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Thinking about University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor experience. These University of Michigan-Ann Arbor video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, so this video is going to be about the diet and undergraduate library. So right here you can kind of see like that outside of the bag. And then this's a little part of the greenery before you get to the actual diag in the center. So as you can see, it's a little bit snowy out just because it's the winter and we are in Michigan and right here we're getting to the center of the diag, so there's a lot of buildings surrounding it. That's the Hatcher graduate library right in front of the library. You can see the brass, and there's a myth. If you step on it, you'll fail your first blue book out. Here's the Shapiro Undergraduate library, so there's four floors in the basement. So basically the first floor is kind of display. Information services does. There's birds coffee, and if you walk in, it's a nice space. To do like group projects is a computer showcase, which is super helpful. I like to sit out these long tables when I'm just running and quick to the ugly to do some work and then just head out and then in the basement This is where you pick up your books. If you order the Barnes and Noble's textbooks online, and then the second floor. This is just filled with a bunch of spaces. There's a computer space and then there's some study. Space is also available on the third floor. There's just a bunch of space to do homework. My favorite is the desk by the windows. Um, but it's usually like four chairs, and you get to hang out with your friends. And I think it's just a great view. And then on the fourth floor is the sci library. Um, the's death, sir. I've sat up them once. They're very spacious, so it's nice. And then, if you want to work alone, they also have single desk. So this is the place where most Everybody. My name is Kyle and I go to the University of Michigan. I am a transfer students. I went to my K through twelve education here in Michigan. I then decided to transfer to North Seattle College at eighteen. My grades were not the best, and I was not able to get into the school at the time. So I just want to tell you that if you are watching this video and you are a senior in high school and you really want to go to U of M. But your grades aren't that great, it's still possible I did it. Thank you, and I'm having a great time now. I learned a lot going to community college, and frankly, I think I gained some invaluable experiences that people that did not go to community college learned because I was there. Now that I'm here, I appreciate the university immensely. The resource is that University of Michigan students get are great. Phenomenal, a little background about me. When I got to Seattle, I started working and I worked for a year, and I took one class a quarter. So three classes throughout the academic year and then after a year. I got in state tuition because they came a resident. So I went to school full time, and then after that hi start going to school full time. And then I completed my associates degree. And at that point, I decided, Hey, should I continue my education or cannot? So I decided to apply to three different schools. I applied to the University of Washington, Michigan and western Washington. I applied to Michigan because it was a school that has been a dream school to say. I got in. I got in. I was like, Whoa, Israel then ended up here. But it's been a really crazy ride. I am glad I'm here. I've made a bunch of other friends with the transfer students as well as people in the program, and I am in the school of Information. It is a program that focuses on Data Analytics, social media analytics and design. And I'm in the user experience Designed Trek. We're being taught python design, graphic design, user experience, research and that kind of thing. If you know it's great. Take a look at the School of Information. It's definitely growing field on DH. Hi. Do not say anywhere, anywhere soon. We're going away soon. That's the term. But that's about me. And you wanna know more about me? Keep on watching these videos. All right, so this video is going to meet, Pretty sure just going to get a quick look like lectures and classrooms A. T University of Michigan. So basically, from what I know of last Master, I had a lecture, which was like two hundred plus people and that met twice a week. And then we would have a discussion group once a week of, like, twenty or like fifteen, twenty people. So whether or not you were comfortable enough, you could speak Teo, your professor during lecture and ask questions. Or, if you're like, kind of shy or like didn't want to ask questions in a big group, you could ask them in discussion. Or you could meet with your graduate student instructor who lead the discussions. I usually talked a bunch of my discussion group just because I felt more comfortable there, and then I