Northwestern University Dorms

Living at Northwestern University defines the experience. Northwestern University dorms serve as a centerpiece in the on-campus social scene, and they are where you will form deep friendships and create lasting memories. But housing at Northwestern University can be overwhelming - there are so many dorms to evaluate, how could you know which one is best? You can live on campus, or you can live in and around Los Angeles. Finding the right Northwestern University housing option for you can make or break a year at Northwestern University. That’s why our videos go deep into as many dorm options as possible at Northwestern University. We take you into singles, doubles, different dorms and residence halls, and even record student interviews about their favorite parts of living at Northwestern University.

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What are the dorms like at Northwestern University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Northwestern University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Northwestern University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Northwestern University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Northwestern University dorm rooms?

The Northwestern University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Northwestern University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Northwestern University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

What are Northwestern University’s best housing options?

The best housing option at Northwestern University depends on your living preference. For example, many colleges provide living options for sober living, leadership opportunities, cultural preferences and more. The right dorm at Northwestern University for you depends on what you are looking for in your housing experience. Below is a list of all housing options at Northwestern University that CampusReel currently hosts content for:

How much do Northwestern University dorms cost?

The cost of Northwestern University dorms is $28,155 , but depends on a number of factors, such as financial aid, scholarships, and the housing option you select.

Hello on. Welcome to my room. This is my dorm. It's in cheap print, which is one of the residential colleges, which basically dormitories based vaguely around a certain interest shape. It is the humanities a share. It is the double most. The rooms here are doubles, but for shaping is one of the biggest ones on campus. There's now a two year living requirement for the school, so freshman and sophomore year, you will have to be on campus. The rooms are pretty nice. You could decorate themselves. And this was special because a few years ago one of the kids painted a blackboard All right. So next I'm gonna be showing you guys a tour in my room. I live on the north side of campus, which is close to a lot of like the stem classes and then also pretty close Teo Lake fill, which is a really nice area right on Lake Michigan that people like to go to hang out by the door. I have a little coat rack that I like to hang up, the coats that I wear outdoors all the time. And then I also keep a mere on the back of my door so I can look at my outfit right before I leave on the wall next to my coat rack. I have a lot of posters from Big Little Week, and then I also have a white board on my wall is Well, right now it's pretty empty. It just has a an inspirational quote. I like a lot. In the past. I've kept a daily checklist and, um, other inspirational quotes and also a kind of schedule for myself as well. So in this corner, I have kind of all of my food related things. I had my fridge, which has a lot of my dishes on top of it. And then I have a fridge, a small fridge where I can keep things that I just wanted to cold over here. I have a trunk that has different snacks and on one side in it. And then it also is cleaning supplies in it and on top of God, some laundry supplies, because I do laundry pretty often, so they kind of have to be out there and ready. This is my desk area. Um, it's really important. It holds a lot of my stuff as you can already tell. Um, there are some drawers over here where I have kept materials from past quarter's. Um, you came with it a lot of papers and your books. So yeah, that space is really important. Um, I have another painting from my sorority. I have another mirror, which is really important because over here I have my entire makeup set up. I have two acrylic tubbs to keep all of my makeup, and yet that's still not enough room. It's really funny, um, on this side I have a bunch of storage bags for my makeup, but they used to be in which I think is like just hill areas. Um, up here I've got books from past quarter's kind of in the back there. I have a stapler which is really important to have and yeah, I've also got a little cup of pencils in there as well. And then on the side, I got more like my necessities like lotion and