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Thinking about University of Massachusetts-Amherst and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Massachusetts-Amherst in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Massachusetts-Amherst, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst experience. These University of Massachusetts-Amherst video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hi. My name is Sydney. I'm a sophomore year humus and I'm majoring in psychology. I'm Katie on double majoring in communications and marketing, and I'm also a sophomore and welcome to my room. So we live in McKinney, which is all sophomore living community in the Southwest residential area. We have a standard size double room. It's really spacious, which is one of my favorite parts about the dorms here. Look around. Each room has two guys a dusk cheers. Her bed and then this is my desk, and this is my bad. So as you can see, we kind of set it up in a nontraditional way where our beds air touching each other. But you can do whatever you want with your beds. You can bunk them. You can loft them. Yep, there's lots of space if you lost them to put stuff underneath them, which is right, which, as you can see, we've done that. We put tons of stuff under our beds just because we have lots of clothes and we want a store. But we do have a really big closet. People kind of like walking, so their walk in with a hook. You have space to put all of your stuff, and then they each come with lots of different drawers so you can fit a Tony or clothes and everything in all of here. And then there's a few shelves also in the back right there. So there's a lot of space for all of your stuff, and it's like set up in a really good way. My favorite part about U Mass. Is living with my best friend and living in a dorm with tons of sophomores. We all have a lot in common, and it's a really good environment every day. Louie, my favorite part, is also living Katie because living with your best friend, I highly recommend it on DH. Then also, I love the food, and I love the atmosphere of U Mass because everybody here really loves it and enjoys their time here every single day. Hey, guys. So one other thing I wanted to show you is The Hague a small, So that's actually behind me right now. It is sort of like this horseshoe area, and there's a bus stop here. Um, one of the really cool things about you masses that it's part of the five colleges. So there are five colleges in this area you Mass. Amherst, Amherst College, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire and Smith. And the cool thing about the five college consortium is that you can take classes at any of these school. So if you decide you want to take a class at Amherst or Hampshire or one of those, just because you find it more interesting where there's a visiting professor or something like that, you could take a class there. So that's a really cool thing about us, and you don't have to pay any extra tuition or anything. You could just sign up. Um, there is, like, a form. You have to fill out everything. But it's pretty easy. And so if you're ever going to any of those colleges or you want to go to North Hampton, which is the town over from ammunition has a lot more, uh, food options. And like some shopping and stuff you could get on the bus here, that's just behind me. Here is the bus stop and the buses leave right from here with your you card. Which again, I'll show you guys later, huh? Which he used to get into the dining halls on things like that. You just so show them your your your car. Sorry. Starting over my words. You show them your card, and then you don't have to pay for the bus ride, which is really nice. So this is Haggis way. Our next tio herder, which is one of the main buildings that a lot of costs are held in. Uh, Whitmore is behind me, which is the Financial eight and Mercer's and all that Registrar's administration building. And then Eisenberg, which is the school of management and business is behind me right there. Hi, everyone. My name is Kate. I am a senior public health major with a minor and women's studies and certificates in reproductive justice as well as culture, health and science. I'm going to be your official campus. Real tour guide for U Mass. Amherst. I can't wait to show you around campus. Some of my favorite things include food the size of the school resource is we have in the gym. So I look forward to taking advise on this tour and yeah, can't wait to show you the numbers. Heading into right now, kind of. So when you walk in circulation yet customs. Up all the way to We also have this place. Couple of procrastination. Places. It's a really great looking, some fuel. Yeah. Every resource that's in the face with it, these private islands which say that you need three people, but I always just sign up and no one really questions. Actually, there's lots of James. So if you ever do, you used to print something. Study room, which is stop so more printers that there and you can also hold, but check it out over Okay, So this is another little strip of downtown way. Have pasta e basta, which has really good pasta and way. Also have insomnia cookies, which makes fresh baked cookies all the time, Which is so good. Um, crazy noodles when there's a hairdresser and then lime rod, which is my favorite place ever bubble tea So good. There's another Chinese restaurant and then loan loss has like the best breakfast ever. So make sure to check those out when you get here. Okay, so I'm sitting in the honors college right now, which is a really nice area of campus that you can live in. If you're in the honors college, that means you have a certain GPS. You have to fulfill certain requirements for it. But that's a really great opportunity to do if you come to us and you can put it on your resume and it'll show up on your transcription, everything. But there are certain requirements for it that are posted on the website. Um, They also have things like Roots Cafe, which is right here, Um, and it's just like another cafe on campus. They have, like Mac and cheese pulled pork sandwiches and like a bunch of cool case India's pizzas and things like that. And then we're also away across from the rec center. Great. There, that one. That's the gym. Um, so it's a really nice place on campus, and it's really close to everything like the library, and everything is behind me that way. So this is the honors All right. Hey, guys, we're back. This is went more. So this is the administration