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Thinking about University of Denver and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Denver in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Denver’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Denver, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Denver experience. These University of Denver video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

BeckaPlusAndy Andy and Becka two sophomores at DU

(Becka)-Chemistry/(Andy) Environmental Science and Film, Class of 2019


BeckaPlusAndy Becka and Andy two sophomores at DU

(Becka)-Chemistry/(Andy) Environmental Science and Film, Class of 2019


Welcome back to the channel. So today I'd be doing a dorm room tour for you guys here at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. I'm a freshman here this year, and there are three freshmen dorms on campus. There's J Mac and halls, which are like the typical community style bathroom dorms that you see like in movies and stuff. And then there's also towers, which is the sweet style dorms I live in, J. Mac. So this is gonna be a J Mac tour. If you want to see what one of the sweet style rooms looks like, make sure to head over to our channel and check out this video because that is where she lives. Let's get into it. Okay, so this is what it looks like when you first walk in. This is my side over here. Um, and then this is my roommate side over on this side. I'm not gonna show her side because, like, privacy and whatever, but yeah, and then here on the door just hung this little command hook on a thing like he's on it. So I don't get them, because I will. And then we have, like, this fooling You're here. There's money. Hello? That the school provided us. But it's literally the most unflattering here ever. So I guess then, on the other side of the wall, we have a closet. So on this top shelf up here, I just have, like, a sleeping bag and a duffel bag for when I go on camping trips. And then down here I have, like, this plastic bins is for my Kia. And this, like, holds all my food and stuff. It's mostly just a lot of tea and oatmeal. I don't eat either of those things. I don't know why I have them, but yes, from my Kia. Oh, and most of the stuff in this video, this is not like one of those videos where everything is from Urban Outfitters. And, like, it's so cute like, No, we're on a budget, So yeah, okay. And then next to that, I have these three, like green bins. Um, this one I have all like my lotions and stuff in there. This one is like hair stuff. And like neo polish in random stuff like that. And then this one is cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etcetera, etcetera and then down here here is like the main closet part. So on this side, I just have this shoe rack where, um, you know, I keep shoes. It's a shoe rack at the top. I just keep a bunch of like hats, gloves and stuff like that. A purse. But the purse. It's just feel like with sweethearts. I don't know why. Again, I don't know. I do these things. Um, yeah. And then down there at the bottom, I have, like, some more boots because it is winter right now. So, like, that's a necessity. Um, and then over here I have, like my shower caddy sitting down here cause like I said earlier, this is like a community style bathroom, which means communal showers, which I would show the bathrooms. But I don't really want to go in there with a video camera. That's that's a little weird. So maybe some other time. I don't know. Um and then over here, I just have my laundry hamper currently filled with dirty clothes. Because if you like that, um and then up here, I just have, like, all of my jackets and stuff. I have a lot of these really thick winter jackets right now. Um and honestly, the closet space is really good. Like everything fits very nicely. I don't have a lot of stuff crammed together. Like the closet size isn't much bigger than I thought it would be on going over here. There's just like this smear there's me again. Hi. On And then, like, this light right here in the light has a plug on the side. But there's not enough room between the mirror and the plug toe actually plug stuff in. So now on to the most exciting part of the room bed. So this is my bed at the end of it here. I just have this very nice and fuzzy gray blanket. That's what it's called. It's called a blanket. This from T. J. Maxx. I believe, um, this right here. This is my white comforter from target. This cost me like, $15 but honestly, I would not recommend getting a white comforter because I know you think it won't get dirty, which is what I thought. But it actually will get dirty, and it will get dirty in, like, two seconds. So do not buy a white comforter. Although it is kind of worth it for the aesthetic. Um, And then over here I have my pillows. I know, like a lot of people put like, 89,000 pillows on their bed. But I would not recommend that because when you're asleep, the pillows have to go somewhere and that somewhere they go is on the floor. And when you have an 8 a.m. Class and you have to wake up at seven and you roll out of bed, you do not want to step on a pillow and break your ankle. So I just have, like, this back pillow. It's like a nice, fuzzy great