deodorant and just perfumes and stuff. So oh, and then up top. I have my TV, which has been really nice having a lot of people didn't really bring TV's to campus. So I really, really like being able to have that, Um, so yeah, my desk. It's a really important space for me. It seems a lot of purposes on the back of this door. I have a hanger with some of my shoes on it. These air pretty much all of my sneakers and then a couple of flats and heels for events. They're kind of like every day ish or just more, or she's that I want more often that are easier to keep outside of the closet than inside of it. So that's really convenient. And I definitely suggest having one of these over here is my dresser area, which, as you can see, is a little cluttered on top. Um, mostly has a lot of my daily vitamins and things like that. And then I put up a little kind of board that I can hang different pictures or papers on, and right now I just have, like, a lot of Cuban Mentos throughout the year. I have more canvases from a little weak as well, and then the dresser itself has four, like just four separations on it. So twenty of space to put my clothes last, but not least, is my bed area. My bed is a twin extra large, as most college dorm beds are. I have more decorations on the side North campus. Clo, clearly known as Up north or the North or even Lisa's North campus is home to frat houses, science buildings and most of the dorm space on Northwestern campus. It's different of North. People don't say hello to you when you walk by. There is an understated, effective I'm better than you, which is shrouded by an overall conglomerate Effective. I don't wanna be here right now. Now people have varying opinions on North campus. I don't mind it personally. I find it to be different in a way that really complements what makes Northwestern so great. That being said, it is relatively difficult to navigate, especially if you don't go up that often. If Ugo is far north campus as you can, you will wind up at Lincoln Hall. Lincoln Hall, otherwise known as Lincoln or Hotel Lincoln, has a reputation for being the nicest dorm on campus. But is that really true? Let's find out this is my bedroom. I spent a fair amount of time here. It's I don't know, it's very homey, and it's simple, but I live so all my costs around campus, So I just walk down this out every day but I don't really mind the walk. And so you shave the end of the day. I like I'm just tired here. Yeah, I haven't really, really, really really, mate. So usually if I haven't seen her in a long time, I will cut like, we'll meet up here and just like that. So I actually I think that I'm spending I spend more time. Yeah, I can't believe you mean this thing is Let's see how many jails long this thing is. Wait. I think that people who live here are social people. I think that they like in general, they wanna, like, hang out and talk. But just the way that the building is made I mean, obviously we can't keeping my door open. The only people I hang out with e can't like it's not, You know, that, like idea that you open your door and then you could, like, mingle with everyone else on your floor. Yeah, that's not really true. Nice. It's the perfect storm to bring your friends too. I know you always want one person in the friend group living like like, if you if you if you are capable of making friends other than their dorms then, like it's okay. So, like, overall, Like, not that social lake with in the dorm, per se. Like because of the dorm. The dorm doesn't facilitate sociology. Yeah, I think that that shouldn't discourage people living here. Everyone wants to live here. You want way? No, but you wouldn't go here to make friends. You would go here to bring extra points for that. All right. All right, well, we'll consider it at the final tally. I'm thinking it's gonna be around 8 to 12 out of 20 1st of all, we have automatic lights on automatic toilets here in Lincoln. You just over this way off One toilet? Yeah, my weight. Let's close door. Come, come. Clear thistles. Like much too much space for, like, Justin toilet. Like I don't because there's no sink in here. There's no baby changing station, so I just don't I just don't know why there's all this extra space. Really, Like store labor stuff in here, t personally. I don't buy it, but good to have. I guess I noticed you act also that way also, can we just like all things aside that we've talked about so far. This is a dorm. We're not like evaluating like an apartment or like a housing system like this is like a rick dorm that you could be randomly assigned to Wait. This I put the second she put this fit so forth. Yeah, yeah, we didn't. I know about the storm because it was made in was finished. Right? Right. We were just given everyone for this first everyone. So, yeah, just keep that in mind like we're evaluating it. Extremely high standard. Okay, moving on to show up a decently tall shower. I'm one for, like, tall showers. I just