassmen on Lee, so it is rather hard to get into those during your freshman All right. So some of my friends in the gap here's Miguel and Dalton. So Miguel and Dalton, can you tell me why you chose? I see. I can't know because it was. Go. I came here because of family ties.