backfill. This is from Target. This is like the pillow that I sleep on, that I think I got from my house. And then this is just like this cute seal pillow. He's so cute. I love him. He's from Amazon. And then the backdrop to my bed Is this tapestry here? So this one I got from Amazon, it was like $13. Amazon has really good deals for tapestries. So if you're into the tapestry look, Amazon is where you should go for sure. I got this one because I wanted my aesthetic to be like minimalist jungle. I don't know, but I thought it was pretty cool. Um, And then I have, like, these lights, uh, hanging up here above it thes I actually don't know where he got them from. I want to say TJ Max, but I'm not totally sure on. And then their battery powers. I just stuck the battery pack, like, onto the wall with the command strip. It has a light switch and everything. Um, and then I get a lot of questions about this. So the way I hung my tapestry is you take to Velcro to Bilko command strips, you put sticky side of the 1st 1 onto the wall so the velcro side faces out, and then you take the velcro side of the other one and push the to velcro sides together, and then put the sticky side of the 2nd 1 on to the clothes pin, and then just click the tapestry onto the clothes pin. So that's like a really easy way taking it up. If you don't want to, like, rip a hole by putting a nail through the tapestry or your school doesn't allow nails or whatever. Like command strips the way to go. Okay, now on to under my bed. So under my bed, I just have these three drawers right here. Um, this one I got again from my house. I think it was in my garage, and I just, you know, took it to school. Um, the 1st 1 has, like, all my shirts and stuff on. And then this one has, like, shorts and leggings. And this one just has towels and things like that. I have a lap desk up there, too. Um, and then this one is like, this wouldn't want that the school provides. I have all my sweat shirts in this top one. I have all like my sweaters and stuff in this one. And then I have a bunch of, like, jeans and sweat pants and this one and also dishes because, you know, you gotta find space where you can. So that's that's where my dishes are. Also, um, and then this one in this top one, I just have, like, some suits and stuff like that. And then this one is long sleeve shirts and I have all my socks and such items down in this bottom one. And this one I also got from my house. Okay, so now on to the desk. So this is my desk. This is the chair that, like the school provides and everything on top of my desk. I just have this pencil cup filled with pencils, as one would expect this I got from the dollar store. Pro tip. If you can get it from the dollar store, you should get it from the dollar store because it's like the same product they have at Target and Wal Mart. It's just for $1 instead of five. So save yourself some money and get it from the dollar store. And then I have this, like, just just to shoot books, you know, tissues. Then I have my computer. I have this lamp that I got, I think from Walmart, some sunglasses, even though I don't wear sunglasses. So yeah, my phone. And then, like behind that I just have It was like a really boring brick wall, so I just wanted to put, like, some drawings and quotes ups to make it less like brick like, um and then So the desk has, like, this store and it has these three like regular looking drawers. So in this one, I just keep like binders and, like books, some pepper spray, a college essential headphones. Like random stuff like that. All four of these drawers are kind of like my junk drawers. I know people usually have one designated one, but, like all my stuff is junk. So everything's a drugstore, like in this one. I have, like, a makeup bag, um, contact solution, school supplies back there. And, like, I keep my earrings here. This is an ice tray and, like I keep all my things in it and it's honestly, so much easier than getting one of those other organizers like a nice straight just It's It's It works, Um, and then in the second drawer down here, I have more random stuff. I have, like, a million's packs of gum. Um, I have, like, some change and stuff, My headphones and then I have, like the's medication prescribed, of course, but you will get sick and college. You will end up needing medication. It just that's just how it is, Um, and then in this bottom drawer, I just have a bunch of courts and stuff. Um, like the box that came with my phone, Some random papers and, like, notes and stuff. So again, More junk. So then above the desk, there's, like, this little shelf area, so I just keep, like, chapstick here, have a carabiner. I don't know why I have, like, a jewelry tree. I got this little pig guy that my sister got for me. So shout out to her. I love him. He's so cute. Then I have this little mason jar full of seashells again from the dollar store. The seashells are not from the dollar store. The Mason jar is from the dollar store. Then I have a Swiss army knife because that's definitely a dorm essential on. And then I have, like, this little light box. I got this one from Walmart for, like, $5. So that is a good place to get light boxes. I just have this little roadwork ahead thing in it now. I