don't like, even if I'm not, like, extremely tall. But if I feel like the ceiling is too low, I just, you know, but this is good. How's the pressure? That's it. Yeah. Be No, no, no, no, that won't do. Honey, you dude. I know. Okay. Well, uh, interesting notice. Move on. Okay. Giving showers and the toilets are like split up. That was just for my shoes in your shower. Yeah. Okay. So, um, as soon as I stepped into this staircase, I feel like it goes really well with the vibe of the dorm. However, for nine floors. Nine floors. Who are you like? A good place to have a lot of people. Definitely. I love to get my friends over. Just a dish. Yes, don't different like may see what was really Yeah, forces like dark blue yellow. It's just sad to see what privilege doesn't. I don't think building just like there's like 2019. And whenever this is being built, I can't wait to see what it looks like. A couple of years. I think it was like a requirement by the city, and it's not like a Northwestern to make camp look better. Nice. So I'm in middle, so all my classes are way on South campus. But when I was looking into dorms, I was I was told that North Campus dorms. So I decided to campus on a dorm on campus, and I think it's been fine. I personally have no problem with walking to class. I am. I walked away and it takes me about like, 10 to 15 minutes to walk to class. Um, which is I have no problem with. Even in the winter. I didn't really mind. I know that some people, everyone I know who lives on South campus when they have to walk north campus like I trudge North campus is Yeah, they probably just like that. Yeah, exactly. I think they look good. I'm gonna live on South Campus. That's here. Um, but I'm glad that I lived on campus my first year because otherwise I would have no reason to go up here. Don't get lost. And I like I would have reason. I wouldn't be familiar with this half of the campus. And by living there one year and then moving south, I feel like I know. I'm sure I'll also location 13 13. For reasons of, you know, distance thing is like, there's not much to do on north campus. So if you want to go shopping, if you want dinner somewhere, you can go like the noise area. There's a couple things. You really going to do what you like, You know, like you. No. Good. All right. Okay. Sure. All right. Is it, uh is it time for the final tally? Amenities. It's like, honestly, I feel like the amenity like poll that Lincoln has is just based on the aesthetic of the building and some nights it is. There's actually nothing really out of the ordinary that gives you way a lot of yours for a big thing. That Lincoln has his back like that is a game. Oh, yeah, moving the bathroom too, but also just, like do my dishes like there are so many advantages to having a sweet. Okay, so bedrooms, amenity, amenities. So what do we think? Like I mean, like, objectively. Not that great things like they look nice by computer. Like shepherd. There's not anything that was like above it, like it was like 21 20 might be like there's actually nothing in your ear unless you have something. Yeah, it's like, nice to live in, but like, it's not gonna engage you. And like so, amenities and social life, I think go together. And, uh, I thought amenities higher than social life. I feel like what, 17.5? It feels right, right. Better bathroom, minute location, social life, social. What was that weigh like eight. So what do you we could put it like See, the thing about social life here is it's an amazing place to be social, but it's not a place that encourages you to be a social outside of what you would normally do. So it's kind of like content department think that Lincoln tries like they do what they can. They have way have, like, I don't know, there was tied, I dying pot plants or something. I really busy. I don't have time to go to those things. But I think that if you wanted there, although I think that probably the people who go to those go with they're so sure. Um, I'd say I'd say 10. It's not above average 10 for Social. It's time for the final tally. Tallyho. So we all new Lincoln was going to be a pretty good dorm. But just how good is it? Well, if you're in McCormick or you like to do science things pretty good if you already have friends and you can bring him along and have a fun time in your suite, that pretty good. But Lincoln does have its downsides, with a grand total of 80.5. Think it has a very, very nice thing going. Location is not ideal for most people, and it does not really facilitate social life in the way that you would expect from a North keep a story. So with all those things considered leaking is a very, very good dorm, and I would highly recommend it to those who think they can live here. But you're not going to get everything. Every dorm comes to trade offs, and Lincoln has made its own thanks for watching and stay tuned for the Willard Hall, a k a. Alfa Few Willard, A. K A. Friend's is a pretty large Southern dorm. But