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Everyone. What's up? My name's amuse air and I'm here is you're a virtual tour guide for C Boulder. So there's so many things that we have here, I probably can't even put them into all these videos, but I'll try my best, so get excited because there's a law in store. Um, a little bit about myself. I'm a software here, and I am majoring in communications advertising, and I'm also double Mina ring in studio and tan, witches, technology, media, arts and design. Um, so, yeah, there's so much more stay tuned cause I'm about to stray some cool stuff. So one of the main attractions here and boulders Pearl Street Mall. So a lot of people come down here to go to coffee shops and study or get a bite to eat with their friends or family if they want to come visit. There's also a lot of shopping down here as well. So my favorites, I'll show you you have urbanoutfitters. There's a little bookshop that people come to do their homework. One of my all time favorites is wonder so. Get juice is here. Here's some of the good places for food. Your egos of popular favorite that people like Farr's Hakkas the place to go for sure. So here in Kappa, we get food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is super nice. Yeah. Tempus is for campus. Really making a bagel. Look at that. This is not a sprint. This's Margo. She's my She's my neighbor. She where we're neighbours on this food. This is our lunch. It looks yummy. How's it going, guys? Welcome back to campus, Riel again. My name's Robert, and I'm giving you a tour of the University of Colorado Boulder. So in this video, we're going to take a tour of my apartment My first year of college, I was in a dorm. You are required to do that apple there, but in your second year, you could branch out. You can look for your own apartment, where you can find an apartment owned by the campus, which is the case for me. So this is Bear Creek apartments. And so here's the kitchen. You do have a full size fridge with a lot of storage, more than I even use. You have a full size stove oven combination. They do give you a microwave and a dishwasher. Dishwasher is a major key because who wants to dish is something like a toaster oven is something you have to buy on your own. If that's something, you can utilize two windows of here in a single apartment and a view out to the courtyard. And then we're going to move into my bedroom. So it's a full size bed, which is it's pretty nice and you're also going to get a chest of drawers. So here I have my desk and as you can see, if it's both of my twenty seven inch monitors, my keyboard, my desktop underneath and my printer and some other stuff like my had said in pencil cup on top, so he's really ample space. You hadn't take a quick peek on my closet, And as you can see, I have some shirts there. You do get a rack on the top there and then some shelving underneath. There's actually one hidden under the shirts, but that's kind of inconvenient because it pushes your shirts all the way. But, I mean, it's a good amount of storage. If we take a look up, you could see that the ceilings are pretty high and you can fit a lot in there. So at least interesting but equally important part is the bathroom. So you do have a pretty large sink. A toilet, of course, and what you get is a shower like this, I think is really great about this, is that you're able to builders to your tuition, so you could even potentially look at financial aid options and not have to be this immediately. Where is if you're in a regular apartment off campus that's not owned by the university? You have to pay rent just like an adult. Love it or hate it. There's no r a's or anything like that here, so it's not like locked down. There's no quiet hour specifically, obviously have to be like nice to your neighbors. You don't want to be bumpin music past say, I don't know, maybe quiet hours, whatever town is recommending so many, like eleven or anything. But again, there's no like Ray's right next door, like you gonna get in trouble for that kind of stuff. Have you written up? But you might get a call from management in that case. Also, bus runs right to the front of this apartment complex. Could this university on university bus picks you up right in front? And it's almost on a constant loop just about every ten minutes during school class time, and it bumps up around maybe twenty minutes, passed down weekends and have that kind of thing. But you definitely cannot be the availability of the buses, so that's great. This Bear Creek apartments on a bullet Hey, guys. Robert from University of Colorado, Boulder back again and we're gonna take a little bit You to talk about the arts at C U Boulder. So the arts, whether you consider that to be music or theater or something in between, there's definitely something for you. We have the Shakespeare Festival, which can get theater students involved and these really great productions. We have like a dedicated event over the summer, and that is a huge thing again. The Shakespeare Festival. I would look into that if you're interested in theatre and beyond that. We do have some great theater programs here at Boulder, moving