usually put vines in there, so I'm getting kind of tired of this one. So calm it down below. Which mine? I should put in my light box next and then behind all of that. I just have. Like, I just hung up some pictures that I took over the years. So Yeah, there's that then, above that, is this second shelf here? I just keep like, water bottles. Like a mug. A headlamp. Again. I don't know why I have these things. Yeah, like that's pretty much all that's up there. Then on the side there I have all these hats. I'm a fan of hats. As you can tell, it's very it's very precarious situation. There are always about to fall, but you know Yeah, yeah. Do what you gotta do. OK? And then up here, I have, like, these little grids. These ones I got from Amazon, I think they were around $7. So it's a pretty good deal. Let me see if I can, like, get up there without dying. Okay, so on this one, I again just have, like, some pictures and more sun blesses again. I do not know. I have so many sunglasses. It's so unnecessary s Oh, yeah, and then I just hung these up. Jesus, um, with command hooks again, command is literally like the savior of my life there. So good you should buy them on and then, yeah, I pin them to this with clothes pins, of which I got again from the dollar store because, you know, we're on a budget. Um, and then I bought two of them for symmetry purposes. So and then I printed out, like, a bunch of pictures that I've taken, and I hung them up there, so yeah, that is that. Then in this corner down here, I just have, like, my backpack a tripod in its box. And then, like a bunch of random bags and stuff, I've gone from, like, three events around campus and things like that. And then, like all these cords, um, And then here's the view from my window. It is winter right now, which is why it looks so gross but organized in the summer when there's like, trees and stuff. Um, and then don't Here I have, like, all my little succulents. But when I went home for what? Your break, I took like, some of my succulents back so I could water them. And then I forgot to bring them, which is so sad. But here the remaining ones on. And then I just keep like, some Tupperware back here and dish. So dish, so is a college essential. People will not tell you that, but you need to bring dish soap to college, especially if you bring Tupperware to steal food from the dining hall, which everyone does. So, yeah, And then here's the fridge the rooms at Do you come with a fridge and in my grave. I know that's not true for every school, but you don't have to, like, pay anything extra for here, Um, and then no trash cans and stuff. Um, and then we just have, like, this little tea kettle for tea pieces. That's it for this video. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to leave the thumbs up and a comet down below. Also head over to our channel to check out Becca Storm toward in the street style dorms across campus. As always, Thanks for watching. Make sure to check out the links in the description below and subscribe to her everyone. So this is gonna be our classroom tour. We're gonna be in this building called Sturm Hall on. Um, so I'm a biochem major into the bio major, and we have a few lectures here, so we'll show you that. That's it. Right? So we're about to go later to where we had our bi election last year. This year? Yeah, lots of by elections Air here come winters are mostly another side of campus. So that was dark. There is also this is like sturm also. Yeah. All right. So this is our bio. Look, your room. Lots of lectures happen in this room. I said classes in here. Lots and lots of stuff. It's pretty big, Julie. There's about maybe like 8200 kids in these general lecture classes, and it's honestly not too bad. Like you would think that that's pretty bad and that it false advertising that do you tell you? But they have small class sizes, but it's okay for general class lecture. It's pretty nice. They're comfortable. Um, unfortunately, we cannot show you a lot because labs air locked. It's much brighter since there aren't any love. So we're sorry about that. but they just look like any typical lab. They're different buildings opposite side of campus where science buildings are. So I want to talk about a few other things in this video. So in this class and in most science classes, they're not gonna be discussion based. There's just gonna be lectured based, which isn't super super bad. It's nice because it's just receiving the information and the new process. It some causes are a little bit more hands on. But your lab this separate from lecture anyway, so most of the time, it's just somebody talking at you. The professors are very, very cool. Very. They're very accommodating. Most of the time, they have pretty open office hours. All my professor so far have set that they do office hours by appointment. So that's always a really great option in case you work or you're just busy most of the time. Yeah, so whatever you did cause I would just say if you're in a bit costume like this, make sure you attend class, pay attention and also follow up with your professor. If you have questions and really take advantage of the office hours. Thanks for watching. What? Welcome to my crib. So this is my room. Here