what does it have to offer to the Northwestern community? Let's find out. Willard has some exceptional dorm rooms. Let's go check out a bedroom here. Jacob. Just not my name. What do we got going on? Clear? Nothing. I mean, I know you got a lot on your plate, but if you could just No, to show us around real quick. Okay. Well, this is my bed. Um, it is, in fact, a bed. Luckily, it's right next to the window. So So I have a nice to you. You know, we're both film majors. So she brought all the movie posters with her. So we have, like, a retro thing going on over here. Over here. It's just a mess. Nice. This is actually one of the bigger doors on the fifth floor. Look me. Luckily, we got on the fifth floor, which is, like, half a floor so were smaller than most floors. But we have the same amount of heart. Not really. So Willard Scott got a lot going on here. I mean, it's a really nice big room. Very true. I think this is actually the 2nd 3rd biggest in this building. Wow. Yeah, we got very lucky. Yeah, so it doesn't get much better than this, But if you are lucky is Claire then that's good enough. Yeah. This all happened just by chance. Know the storm was a rebuilt last year. People were living in Hinman for the quarter. Ah, this is the first year that it back. So it's brand new. It's *** and span. And spiffy. So, um, honestly, it's a brilliant room. This room specifically I think, is better than most. Um, so, like, that's that. But, I mean, because we're going to give it a 20. I mean, there's literally nothing wrong with this room. I mean, you gotta look another ruse. I know, but like Willard overall like rooms, though, you know what I mean? All right. All right. Facilities with any drew are tip top. Tip it. Tip top 24 bedrooms. Let's move on to our next. I was thinking about that word category. I couldn't figure out girls. Wow. Okay. Is this like, Yeah, it is a problem. That home is where you work out while you wash your squat. I see interesting. Willard bathrooms have a lot to offer, but there are some things that you would expect that aren't quite the same. Let's look at this a little bit closer, shall we? So we have known you're here, but we've got a baby. You're about the same question. It appears as though there are two possibilities. There are wars living on the fifth floor, Willard, Or this is an exercise bathroom. So you squat to wash your face. But also we have these, uh, these diagonal that's useful. For when? Well, yeah, are suspicious. You can pull up if you want to work out to wrap things for towels and other items and plenty of space to curtains. I'm like It's good. It's a great shower. There are two of that. Sometimes three. Some doors have one. This is a small it. This is a smaller floor. That's true. So there's a few people on this floor, so there are fewer. Everything's and then they assume that they're gonna be shorter, just like a whole thing. Wow. Lots of space in here for you, Theo. Prepare for your You know, that's kind of an underrated thing. You prepare for your exercise exercise. I think squatting is probably the main theme of this entire dorm, or at least this floor. So I would appreciate that They're really pushing that envelope of Theo automatic automatic. I like it, baby. I like it. Four floors have normal Everything. $4. 20 this Lord's 18 so we can round it up like a 19 because it's basically 19 like the whole door. What are the chances you're gonna be on this floor? You know, not that so, um, for bathrooms, laboratories. I mean, let's talk location. Willer Supreme. Nice location. It's probably with further south door off any of the other dorms furthest away from everything. But it's pretty nice, and it's large. What I'm saying is that if you want to go eat somewhere, or if you want to go to class, you're gonna have to go a little bit further than any of your other self that you said Well, there's also the closest to downtown, which is where a majority of cool food, clothing and payment options in this area heart So things considered the location isn't great, but it's not care compared to other dorms. It's pretty bad. So I personally give it a well, because I okay, like 16. 15. Really? Oh, yeah. Well, okay, it's just it's close to Allison's basement, and that's actually very okay. All right. A block from consideration. Done by myself. Nobody else. Um, no. You know what bull? Well, you were 13 Willard whole 34 locations. Let's get more next. No. Who? Wait. It's just a meter. Study rooms. If you're in the hat, let's check out the gym now. Ha, ha. Nice. I've actually never been so Willard. Jim is a lot of aerobic material. We have some loose Wait's over here. We've got seven. Mom, what is this? Elliptical right way. So Willard Gymnasium has a lot to offer in terms of aerobic material. Loose waits, etcetera, that kind of fall shorts with machines. There's not really any weight machines for weight distribution to target specific areas. So if you're into that, we're gonna