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Max speaks on why he chose Tulane and the academic climate | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Bruff Commons.

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Max is a student majoring in Tulane’s 4+1 Architecture program, which allows students to get their Master’s (or in this case, a professional bachelor’s degree) from Tulane for less money and in less time—in five years instead of six. He speaks on his experiences learning time management and study skills in such a challenging environment. The 4+1 program at Tulane, also available in many science and liberal art departments such as history, neuroscience, and psychology to name a few, are more intense than regular tracks, but are certainly doable. Administration is always working to improve Tulane’s campus, services, and the overall experience that students have for their 4 years at Tulane. Ultimately, Max says that he really enjoys the academic climate and all the diverse opportunities available to socialize and try new things.