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Thinking about Middle Tennessee State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Middle Tennessee State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Middle Tennessee State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Middle Tennessee State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Middle Tennessee State University experience. These Middle Tennessee State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So a typical night out on a weekend would be me going to a friend's house in Nashville on maybe going to a club or something there. Um, I would say that I spent a lot of time in Nashville a supposed to saying and Mervin Grove area. So I'm not really sure about my life around here, except that I know that it's just not as prevalent. And then a night in would be me having a friend or two over and watching something on my big TV and just sitting in a dormer. That's, uh, that's kind of what I do. you guys. So meal plans? Uh, every freshman living on campus has to have a meal plan on. Basically, with that meal plan, you're going to get three meals a day, so you can use all three meals at the dining hall if you want. So the times are when they open until ten. Thirty is breakfast ten, thirty until four is going to be lunch. And then for until they close is gonna be dinner s o. You get a a swipe for each of those periods. Um, you can Also, there is a meal equivalency plan. As part of your meal plan, you get six dollars at any on campus restaurant for the most part during those same time periods. So, for example, if you want to hit up Chick fil A for lunch, you would get a six dollar credit for chick fillet as part of your meal plan instead of using it at the, uh at the dining hall. So you know your tricks really is probably gonna be eight dollars, so that goes into the Flex books that it's basically you get two hundred seventy five base for each semester, and that's basically money that you can spend on campus for any of the restaurants and any of the pot stations. It's basically an account. You can add money to it. But not that many people do, because he's seventy five is enough. I actually know people. A lot of people that air. What? Having to really use them at the end. Did you go away in the end of the semester? Um, you're in being your second semester. They go away, so you're gonna have to end up using them on something or they go away. We've got Pizza Hut, Chick fil A Panda Express. A lot of Panda Express is the only place that you're not gonna be able to use your Miller put onesie that and the subway that is open from six p. M. Two a. M. The Cyber cafe subway. You they don't take the weapons. You so you're gonna have to just use flex books for that. But other than that, every place we'LL give you six dollars on a credit towards your meal. Hi, I am Jonathan Wagner. I am a film in video production major at MPs. You? I'm finishing up my freshman year, and I This is my campus tour. I'm going to be showing you guys all around campus and kind of the daily life aspects is a student here in Middle Tennessee State University. So I'm really excited. Tio Gettinto. Filming this project is I'm from Kingsport, Tennessee, which is about four and a half hours northeast from here in right in northeast corner of Tennessee. So I do pass by E. T s you to get down to M. P s. You did that because the film program here is probably the best film program in public school in Tennessee. I'm going to be showing you guys in a dorm room and I will be showing you guys basically touring different campus buildings and then talking about student life. Other things you're going to need to know if you decide to come here. Middle Tennessee State University. start from this side. So you come in this door, you come in on my roommate side and I'm over here next to the window, Big Window and also right next to the air conditioning. Which is great for me because I love to sleep next to the cold. It's actually these air conditions say on all the time. There's no way for you to turn them off. You can turned be speed of the fan from low medium to high, and you do get to control your own temperature, and it actually works like the ninety five degrees is really ninety five rupees. And it might seem a little ridiculous to bring such a large TV to a dorm room like it takes up a lot of space on the dresser. But if sacrifices you want to make and it's something that you really will use that I would say Go ahead and bring it, especially if you live. I live about four and a half hours away, so it's not like I can just take it home anytime I want. But I have gone home for weekends before, so it's not. It just depends on your situation, but for something like this. I'm a film major, and I really do use it a lot, so I just That's kind of my advice is the same thing with the gumball machine, which actually works. It's like Could Business Idea takes a quarter Teo, get some money in college, but it just take things that are going to make you happy. You're going to be here every day for what, nine or ten months out of the year. So if you want to dress up your I didn't really put many decorations up. Besides, a couple things that I brought Plus my lamp got a medical store's name is Cornelis. He's very handsome, and he's the pet I've always wanted. But, you know, you can hang up signs and I would say, Make it a CZ homie as you want, Uh, because you will be here for a long time, So my bed it is a little higher than normal. I think my roommate's bed is about as high as you can get. You can fit the dresser right under me to bed if you want. Teo, I decided not to because of the TV, so I've got mine just high enough for this fridge underneath that ended up breaking. And, uh then I got this larger fridge over here. They do allow you to bring microwaves, would be sure that it is under seven hundred and fifty watts. They do actually really care about that. I've got this section over here for my schoolwork and laps up over on the desk Pretty small, but it it works. But you don't get any lounge chairs or anything. You give your bed and you get a single chair. So you know you're not really gonna have many parties in your dorm room, especially if you're in a freshman dorm hall. These clauses, I think the closets are the same in every dorm, roughly. So you've got these two shelves up here and then you've got yeah, big rack. But I think I would say that it is enough storage. I didn't bring a ridiculous amount, but I brought enough to where I'm kind of messy, and I brought enough stuff, and I've never had any problems with not having enough face in the drawers to get three doors in the dresser and three doors in the, uh, desk. I didn't really Philip. Anything in the desk? It's really you get plenty of space. They're One complaint I do have is is, as you can see, this is my whole space to live in its very small. It's a small room you come into like, cause it, especially if you're used to a larger room. I mean, it's like any kind of holiday experience you've got come down. But so the bathrooms in most of the buildings and I know at least the freshman buildings they're goingto have communal bathroom's down the hall. We've got two of them. It is a communal shower, A CZ Well, they've got, You've got a door and you've got a curtain that separates you from everybody else is just going to be something to do with. They have a private bathroom down the hall that is always full. So don't count on ever really being able to use that as your main shower and bathroom. Every day, you're gonna have to