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okay? Oh, not like that is not what it was like That. So you got to try some brief like she has, you know? But I want brain like yours. You so knockers. Usually I'll be walking out without a jacket. I'll go bring in my car. I just be saying today be late. I'm trying some brains like that for, like, homecoming. You know, already. Maybe you want to go to the CAF? I'm hungry. I'm not even really hungry way. I I am. But I only came because I was just like, let me spend time with Snow and Mariah, Right? Come on, bring it in, everybody bring it in a a Oh! Oh, wait. You know what I was doing? Oh, no. I got practice. Get our later. Oh, my gosh. I forgot all about Wing night year for for manners. No. For manners. Adviser was going to buy 10 wings for free. Everybody who came I shouldn't I shouldn't say I'm not going to practice today. And I should have got some free wings, but I'm better than that. So I just had an example as a evil, remember? I was trying to stop drinking very so I like what I want to start with today. I got a white chocolate mocha with, uh, I got it. We're on the milk. Right? But when I tell you like what? I've been getting stuff on the milk. It did not taste the same. Like I just I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the type of all the moat that they use in, like, maybe nicely and like, No, I don't like it like it tastes weird and it blows me because it's just I'm really trying to, like, stick with, um, stick with, like, you know, I always said, I'm just like cutting Gary out completely, But I want to just cut out, like, at least milk, you know? I mean, because, I mean, I eventually do want to do that, but I just want to cut out milk first. Like that's actually the hardest thing is milk and cheese on it. So, yeah, I know exactly like, but, you know, I'm trying. My brother really got me into doing it, you know? But I'm just trying to develop the lifestyle. But if I could conquer that first, I can conquer anything. Like, honestly, it's really exactly. So that that's really like what I want to do it for. Because it's discipline. You know? That's also the reason why life I've been trying to, like, work out every day that I'm really trying to develop, like, a healthy life. So, you know. But, you know, people were like, Oh, my any city man, you're already skinny. I don't give a fuck. I mean, because you could be skinny, and you could be unhealthy. Thank you. Thank you. So, um, parallel parking somewhere where I should not be parking. But, you know, you're not allowed to park here. I see Helen means exactly, but nobody gets it. What? I don't get a ticket because I'm cool with the ticket guy. So, you know, shut up to my job. I think I think so. OK, so I must be on my way to sounds very for class. I'm sorry I haven't been blogging, but you know what? I'll be on the run, honey. For again. I really like pack my camera. I'm actually about to. I'm also order my dream. Just don't got a week. I don't know what I want. I want to try that new blond some. It was like a blonde, but no Luke Perry Gold glove and a lot. I'm gonna love you. Love you trying to keep it peaceful. There's a struggle like you love me Do you love me? I tell only partly I only love my bed and my mama can't a man Hey, Everything all right? You three Bobby, three rowdy rebel. All the social Now, Mr Biggers walking around like what? The shooters. Who do you think you are? I think Okay, So I'm finally back on campus. I just got out of work. So technically I'm supposed to be at the deaths from, like, times that taking class. I don't. So technically I'm supposed to be, like, at work. But my boys, you know, she basically, like, covers my schedule for me because she knows, like, this was the class that I really needed to graduate one time. So thank God for my bullets, like she's so you're so really by the time I get back on campus, I I just like really doing 30 more minutes. I work and then, you know, well, I'm talking about 1 30 days, like, really be doing like, 30 women's work, and then, you know, I'm going about my day but to say so, this floor right now. So I'm gonna just go to the library for our knockout marketing. Marketing, like my principles of market in those. And then after that five o'clock, I have another meeting at the STC. Why would you park like, Look at how this person for you know what? Confidence. So, Okay. And there's nobody I know myself on Noah. I'm going to change. Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby. Hey, Booth Way gradually. You mean this way. Coming from it. So before practice, I have to go over these dances because don't answer. I know for sure right now is pick it up and I have to go over tempo. But yes. So just go over those way. Yeah, baby, baby. Cee Lo Getting angry. Oh, King hating This is someone you know. I think my arm B says you're not most people. Uh, Thursday hold up anyway, so I'm my soldiers check out again. So this is Jim. There's what looks like when the little joints are but in a this the whole gym. You went to the dance first, so you this is a gym or whatever. Wait. Okay, so we are here is a we in here, I guess. How long? Thank you. Thank you. Wayne Leader, switch it up. Way. I just gotta check. The queen will make everything right with you. Then do your job with change. Thank you. Day on Sharon Day yarns. 