Hi friends empty out today later and going to, like do the crew training because recently got a Memphis imitation and I'm the cocks. One other thing. So you really will have the training at the morning Andi afternoon and like a four fifteen year or five fifty. So this one is like a five fifteen more. And were you really like We have the Grove training in the water training so the country needs more like how to row and the water fi needs, like more for the Cox one training. We just arrive late at the dock and like they started the friends, like looking ahead to the training with me today. Leader. Probably I cannot really like few my training process because it's kind of long, so This is the place where we do the training clothes to the women were Hi, everyone. Today I'm going to answer some questions from the thank you section. So the first one is on hopping. It's your school, so Rose is like not a really big school. But we do have Lake enough spaces for every students to do everything campus. It's like a five minutes walk, like if you go straight from one side to another. But if you like really close to explore every section of school or like the buildings, it takes like probably one or two hours a list to go to every places, so it's actually a really good like a big