get into using the communal showers that is annoying because sometimes they're dirty. It's just a college student thing. They're going to get dirty. They clean them on weekdays. They don't really clean them on the weekends. Uh, you know, the custodian comes into two P. M. Every day. So you're gonna learn, at least on this floor, you're gonna learn to come in and use the bathroom in three b m. And not really use it at one PM because, uh, you wait until after they're clean, and that's just something that you're gonna have to learn to deal with. Um, other than that, that's his life in Chorley. So I live in core Lou Hall, which is one of two major freshman dorm buildings. It's seven floors and it's got a three points of guys and creep lures of girls on top. So we are separated by levels. I do share the room. On the other side of this TV is my roommate side Jack. That was random assignment. They make you fill out a survey, and they're not going to really throw you in with someone here in NPSU. That is super difficult if if you have a completely different person out, they do take that into account when they you take tests and stuff like they take into account if you guys are so T S. U is a really big school. It's about twenty two thousand students, so the student body is mostly people from the area. It is mostly commuters. Like I said before, it's probably eighty percent. People don't live on campus, so the student academic focus is very kind of laid back. And I mean, there's a lot of students that are part time students. A lot of students to work full time or part time on also go to school. Lot of people go to die classes. A lumpy will do. One like that is very flexible type of school, so, you know, buried and everything people. It's not very cohesive in that way. I would say the most popular majors are probably education, and film is a really popular major because on recording industry as well, because we're in your Nashville for the recording industry, and the film program is probably the best film program in a public school in Tennessee, so it does attract a lot of people. I would say a Greek life is here, but it's not huge. It's not a major part of the school's atmosphere, and there are a lot of clubs that there's the newspaper club. That's really interesting. There's empty ten, which is running the news channel, is the ones that I've kind of been with in the film. Guild is also making full length like films throughout the year, so but there are all kinds of different clothes. My friend is an agriculture and they have to close there just based on what you want to do theirs. I guess it is such a big store. You're gonna find some club that is interesting to you. so N G s. U is a really big school, so there's going to be a lot of variation in the types of questions you're going tohave. Whether it's going to be a smaller, discussion based classes like the ones that are in the honors building, where it's going to be in a lecture hall. There are really not that many lecture hall classes that air super big. There's only, I think, one lecture hall space that is over two hundred students and one room like that. Most of the lecture hall is for about one hundred students. The student factory ratio is eighteen one, with forty five percent of the classes have listen twenty students. So especially as you get further into your major, you're going to have less students, which makes it into more like a discussion based class setting. I know that I I I had a makes throughout my first two semesters here, but mostly most of my classes had between I would say twenty and thirty students in them. But I did have a lecture class and at one hundred, and I did have a class of history six to nine this semester that has maybe fifteen students in it, so it really depends. I think I've had a pretty good relationship with my professors. MPs who also does have a lot of online classes options. I took an online literature class last semester that it's all online. Some of them are mixed where you have to come into school for different things. I would say that it's a lot less lecture hall based. Then it probably used to be is moving more towards a smaller discussion based classes, especially once you get and Callie's is the main dining hall on campus. It is actually three floors down from me. It's in the first level of core Lou, and they basically have a little bit of everything. They've got some home cooked stuff that they change out every day, so you're not really sure what you're going to get. But it's going to be something on. Then they've got a pizza section, a pasta bar that they make for you. They got a vegan section. They have a make your own sandwich bar. They have your maker on salad bar. They've got some produce. They have. I have a lot, but I have, like a sweets bar and drinks. And then also, sometimes they have little events. They have a food truck event where sometimes they have, like Vietnamese food. Come in, they just have. It's different every day you're going to be getting something different. They even have, like, you can have them make hamburgers for you like a girl. So they really do have but everything. I usually get a slice of pizza, and I make myself a sandwich for about every meal. I have McNally's. That's just basic, but so That's kind of ah, how my Callie's works. It is. He goes off for a meal plan and you do not get any guests. Webs, um, for form a Callie's. I think it's ten dollars if you're not a student. If you are a student, then it's like six dollars if you don't have a meal plan. So that is my account, please. And that is the main dining hall on campus, where Hey, guys. So I'm going to be showing you guys around the campus library. It's four floors, so you're going to come in on the first floor. It's you're allowed to be allowed us on that floor, but it's got some lounge areas and the reference section. Every floor has book sacks, and every point has computers, floors three and four. Do you have a quiet zones? So as you get hired, supposed to get a little quieter, there is a seating area on the second and third floor that's kind of open and where people can charge their phones on and laptops and kind of work in that kind of environment and also on the second floor in area with a bunch of max where they've got software. It's going to be the media studio with Got Adobe and it's got Final Cut pro, and it's got a couple other things for for media majors backs, and you're going to have some private study areas that are usually empty. But, you know, around finals they fill up. But there are a lot of resources. They're so you know you're never gonna find a full library, is what I'm saying. They also have some desktop computers, your students to use, kind of in more private areas. They've also got an education centre on the third floor for education majors for like a curriculum center where they can just kind of create their own curriculums. That stuff for those types of classes that's going to be on the third floor and then also on the third floor is more books, sex. And it's where the quiet zones start. Yeah, and then on the fourth floor, you're going to be able to find your study areas, your some more group study rooms. You're going to have some private rooms. You can either rent out or there to some private areas, and she can go. Most of the fourth floor is for, like, kind of group meet ups and stuff like that, but they also have the quietest and least used computers. So if you kind of want some some time on a computer that's not really surrounded by people, you're gonna want to go to the fourth floor and