432 Psyllium. Well, you want me? I don't know. I don't. I turned something. Might come back on 100. Let's talk it agin. You just don't see. See? Come. No, no, it's just upgraded my blessing. I turned it into mine and they got a thing Oh, I got that from your Gordo. If I watch her, that's my boo love, huh? I'm on my way to class. I'm on my way to microeconomics. Um, I kind of get into micro leak on Lee, because I So I I took macro Lassen. This am basically like the 1st 8 chapters of Micro macro are like exactly the same. So she told us that in the beginning, life from acro so always kept my notebook from last night Because, like the first shot, I already know that like I've been doing, I know that like the back of my hand, So I kind of been ableto financing. But what she's giving us, like the real self I'm a big old butt like this is the campus is the academic oval. And then my driver has crispy green for his man whose kids today I feel so loved. All of this organization, your say what is fried fish Friday and actually, I took my coworker Jazz to human resources Could be aren't already deposited it. Crime. I'm trying to open up my food are downright deposited. Hit us So we have physical checks this week. Honestly, I'm just happy I got paid this week. It could have been worse. I could not go mantra, and I would have been shit because I would've been broke for home. Coming. By the way, the hold, I mean, is every spring some Mexicans, people always ask me Yes, I go to HBCU. But my homecoming is in the spring semester because we don't have a football team. So that's why we have a homecoming in this mine. Because, you know, we have during basketball season, like, what are we going to take away? What are we going? What game are we gonna do? You know what I mean? I know copping also has there, um has their homecoming in the spring, but and they have a football team, so I don't know why, but I heard all these or seem are trash. No shame, no shame. It's brought fish right in. Let's get into it, become official potatoes. And I'm about to get off of work. And why? Three minutes I'm going to go in the sky will be almost again. I have to mentor. I have to see the girls that I meant Toe, I'm trying my water. I'm doing like a whole bunch of stuff, you know? There we go. So this is actually the building that I used to work in when I first got the job. So this is my first movie. So if you have seen, like, my summer of logs or whatever with my friend Shawn and Cory So, like, that's what, like we be talking about, like a shot across the bridge because we used to call Harper whole a sound. So you Wow, this is some good water. Yo, jazz, this is some go race. Yo, this is some good water. Potatoes look good. Yeah. Yeah. These potatoes are you? I say hello. Hello. Hello? Hello. Hello. Long knowing a vlog uses muscle. Knew something. Medusa's is up to her moving on a better. I might end up going Thio my undergoes a Starbucks to get my work done after because it's not right. It's like Louis, like right of the ruling by my class. So I think I might end up doing that because I really need to know something. I might end up doing that because I really need to get on my work done because I might be going to the Kappa party tomorrow. Shut out to our Kappas are sure news it was an uncle with Cooper. Knew just the homey anyway, is that I'm not. You know, um, you almost just head out. Feel whatever. Wait, move me. Recording? No, but you could put it on live and they making, like, 24 hours or whatever. So, like, people could watch it, but don't do that way. They're not gonna find her father was in television. We gotta still wait. And that none of this is gonna be one person in here from school. Oh, it is over. Wait, wait. But next now we have community service, but we don't know, but exactly Yeah, e 7 30 to 3 30 if it opens you Mary. Nothing here. This'll look in a different place, not action. They was like helping busted, but with no. But when a thing you said, Look, I came out here to be a good samaritan. The pick of a bus. Maybe they got some food. I don't know who else took the bus away. I'm sure if a girl I must get some new sinks from apartment because I think trash. See? Look at that. That's a big That's a big, like, little area I could put my little makeup doing right there. Holdout. Is this? It is my view. Excuse me. Um, we're here for you and me. US for Habitat for humanity. Already here yet? Okay. Okay. Thank you. Volunteered. You have always Here. They said a van which was come by, drove. I gotta go my hood. Or But of course I'm happy. I can do my hair