have goto blam or to spac main large gymnasiums in this area. Otherwise, if you're into aerobics like me, you'll love it. Hey, Brayden. Claire, What's up? Too much. Just trying to get ready for Spanish. What time is your Spanish gold clock, which is great. This is my first class. Do we have some time to ask these impressions about social life here? Oh, I suppose we do. I don't want to ask them. You are the hope of this. All right. Well, let's just take a seat. Celebrated. Is that your name? It is indeed, J. Good man. Good to see you. So how long have you been living in Willer? Well, this is wrapping up roughly eight months now. I think Wow started the year here, and it's been a great experience. You've been You've been liking it so far. Yeah, it's been wonderful. It's definitely kind of made the whole freshman year at Northwestern Thing Go around. Why would you say that? Like does it supply like social outlets or what? What does will it provide that you feel like you really need it as a freshman? I will. It as a whole provides kind of the whole experience. Friends, cafe and itself is a wonderful thing. We've got no great facilities. There's the workout room. We've got one conference room. We've got this great collaboration space to work on homework, not even to mention the waffle, which is our first floor lounge. It provides a lot of great opportunities, literally every week, just to go and hang out with people. There's movie nights on Saturdays. There's sit down, sit com on Wednesday and literally even last night. There were probably joined 30 other people from the selfless neighborhood and just played trivia in the great room by the piano for probably an hour and 1/2. It just really provides a lot of things that I think other dorms don't always have the capacity to provide. And on top of that, Willard, even from the very beginning of the year, did a really good job getting everybody engaged. So the people that got started and wanted to be engaged in Willard are still engaged, actively participating, going to these events and being part of the community. And it really helps tighten those bonds. Sweet. Thanks, man. Have fun in your Spanish class today. I will certainly try. Right? That was braided. St Breeden. You're welcome, Claire. Sweet. So we're in a space called the Waffle Waffle being, of course, an acronym for Willard. First floor lounge. There is a large table that I see people doing a multitude of things. Another kitchen, like Willard needs another kitchen. Large TV for you, all this room for recreation and fun and, of course, Ellen Blackwell social. What of? So I see contemporary art is so crucial to Willard experience because it encompasses the struggle of the Northwestern student now and the struggle of the woman before I mean, I say anymore. Franz Cafe is the hallmark of Willard social life. Friends is essentially a dining hall for those who don't want to go to the dining room. Now you have to use your dining dollars in order to pay for friends. Or you can use real money. But Frances, open from the convenient hours of seven. Yeah, very 80 to change. All right, cool. So friends hours, they fluctuate. But it's open later than any dining hall, and essentially everybody comes to friends at night. Willard is consistently full of people from all dorms who come to socialize and to eat the beautiful fruit food that comes out of this haven of youth and well being. Oh, my goodness, Friends has the worst possible food for your body, but the best possible food for your taste buds and your soul and your soul. We're talking burgers, Chicken Wangs case it is. What else do they have, like milkshakes? Way overpriced, huh? Fries? Yeah. Um, like, I mean, it's a bunch of fried food. Basically, it's really good. It's really good. And when you're feeding at night, friends is the spot, Baby. France is a huge asset to Willard and Bumps. It's a medical score way community of Willard is basically a lot of people. Plus a lot of events equals a lot of so soc al ity. You know, people working together and doing things together. Everybody. And Willard pretty much knows at least off everybody. And Willard, which is something that a lot of dorms can't say. So yeah, 21st social life and amenities for Will it? We're sleeping here. It's calculating time. It's finished. Willard Hall. What an exceptional hall. We all knew that, but what's the verdict? While Willard has reached an astounding balls rating of 92 points 92 that's right. It's the highest dorm we've raided so far. Amenities at 20 bedrooms at 20 social life at 20. Then we've got laboratories at 19 and location at 13 just cause it's so far away. But overall, what a great dorm and what a great experience. I would highly suggest Willard to anybody who's looking to live in Northwestern and to live South, if possible. There are a bunch of other great options, and those are also great. But Willard so far has been the best thanks for watching and stay tuned for North Campus