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Take a walk down McAlister Drive, the central vein of foot traffic and student life | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at McAlister Dr.

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Every day, thousands of Tulane students wake up and make their way down McAlister Drive. Whether it's to grab some breakfast at Bruff Commons, grab a coffee and a bagel at Panera in the LBC, make your way to a 1pm class, or simply take a study break and nap in your dorm or sprawled out in the LBC quad, your life at Tulane will involve walking up and down this beautiful stretch. McAlister Drive is central to all these activities and more. Navigating through campus has never been so straightforward!! This is a very popular spot for student organizations set up tables, hand out pamphlets, draw messages on the cement, and spread information about upcoming events. And since Tulane's a pretty medium sized-school, you're sure to see some friends and familiar faces to say hello.