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Thinking about The University of Montana and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The University of Montana in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The University of Montana’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The University of Montana, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The University of Montana experience. These The University of Montana video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Here is our Mansfield library. So our library to call the Mansfield Library has for five floors. Here is a floor level. This was allowed us so you can talk. That's what I love. Another study groups. Fifth Floor is the quietest. NBC were quite up there, so there's plenty of room to study down. Here is all the computers we have newspapers, atlases, tons of books and resource is to you. And I'm not going to show you guys a fifth floor because I can't even talk on there. But all the floors are kind of the same. They have, uh, bookshelves of libraries and books and then Okay. We're on our way to where we're going inside. Yeah, it's in The university Hall is just super cool building. There's a dorm so far away, I know. Do you think you meet more people in college or back at home? Actually, in college? Yeah. I have, like, four friends back home and have, like, six in college. People in college are probably that calls people you'll ever meet. Okay. We're here a class. Thanks for walking with us. So we just finished up our nature and society class. What do you think of it, Love? So much work. Yeah, but it's okay. I mean, it's all, like, pretty interesting, so I don't mind it that much, but it's still a lot of Okay. Some questions I should touch on is like how big our school is. Its around fourteen thousand students that go here, the campus itself is like it's all on war in one area, so there's no streets across to get to different classes. It's not like the big city campuses, but it's still pretty big. It's not like five blocks by five blocks around that, and it's pretty much just a huge square full of buildings and parking lots. Pretty much okay, so one thing I should definitely touch on is the weather here. The weather in Missoula is pretty bipolar because we're in the middle of like there's mountain ranges all around us are kind of in this bowl, and so it could be pretty different. Like last year, people were saying, There's like this much snow on top of their car, and right now there's barely any snow on the mountains surrounding us. Accepting a huge mountain ranges in the back. They're kind of the background. You can kind of see. And then it's been raining for like the past couple days, which is weird, because I mean to you from Seattle. I'm not that big of a fan of rain, so I wanted to ditch the rain and come to snow instead. But it's been a little rainy. It doesn't rain that much, Paul, about like once or twice a month this month, a little bit more. But other than that, it's been it's pretty dry. So with the school as big as fourteen thousand people, people usually think that it's a big school. Don't get attention from professors. Your classes are like huge, and it's kind of mostly the opposite. Some classes, like my biology class, does have huge, like, four hundred people, but that's pretty rare. Mostly classes around thirty, maybe fifty. I've got a class with ten, and you do get a good enough attention from professors, even in the four hundred people class, because a lot of people don't go to see the professor's after class. They don't go to their office hours, which I do recommend, because then they'll get to know you don't know your face. And it's just easier because you could talk to them, get more in death on the material learning. And I like how it's kind of like a big, like a big school in a smaller school. So you like the huge game days, a really good dining and all like this, things that big schools have, but on a smaller campus and the smaller scale. So I really like the kind of in the middle size, which is what we are. And a lot of people are wondering if they should bring their car to campus. And with Missoula, all since all the transportation is free to get around all the public translation of buses, everything. I don't recommend having a car unless you have a job that's off campus. So I had a job first message. It was off campus, so I did have a car. But now I got one on campus. I'm trying to sell my car. Um, so yeah, I do recommend not having a car. If you don't need it, plus parking here, that's probably my least favorite part of your. The parking is not very good. There's not a lot of spaces I want always fighting for parking spots sometimes like to park in the opposite of campus and walk ten minutes back to my dorm. It's kind of just I don't recommend it unless you Here's a university center. It's three floors. This is the West a desk And you can ask my love. You need help getting on campus. So if you want to sign that already Yeah, if you want to sign up for my Lambda Chi, the first multi cultural sorority on campus. So this you see, market. This is very good at me all the time and I totally work there. There's also bring on pianos throughout Missouri, on especially you see. Another random piano. Use a book story. Get Chris scare you. But, Max, here's the grace card center where you come when you first get here and get your first and then you see it looks like a jungle. The best list study also a lot of city on the first floor if you want to study Hey, guys, what's up? And welcome to my room. I live in a room with a roommate on the ninth floor of Jesse Hall. We also have a super nice view. So let's start off. Here is my desk and my bed's right there. There's my roommate's bed in her desk, and here is my closet. The door. Most people think it's kind of weird, but it's okay. So it comes with a bar here, Cem to bro's here for your towels and stuff shelving up there. It's where I keep all my T shirts and stuff. I don't wear that often. Also down there, I keep a shoe rack that I bought myself. And I use this to keep all my jackets, my outerwear. It comes with a bar up here, and then it's super deep. So that is like it is so deep. That's all the George up here, we have this space. Just keep random stuff and you care, seeing they're because it's really dark, But that's super deep is Well, my roomie and I combined our shelves that started off on top of our desks. So it's just easier to keep our stuff. We have a printer, We have a cure IC. We have a liqueur coffees, and then down here we have our plates. Bull Sylar, where? Mugs. We have some tea back there, and this is where we keep Michael Our study stuff. We have our books, notebooks, and down here we have our speakers. And right here we do spot this rolling shelving units. Then we can organize all our food there. And then lastly, probably one of most important parts is the fridge and microwave. All right, guys, that brings our room to her to an end. So thanks for checking it out. All right, guys, Thank you for coming along with me on this two of university Montana. I'm glad you guys got Tio. No campus. Got to know me. It was super fun experience to film. Just one tip. If you do, come here next year, bring a lot of winter clothes. All of them. It is three degrees right now. So called. So yeah. If you do come to your next year, bring along winter closed. And I hope you have a great rest of year Here's our study lounge. This's the hangout place at night the study way. Come here at night or you can come here and study in the daytime with a super We are in our food, Tio. It's main dining on campus and we call it the food because Missoula is zoo and we eat because we're animals. Okay, So the best part of Montana, it's the fresh baked warm cookies. Am I right? You're right. Hello. I'm Bill. Don't listen. He's a Montana guy through All right. So this is Migo Halls where you go if you have, like, sports medicine classes or actually a cinematography class in here. All right, So here's one of our Mac labs, which is really good for when you have a slow computer. Okay, guys, this is the sound lab. It's working records out. This classroom is where, if you have any science class is like any healthier human performance classes. This is where you learn.