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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 99.0% of freshman live on campus at Northwestern University?

What type of housing does Northwestern University provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at Northwestern University, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true -
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true -
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true -
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true -

What are the dorms like at Northwestern University?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, Northwestern University dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of Northwestern University, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make Northwestern University feel like home!

What are the dimensions of Northwestern University dorm rooms?

The Northwestern University dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of Northwestern University on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and Northwestern University likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Hello on. Welcome to my room. This is my dorm. It's in cheap print, which is one of the residential colleges, which basically dormitories based vaguely around a certain interest shape. It is the humanities a share. It is the double most. The rooms here are doubles, but for shaping is one of the biggest ones on campus. There's now a two year living requirement for the school, so freshman and sophomore year, you will have to be on campus. The rooms are pretty nice. You could decorate themselves. And this was special because a few years ago one of the kids painted a blackboard All right. So next I'm gonna be showing you guys a tour in my room. I live on the north side of campus, which is close to a lot of like the stem classes and then also pretty close Teo Lake fill, which is a really nice area right on Lake Michigan that people like to go to hang out by the door. I have a little coat rack that I like to hang up, the coats that I wear outdoors all the time. And then I also keep a mere on the back of my door so I can look at my outfit right before I leave on the wall next to my coat rack. I have a lot of posters from Big Little Week, and then I also have a white board on my wall is Well, right now it's pretty empty. It just has a an inspirational quote. I like a lot. In the past. I've kept a daily checklist and, um, other inspirational quotes and also a kind of schedule for myself as well. So in this corner, I have kind of all of my food related things. I had my fridge, which has a lot of my dishes on top of it. And then I have a fridge, a small fridge where I can keep things that I just wanted to cold over here. I have a trunk that has different snacks and on one side in it. And then it also is cleaning supplies in it and on top of God, some laundry supplies, because I do laundry pretty often, so they kind of have to be out there and ready. This is my desk area. Um, it's really important. It holds a lot of my stuff as you can already tell. Um, there are some drawers over here where I have kept materials from past quarter's. Um, you came with it a lot of papers and your books. So yeah, that space is really important. Um, I have another painting from my sorority. I have another mirror, which is really important because over here I have my entire makeup set up. I have two acrylic tubbs to keep all of my makeup, and yet that's still not enough room. It's really funny, um, on this side I have a bunch of storage bags for my makeup, but they used to be in which I think is like just hill areas. Um, up here I've got books from past quarter's kind of in the back there. I have a stapler which is really important to have and yeah, I've also got a little cup of pencils in there as well. And then on the side, I got more like my necessities like lotion and deodorant and just perfumes and stuff. So oh, and then up top. I have my TV, which has been really nice having a lot of people didn't really bring TV's to campus. So I really, really like being able to have that, Um, so yeah, my desk. It's a really important space for me. It seems a lot of purposes on the back of this door. I have a hanger with some of my shoes on it. These air pretty much all of my sneakers and then a couple of flats and heels for events. They're kind of like every day ish or just more, or she's that I want more often that are easier to keep outside of the closet than inside of it. So that's really convenient. And I definitely suggest having one of these over here is my dresser area, which, as you can see, is a little cluttered on top. Um, mostly has a lot of my daily vitamins and things like that. And then I put up a little kind of board that I can hang different pictures or papers on, and right now I just have, like, a lot of Cuban Mentos throughout the year. I have more canvases from a little weak as well, and then the dresser itself has four, like just four separations on it. So twenty of space to put my clothes last, but not least, is my bed area. My bed is a twin extra large, as most college dorm beds are. I have more decorations on the side My name is John. I'm a private contractor in the Evanston area. And today we're gonna be evaluating 18. 