is a complete, um, view Justus. Soon as you walk in the door, here is my closet over here, My light, my bad, my shelves. And then my roommate side. Who's Coon, who's in my last video, and still she doesn't mind if I show it, but she's not here right now. So there is that not too big of a room. I'm in the sweet style rooms of the door. McCall Towers, as I mentioned in the intro. And, yeah, we'll just get right into the tour so I can show any students who want to go hear what type of room they'd be living in so we can start over here by the bed so the beds are pretty small. I'm not sure if this gives you an accurate representation, but they're not too big. They're just a twin excel as, and it's the same with every single dorm out there. This is how minus decorated, so I have a great bedspread, but white blanket. I also have a mattress pad on here, and my bed isn't too high. It's pretty stopped too far from the ground my roommates but is lower than mine. But I'm so I have the great bedspread, the white blanket. Then I just have a couple of fluffy pillows which are really comfortable. But I also have a real pillow. And, um, you know, if you're gonna live in a door, I don't think that I would recommend having 20 pillows because it kind of gets uncomfortable when it's super super warm in here and I have to throw them on the floor. That makes me feel like they're dirty. So I don't know your choice. And then up here, I just have a nice little light box that says my name. We used to put means on there like Andy mentioned and hers, but I don't know, I couldn't think of anything when I came back this quarter. So I just left back up their queen of the room memory. Right, anyways, so up here, I just have a couple of shelves and, um, I don't really put much on here like I have my camera bag. Um, I also have the purse that I use most days. I have a little sheep that I got from Andy and then I have a bucket over there that just had, like, stuff that I make me through the night. Like me Contact solution. I'm a little thing that holds my contacts. I don't have to get up before I'm in bed to take out my contacts up here. I just have, um, a random bag brought to carry some stuff when I came back. And then I have, like, stuff from old electronics. I have a cream, and then some lotion, just random things that I might need through the night. So not too much over there. But I know that, um, if I had a lot more his stuff, I would definitely utilize that space because it's so helpful. Yeah, that's the bed area. I'll give you guys. Ah, full view. And we have these pink curtains over here, and we hung up our lights. Kind of like a chandelier. So it's really, really pretty. And there's Coons desk over there, but I won't get into that. So yeah, we decided to set up like this. So the room feels, like has a lot more space, which it does. And I'll show you guys a view from outside of the door just to kind of give you perspective. So now I'm gonna move on to the desk area. Okay? So here is the desk area. This is my desk, not too big. And then here is my closet right in front of it, and then the door, and then Kim's closet and my lite sorry things. Yeah. So, um, we'll just start with the desk. The desk is just a pretty standard desk, and I use it for my homework. When I do my makeup when they do my hair pretty much anything. Um, it's really nice size. And it has four nice big drawers. So start with that. So once I pull, make her out. There's this my store right here. Open this one up for you guys. I just have some extra palettes, extra pencils, hair ties, random things. I also have a stapler and a three hole punch and then extra white paper in here. So I'm just stuff that I might need That I will go ahead and take a seat. So I have a lamp right here, some coffee because you know, coffee on these long days when I have class and I want to film And then I've taught my makeup stuff over here, and I just bought these drawers off of Amazon and I actually link him. Come below because a few little dorm this is definitely somethingto have if you have a smaller makeup collection like me because it holds like 123 456 or wait 123456 Yup, 66 Eye Shadow Palace and then just other smaller makeup items. And then on the top I have, like foundations, concealers sprays and then all my brushes. So it's really, really convenient and doesn't take up too much space on my desk like I still have a bunch of space for homework and other stuff. And then I have my mirror over here to the side and so light up mirror, and I use that to do my makeup or my hair. So it's super convenient to have that in your room, especially when you're sharing a bathroom with maybe four other P people like me. Then over here I just have a another door, and this is actually my junk drawer, kind of because it's got rid of things in here, like Bosley and camera brush like chords, notecards, chargers, random plugs here, band stuff like that because it's just convenient. I also have this next door, and this is I can, ah, pretty random, George, because I don't really use that many notebooks yourself because I went paperless. I guess you could say I just use my iPad for notes on my laptop to So, um, everything that I need. It's pretty much on their butt in the back. You