last night. You swear You, Campanelli? Oh. Oh, I got on the Starbucks shirt. You see most officers. So to my mom Got it for me. It was dancing queen. It's because she knows I love Starbucks. Look. Hey, no. So about to go to the Kappa party? Well, actually, no. Well, 7 47 right? Neil s o the cat book party starts. I think it was a knife, but I mean, you said at least three before 11. So I'm leaving at, like, not very far. 10 ish. Just so I think it's something to eat before I go to. Because hiking. Bye. I'll do my make. Uh, you you give me just you. You don't want no stuff. Probably got take it. No love from us, You know, the passenger side of the bride. Oh, so it's Monday. Um, first of all, this'll ain it's strong off. I'm trying to be productive, and I just want to be in a bed because this plane breaking down clean like black man. Let's go see the only you know I'm out right now because I gotta go pick stuff. A professor receiver. Oh, machine is called. Hello. I'm about to go try to spicy chicken sandwich. Wear business stuff so smooth. Get some men. You have no business calls. Okay, So McShay would try to spicy chicken sandwich with me, but she's Preston Terry in so she doesn't eat. That means that she does not eat that. She does. She does. She doesn't eat me. So that's why she's not trying to start a chicken. So you must just try. Okay, But this claimer I did I did already have the original so that I have the original one already in the original one. It does like I'm telling you, if you if you, um if you put like all Popeye's crunch on a chick fil a sandwich, that's exactly what it tastes like. But the thing is like bro like the chicken and the chicken shit was going on his own by once. I was halfway through. That's why was that only put the heat on that joint, right? You know, when I put this way about trying to spicy chicken sandwich, though, because I'm hearing that the spicy ones by really weird That's really good height. So I want to try that. OK, OK. No, thank you. I'll just take the spicy chicken sandwich. Give me the combo. Yeah, Pickles on it. Occasion rice and I'll take a minute, mate. Lemonade. Many May lemonade occasion, right? No, that's thank you. Thank you. Oh, yeah, I know you heard my pleasure. I get No, you know what? Chick fil a chick fillet? It might be charming and just might feel like Oh, no life. Um, Nicki Minaj And I know they call me. You know, that thing that you're doing. Okay. Yeah. Pickles. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome, Canada. Sweet. He is. Well, thank you. I just want to thank you. You see that? Erected up like a bullet. I'm not playing with you, pop eyes. You better come oil with this shady marketed. I call that shady marketing. I'm a marketing major violator. Comfortable when I eat you, Billy. Okay. This sauce is kind of trying to solve the way I think this is a immaculate. This is a real talk. Despises dogs need to soothe. They go crazy. Like the original one was just like it was given. Chick fillet was just giving, You know, it's good, you know, But you put the sweet he on the original, you know, that set it off. But this this is just bomb on its you don't, man chicken sandwich. What? You know, like, how cheaply has the original chicken sandwich? It's basically just like that. It's called the chicken sandwich. I love you. You love child. Wait, Shoot. Trying to bust my no way. Good morning. Um, how am I gonna live here? Well, is it really is about graduating post another war. So bodies some, like by the song Episode three will be going up. I'm trying to be older. Thanks. Here we go. All right. So by this time, uh, So people are going up right now, but I'm just trying to like, because classes started. Actually, I'm trying to be a short out my classes, their order. Let me show you like to be a life. Okay, so I e mail much. I'll be here since all this started raining. So I even my advisor I was I you know, like cannot come in me, which you just to make sure that my classes in order. So, you know, so, like, about anything, we have to drop anything like, you know, I don't know. Whatever, Right? So she's like, Oh, we're not doing that to elect the first week of school. Whatever. Okay, Bones, that's cool. But I'm thinking like, Okay, so drop, add drop. Eerie is September 6 like, that's not enough time. Like, first of all, I'm here now. Why can't you just do all that now? I haven't even applied for graduation and none of that. So she's saying that everybody is supposed to do that The first week of school and I'm like, that makes no sense. Because if I have to drop something or if I have to take a dual enrollment class like right now, I'm trying to get into the door. Enrollment class like this is no man, but I'm just purity already light. Okay, what I do, but I'm graduating this semester. Really? That's it's a dollar. Like I'm graduating this semester. So you okay? Someone moments, He or you. You're so mama. Teens twenties over as lighting. So they got