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Thinking about Rhodes College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Rhodes College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Rhodes College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Rhodes College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Rhodes College experience. These Rhodes College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is the refractory, which we called rat is the main dining. How Rose college and otherwise cult layer that there is like small rat over there. Hi, heroin today am going, Teo, do the world into your job in for the bridge. As I mentioned in the introduction video, I work at that rage at the woolen tear and in that photo photography department. So now I'm just like government to want to hear any place. Help them too, right? Waiting for the force one is about popular majors so in your school are popular major is biology and political site or like international relationships because most of the students at our school they want to go with the pre matt so it's like a large percent of them so on also like we have the cooperation partnership with central stood children hospital so which means also provide large opportunities for the students at our school to pursue their career like the premed so it's really really popular one for the political science international relationship it's like most likely for the students for like pre law my best friend's here she's pressuring you pre law so she's studying playable size and international relationship pre law premed like a large party in our school on our montreuil are also really good because of this just rose for why large like scholarship for all students for pre law premed like those are like time consuming and also like really expensive major rose for why opportunities for those students to you know to go for this mean those tracks for a relatively low price and also your private small college so this is also a raisin why we can't get a large amount of money back because after the students go pre law premed mad that got the career well you really welcome back and donate my support other students as a really nice loop like to support each other and for the future of students who wanted to you know study of things like this so in most of citizen students really pressure the So this is where my no cost or how it's being over west campus. It's like on the other side. You really will help Comfort here on those aren't my lovely folks and there also so bye, I'm going to record some of their concerts. No. in this video, I'm going to introduce, like, hallway choose of a roommate before you came to the college. After Admit it, you're going to feel a form like about all your sleeping. Happy is your daily schedule things like, uh, where you really get up when you really, like, go Too bad. Do you, like quiet? Do you like, like, more active, You know, also like some preference about some daily happens. You know, the Matthew you got used to, like, take bath in the morning or a knife. All those they will ask. Really, really detailed, like things about how you gonna leave in your college life. So after you feel other form, you're a leader. You have to choice, like you can choose to find, remit yourself and feel their names on the form so that the school will just match you two together. But if you know now, no one on campus you can just like randomly wait for someone to, like match your baby habits or your daily schedules. And you related to school. Well, five. Someone like similar to you. Like as I know some men, most of the international students, they got match with another international students because they, you know, they all came from. Foreign countries know kind of like different culture, but they have similar, like, really being schedules or habits, so it's easier for them to get together. But for some, so the students, like from America or, like who used to studying American called high school before they're probably more likely to get into the same room. But those are all assumptions, mostly school us through based on the form you feel out to match the person like perfectly match most so that you will, you know, last conflict in the future. So, yeah, that's basically all the things about how to choose your remit. So each year you got chance to change your dorm to another place on. This is like a housing selection process that's like more complex and something you need to consider after you come to college before our school. We have, like, a first year door. We have, like a higher like senior dorm on. We have some like the double like what I'm leaving now, or some uh, yes village. Their room is like, ah, large room and the common places with four individuals small room for each person. So it's like a four single room. You large places things like that or the parkway parkways, our new new storm. Each storm have its own like kitchen, but it's like only a large room with comment, like with a large common room. But I like to bathroom in the same room. No, like single. So that's kind of depends on different dorm. You choose where we're wanted to leave. In the following years, all the students have to leave two years a list on campus Now. After that, I can choose to leave off campus or steal like get a chance to choose better dorm on campus. Yeah, that's our dependence students himself. Some day I'm gonna lead you all to see Howard. Dorms looks like so this is like a typical two stints, like a topple room to really like. You have to bring him my Caribbean stage. We will provide, like, two baths to sight of, like This's like Howard, really Classroom looks like this is in the southwestern heart, and it's like income. Ten around fifteen people were. So in this video, I'm going to talk about something about the class, our class. Some of them are discussion based on some off, like like the lecture based. It depends on the like if the class is easier or hard, or if the class want to know about more about students sauce or more focused on the like the academic work for two of micro science courses. This mr one of the basis a gushing base because we have to go through those materials ourselves for the class. So we bring the problems and concerns, or everything will go to the class so that we can discuss with the professor for another one is like a really hard class, so professor have to plan everything and teachers through. You know, those knowledge is things, but we will really have a like a discussion time about If we really understand the school, come the class contact. That's really important. So we have this in fact, in communication between this, for the teacher and students, racial were like, Why No. Fifteen. I'd like to say a kiss for the computer science court. There is a It's a really popular major, so there are many people with this class, but the Maximus, like the twenty one or so it's still like a really small amount. One. How one class in their apartment, I have only three people over there. It's like a really small racial on the liberal arts like us. We won't allow the situation like small a small number of students to take the class happen because, you know, we're a small colleges. You really Our class ideas is like turn or fifteen Babel. So it's really nice, and you have a chance to get really close to your professor stuff. That's something. I didn't expect it when I came to college, but after it came here, all the professor really nice and they're close to you, wanted to know, like, what happened your dealer life than one to You know more about you instead of only teaching something? No. So that's really important on some of my professors. There are really like friends to me. They care about me they wanted to know more about, you know How How'd I my life gonna be like, What are the interesting at party to the campus on my computer science professor came to see my musical You know all those things Make the rose become availing close