can see that I have a couple of extra notebooks and then I just have my keys. Hanson anti their I D bags. Friend of things like that. Then in this last tour, I have another random I I don't which is my iron. And then I have come notebook. Some, like resume holders, lab notebook and then some binders if I ever needed and then extra no cars. And, um, I bought all of those at the beginning of the year before I knew I was gonna go paperless. So that's it. And then I also forgot to mention that a college student's best friend is gonna be the space under their bed or on the side of the bed because it holds a lot of things. Um, and over here, I just have a bag for my ring white. And it's so big. So I'm really glad that it fits in here that I have some extra toilet paper and paper towel. And then, um, just find something like boxes, so no, I have my back carrying the trash here, too. I forgot to mention super, super convenient. And then also, I have a lot of power strips and like, extension cords, because it really helps me out with hugging and devices and stuff like that. So over here, I have all my sprays, my toner, my lotion, my body wash. And I just have all this stuff here because it's so much easier than putting it in a drawer. And I use it every day so I can just come over here post toner. Carmelo should. And yes, And then I have, like, cotton swab, um, and then, um, little face wives. That's always nice and usually have makeup remover wipes in there too. But I forgot to bring themselves Bring them. Then I have this really nice set of drawers, so these drugs are really nice. I got them from Ross for about $40 it's really, really, really helpful because I keep a lot of stuff in here. I have extra K cups was my cure. It used to be on top of here, but actually moved it. So I just have the extra ones in there that we don't have room for in the kitchen. And then I have, like shark op iron. He protected more I hands, hair ties, nail polish remover, washcloth, blow dryer razors on and then tennis balls, hairbrush, stuff like that. It's really convenient because it helps helps organize every all your stuff instead of throwing it in random drawers. So I definitely recommend getting one. He's. And then I also put a power strip at the top, and I charged my camera here, my laptop, my lamp, my ring by everything super, super convenient yet again, tohave just a bunch of different sources of power in the room because I have, like one outlet that's easily accessible and then one way, hit it under my bed. No, no, we can move on to e closet. The closet's not too big as you can see here, but I think I made the most out of my room for me because I don't have too much clothes that I bring because I live pretty close to home, so I could always switch it out for the season. So we'll start from all the way up here. So up here, I have a bin that has all my socks in there on. Um uh, there's just a bunch of I don't want to put it down here because it's nice to have it next to the shoes, and I have a lot of shoes up there. Um, usually I put my everyday shoes right here and then I just have, like, some high heeled boots, sinkers, you know, everything and then the bath actually have another row shoes. I have my winter boots like bugs and then just, um, Brendan boots, too. And I just have to grab a chair to about those. But I think it's okay because I'd rather have it there than on the floor for me. And then over here I have all my clothes that I hang up, and it's mostly just like jackets and hoodies and dresses, so stuff that I don't wear a daily, but that I want tohave hung up so it doesn't get ruined. And then over here I have a duffel bag that I use wherever I go somewhere. If I spend the night somewhere, if I go home and then I have a hamper here, so I'll just move that duffel bag and put my clothes in there. It's not too difficult. And I have my tennis records and tripod hidden behind this hamper because I didn't use them all the time. So it's really convenient for storing space. And then I actually put my drawers inside of the closet because I don't want to put them under my bed because I didn't want my bed to be too high. So putting them in here was a good option for me. But, um, yeah, so in my joys, I have, like, tights today, um, tight city, where every day in there and then I have t shirts that I wear every day down there. And then I have, like, short and then, like, other stuff in there and yeah, that's pretty much it for the door. It's not too interesting, right? And then up here, I just have my Birkenstocks and my um, slippers. And I put them up here because I like to wear them when I come home from class. So I just keep them up here for easy access. I don't have to grab a chair and go all the way up here to find some shoes to wear, and none already. Then over here, I have, like, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, um, deodorant, mouthwash, facemasks, toothbrush, toothpaste. You know, random stuff like that over here. Um, just tow. Have it. Um, here it's like extra stuff that I don't use every day because that is actually on Iraq next to the bathroom. So, yeah, it's just a nice little space for storage. And I love these bins. I got these bins from. Let's see, I got these from