would also meet with my genius I during his office hours, which was really helpful because I built a relationship with him and he, like, was able to teach me things. My professor said In our learning style, that was like for me. I also have been applying to a scholarship this semester. And I needed a recommendation. So I reached out to him, and he was super happy to be able to help me with that. And he's actually writing it for me. So not only does creating that relationship help with, like, setting goals and like, succeeding and them for your class, but it also can help out later. But yeah, Anyways, I'm going to show you guys some classes, or just probably one glass and then lecture all but let's go see. All right, So here's a motor classroom. Normally looks like this one's in Mason Hall. Um, sometimes they have these little desks like this or, like, ones that move around on the ground with wheels. Um, and then here's a lecture hall, So as you can see, it's really big. Um, all of them have projectors, and then the professor stands up there, and then there's actually a couple that are like half the size So this is the backside of the Ninja hall. This is called Hatch. You're home. It has a lot of clubs that meat inside and a bunch of clubs have, like bake sales or anything to like little trinkets, that they can sell the students as they walk through the classes. It's a great spot, so here's a look at the inside of a catcher. So, as you can see a bunch of people sit over here and just like study before they have to go to class. And then there's a bunch of posters hung off. Here's like the tables I was talking about about clubs. And then this computer site is called the Fish Bowl. So it's a really big area where people study. And then as we head into Angel Hall, you can see that all the buildings are kind of connected. So Angel Mason and Hatcher Hall all have like lecture spaces in classrooms, and they're all connected. And then here's one of the classrooms. This one's the smaller one. And then here's a lecture hall in Mason, and then as we head out of Angel, you can see how it's really pretty, and it looks like it's like a Greek building. It's just so gorgeous that I look at this, and I'm like, How do I go to school here? Yeah, it's like made out of marble. And then the front just looks like you're like, about to step into the Parthenon in the Kokkalis or something. Yeah, this is a look at Mason Hatcher and Angel So here's emotionally Jordan's dining home. This is my favorite dining hall. Not only because it's so gorgeous inside, but because it has, like the perfect amount of options. S So they have a bagel toast station. They have a sandwich spot. They have a salad bar, and then they also always have pizza out and have a vegan section, which is really nice. Um, drinks are just delightful. They always have pink lemonade in water, which are my favorites, and you can look out the windows to see the tennis courts and Palmer Field. S o motion of Jordan also has like a coffee tea section, which most of the dining halls have an ice cream bar in the best cookies. They also have a cereal bar. And then here's where you put your dishes when you're all done so that is. Mojo is dining hall. All right, So this is squad on it houses a lot of push. Your CNN just happened. Tio have their own dying. So you just, like, slicker and card When you get right in the dining halls at Michigan Super Nice. They have, like, a bunch of steals and, like, bagels and stuff for breakfast. And then they always have, like being in our vegetarian option. A salad bar, East quad pizza. So good. Gotta get it at least once. They always have dessert. French fries. You just really anything. Think of Michigan dining has got for you and the seating at the dining hall's they have a lot of options. Um, I have a friend, Ellie lives in East Quad, and she's actually going to help us look around and see what's inside. Say hello. All right, So this is just, like, first, um, like floor, just like the lounge area. And we doubt there's a door where you can go to the keen theater. So this is for the residential college. Um, it's pretty big and open. Honestly, this was the first time I went in and I was amazed, but it's pretty cool. Then if we go back out the lounge area we're just going to walk through. And then that elitist the residential colleges located you in East Quad. So they a lot of their shows go on in there like the residents of college puts on a lot of plays like performances, Senate and in front of us. If you look, there's an art gallery toe are left that's also ran by the residential college men. Right in front of that, they have like a cafe, so they sound like a bunch of different coffee snacks and stuff important. And this is another study space. This is in the residential college now, like a bunch of different classrooms. And then he's got has a courtyard, which obviously is better when it's sunny house. And if we go down serious, we're going to see more study spaces in classrooms for everybody. No. So