38 Chicago. Quite a masterpiece of architecture. We're going to be diving deep inside the balls algorithm to to help you find out if 18 38 is for you. Let's get started. Welcome to dorm toward video number one. I'm J towns today. We're gonna take a look inside what makes Northwestern institution that it is. Now I know what you're A lot of units have asked me what I think about the dorms, and they're good. And so I started this series so that we could get in depth. Look at all the dorms at Northwestern. First up, 18 38 secure. You can only get into the dorms with your wild card. There's no other way to get Wait. I believe that If you could just imagine very strong caring, uh, security guards were sitting in this chair waiting to check you in. That's what happens. Let's go upstairs. 8 38 has no elevator, but we have one basically useless. I developed the optimal out with to make sure that each door miss rated fare the algorithm. Balls That's right. Balls all, of course, being bedrooms, amenities, laboratories, location and social life that every door b great on equal scale. Each category's 20 points and dorm has created based on a variety of factors. So without further ado, let's get going with bedrooms. Bedrooms are also secured by your wild card. So, uh, it's pretty small, I'd say, Uh, maybe two or three days individualistic. But the important thing is that I'm we've got a really nice force going on floors. You get desk, your standard cabinets, clothes, food whenever I don't know. Yeah, this is the living space. It's a it's a decent size. But personally, for my for my uses, it's just right. However, there are bigger and better things for those of you who are lucky enough to get a large let's go see with again because they're so secure, you just can't get it. Can't get around that. Let's see what our neighbors are up to. Morning. Oh, good morning, guys. Introduce yourselves. Is there a freakin room? I mean, just look around and thistles what you could have if you're lucky, they're all randomly assigned, so it's kind of, you know, I don't know why risk it, but this is the largest size room and it's quite quite large. I mean, just take a quick play ball. Wait. The rooms are very plentifully 21 in this room is very, very close. However, my pretty small, however, I never really ready to problems with having not enough space. I wish there was a little bit more space on the floor on my dresser on. That would not be a problem here Overall. Haven't my lifestyle that way? Probably give it like a 12.5. All right, let's keep moving. Thank God you're leaving so soon, but duty calls. We're in the basement. Baby basement is home to the vending machines and ironically, let's check it out. You see, people are hard at work grinding their booties off. But as you can see over here, there is quite a bit of application way. Have cardio machines people used very frequently. Also, there is a water bottle about mean board. I mean, come on, check out those means, guys, we've got studio. If you're into that, we've got more lose weight. I mean, come on. Great. You know, you It doesn't mean you're gonna be good at what you can do it. So that is 18 38 thing 18 38. Chicago is part of what you would call a residential community that features 18 38 Chicago, Alison Hall and Shepherd Hall. So anyone who lives in any three of these halls actually have access to the amenities at all of the other holes. So we have to keep those in mind. That being said 18 38 by itself has this gym as its main attraction. Amenities and essential ingredients into college experience is the bathrooms, and that's why we're here in the 18 38 4th floor bathroom to see what's going on. Laboratories are sexual, so the first thing you do is so you're not gonna use your friends. And the next thing you know, you're in a dump on the street shower. I don't know yourself. Sometimes the pressures don't think this has your pressure friendly. So, uh, get used to this boy's airspeed, which they have really fast way stalls. That's just over. Although I believe anything else better so, uh, 20 laboratories, Let's talk. Okay. All right. The fact of the matter is it matters a lot more than you might think to be in a great location for your door. There are a lot of storms that are really nice really far. People don't like him. Kid gets where they're going, especially in winter quarter at Northwestern University. That could be a huge problem To consider. 