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What's up, guys? Right now, this is the third up, so defining college spots all around campus. So right now I'm in a parking garage. This is better than the last one because it's a lot of pads around and I could do manuals on them this time. So just like Ryan Down Hills and also I found some other spots around the super sick. So I came in to show you guys, Let's get right into it right away way What? No good. Oh my. Well, there's that spot. That manual was so annoying. I kept getting to the end of the night like, didn't land it, but not going. No, it's it's It's Amanda spot again. But then after that, I'm gonna do a ledge. So let's get to the O. It's hard to do pop out checks on this alleged cousins Lily so short so I can't let I had to let go Slow and the popular go fast and pop out fast, so I'd rather go slow. So sorry about that thing doing a one more spot man. Super tired, but I wanted to try something while I go to that spot. Try and help. Oh, let us land the most perfect one. But I wasn't filming. Uh Okay. Okay, so that was according at least, but I'm tired. Crap, actually. Like college describe. I can't really say much What is it? My news. I'm on my college campus again, skating around find spots. But if you guys remember this, a parking deck now is that and one of my first videos here? I don't know if I'm gonna be able to meet chicks here and mike around more of the camps to find more spots, but yeah, let's see if I could get down here and just just let's let's just have some fun skating. You know, Casey nice. That's going around with kind of a job, a tripod, nothing in here. But hopefully the window is doing good doing well. I hate my grammar. Not quite. Is Ah, nice on the back 1 80 But yeah, I don't want, like, e crap trying. I go like super fast. So yeah, on the next part, I didn't expect that turned way. Quick, little plug. While I'm, like, kind of loss, make sure you fall my instagram. It's Shawn Brown, 99. I do a lot in scream life. Seems now another college people keep asked me like, Oh, you know, how's college? But the quick answer I keep saying the social aspect is really nice, but there's a whole lot like work. You have to do so Get stay on track and everything, but also at me on Snapchat. It's big, Sean. Three cities there are 99 You can also scan the code on this side. You know, you can pause and scan if you want to. I have some, like updates on there they may not know about. So make sure you have me on all the social media. Then you'll be sure to be updated more than I update you on YouTube, so make sure you do that. All right? So I'm not a crusty old spot. It's like this loop around thing. I don't know if I could do something to try something. I can, but let's watch. Ah, quick. No Drop over there so that Yep, I'm taking that. There's, like, a crack over there that, like he stopped me and slow me down. So, yeah, I don't know if I could get the whole thing. Maybe one day if I learned how to not lose speed on that crack, but yeah, I'm pretty tired right now. All right, guys. So I'm back to my dorm now. That was a lot of skating kind of killed me. Jeez, like I was like, so dead, like so sweating. Is this nasty? But I hope you guys really enjoyed all the clips I got. There's still more spots to go to, even though I went to a decent amount of spots. Um, hope that could get more tricks like some tricks were just holding me up too long when it should have been short. But I hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure you like comment. Subscribe and also check out me and George's Collab in the previous video. Before this, you either go to his channel or marginal, likely both, like a cross collaborate, so make sure you check that out. I was not thinking so much for watching pizza. What's up, guys? My name is Shawn Brown. Freshman here. You see, Charlotte and today I'm gonna give you a door on tour of More Hall. It is my roommate, Gary Coleman. Okay, guys. So this room here and more Hall. This is a corner room. So it's slightly different than if you just had a door. The room that's not in a corner. So the only bad thing about this is one thing. One death has outlets likely. I moved in first. I got those outlets, but the other side does not. They did not have Al. It's over. The only other outlet is in the back of the room right here. So that is one thing that's bad with the room. Otherwise, it's gonna be smaller than probably what you're used to. So just be ready for that. If you're moving in here from Washington just to see, then you might want to prepare for what's coming at another university. I don't know how there's our but this that human see, Charlotte's is at least in more hold this nicer ones. Oh, but those costs more so I will start from the beginning. You each get a closet there space from the top. You can see you have, like, a lot of supplies up there and, um, cleaning supplies and first aid kit kind of things in there. So that's probably want to pick up, uh, here in the closets. You have pretty decent state. I actually fit a whole iron board in there, and I have stuff to hang up. This room does not come with hangers, so be prepared for that s so make sure you bring your own. You could hold a bunch of shoes in there. I don't know how many shoes exactly have nearby pulling a decent amount. And also, one thing you might want to get is a wall mirror. Uh, because you can put on the outside of your door. You see, here it fits all the way from here to the bottom, and you need mere tape where some type of command ship to hold it up. That's also a necessity. You need some, like command strips for this room. There's a towel rack on. They're there to also in the closet with a few drawers down here we got, I think two drawers down here. Open up here in the eyes have some towels and the the iron board covered. I haven't put on yet. Some other things I have in a near here is a shower caddy. So you're gonna need this, because in the bathrooms, uh, there's two showers, so they do not have anything to place him on. You need something to hold it, and you probably don't wanna put on the ground. So I use a shower caddy, and then I hang it around the little knob that changed the