Ross, actually, and it came in a set of three. Like I got this one, the one for my perfumes and then the ones for my socks. And altogether, I think it was like, $12. So pretty good deal. Then. I have this random acrylic organizer, and I just have this here because I used to use it for makeup, but I actually bought those drawers and decided that I didn't need it, so it's been super helpful. But over here I have another pink organizer that I got from Dollar Tree. So $1 I just put all my shoe masks in here because I love nests and I just have random tape on. Then I have the letters for the light box. So this another container and then over here just have a nice jewelry holder. And it's super simple. My mom got this for me a long time ago. I feel like I've had this my whole life, but I don't have too much jewelry like candy, but I just put earrings in here bracelets. Stuff like that necklace is hair bands, whatever. Just anything that I need to use already. And that is all for my side. So it's a pretty nice room. I like the way that we ended up setting it up. When I first came in, hair was a little disappointed because I thought I'd be a little too small. But I think we really made it work, and I'll show you guys a full shot of the whole room. She can kind of see how big it ISS, so here's a full shot of the room. I'm singing from the kitchen. There's the front door on. Then here is my side of the room and then convinced us and her side of the room. So not too big, not too small. Good sides for a dorm. Definitely recommend living in the street style ones. Hey, Coon. All righty. So now let's head into the kitchen. Okay, So this kitchen, um, starts off with this nice table with three chairs, and this actually has been super helpful, like only have friends over for dinner or something. So I so have a table and three extra chairs and usually bring in our desk chairs toe, you know, toe have some extra seats, but it's nice. And then over here we have another window with pink curtains and then a heater, and you could actually control the heaters from each room. I know that a lot of people wonder about this when they look at the description of towers on to use website so you actually can control each either in the rooms and the decision. And it's just basic controls like this. You guys can see it says off high, medium low warmer, clear, but definitely nice to have Can get hot and king debt. Colt. So no, that's awful. We just have some cleaning wipes here and then the view snowing here in lovely Colorado, which has sucked because we had class today, but whatever. Right? And then over here, we just have a bunch of trash cans breather bridge, and I can open these up. Show you guys. It's not too big, but like ice cream first movies, ice, everything that we need. And over here we have the actual fridge again not to dig. What a perfect the perfect size for just from four people. And, yeah, public cream, mineral waters on the milk. Anything since new. These drinks, Peter, Father, whatever. Anything. And then over here, we have some more cupboards. Then we have a nice microwave, and then we have the lovely correct. That's my favorite. So we have some syrup here, and then we have cinnamon hot chocolate, um, regular coffee. Then we have a cure ic that we all use. And then, um, we have the smoothies staff, so we make it through these over here, and, um, just plug. Did you know it's one of those Nutribullet kind of things. And then we have some dishes over here that we wash leave on this match dry, and then we have more cover. DS more. Hubbard's war covers more. Cover it. More covers, more cupboards, more cupboards, more coming. It's so, uh, the sink is a pretty nice size. Um, Lisa has very hot water and cold water. So it's good. And then, uh, you have a nice, still pretty basic stove here. I'm It has thes controls on it, actually looks pretty nice. So it's good. And then we have the oven here, and I'll open up, um, pretty tall oven. But it's good for what you'll be baking in college. We just we just used it for, like are actually we made a pretty decent meal with this. We meet like big chicken and mashed potatoes and vegetables and stuff, and it worked out really well. So it's a good oven. Then we have these drawers again, and I will show you guys another over veal. So it is a kitchen. Um, yeah, I don't think I have anything bad to say about this. It's nice to have your own kitchen. And now eat dining hall food sometimes. And then as you leave the kitchen, here is our room. And then here's the hallway to the bathroom. So over here we have the rock with, um I want your stuff and, um, just random things that we need for the bathroom and then boxes to the paper back. You super nice to have this way have the bathroom. So the bathroom is not too big, but it's a good size. The only thing I don't like about it is this thing. I think other bathrooms in this building have a community with this thing. So you put stuff there are many gets pretty easy because you don't have to wait constantly. Been bringing in your stuff in a caddy. Here is the shower, and it's pretty nicely, and a shower might hear something sour. Holders on the walls have a medicine cabinet here. And some outlets, um, you know, random stuff. Pretty