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Thinking about Stonehill College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Stonehill College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Stonehill College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Stonehill College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Stonehill College experience. These Stonehill College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Hey, guys. So we're going into the dining hall. These air, my friends Alex and Alex. So yeah, I'll show you what's for dinner? This interest of downing home. So what are we thinking for dinner tonight? The's there where we see all the options. This's the calf. So, guys, we're at dinner and I got I made a Cobb salad with grilled chicken. AP is eating general. How's Teo? However you say And Alex also got a salad. So you have the food here is pretty good. Wouldn't you guys say it's mediocre? Best? Yeah, could be better. Could be worse. Definitely. Overall, we don't starve. So that's good references best. Oh, yeah, we have really good breakfast. Maybe a little. It's kind of empty in here today. So bullets down there is the hill, which is like, kind of like pub food. Hill is really good. People are looking at me. There's more seating over them. Right now, we are building a business building, which is this huge building right here. This right here, where I'm standing is one of my favorite spots on campus because of this beautiful clock right here. This is like in all of the story he'LL ads like one of the iconic parts of Stone Hill and also from this spot, you can see a great view of Donahue up there. This is another iconic view of Stonehill, and this is the quad right here where we come hang out when it's nice Out, as you can see, there's people over there Queen baseball. It's still a little cold. It's only like fifty degrees right now, but everyone's just so excited for it. Be warming up over here is also Duffy, which is another academic building. And over there in the distance, you can see the senior courts, which is upperclassmen living on DH. The library were pretty small campus. All of our buildings are pretty close together, so you're never really gonna have to walk that far. But our campus is really pretty. So this is the first fourth, the library. This is when you're coming off to the right and passed by all the stats and there's some tables and computers in the middle section. And then you approached this section where there's like a lot of deaths and comfy chairs when people could do work. So on this Sai Saigon, love right, we have our huggel spaces where students can make up and collaborate, which are really great for group project. So this is Asians. Place a cafe where we have Starbucks and pastries in other food. This is our printing area in the library, where many stockings come to Britain for three. So this is the second for the library has mainland bookshelf, So this is one of study areas on the second floor. This is another means that area on the second floor. So this is his third floor of the library. So on the third floor, we have, uh, see, um, you're a where there's all the tutoring and we also fruit stuck in rooms that he came right. So there's a few more study areas on this fourth the library. So you'LL see a lot of people up here. This sport also is a computer lab. Okay, so that was the library for me to talk about. How I use it. I won't go so time. Only between classes are just lucky. Memory more? I can play music, Don't feel you have to stir brother people. Sometimes I feel like stifled in library. You know, like when I thought power to my classes I'll go there. I always go on the first floor because I'm free like loud person. And so when I'm on the second or third floor, I just feel like I'm disturbing up people. And I, like you hang out with friends to be able to talk, but still be able to get work done. So I usually just kind of get some of those comfy chairs on either side of the first floor. Um, it's nice. It's nice to just get coffee and, you know, being a Yeah, that's sort of how I Hey, guys. So we're at the gym, Sally. Where? Games. Sports complex. We're here at the gym. Are beautiful. Pregnant. Wait. Tired? Yeah, with virgin. There's a great view. Work out, work out. Have a little entertainment when they're sports practices. Normal letter. Whatever is happening out there. So appear. Really fight. Amazing. Finished. Great work. So this is the varsity room. I don't spend a lot of time here. I would say, Jim here is one of our selling All right, So this is remembered. I live. You are triple. So? So starting off on my side, um, me, Monroe, make chair fridge, which works out pretty well on B share a coffee maker because it's easy that way. This is my desk. Looks pretty standard. I just have, you know, like some makeup stuff on there, a few decorations and stuff like that, a school stuff in the drawers. I will keep, like, hair drying. Carlin, I need big gums in the bottom drawer. Yeah, it's pretty standard I like too. New plan. Here's a terrifying balance system. So how that works is you start every semester