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All right, So I wanted to take my commute to answer a couple of questions you guys might have about the University of Chicago. Seven. Uh, one of these questions is usually the weather. It's cold and very unpredictable, but beautiful. So a couple weeks ago we had tons of snow and it was gorgeous right on. Then the next week, it warmed up and then got super radio. You're strange, and also it was really nice because it was warm. It's called again, but alas, no Something else I love about Hyde Park is all the green space. You have so many parks. Some woman just stared at me and he was super weird. But we have somebody parks. I love them. There's a ton of places to play tennis to do. Frisby. We have the quad. We have all the little clause I already showed you. But then there's also places just hang out around town and then once you go farther downtown. So like you got the Bean, which is a pretty, iconic Chicago area. Maggie Daley Park, which is an adult sized playground. And so Chicago's this wonderful city because we do have like a lot of green space, even though it's also a bustling city, which I love. So basically, I'm gonna show you guys right now, we'll lecture Hall. Looks like in New Chicago, and we're in the physical science building, so pretty much This is really big for a lecture hall. Most hard lecture halls actually So what the corps does is it allows you to take classes in different fields. So the philosophy of the core is that to be a complete student, you have to not only be ableto understand topics in your own areas of studies, but also be able to understand topics in others. So, for example, a lot a lot of premed majors are are instructed to take extra humanities courses because in their careers they won't have the same exposure. So what a lot of this does is that it, like, strengthens thie inter disciplinary in nature of the college. It helps students between different fields understand each other better, like, Oh yeah, Writing this lab report is really hard, or writing a good paper for your Hume class is much more difficult than I. I imagined it would be So right now we're walking on Harper, Harper says. Gorgeous building that I'll show you right now and they have a coffee shop hoping to classes and a beautiful And while Ratner here E. R. Is still in the background. Figured I take this moment to talk about athletics. You can see our football field right back there. Um, you Chicago isn't necessarily known for our athletics. Life of the mind. All of that. But we have a bunch of varsity sports teams. My two roommates are on the track team. One of them is at nationals right now. Yeah, I pretty fancy friends. I know, but yeah, so it's not like a huge part of campus culture, but if you're looking for it, it's definitely there. Like, I know a bunch of people go to game day for football. Andi, I always cheer on my friends on the swim team and track team in baseball teams. So yeah, if you're looking for you, confined it. That's kind of what you Chicago is. There's definitely something for everyone, as long as you're willing So this is one of the smaller squads on campus. Basically, I like to call it the Registered in Library and the Bartlet quad. There are also some dorms here. That's the library. That's another dorm. And once it cools off, hunted down, Usually you'll see more students out here. There was an art student fare here the other day. Sometimes student organizations do form here, and then they're Spartan Lid. Bartlett is where one of the cafeterias are, so basically this is tiny. This is the entrance into the main clods. This is one way to go, and pretty much if your freshman again most of your classes will probably in the in the quad building right in front of us is my favorite spot to study on campus. So this is one of my personal favorite buildings on campus. Kirsten Teaching Center Where. Kirsten Physical Sciences Teaching summer. So pretty much all of your physics classes would be in here. I've had physics losses not in here, but there will also be labs in here in this building