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Thinking about University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus experience. These University of Colorado Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Eiley McGregor

Political Science, Class of 2019


Jennifer banuelos

Film and Television, Class of 2020


All right, guys, Just real quick. Another one. Another quick question to answer. Um, if I could give myself a piece of advice, my freshman year, one would be to save up money. Why? Because there's something that happened to my financial aid now that I have to pay someone a monthly payment. Planets, not a lot. I'm not paying for the full tuition, but it's something that I really wish I could have saved up for him. And also, um, something that I wish I knew before Attending college, not college, is nothing like high school. Literally. It's nothing. High schoolers have a schedule where you go in, let's say seven thirty and then you get out of three literally that moment that bell rings, you just switch classes, switch, switch. And it just feels like in high school today. It's quite like this here in college. Literally no one's holding town. There's no bells. No one's telling you what times e. No one's telling you what time to go home. It's sort of your own schedule. So you are in charge of everything that you do, which makes it even harder if you're not really, um, comfortable or You don't really know how to manage your time. So one thing I would say to myself is how to time manage and known that it's downtown. I just aware walking shoes and knowing that it's outside your You're not constantly inside of the same building. So you wanna wear protective wear, Which means, like, bring a jacket, bring lunch, bring water. You're gonna get thirsty. It's sort of like like you're outside your house the whole entire time. And sometimes parking at school can get expensive soul, find transportation, find friends for a ride, whatever it is, um, something I wish they would have told me, but they didn't tell me when I took a torch. Is that not every a student is the same. What I mean by that is some students need help, for example, and twittering with math. Everyone has to take it forcefully in order to get your degree. It's one of the requirements here. I really wish they would have told me for resources that they have instead of just throwing in. Oh, this is where this is a story. Come for this and lovable and move on. No, I really wish you would've told me about, like, scholarships, maybe like to drink or maybe academic someplace. I can't even study with friends because I've talked at studying. When I first got to college, it was sort of like and I thought he was like high school. You could just read a paper, write something real quick and done, and it's not It's ah ah lot. It's a lot more serious in terms ofthe what you're studying, and you want to really take it serious because I mean you are going to school here for a reason. You want to study something that you love. So one thing that I would do is learn how to study and learn what works best for me, and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Hi guys. Some here, I pi It's one of my favorite places to come eat Pretty much what you do is you go up here. It's located in the belief it's always pushed back by the parking lot and what it is, it's a personalized pizza. We call it I pi because it's I know, but pretty much it's really good pizza. Come here. You could order it with just cheese, pepperoni, whatever toppings you'd like. They make him fresh. Fresh toppings on, of course it's so delicious. Students come here after the order that pizza, others kinds of places and dime. So these are one of the places you have to try out when you take your tour. They don't mention it during a C Denver tour guide. But I personally think you should definitely try the Okay, guys. So I quickly sneaked into this classroom pretty much. I came here for an event one time for a scholarship. They had food, tons of events. They had, like a little small. But this is what a classroom setting looks like. We have our desks and we have a ruling. Chairs are teachers or professors usually put their computer and the screen of their power point on the TVs. If not, they always communicate their lessons through the white board. And, ah, lot of the opportunities that students have here is really great. These classrooms are extremely expensive, and not to mention that it's a really good environment here in this building and you learn a lot. So one thing I do want to say is the experience here is literally a discussion based class. Well, most of the classes that I took and meaning with that being said, pretty much teachers ask questions, they go through their lessons and they really, really want the students opinion. You are able tto raise her hand or just communicate with students around your desk and the group and pretty much discuss the topic that you're talking about in class. What your opinion is because your opinion really matters and the teacher really takes that feedback and elaborate it to the class. It's not a sit down and write down everything. It's more of a sit down and discuss what you've learned and what you don't know as well the students. Sometimes it ranges from thirty, sometimes even up to one hundred students, depending on what class it is. For my Bible class, it was