building. So if you ever need to come here, it would be for the register's office to help with any classes the purser's office for financial aid or any questions you have about, um, paying your tuition, anything like that. Another great service that they have at Whitmore is disability services. So if you have a learning disability or anxiety or anything like a physical disability as well, you can register with them, they can get you note takers. So during classes, someone could take notes for you and not get those to you. You can also have extended time on tests, and I could take it in a quiet room That's not in a large lecture hall, which is really nice. Um, if you have a physical disability, you can also register. Say you like break your leg or something. He can register toe, Have someone drive you to your classes, which is really nice. So you don't have to crouch around campus. So this is what more? There's also a really good cafe in here. So that's like a little known fact. They were really great Cafe where they make like fresh breakfast sandwiches and really get salads and everything. And it's right across from, um, Eisenberg, which is the business school. So anyone who's thinking about doing business, it's right there. So, yeah, this is one more. So it's been a crazy, windy day on campus today, so ignore that, Um, but anyway is also important. Brain. I wanted to show you guys a room inside of the I'll see, which is the Integrative Learning Center. A lot of classes are held here, so this is kind of a typical lecture style room. There's a ton of seating, and these desks are super nice. So the chairs pull out and they're like, swivel. But there's no bottom to them. They, like, Swivel out and you get your own seat. And, yeah, this is one of the newer buildings, so it's really nice. And the teachers will project their screens on the I'm not screen over there the far one and then the closer one here, so you can see it like no matter where you are. A lot of like inter level classes will be in here, and I believe this room seats about one hundred students, So it's definitely one of like the more normal sized classrooms. I wouldn't say it's like a huge classroom or a small classroom, but, um, yeah, some of my classes who had anywhere from fifteen students, toe like four hundred So this is probably like, a medium size classroom, But yeah, welcome to the aisle C. And this is also one of my favorite places to do homework, because in the basement of the I'll see they have a Pete's coffee so you can go and get coffee or tea or anything, and then they have a bunch of study area spaces, so, yeah. So this is down How? Amherst, We have a for two cheese over here. A lot of the local bars that people go to her down here. So we have the spoke, which is one of our main bar's. Right there on the pub is back there and then Olde Towne Tavern as well. So those air two or three bars that a lot of people go? Teo, um, I don't know if you can see it, but over here there is a cow hand. A lot of people ride it for good lock, like there's a little place you could put your foot and, like, ride the cow. So that's like a good luck thing when you get taken home first and then this is downtown. So it's pretty small suburban, but there's a lot of, like, little places to get food. There's a burgers, bagels over here. Oh, there's a gas station if you bring your car, which there's a ton of parking on campus. So, um, I don't think you can bring Your car is a freshman, but you can bring your car down this little street right here. Which is Kellogg. Have there's this place called share coffee, which is that orange build? Er, the orange sign. I would say that's probably a hidden gem in Amherst because there's not that many people that know about it. But it's a really cute and there's a ton of seating on, and they have really good coffee. So if you ever need to go study and you don't want to go the library, you just need to get off campus for a minute. You can go to share coffee, and they have, like, cool looking plants, and they make all of their coffee and house, and it's really good. They have a local brewery, a local roasting places. Well, there's also a Starbucks over here so you can get your Starbucks fix two things that I really want to show you guys. Well, okay, so Stackers is another bar right there. But, um, this is Antonio's right here, this tiny little hole in the wall. Um, and that's our pizza place. It is amazing. I can't brave enough about it. Um, but basically they make all different kinds of pizza. Like I was telling you guys earlier they have a tortellini pizza where they put tortellini on the pizza. They also have, like chicken, bacon, ranch, spinach and artichoke. They do like a Greek pizza. Um oh, they make a case of D E a pizza where they have like sour cream and avocado and chicken and cheese and all that stuff on a pizza. And then there's also glaze right here, which is a donut shop, which is really good. There's a Tibetan restaurant. Hurry. Gatto is like sushi and hibachi and stuff. And then there's a subway over here. There's more coffee places down here. And then if you take a left on this street, that's where lime red is, which is the bubble tea place. So it's really good, and there's like some stuff to do, and downtown and research is nice. Okay, so we're walking to the bus right now from our house, and I thought this would be a great time. Tio, introduce you guys to one of my friends. Wait. What is your major? I must say college major currently transferring into the hospitality industry. Nice. What? You're you I'm a sophomore. Sophomore. Are you loving you, Mass? So far? Yes, love. Cool. Where you from? I'm from Oakland, California s O. We can actually came all the way across country. So how is that transition for you being an out of stater? It wass difficult, but it was a great experience. And I'm glad I did it because I made friends in Massachusetts. What's here And what's your favorite part of you? Mass. I would say I love the big campus. I love meeting new people every day and seeing new faces and learning new things at everyone that goes here. And what's your least favourite part? If you had to like downsides? I don't know, maybe. Oh, I guess. Like being on a big campus. It's hard in terms like advising and things like that. But yeah, I think it teaches you to grow up and do things on your own. I agree with all of that and I think adding on like the big campus, it's nice because we have food everywhere to prove what the best. The food is so good here.