18 38 is very, very close to the arch and a lot of Maine South campus areas. Alison dining halls right there place, which is where we pick up all over packages. Right thing Beach is right down the street. This is crucial to the experience. Now, the only way that I can really judge location based on other Paul. I put 18 38 somewhere. Hires is really close to a lot of the building you're gonna use if you live south and you do sound things. If you are engineered a message, some kind of that kind of major, you might have a harder time living down. It's not impossible that happens all the time, but it might not be ideal for your situation, so location, TV a somewhere around somewhere above 15. It's really good. It's really good. So we're gonna interview some of the person behind the 18 38 social experience. Would you like to introduce yourself? Freshman? Yeah, that's great. That's great. How would you say that way? Not here. Whenever you go over for social life, it really depends on what you need, what you look for him and also the floor that you live on. Honestly. So it's It's hard to determine what will make a good door. I'm gonna put 18 38 honestly on average, like I mean, that's the worst score that we have. But it's not. It's not bad. I would hit the quality of the interactions that I've had. A very, very good I think. For these I have to quantitative. There's no way to actually victor out. You know how good experiences and how you So we're gonna go strictly by one. And I would say in general 18 38 probably left social. Most dorms that being said, I love you. But a final all so balls again. Got bathrooms. Let's see how 18 38 does So 18 30 eights. Official balls rating. 73 Great amenities. We gotta kick in location. Bathrooms are exquisite. We've got a little lacking in social life, but that should be made up work with quality. Thanks for watching. That's what we have for this video. You have any additional questions about 18 38? Warner, Webster, General, Make sure you hit me upside the money. I'm Jake Pounds. Today. We're going to be evaluating Alison Hall and Shepherd Hall. Let's get right into it. So, as you know, we evaluate dorms. We evaluate them very specifically according to the balls. Algorithm. Balls, of course. Being bedrooms, amenities, lavatories, location and social life. Let's get ready with the bedroom. Oh, hey. This'll is a standard shepherd hall room. We've got some rooms. I have one better. We have some bets. It comes with amazing diffuser and a pretty large window. Um, there are, you know, it's pretty spacious. You could probably do some, uh, yoga gets a You know, there is a gym in here, so we owe way. Have yoga room. Do you have any quirks about, like the route that you like you like Share with anything You don't like her that you like? Fine, especially helpful or useful about the rooms Windows open when they want thio, which is like exciting. I don't know. There's like a lot of closet space and space underneath the beds, which is nice, and you can choose whether to laugh. Yeah, lofting is actually not for the 18 38 rounds the same way west. That's too so consider that. Thanks, Yama. We're gonna evaluate the room I was See now since we did 83 a day, I feel like wave 18 30 50 like a solid solid size. Let mine was, like a little bit smaller. Kind of ends, like the size of the room with quality. No, I'm thinking I'm thinking that this especially just with very next drugs and one of those really nice wooden floors and the windows on that and the diffuser, it's gotta go up a little bit above 15. Sure, somewhere like around 80 18 1818. Sounds good. Shepherd home 18. I just want to say that the aesthetic of the staircases, it's a amazing Hey, guys, what's up? This is a staircase log because that is the deciding factor as to what the quality of a dorm is. Look at this window. So in addition to nice bedrooms that we have here, Shepherd Paul, there's also allowed area. So if you decide that you are done with class and you die, mostly, you just have right on over here to the lab area. You have a nice rest. Also, there is a fireplace that's right. A whole fire, real fire and get this Santa comes every single year. I know there's a Well, our Santa is because we care. It's an amazing chance to beat kitchen. Sure. A full kitchen parsed pool table over French Traitor. There are study rooms for the studious. We have a meditation space and an evolution room. What? What solution? Well, they're heated. Showers. Pretty spot. Really, really close. My spirit actors say any more time for next category. The bathrooms, bathrooms, lot of laboratories size. Yes. Let's get going. All right, so we'll start with showers. Let's do it. All right. There is a lot of space in here. There's you want. I mean, you just sit down and read a book. You know that, right? You could be. You want me? Oh, you gonna bring all your buddies into? Yeah, it is. You can't. You could work out great. Everybody that I know Shepard is swole. I mean, did you see Yama stalls separate People leave their pee in the toilet. Yeah, Thanks. Wait, So yeah, light. Okay. I really like the light. It's like a log. Ready. Right? And windows here. So this is one thing bathrooms. I would automatically give 20 but pee in the toilet. I gotta give it a 19. Yeah, let's take it down a notch. If you got a pee in the toilet, that's a minus one automatically. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is. Lavatory is 19 for Shepherd. Yeah. All right, let's move on to our next category. Social life here is highly dependent on made bythe faculty faculty members that live in this place. And so they organized a lot of events that people go to very frequently numbers upwards of 200 usually every Sunday. So there are lots of things. Unfortunately, you could not interview anybody leaves here about. But I have been here for the social wins. And personally, I love. I think it's a very social. Probably more than 18 38 not much. One of the bigger dorms I give a pretty high gave 18. 38. I give this one No. 16. How are they? They're great. Solid. The lamps that really make a costume wet floor location. Aly Shepherd Hall is right next to Alison Hall, which is consequently right next 18 32. Beautiful little section. All right, so here at Alison. Amenity definitely is nights. We have fun, but the biggest hole course. Dining hall, Right? Alison. So here in Alison, we have a nice, spacious group. Fact, actually, every Allison room is the exact same size. They're all just so there's a triple, except if you want to live in the way. But that's true. The triple are different. All of the double outside, the exact. So that's actually not like a lot of other dorms that especially ones in South. With that in mind, there's bases very yoga friendly. No more so than that. Sheppard. Definitely more yoga rooms. Yoga. Plus, I know things that you notice that you wish for there. Are you there? Oh, there's no way. Neither West has. Great. Here's your no medal. What in by that? They have doors. My, my friends and Bob doesn't have one. Oh, Bob. People finding genes in mice where my sister will be. Oh, aesthetically, I feel like Alison status. But I think actually, I mean, the room is bigger and it's better in a lot of ways. Yeah, space better. Just more room, which is what you want in a So I mean I don't know what you think. I mean, I don't think it looks as but that's like the nature. Yeah, I would say it's probably, like 17 for House, and that's it. This room is so big. I know this is really good. Yeah. This is one person living here. Yeah, I mean, nobody's too, but still still, Yeah. They're still like you've been here and you can also lost. Yeah. And you So get out. 17. So, Alison Bathrooms Servan Amazing function. There are great sings. There are the suspicious, so much space. But aesthetically, it doesn't quite match. Let's dig a little bit. So first we're gonna do how many people to this like that? Just a little. You know, this is you three. You're taller. But, you know, I'm sure. I think actually, before a show way, Shepherd 19 17 standards are like, I mean, it's okay for my standards, like, 20 years, and it's still better than most. Dorm. Yeah. Let's give it a 16 next category. Shelly. Wow. It's like I'm dying. So this is pretty much like a large shower in the sense that you feel like uncomfortably close toe walls, rug. This'll wait. We're not even going. Oh, okay. This is not good. Really slow. They have elevators, but I don't even know if I want to use this. Does not seem to say. Also lighting noticed. Yeah, this is just really ominous. Also the camera With what? The epitome of Alison Social life comes from this hub of life known as the dining hall. So we decided to come down to the dining hall to see what it was all about. Let's go. So for amenities, we looked at some of the game tables. This is pretty much all there is. There's a gym here. So overall, we decided to give it a 13. So for location for Alison, we're going to give it a 17 17 because has a dining hall. And because it's right by the arch are just over there. It's over bits. And South campus, which is like a lot of the arts and whatnot downtown have instant is right over this way. And then also for Sheppard, we're gonna give Shepherd a 16 just slightly below because it doesn't have a dining hall. Well, moving that. Yeah, she's great team. All right. So the totals for Shepherd were bed. Bedrooms were 18 a mad genius were 21 laboratories were 19 location was 16 and social life was 16 for a grand total of 90 out of definitely higher than 18 30. And Alison Alison, for bedrooms was 17. Fran Amenities was 13. Laboratories was 16.5. Location, 17 Social life, 15 for a total of 78.5 out of 100. Still great Hope you guys enjoyed that video. I had to leave to go to a meeting. And so Alex and Claire finish up that video Huge shadow to Alex for hosting with me. Hopefully, we'll have him on for most of the videos and huge shadow out to Claire for filming these videos. She's amazing, and I appreciate them both. Hope you like the video See in the next one.