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Thinking about Trinity College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Trinity College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Trinity College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Trinity College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Trinity College experience. These Trinity College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, So now we're gonna go to the library and you can see this is the little fraud that we have as a matter hole where we just dined. This is the library. I really like the library's cafe because it's such a nice area. Teo, just drink coffee and, like studying, it's really sunny out there to so joon wanted. So here we have. Financial Resource Ecology Center. So these air, like stock markets and things you can see and one thing I really like here is the music spent over here. So they have a lot of CDs, like passing musics. DVD collections and that it's actually really, really up to date. So you could, like, borrow it any time you want and just have a listen to it are what moved you or whatever. So this is it. A lot of students come here to study. I have meetings with professors are like group meetings. That is my favorite spot. Friends. You can use your Trinity banta bucks, which is like our currency for all the students here. This's actually a place where a lot of students come to study. But I suspect there are gonna be a lot of people around just because it's like the morning right now. Yeah, I like this. The lighting so good, so much better. All of this is just lighting's, so I see everything clearly. Here. You have more books because it's the library. We're here watching Trinity calling question, right? We're playing Guess Harvard. You want to talk about these? Uh, we're pretty good. I guess I'm so most of our sport, but with you. Pretty fricking guys were badasses. Yeah, actually, like they want Championship. I don't have that number. I don't want you in true things that they want. Dead with, like the best in the nation and Harvard. Pretty good. Like in ranking. Tell me more about yourself. Like, Yeah, where you're from. And how did you How do you feel about like, the international family in here? Training from Taiwan. And, uh, so it's the camp action made in Taiwan? Let's go representing closed at the same time. And I'm the only you and I have you here. Pretty sad. No, but another Tony got in my car, so I think you're becoming nice. Okay, that's cool. And she's she's actually the president ofthe It's okay. So I'm gonna introduce you to my friend Drew his lives in the freshman dorm. I know. I hope he's in this room. You know what's up, Drew? How We don't grow pretty good. So, yeah. So this is Drew's dorm. This is like a freshman. Typical dorm, right? Usually where you have one person in the room and some of the freshman dorm actually have two beds and wonderful. But it's bigger than this. So what do you like about your own? It's super neat. I like my room right now. It's perfect. Right now. I'm in Genesis. Jackson Storm is pretty close to the dining hall. It's real nice. If you ever want to grab a quick bite, get right over there. Got one. But this is a typical size freshman. Dorms are tend to be like not necessarily created, the other guards, but to experience. Yet you're close. Even all that floor kid need everyone. People always interacting, always looks great. Yeah, you know, I get that an album and classes, but we get more space. So yeah, so he's a big fan of Patriots, but Super Bowl. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. Catch you later. What's up? Guys s so weird. Mathis here, right now. This is the dining hall. I have some custody Is sushi and some smoothies. These are my boys, you know. Yeah. So what's like the best part about Mather? Big Proponent, Mother. Chicken chicken, lots of protein. Great taste. So my favorite part of the diner all is actually the sushi. It's so good. And then the smoothies, of course. Uh, you get, like, real foods and flavors and everything. What's up, guys? So I'm back in one of the math departments out here. So I came here, really? Just to show you what a typical classroom looks like. So this is a big auditorium where we have guests because when guests, because come over, would have lectures here, sometimes it's big angel class. Then we would have class, but usually it's it's only for guest speakers. Let me show you my classroom. I don't think there's anybody here yet, so we really are. This is physics. Usually this class. It's a two hundred level class, but a lot of tape. People take this for engineering bio chemists chemistry, of course. And even if your chemistry, you have to take physics this question. So it's a nice size. It's not to be. It's not too small. The best thing is Professor knows your name, and they're willing to discuss anything about then you have. If you have any question, you could just raise your arms and ask if it's easy is that it's not like huge lecture. Were you have, you know, limited time. And if you were ever have like more questions, then you can go to your professor's office hours, which is most of time open. But if somebody already booked it, then you can, you know, emailing professor. And they're willing to answer your questions online through email or even just make any scheduling an appointment with you. So it's nice. It's really easy, too. If you want to do something here, it's really easy to actually do it. You just have to initiate it. You just have to call your professor. Just have to, you know, take action. And if you do, then every resource is out here, What's up, guys? I really do hope that you liked the tour that I gave you guys on. If you ever do have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I I'll be more than happy to help you out and tell you more about Trinity if you want. And always something to look out for when you're applying to colleges. And you know when you are deciding which college you want to go to, is that you really just top to the people Top toh administrations office. Talk to the students who actually go there. Talkto your coach, The sport you want to play teammates and really doing the research is a big part of it, and I think you could get a lot of campus real. So squall around and keep uncertain. And Gran, you know. And now it's my grand time and I'll see you guys in the other side take it and come to Trinity. It's it's pretty good. So what's up, guys? Uh, this is my friend. Meet me here on DH. Yeah, she's she's going to talk about more about trinity and things You like about it. What do you like? And what do you not like about Trinity? Well, I'm from New England, so I have to say, I love the weather. I love the snow. I love the Four Seasons. But also, if you haven't seen me of a chapel over there in the library right now, um and it's absolutely gorgeous. As for the rest of it, you know, it's a nice small school, So you really get to know people? I'm currently the president of the French club, so me But there's just so many opportunities here academically. Right now, I'm just studying a bunch of languages. French, German, Tig, on Japanese afterwards. It's just such an intimate and close knit community. I really enjoy our classes because they're so small. We get lost discussions and, uh, yeah, it's just a nice card School. Awesome. Thank you. So this is where I trained for rolling. You got nice tanks. Here you are seeing is actually Division three conference. It's college. So that means way. Compete against them Division three colleges and our conference is actually called desk back. So that includes like Bates, Hamilton. Tufts will in college all the colleges around here, and you go in there. So it's, uh, sport is actually super super competitive Trinity. I think I've heard that, like, fifty percent of the student body is actually involved any kind of like sports club or it's varsity or intermediate intramural. So they're they're all involved, like fifty percent. So I just actually started running. What's up, guys? So let's start with that room. This is my living room. Most of the upperclassmen actually live in much better places compared to freshmen. So way, just get an upper hand. But this basically, where six to eight people live and we have separate rooms here. One toilet, another toilet right here. And I actually don't have a lot of roommates. We actually three. One of my roommate is actually from Germany, of the other ones from Tufts, so it's pretty nice here. So this is my room. There's a flag from a previous college on my brothers. My fraternity gave it to me, representing Mongolia out here and is where I get almost my studying done.