with thirteen hundred dollars, and you want one of you that food you pay for you get. If you get a coffee, you pay for coffee. If you get a breakfast sandwich, you pay for that. You ever pay for everything individually and so basically use as much as you do first. The master. If you run out of money from that thirteen hundred, you add more refundable meal planned dollars. And if you don't use ago, it rolls into spring semester. Will you get a new thirteen hundred? And then at the end of that semester, if you don't use all your money, you essentially lose your money. It's not refundable. And so a lot of people end up doing like book orders of, like, powering or something just so that they don't lose that money. So that's when they're being fortunate arcs of that. She s so there's a lot of places you can get food. We have a Dunkin Donuts Alex, a cafe or electrical asis place that has Starbucks on DH snacks and stuff. We have the hill, which is like a pub style like fast food restaurant on campus, and we haven't all on Pan, and then we're going to have a salad station in the business building. But that's not open yet. And then we ever mean Dani called the comics. So to talk about, like when you go get the comments because that's probably the most place you'LL go through. The most often taught works is you walk in and there's a bunch of different stations, Um, with like options for that day. And so you go to that stage, you go whatever station you wanted, food from you can mix and match from different stations. You could get like pizza in the salad sandwich and like something from another station, and you get what you want on DH. Then you leave where the fruit, the area with food served and you pay and you pay for what you get. And so they just like you just swipe your card and it's super easy, like you just paid real quick. And then you can either get you fruit and like a reusable to go container or in the Commons, which you set up like a normal dining Hall. We just, like, sit down with Franks. So yeah, that's sort of how the dining comments is set up. And then it works the same way. All the other places you go in order, and then you pay for what you buy s o all the most. All the food here, except from dunking donuts and Alban Pan is is like through Sodexo, which is a food distribution company. I'm not really a big fan of the food here. To be honest, I'm vegan, and I found it really, really hard to be vegan because they put cheese on everything in a lot of stuff. They can't take the keys out like the vegetarian section will have things like tortellini and other things like that that have cheese in them. So then, like, I can't get it. Um, there is one station in the Commons backs vegan, usually which is healthy sides or the the simple seven X alpha called, but a log of times like docking at boring because it's literally like just rice and veggies, and they're not, like, seasoned or anything. So and they're just they're not great. Um, also a log of the vegetarian options are super overpriced. So it's like super expensive. Which is why howto ag money to my new plan last semester because, like, it's just really expensive to buy vegetarian food on campus. Um, so that kind of sucks like also, like, we do have a nice salad bar in the Commons, but because it's by weight. It's, like, so expensive because of, like, forty cents per ounce and it adds up pretty quickly. So yeah, I like some of the food, is like okay, but I feel like a lot of times I end up paying significantly more money for food backs, like not that great. Another issue. I found it sometimes, like you get stuff and like, you book early like jacket from from the Commons and we sit down and went between your food paying, sinking down your food's cold, which is pretty frustrating. Um, so, yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the food here. I mean, we're all those things that, like it's not amazing, but it because, like, you need to eat. Um, yeah, so, like, it's not it's not great, but like we all make do with it. So, yeah, that's sort of like how the main dining hall and the meal plan. Hey, guys. So I'm going to show you what a triple in Villa Teresa looks like. Um, it's my friend's Jara, Nancy and Megan's room. So here we go. So this is a triple in Villa. You have your desks, your dresser. They put a TV, another desk dresser. Here's a Ben that's your issue. Doesn't want to be in a closet. Closets, financing, skating right over you. So this is what a typical triple would look like Hike. Ugh! Please introduce yourself. Hi, I'm Jackie Katzenberger. I'm a freshman here. It's Stonehill College. And what's your major? I'm a criminology. Sociology major. OK, how do you like being a criminal social major? It'LL be fun. Yeah. You learn about what society makes like how society tanks and how it works. And sometimes you get your colt leader professors leaving France about garbage. Um, or you have another professor talkingabout murdering how much she loves it. So it's never boring. So would you say you had a positive of academic experience so far? Yeah. Um, how have you? What? Have you joined any clubs or organizations