decent shower. Nothing bad to say about it. Has a really hot water are really cold water. If you prefer, as I mentioned before, Super nice. So no, sure you guys have you from here. That's on the room to the other door that we share all this with, and there are two other people living there, so it's four of us all the time, and that's been pretty nice. So, yeah, that is be completed. Do you, um, room toward in the door tower? So I definitely recommend I'm picking this room because it's really nice. But there are also some cons to it, like it's the furthest from campus. So if you want to be close to campus, I recommend picking something else because it's just not worth that tow walk all the way here. Plus, it's kind of it's dark in the hallways and gloomy all the time. In the other dorms like Indy Storm, there's always people hate me now and people with open doors. So that's always something you'd like if you're Mormon extra over. But, um, I think it's my like hasn't been too bad. It's been a decent experience so far. So yeah, thanks for watching. Hey, guys, welcome to our social Life video. I'm here with Andy, who is no. And then kun, our friend. And she's also my roommate. So tonight we're doing something that's kind of different from our usual. We're going off campus for dinner. It's Friday night, Just like a time you guys, but fund about 20 minutes. Not much else to do time. What's up? Campus Real. Welcome back to another video today. We're gonna be talking about what we wish we knew what we were applying to colleges. Yeah, So I guess I'll start the one big thing that I wish I knew or considered before anything to do you is the rank of the science department. There are so many other schools in Colorado, probably higher ranking. And I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with science so far, but I just know that I wish I was at a school where there was more opportunity in that field. I do agree with that. The science department is somewhat lacking, I guess at do you say I do wish I had considered more when I was choosing schools, what I wanted to do. I didn't know what I wanted to major in yet when I was applying because you apply so much earlier than when you actually go to school. So I think that is that's kind of a hard piece of advice to take. But I do wish that I had considered it more. The main thing that I wish I knew when applying to schools was just to apply to more of them. I know there's like the application fees and stuff, and that is the reason why I didn't apply more of them. But because I didn't apply more schools, I ended up at a school that was not my first choice. So schools I applied to schools. I thought I would not have no trouble getting into bed. No trouble getting a really big scholarship to you because I had above the minimum GP and above the minimum test scores needed to get in and get a good scholarship. However, I learned that just because on paper it looks like you should get a scholarship, you always or you won't get a big enough scholarship or you won't get as big of oneness you were expecting. So I wish that I had just applied to more schools that I wanted to go to less than my favorite school. But more than you, and then I would have ended up at some middle ground. I definitely agree with you about want I wish I kind of found videos like this or did more research on do you to kind of picture how it would actually be like on campus. I didn't really consider any of that. I just kind of went into this because the scholarship was good flirting. I kind of wish I took more time to make that decision or to find a better option because my dream school was far out of reach. Like after I got accepted, like there was just no way I was going there for a lot of reasons. But I would just say, Take the time to really make sure this decision is gonna be with it for the next four years of your life. Yeah, I would say I also wish that I had considered diversity more when choosing a school. I thought it wouldn't really bother me that much. Lot coming from a diverse high school in a diverse family. It's by a shock to him to a place where, like, I think, 97% of students are white. So I wish that I had thought a little bit more about that before choosing this. Yeah, that's actually a really, really big one, because when you're different, you definitely stand out. You feel different, and it's very obvious here. I know it sucks to hear it, But it's your something we have we've had to deal with, as it's hard and themselves most of the time. But that's something you don't want to think about before you decided. So, thank you guys so much for turning into this video. Hopefully, you liked our do you seriously? Let us know if there's any other videos you want us to make. Thank you five. What's up Campus rule. Welcome to our video about 10 unique facts about our school, the University of Denver. So first fact is Devi 2025 which basically means that by 2025 the entire campus is gonna be completely renovated. We're gonna have a lot of new dorms for freshmen on you, like a bridge over a crosswalk with dining hall inside community comments with a Starbucks and renovated library. So if you are a freshman this year, you will get to enjoy some d'oh. So the second