their first meeting today. Just like with your way. Mentees. Hey, you're so You okay? Yeah. Or then the thing is in the same way I do it all together. Oh, precious is what it is. I think it is. You had a full fledged lingerie party like No, that was Oh, see you out here on a fool like you want 1/2? I'd be partying and stuff you guys actually wanna have, like, a small little gathering or whatever. Talk to your raise. And then they could talk to your A D to see if you guys can have a little small gathering in the lounge. Do not do not have no parties in your rooms, guys. Because then you're gonna be upset. Weighing 12 is knocking at your door like you cannot have him on a serious note. So just make sure you're cautious, because at the end of the day, these are all Ray's not here to Bashar and not here to always be on guys. It's like they really not. These are rays are here to protect Shaw and enforce the rules. Really, we don't like we really don't like and force yourself in doing all that paperwork and stuff, because that is annoying. And what, you got classes on top of it. Nobody wants to do that. So don't think that we just trying to like, I'll be on you. Just just be oil, because you like. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Anything in any need? What time is it? It's socially too. So it's the afternoon. Afternoon? No, no, no, no. I don't have a saying. They don't have the same effect. It don't work like that. Um, so I'm on my way to the shooting. Well, after soon development center. So as D. C. Bone like this, if you want to go to you on the ice pants And so the s D. C. Is where you have registered financial. A excited but et cetera. Yeah. So because they had that class once a week, and I mean to be because way have it available to papers like early and I'm trying to have as less classes cost as well as bless classes as possible. So? So I gotta wait. So wonder our what? The post office. I gotta go. I also have to do everything right now, and I will give you go run the next partner. Okay, So I'm trying this new thing I'm writing down like everything that I have to do. And when I cross things off, it makes me feel really productive. So therefore, already, um Mm. Oh, yeah. Actually, I do. Five already. Oh, no other six. Okay. Okay. Did I gotta finish my room profiles? And I'm about to get my feet down too. Yeah. Oh, I got to drop my meal plan and they did not You know me back? No, ma'am. No, ma'am. Don't never take to call me anytime tonight only I know you're thinking my shoddy believe postman. I'll see you, homie. What we have is something, friend. That's all these questions. Money, Miss. stop before I spill my drink. Um, today Sunday, I really didn't look this weekend because my boyfriend came down and no, I don't really one of all, because that's like, you know, bait on. So yeah, my soul. It was not my induction for my organization. Organization for women. No distinction. We're about to go. I'm not about to go pick up food because I left the money upstairs the money. So I was saying before, um, so today is like my inductions for my for my organization. I've just been running around, so but I got to go to war. Let's go pick up the food and some other Southern long WalMart because a woman is the cheapest. Full eyes are so expensive, so tiresome woman to get that stuff. And then I'll probably go to dollar tree, cause doctrine has everything for the low. I'm a good lay some decorations and stuff from there, and, um, I'm headed back. Already got their drinks himself. The only thing I really need to get, I have my notebook. Where you going? What are you doing? What are you doing since what you're doing? But they get some Starbucks because I had to do my homework consent. So I actually like one for the summit. I have one more doing 11 o'clock, and then I have homework due at 11. 59. I have three assignments for us on this one at 11 o'clock, three at 11. 59 but already finished, like, half of accounts that I just got a light. Actually, I gotta fix, like, some some computer stations. I fix some of the some of the stuff that I can't believe it. So that would be three. The micro economics stuff already, like, had my notes from last semester. So that was gonna be easy to, because it's just like chapters one through four. Like those assignments are, like, super easy, so I really have to worry about, Okay. Hey, also, I'm back from induction. Whatever. I didn't really record when I was that interested because, um, you know, I was leading this. So first of all, let me tell you, I was blowing me. So, like, basically, you know, for this business sister's class, I've got to tell you, I like this class. Wants a blow. Need, asshole. Somebody's already know it. So first homework every head, right? The first woman that we had he gave is a 33 attendants, right? So I'm thinking, like Okay, Like, it didn't it didn't have a car to me. It's like, check how many attempts their work. Because usually the first attempt always