here? It's Tokyo. Yes, I'm in the art club and in the criminology class. What's it like in those clubs? The art? Um, it's nice. I wish it was a bit more already, like, you know, like painting on a canvas or something. Most of the time, it's like slap some paint and glitter on something and call it art work. It's not art. It's slapping paint glitter on something, getting it all over your hands in your dorm. The next day, from clubs fun. They don't even know how much. And they forget when you're on the email list to email you so you only get the email every every once in a while. I make it to a meeting. They don't email me as much as they probably should. So what were some of your favorite things about Stone? Him, Um, I like the nature trail. That's probably shouldn't be doing that alone. But I like the nature trail. Um, the library's really nice. It's quiet. They're kinda rude there. But if you avoid the people working at the front desk and the people at ease this place, you're fine, and you just go up to leave the second or third floor and you're not bothered. You get your homework. They're done like five hours. Um, Obama. Panis pretty nice, too, but they run out of food like that. So it's like you come in like the wrong time, and you're not gonna get that, Chris, what you want for breakfast? So what are your some of your least favorite things about still him? The dining commons. The food is absolutely horrible. There, uh, the chicken is almost never cooked whenever you get chicken from the simple seven. It's like pink and, like, really squishy. And I end up just throwing it out in the end, just eating rice, which probably isn't the healthiest thing. But, hey, it's Rice who carries, Um, I'm not really a fan of not like the press professors. The professor's air, Nice with the faculty everywhere else is just so nasty, thank you, asked them. Unlike the registrar's office, like a question will be like, What? Sorry, man. I'm just asking a question about classes. Don't don't get your panties in a knot. Um, and the luxury of Linda Room here is pretty bad, too, because we only have two washes. And to Dreyer's upstairs on, there's four different sweets with, like, fourteen different people in it. And I can't do that math right now, but that's a shit ton of people for just to wash his tutor. And then, uh, what do you think? Moving on? What do you think makes don't kill? Unique, I think. I think it's the professors. I really d'Oh, they they're a lot more invested in their students. Then I have seen in other colleges, and they generally genuinely want to see you succeed and do your best. And even when you're the quiet kid in class like me who never talks, they're always trying to call you out like, Hey, I know you're sarcastic and witty. Make a stupid comment. Now they're just so nice and unique. And I think that's what makeup Stonehill really cool. Um, have has a really specific professor that has, like, impacted your academics the most in this past year. Allow me. I actually have to. They're Dolgen. He was my sociology professor last semester on DH. He honestly got me into sociology with how passionate he was about just society in general and honestly, how pessimistic he was, because that cynicism kind of like resonated with me because I'm a cynic about where we're going in the future and that and the fact that he had a stand up, hold hands and in a circle chant garbage over and over while he raised the garbage can above his head. And I It just intrigued me. Because when you have professors like that, it's always like what's gonna come next because it's always gonna be something new and the other one would be Professor Carr can. La Carozza, my Crumb professor last semester, and she was just so much fun. She's my advisor, too, but, um, she was a fun professor. She was always bouncing off the walls, standing on Sharon's. Granted, she was pregnant. She's fine. She gave birth. Her baby girl is healthy. She stand on chairs again and not have to worry. Um, but she was always like calling on people in class and just getting to know them. And she was very like criminology Orient, that she was always like, I love my husband. But if I killed him, this is how I would kill him and how I would get away with it. And she's not going to kill her husband. She loves her husband very much, but she was always like, if this happened, what would happen to me? And it wasn't just telling stories or reading off a power point. She was very interacted with her students that made me fall in love with criminology again. That's a great, um, lastly, moving on. If you had to go back and give senior your Jackie selling rights, what would it be? Oh, God, That was like, awkward middle school faces in high school. Um, it would probably be Don't be so fucking shy. Um, get to know where people I am. Face those people who I didn't want to succeed, you know, But honestly, senior here, Jackie was such a fucking weirdo, and it's where I am now. It's It's me now. And I found people who accepted my weirdness and who slightly play into that a little bit more. But, hey, we're all weirdos here. That's what I tell you Senior year.