into the School of Music. We have an awesome school of music. You get involved in the marching band or something else more personal. If that's not really your thing, you get involved. I think we even have an orchestra. We have the Glenn Miller ballroom. Of course. Glenn Miller did graduate from here. He isn't the one. So we do have the Glenn Miller Ballroom, and we have some other auditoriums where you can see musical performances throughout the year. So again, this theatre and music that are big beyond that. If you're just going to use the word arts and you want to talk about photography or painting or something like that way. Do have the arts, majors and School of arts here, and we have the arts building, and there's so many awesome displays by, you know, popular speakers and students themselves. So you could pop into the arts building even if you're not in March major and see what's going on there. Or you could take a photography class and get into film photography and get involved in that realm. So the arts are definitely something that Colorado cares about and it's there. It's on campus. You can get involved in that. And it's not that hard. Parts is awesome here. Guys, University of Colorado Boulder tour guide Robert coming back at you and I have a question that might help you out. And that is what do I recommend That will better help your chances at getting accepted to University of Colorado Boulder. And I think I want to answer this question in a way. It was really important to me. I'm gonna tell you something. In high school, I was I did not play any sports. I was not in any clubs. And I relied heavily on my academics. I made honor roll rather often when I was in some honor. Society is based on that. And besides that, I really didn't do much. In my high school, I had an internship. That was a special opportunity I had on my technical school, and I still get accepted. We haven't. I accepted grains at University of Colorado. Boulder. I'll give it that, but I really want to say bu Be yourself and express yourself on your application. Don't play sports to get into college. If you hate sports, don't do it. There's no point. Do what makes you happy? Be here. You're gonna be and pursue what you love that's my tips. If you want to buff up your resume, you might need to do that to me on the kind of person you are. But otherwise, I really would recommend being yourself. When you fill out those forms and you write those common app surveys really define you don't define who society wants you to be to find you. And that's how you get accepted to Boulder in my What's up, guys? Rob from campus, really on? We're taking a look at Norland Kwan. It is seventy two degrees, but I just checked. And as you can tell, it's very sunny here. And one of my favorite things about this, Claudia, just how big it is. So you can see in the far distance there is the library right there and next to that you have one of the humanities buildings, and this quad is just absolutely huge. And I would say that this is a lot more quiet than, say, a barren field. People don't really come out here, please, Spike Ball or anything. It's way more chill. It's next to the library, so it's more common for studying. And I mean that really wraps it up gonna, like chill under a tree. Catch him. St Shade on study A bit is the place is What's up, guys? Rob again and behind me is Hale, one of the science buildings here. It was born for built in eighteen ninety one. And I just think it's a super beautiful building. If you have some, uh, anthropology class is so almost definitely be in there, and it can giving a look at it. You know what? It's just so beautiful, Mom, Brick building. And when the reason why I chose to showcase this building, particular was because right across the street from it is this really photogenic spot on campus, which is right over here. And there we go. We have this little you can go across with some water underneath, of course, and it's kind of a fun spot to just chill and study again. It's hard skin, some upward looks, but, you know, you got to do it. So yeah, that's hail pretty much foryou. Great building. It's in the shade. It's a little bit far your freshman year in the dorms kind on the opposite end of campus, but is a super cool place for you. And, uh, in my experience, all the costs of a head in there, so fun, so cool. Was it? Guns rob back again on DH. Basically, we just picked up lunch from the UFC, one of the major places you can get food on campus. And it's more like a fast food, like quick grab and go kind of style without just being limited to sandwiches. You get like Chinese pizza, pasta, chicken and fries. And you're still on different options. They have a bit of, like retail stuff like Gatorade and Monster and, like other, like, retail stuff. But that's not gonna be on your meals. My plan. So was the little secret spot stop. Not many people know about it is just amazing. But, yeah, I would say the UNC compares to probably like Farren market on campus in the fact that it's not a dining hall. You could just order your food mill swipe and take it wherever you want. So that's great. That's the UNC for you on. Uh, yes, I'm gonna I eat my lunch now.