just do like, you know, last will start It has everything correctly, but no, But I always like, let me see, Like, right down, right down, like all my answers And then, like, highlight the ones I got right And they're not marked. The ones that I got wrong right down, right Answers, you know, just so like that. That's another form of, like, studying for me. They let you helps retain the information and figure out what What means? What you don't mean? So So basically, the Duke made it one attempt, so I got a 60 45. But I have 101 the last one. So my average is a 82 foot actress means that I've got just what everything knows. But it just boned me because it just like you can't do that. Like how you wanna do like the first thing you're gonna give three attempts and then I don't know where you're just going to take all the times away like it doesn't work like that. Seemed like this, Professor. All ready. Oh, ready, O b. I want to show you the way that you know, I organize this stuff. Or actually, you know what I should make, like a whole video one that because that is, a lot of people ask me that, and it's just like I want to tell you, but it's just like it's a lot more elaborately is something that so that's what I'll be on my to do list. Probably not this week, because this week's homecoming we have to focus on my academics that when I see you Monday, Wednesday is like Ryan time. No, I'm gonna get all my work done because Thursday, Thursday Gu she come down here? Yeah, I'm telling Thursday after four o'clock, that's my weekend. I'm not okay, Caroline. So today is Monday. Today is very worrying my teeth. Whoa! The end of the world unite teams and which we call it seven minutes. So I just really settled down or whatever. I wasn't I didn't really, uh, record be like when I was watching the HBC use rising the HBC rise in a documentary. Yeah, especially if you go to college like, Yeah, I definitely need to wash that, You know, a lot of history and a show official school or whatever I was. Thank you, bride. Catch it. Yeah. Why's that? So shiny. Have a face mask. Oi! Because like my face has been sold for getting dry. Honestly, I can't even see all That's what about my prescription is speaking of that got us in my glasses back to Warby Parker so I could get my new prescription put in them. But you're so this is the team that I mean, you gotta teach me. Um always get swimming's lemon ginger. This joint is the bomb. And I put honey there. Honestly, I'm not really picky, honey. Me? Yeah. Oh, what about home? I won't wear it. Well, looks like I'll be wearing my nike, but yes, he Look, I'm gonna talk for class. Zey Thank you. I find myself in the shower everything or early in the one Hope site Check me. 00 I think I broke my frickin sensor like the little view from whatever. So I got to goto office because I don't know. I'm a kimpson back today for my school. So I do like your guy stuff as well. But I also, you know, I'm also the president. Studio B w woman of distinction. So we're trying to have, like, a financial literacy packet. I mean, uh, programs have a financial literacy program, so I'm gonna see if I could talk to Mr Cool about that. So Wait. Hi. I e o I look right here. We're Barbie. Hey, Barbie. Thank you. Nice catch up later. Yeah. Push. Miss Shay was even here. But then again, Miss Hayes, I wanted only recruiters, Friend Michelle, Whatever I wanted a very few We have. So I'm pretty sure like she's always She always busy fill in the way. Hey, how you doing? Getting training. Oh, that's not It is a beautiful Yes, I am. He says Wait, wait, wait. What is it like? Okay, so I am in my office off for organizations. We have an office basically lie only organised organizations only office way. We have, like, a lot of community service. Hours were like, I think it's like a top. So that's when you get office for the year. So my artificial manners, We have an office and I come in here from time to time. I used to come here more last semester, but, you know, because the way my schedule is out of this Mr it's hard since I don't have practices a week. So I have a lot of time to do working. So I just get out of here so I can do somebody's homework. We're done for the week, and I need it. It's the law for third. All right, My honestly has to take a break from studying this stuff and get home or die. But let's talk about how the cap blessing today. Let's not talk about the sugar right here, because yeah, okay. Beauty blessed with potatoes and green beans. Thank you. Thank you. You're watching a beauty. I e got rolls because when I told you, I don't know what it is about hot weather that made with me. You know what, but I'm loving catching that fried anyway, so I just left my office. But I want to go see snow because I feel like I have a hard and like for other girl over you go. You go. Oh, be a go snow over your door. Okay. Thank you, Grace. Thank you. Come through. No, You got a thank you, Breeds. You look classy. I'm catching it.