around, I believe, like fifty students. It wasn't that big of a class, but it was a pretty big class. And the teacher is not going to remember your name unless you go to her office hours, which I truly recommend. I went to a lot of my professors, especially the ones where I wasn't getting a good grade in and talking to the professor's. You really get to see the inside of what they're trying to say since the teacher knows and what they know what they expect from you. And that literally helps you because the teacher now remembers your face. And not only that he know who you are. But hell no that you care about the class enough to get a better grade by going to his office hours and trying to figure out the lesson Hi, everyone. So I just wanted to go over some quick facts here. But the University of Seat of Korea November and helping is our school. So our school is about hundred twenty six acres, and there's about fifteen thousand five hundred and eighty six students who are undergrads here. The university also the academic culture here, is very diverse. They're students from all around the world, like Europe, India, Spain, all over. There's so many that you can't keep count. And some of our popular meters is business management, marketing, support services, health professional, usual performing arts, which is what I'm in for a film and television television major. And not only that, but, um, some of the quick things that I've noticed that it's very some of the features that are very well known here in the community is that they're students from all over Denver, some of them from Boulder, Fort Collins all over. Even though there's a university already there, they prefer to come here, which is a really become you. But it shows that the students really, do you prefer to call campus here downtown, then next, more expensive college down over there? Um, also to go over some of the Greek life. What we have here, I'm a sister of pilot. The kind of team s word incorporated and are for rays of excellence are academics for serving nothing a culture, community service and empowerment without being said, Having that support, um of other Latinas are not just happiness but other women here at the university knowing that, um, I'm not one of the first to come here with unknown certainty because of my appearance, didn't goto ah university or even posed tight school education. So it was really hard for me to relate to my parents or have their support when they don't even know what college life is. So having those sisters, it feels like another family. We literally understand each other. We're all going through several things in life in which we support each other but are not only ourselves, but we support other women here on school, whether you're from our same culture or not, just by being different, we support that. And we really want to empower women to speak out and to be acknowledged for who they are here in capital on campus and some of the sports that we have here. There's not really competitive sports that you would say other schools have. Well, we do have is like fun sport, so you can join a sport. There will be games, but it's not a something a lot of students really go to. What we do have here is the Broncos tedium, so it's a football stadium. Um, that is literally about twenty minutes away. Walking way also had the Pepsi Center. That one's really close. That one is for basketball. For the R Nuggets games, we'll have the Rockies, which is our basketball stadium, which that one is probably twenty five minutes away, walking as well. All of those air really close to downtown. She can walk with friends. You can go to a game during the summer or any time during their seasons. Um, we do have a couple theaters here around. We have sued Afro, which is a theater that they have. Your downtown students can go. I know a sister who works there, and she says, It's really wonderful. They have high schoolers as well um, other than that, I don't really know other organizations. We do have a cheerleading team. We do have a swim team, pretty much any other team that you can think of. We have. It's just not as competitive simply because we do share the campus with other schools. But that doesn't mean that you can't join and they will have games, that they won't have other organizations. So this is a food area. Over there. They have sono, which is Hawaiian McDonald's. Market pies, which is Vietnamese subway and all first killed rings. So, yep. This is the food court. Pretty much you pay up front. There's no like a student B. He just paid cash or whatever chairs up there. There's tons more seating area here. And you this's inside actively in the very, very bottom floor. Looking over there is a heavily bookstore. Hi, everyone. So I wanted to let you guys know that since you Denver is a community campus, I do not live on college ground because it's not a requirement. So whether you're a first year or your last year, you do not have to live on campus, which a lot of the students there do not. But I just wanted to show you guys around my room. So this is my bed right here. My desk. I have a best. And then over here is my closet, my wall, my drawers. And so, yeah, pretty much at your number. A lot of students don't live there, but I do have a layout for you guys to see if you wanted to live on campus. There are certain rules that they have three bedrooms, two bedrooms