as saying she wanted Teo talk about how the facilities are open for all such a huge fight about East Protestant, you could reserve. Some are just like walking social work rooms. So now there's a bunch of like music room, so this one's being occupied. But all he's going to show us one that she goes into often and she just swiped your card. Well, second. So Mary Marshall also some, uh, music room. Those ones you don't have to swiping two. They're not as nice as these ones. Um, they have pianos to and stuff, but they're just like older ones. So each storm has, like a computer and printing site, is just just like a little glimpse of one. And then if we keep walking further, we're going to see a lounge area that has, like, a long table full. All of the dorms also have, like vending machines in their last areas. So you'll see that on the way Got far. Serenade you're like, so on. The first floor like basement is worth keeping theatres entrances and, like, right across from it are more studies faces. And now he's gonna give us, like, a little tour. Okay, So obviously our room is a little bit messy right now, but this is an East quad dorm room. Say hi, everybody. These faces will be blurred out. These voices will be distorted. I didn't see there's It's a pretty spacious room. Use room to alof your bed. Put your but to you or half laughter bed. That's what I mean to say. And you put your desk here, you know, great stuff. So Closet right here. Okay. Hi, guys. Fun, right? Hi, campus Real. I am a sovereign's right now. And it's restaurant on our right near my campus. And I I'm here with my friend John. I'm gonna swing around soon. Zog and I work together. I'm doing it. The director of our program on we're both research assistants and we became great friends. But turn it around now. All right, So I introduce yourself. I'm John, a senior at the psycho program. Wants to be a side B s eyes fashion off science information program for people. Get the flu. Formacion. Alice says you have to sign off social media. Why did you choose Michigan? I really love the snow and the weather and also has a very strong Democrat bond. Diverse programs, just engineering your sign Also literature and science. So we got a lot to pick from different programs. So that's all the things you like. What is your least favorite part about you? I don't like this snow. Especially in winter, when he was like about, like, ten feet. So weather Where Where did you think you from? Michigan Ary from? I'm from a place Caution Jin just across the border. So change in China on last question. Which other schools in your place? I applied Teo, apply in this aptitude. You see a earthly lehigh with marry bunch of school Polite again like Tio the school here. Michigan Stadium and sports arenas. So this is the big house. Obviously in the back isn't a party. So to get to the stadiums, you still have to walk or you can take the bus. But on game days, they're pretty packed and it's hard to get through, so they don't really run. So for football games, everyone's literally and heard just all heading down and then for basketball games, depending on it. It's like cold outside. If you like, take the bus or sometimes you love houses, go seeking like get a car and put clothes and then just walk to the game before the games, everyone goes tailgating and just dances around and hangs out. The games are always exciting, and they always play. Mr. Brightside, which is my favorite Thie stadium, fits over one hundred thousand people and as one of the biggest stadiums in the world. So as you can see, Michigan Stadium is right there and then right up here. So I'm not like a gat on Don't area. That's the Chrysler Center, where the basketball games are So for basketball games, there's usually for, like, big games you can get like wristband tickets, which that'll get you in earlier than other students. So you can, like, sit close to the court on in this section right in the middle. So for that, you have to head and threw, like, a special area to give the stairs and then head through, and that's where you get your responds and get a wristband. You basically, sometimes it's tough because you have to wake up at like, six A m and then go Teo. The I am building, which is the intramural building, and then basically wait in line for, uh, little respond that you just, like, put on, and then they'll give you an actual one when he gets the game way. Wait. All right. And so here's the Yost ice Arena and then for tickets for like, hockey, basketball and football games. You can get season tickets for all of them. I only got football season tickets. And then I actually just got other tickets, like on Facebook, from other students who didn't want to use theirs for the game. Yeah, s O to the right of me is like the Michigan hockey bin, and the next to them is the student section. So at hockey games, they're very lively and have multiple cheers. Which I do not know, because I don't know hockey. But it's super fun. Teo, just be involved with the spirit in life at