you want to talk about is the dining Muslim campus. There are three dining calls. Two of them are buffet style on one of them, this restaurant style, where you pick your food from one of four different restaurants. And generally the studies are open until eight o'clock, and we have something called Lee Dinner, which starts at nine o'clock. The third fact is that I was a freshman. You have to be in something called F. Cem, which stands for first year seminar. It's basically just a introductory class to help you get to know other freshman, and it can be kind of a random topic. For example, ours was called thinking, which basically was about critical thinking and then somehow also about statistics. But you can also she's a really academic one or cheese or not so academic, depending on what you're interested in. So the next thing is, you're gonna need 183 credits to get a degree, do you? That's not a pretty high number, because usually crosses are for Fifth Pact is that we are on the quarter system as a school, which means instead of having two semesters, we have 3/4. So the first quarter runs from September to November, and then we have, like, Thanksgiving and all December off, then winter quarter is from January to March, and we have one week of spring break. And then spring quarter is from April all the way to the middle of June. No, it's sometimes good and sometimes bad thing. So the six fact about do you is that they're five door in. Three of them are freshman dorm's. Two of them are sophomore dorms and have a look around campus for two years. Okay, so do you use actual ranking in like the U. S. News rankings is 97 which has gone down in recent years. So the eighth fact is that there is Allegro Station on campus. We have our own stop on this realization can take you right into downtown Denver, or it could take you out to the suburbs. But if I were you, I'd bring a car because investing to Colorado's get out into the mountains, which is what a lot of people do. But the city is also nice, and it's pretty big. So our campus eyes were fairly small school. We have around 6000 people, so for a college, that's not that big. But we have a pretty nice into new big campus, so it never feels so. Last fact about do you is that we have a great study abroad program, and most people take advantage of this usually junior or senior year. You can go for as long as you want. Up to a year, I think, on something you should take advantage of. If you decide to come here. Thank you guys so much. Bye. Hi, guys. So right now I am in one of the typical classrooms in the media department. I'm a film major. So this is where I have most of my classes, and this is what the room looks like. Um, here's your Becca. So this is just a computer lab. We come in here to do editing. Sometimes you could see the computers have, like, keyboard shortcuts and whatever on it. Um, and we usually use Premiere Pro. If you're into video editing, it's good to know. So the so the media department at do you is generally pretty good. The professors all have a lot of experience, and a lot of them are like independent filmmakers in their spare time. So you're gonna have people with a lot of experience teaching you the workload for the first year. The workload is not too bad because you're usually taking kind of general ed classes. So you take classes on film criticism. I'm kind of media culture stuff like that. So it's not too heavy second years when you actually start learning how to do stuff with film. For example, I'm a sophomore this year, and our semester one project is creating a movie based around six words. So it's gonna take the majority of this semester, and you do have to learn how to do a lot of stuff. So you have to do sound design and you have to film and edit, do costumes, do casting and auditions for your movie. It is a group project, but it's still gonna be a lot of work. But it's the fun kind of work. At least I think so. So I don't mind too much. Okay, so now we'll just take a quick loop around the building. Okay, Come on, fellas. So here's the room that we just came out of, um, and then over there's the entrance. And then, if you come down this way, these are some of the faculty offices on and then the sleeves to a classroom. These are mostly offices on the site. Honestly, it's a pretty far a small honestly, it's a pretty small building, and it's pretty far away from campus as well. So it is quite the walk. This'd is one of the more interesting rooms. This is where all the gears, all the cameras, all the dolly stuff like that we keep that in here, but it's locked. It's the weekend right now, so it's locked up. And then let's go this way. So this over here is the second half of the building, which again is mostly offices. It's just kind of a U shape right here. This is the computer lab. So the one we were in before is kind of more for a sound editing. And this one is just a general editing lab on, then. Over here, there is a classroom in here where I have most of my classes. But they're doing like auditions right now, so I'm not gonna go in there. There's like a printer, and yet that's pretty much it. So thank you, guys, for watching this video. Make sure check out our other videos and we'll see you in the next one.