depending on how many people are going to be there. All that fun stuff, so hope you guys enjoy it. Okay, so this is a super big lecture hall. This is much larger than the vast majority of the classrooms here. Most of them are super small. Um, I've personally never had a class in here, but this is one classroom that you might get. So I did sneak into a big lecture hall room that is in the student success pulling innocents where most things issue Denver are. This is where the link center is. So if you have any questions about anything that's kind of your go to, they can help you find classrooms and buildings and answer really any questions you might have in their old super nice The Link center. A lot of offices air here, So every time I have to meet with Professor during their office hours, I come to this building, which don't be scared to me with your professors. I would definitely recommend it will be strewn. Great. It'LL give you a better chance of getting letters of recommendation after you graduate. There's just no breeze and not just your professor's outside of class, like most building with nine out of ten buildings here, student success building. It's also called the SSP has an amazing view of Denver. It is beautiful, and I just I well, this city. So I always think it's beautiful. And if you do come to school here or take a campus to are here, this is where you will come for orientation. There's also acute Joba and the building that is pretty popular, like it's pretty long during lunch time. So we got that in the S S B. It's just a pretty sleek, nice looking building, honestly. But there's a lot of classrooms in here, a lot of inter level classes, a lot of offices, and you never So you'LL definitely be using this building if you come to see you. Denver. Well, we're in the SS. We talking about the link center? I just thought of this. See you. Denver has an awesome social media account, and they do this thing called Takeover Tuesdays, which I was a part of one time because I'm so much your team. So basically they give the CIA number cell phone, two one club, or, like, one office or something for the Tuesday I'm going to show you around like the spore or the office or whoever seeking it. over, and it's an awesome way to get involved and learn how to get involved on campus. So if you go to school here, definitely follow seeyou then on Instagram and watch those takeover Tuesdays. They also do things on Fridays and Saturdays, where they show you what to do in the city. Because a lot of people don't spend a whole lot of time on campus, they kind of go out. So if you're looking for things to do in the city, we'LL post what's going on on Friday. So when new info comes out for any college or any category like this, housing and dining over here, it gets posted in the student success building and there's classroom here. Here is we're kind of like intro level lectures are I had biology and that lecture hall right there. So this is kind of a hub where all the Yeah. Hey, so right now I'm in the seventh floor, Kimberly, and actually not much out of here. It's just offices. We can see what this time, but it's quite a few spots where a little bit. So the two million doesn't have a masters in it. Actually, I heard that it does work well with you two. I've never heard of anyone having an actual classes here, but this is where a lot of offices are. The L G B T Q Resource centers here. The women's honor is here. The career center career center is awesome. They will look over your cover letters and resumes for you, and we'LL practice for interviews, so definitely had come up. So the Experiential Learning Center is here. If you get an internship, you goof, then get credit for it. So also in a typically in the basement, there are food courts, so it's just kind of going too fast food down there on the first floor where you walk in, there's a Starbucks, and there's also a pizza place called High, and it's actually pretty good. You personalize pizzas. Theo, the Tivoli Student union, is shared by all three schools, so you'LL see people from CCD Metro and see you in here it simply turn all of them here where a lot of events are. If you are a student, government or any clubs sports you'LL go to the temple to the false ego to my little war. What your super fun. So you should definitely get involved and go to those like you said, with every single building with whom you is amazing, typically is right across the street from the Pepsi Center, which is where the color I blanch plays and also with the Denver Nuggets. And that's where a lot of concerts are. So I'm on the seventh floor of the Tivoli, and I'm looking at Windows facing out west so you can see the mountains. Um, there's like the negative Ili Tower. Uh, yeah, and there's the seventh Street garage over there on the left. That's when the Tivoli parking garages there are a lot of parking options. If you do choose to drive to school. If we look over that way, you can see the Mile High Stadium where the Broncos play, and that's also really close to where the campus village dorms are. This is where a lot of clubs meet. There's not a lot of places to study, but sometimes you can find them. But it does tend to be louder in here than other buildings. You can't see it from the window working out right now, but typically Claude, it's a big grass field that's right outside the front of the civilians. And that's