these games on that's Michigan All right, so this video is gonna be about like, my favorite places. So Michigan League, which is located on Central campus, Um, I just love this place because it's really pretty and it's a great place to study. They have comfy seeds and they also have a cafe, which is really nice to just grab a snack and chill out. They also would just have like, a really pretty hallway lots of like wood and have a theater which holds a lot of events at. In the basement of the league is the underground. It has a bunch of different tables on seats where people can sit and study, and then it also has the ticket office here. Then this coffee shop called the lab. Um, is one of my favorite places. Just because it's really pretty inside that, like, shines through and just, like, gives me energy to study. Um, they have this one drink, honey. Lavender a lot. Which is amazing. Um, and then my last favorite places, Wilma's that used to be called Fred's. So this place, I just really like the feel of it. The look, um, super relaxing to chill in here. They have really good a sables in avocado toast. Um, so I just come here when I want something other than, like, dining all food. Although I love this place, I only come here every so often just because the prices are a little expensive. But as you can see, this coffee and avocado toast All right, guys. So this is my room. And Mary Markley on This is my side and is obviously not made because I am lazy. However, my roommate does make her bed If you want to see something pretty s O I haven't horrible view. I have the ground, but on sunlight comes in pretty good. So it's not too bad s. So here's a couple pictures that have and then we have one mirror on the side on DH. Then we hung up this near so this one came with the room and then I have Epsom hooks on the side for like, jackets hammock over there. This's drawers where I keep a bunch of like food and I'm just silverware likes Mason jars to take self from the dining hall on this hook actually came with the room. So I just put my bags, my belt's there and I have shoes. So this is like a coat, like kind of a hangar. And then I just put a bunch of shoes in there. Um, sweatshirts. Too many of them. But that's where they are. And then I have my laundry basket right there and then this basket has just a bunch of sweaters. And this bag has my laundry like detergent and softener and stuff. So my bed actually has posts, So I use that usually to put my jacket on. And so, as you can see from her bed, hers is lofted. When you get to school, you get to choose what you want S O You can see that she is a bar and then she is the Michigan logo. So I do not want that. So I actually have my bid flipped upside down. And my michigan thing, which usually would be there upside down, is actually on the other side by the wall. So this is not allowed, But honestly, it's a way more comfortable. And I haven't gotten anything sent to me. It So this is my desk. Everyone gets one, It has a little pull out drawers and then I'm gonna need you have a shelf. Other things. So this part is separate from my desk. Oh, and merry Markley. We also get thes two chairs for this I slave. They're pretty comfortable. I don't I don't really need to buy another one on My roommate bought one. She loves that. Sure. Sounds like a couple of these storage blends which she likes Also. So we have he our heater and we can put it on different levels. Um, and then if you see right here, but you just pull us up. Getsem. Careful, because usually it's like pretty hot in here again from just bad circulation. If you file claim that you have asthma, then they will have news where we do whatever and millet and solid actually in the middle one. I'm so a bunch of people did that in the beginning of the year. Even people who don't have has no. But they did it and it worked out. For them here is like a bunch of lights at the top. So there's a really, like, pretty and useful when you just don't want the here's huge leap that we have in the ceiling. Yes, that we've seen pretty home, and here's So my bed was actually locked it in the beginning of the year, and just climbing up the ladder was just too much for me. I just hop in this thing, and I got a bit, but also the ladder. So a lot of people just have the ladder, like, over there and sometimes use it as the shelf there half lofted. But I actually tucked it all the way back in there, and it works out way better for me because as you feel like, barely any room over there Yeah, out on, I'll show you down here. So we each gets a drawer. Three Georgia, sir. They're really big. I honestly fit all my shirts. I got some leggings and short. And then I have my hands down here and that this is just a giant junk drawer with to make a bunch of ruin himself. Everyone needs a young Jory, even at college. And then this three drawer thing I bought actually at target, there's also this is like another Braque. Kind of like the one of their the trash and recycling bins also come with the room, so that's