what a lot of sports games happen. So soccer lacrosse really had a sport that's played outside will be there. I spent a lot of time. There was a cheerleader quick, fun fact about the Tivoli. It used to be a Marie before this one says campus, and they do still have a very first four. So I'm still in the Booth Brewery right now sits a little louder, but one thing I forgot to mention, Hey, guys. So I'm at your various student loss right now, which is about two blocks from campus. It's privately owned, so you don't have to be a suit and her student to live here. But a lot of people who live here are sued under student, one of my best ones. Ari lives here, and she lives in a four bedroom suite. And there are also two better sweets here. Hi, Ari. Got the living room in the kitchen, bathroom bathroom, and then four bedrooms. Yeah, already. So we're outside at the pool. This is where Ari likes to study in the summertime. Wait way Got grills and that sixteenth street. Mom, forget it. Okay. One thing about the pool, though it is literally six inches deep, the deepest area is one and a half. So it's not a crazy large pool. So we are at the area soon. A loss. We're outside of the pool area right now. You could get two bedroom suites or four bedroom suites. Are you lives in a four bedroom? How is your students living in your area? Law isn't really like that. I am so close to school like it's a block and a half away. Five or ten minutes, a lot of class and usually, like walk wakes me up with colder. It's like nice, you know, during the summertime special ever like to come out here and tanned like you work out here. Studying them is really nice. Overall, everybody who lives here pretty chill really had any issues. So one thing I will say about the area losses out of all of the student living here, this is like the party place. This's where all the parties happen. If you're into the party culture, I'd suggest it. But I did not live here just because I wanted to kind of live away from it. But, I mean, you look here, what I see. I am not a big partier. I like to party get about like I would be pretty annoyed if I was always hearing parties for you here in the other room, not strip. The walls are pretty like they're really likes me and stuff and like so, but it's nice because I pretty much know everybody in the dorms upstream. So when we do have parties, it's not like you're showing up to a party where there's like solely for you. You pretty much know everybody into extended, like being friends, because we go to these parties way and they're I don't talk to get called out clubs sports as see you go links. So for three semesters, I was a cheerleader. This is a little outfit and I had such a good time. It's worrying that most of my best friends at school I'm not on the cheer team. It was an awesome experience. I got super plugged in because visit, because for being a true leader, I'd had to go to a lot of events. I had to go to the Milo Mile move in day, several sports games and even just getting out in the community. I did go to a couple like, just cheer events which weren't related directly to see you, but they were still cool events to go to, kind of get out and do something and get it. Oh, another event. I went to a race at Red Rocks, which is a super cool place for the Lung Cancer Association. I got to perform there, so that was cool, too. But because see you, Denver is a commuter campus. There's no Greek life club. Sports are huge, and there are so many teams you conjoined. Most of them don't require any experience and they're super fun. I would highly, highly, highly recommend doing sports our director of clubs sports he's awesome, would definitely recommend is like talking to him about different options with clubs, Sports club sports opened up so many doors from the outside you just to get involved and become super proud to be a lynx. I got to participate and a takeover Tuesday with their instagram. So I got to just, like, do their instagram stories and like, show a day in the life of a cheerleader. It was really fun. Also close ports. You get so much stuff so they're not like clubs are free, but the price is pretty minimal and you get a bunch of stuff that's really nice. So I have this study or not, buddy. But this sweatshirt that those clubs sports on it. This jacket that's like the cheer in dance jacket. I have my links squad tank top that says, See you Denver on the back of several other t search, just from going to the other events that I say to before, I also have two backpacks and everything is either like under armour remains. It's pretty nice, and when you're in clubs sports. You get to meet so many other people in clubs sports because everyone is pretty together. I'm really good friends. A lot of guys from the lacrosse team. I had a few brews on the basketball team. You just get to know everyone and it's so interconnected and everyone does things together. And it's so fun because at the end of the year, you all get to go to the Milo Awards, which is so fun. It's basically recon vote for, like, best team captain and like different things like that and the student government goes to and it's just a super fun time. It's free food. You get all dressed up, take pictures of your friends. It's like prom first. You don't It's no fun. Yeah, definitely. Check out clubs for two people to see you. Denver No matter if you were a high school athlete