he and turns on the water. So you may want that. And also make sure you bring some slides or some flip flops because, I don't know. You can walk in the bathroom without issues, think shark want to you, but I personally don't do that. So you might want to do that. Yeah, that pretty much wraps it up just for the closet sized room. Now I'm gonna go do the death side of the room. But one thing I forgot to mention I have a white board right there, and I might put some links to all the things I have. And you're not everything, but just the main things. You probably need in the description, so make sure you check it out. It'll be like links to Amazon. But so my death side as well. I have a custom board that I had for reaching 10,000 subscribers. So shout to custom skateboards dot com for making that and also have another board up here is this one? I bought it. I saw it look cool up there and on my desk. You do need a laptop. At least it's highly recommend. You probably don't need it, but super recommended. Um, I have in this corner have kind of, like all my just personal hygiene products. Like I have brush lotion deodorant. So Oh, you also need you might need a hand towel because they don't have paper towels, at least in our bathroom. I'm not sure about that, but so you may wanna bring that, have my toothbrush. And I got a toothbrush holder because you like it. If it fell in the same time, I don't know. I wish wouldn't trust it. And I have a bunch of to brush it somewhere else, just in case it happens to face flaws, tissues, acne treatment. Because I'd be breaking out. You know. I mean, that's very much. And I have It's like a little men's things, like they're like, nail clippers and, uh, trimming scissors. So just like kind of seven is a mere in here. So it was just a dream of scissors nail clippers to use a comb, and then I have It's a box of gold fish up here and then pretty much is anything that I need Electronic. What does a guy like my portable charger charging down here and got some camera equipment stripe on? Uh, you maybe like a little desk up, just like when you're doing work on here when the alarm clock pencil sharpening your state Where little thing I got to go skateboarding day down here. The way we have a fridge back here, I'll get to that later. But we have Fred here, so I have to get here. Uh, make sure you might need a landed. I got this for free because I was in some program, but, uh, make sure you get a lander because that's probably the easiest way to, uh, carry your keys around Was also a drawer down here for your desk. Just keep miscellaneous items of your command strips, racers, batteries, Krazy glue, You know, whatever you need down there and then it comes with three drawers and also for storage. There's, like, a little space time for your legs and storage. When you got three drawers down here, we move it out real quick. So you got top drawer. You put whatever you want there to be sure you get three doors down there for storage, and that pretty much wraps it up for the deaths portion. Also, this is like Penguin and I got that was also for a program that I'm in and like, we just kind like a building very lightly stuffed our goals in it, and I think we might open them later. I'm not sure, but yeah, that's why I have out there. It's not like I'm crazy in the stuffed animals or anything. Also, what they have for Adam is real quick. I have my skateboard and a little trash can down like skateboard track, and I have a lot of bag and yeah, so I recommend getting some type of I know what it called like a skateboard, like a scooter, penny board, longboard, whatever you make it easy to get your classes. There are buses that go around campus. But if you're but you're not gonna be there on time to get to your next class, then you may want something just to give you a little extra push, because something someone please of hills around here. But it is gonna be very beneficial if you have wheels because you can go on the bike lane and you could just get in front of everybody that's walking if it's too crowded. So make sure you have that. That's not requiring, but it will help you not moving over to the bedside. I have my comforter here and 1/2 2 pillows. Both of these, like memory foam, were like, really soft. Like you said, I could fit in here and then like, it just comes back out. So that's super. Cohen will sleep on. You're also gonna need, um we don't need it Like these beds. They're super hard if you don't put some. Not so I like a memory foam mattress topper. You can't see it now. That's all wrapped up under this, but also have, like a jersey hot and sheet over, and that also makes a really soft. So make sure you get that. Uh, I'm definitely recommend it because it is. Some of the beds are like super hard if you don't get it. So make sure you definitely put that on your list of stuff to get. If you're trying to move in, also know if you could see over here That's a lion that I made my junior year in a digital media class, and I was just, like, really proud of it, So I wanted to hang it up. Look cool. Also, you may see the poster here. I used to be called a freaky fresh boy on this channel. I changed it to Shawn Brown. Just cause sounds more professional figure fashion way. But that's like the name I made when I started the shell and sixth grade. I believe I was just really happy with how that boar came out. That's also from Cousin Dave. We're so custom skateboards for that also right next to your bed, knocked over some but right next to bed. You also have three more George. So same thing you're the top when I mean keep like all my school supplies, this direction storage, but put too much on my desk. Middle one. I have bunch of snacks in here, so definitely brings next that you are gonna get hungry. So I just stocked up on snacks here. And, um, bottom shelf, like some extra hide yourself like I have shaving cream, extra toothbrushes and a few raises. So you do have lost George. And if I get real low, there's a lot of storage under your room. The bed's are pretty high. You might the hot, pretty high up, but there is a lot of storage under your real like I have the whole giant been I brought to move in. And then I even have a recycling bin in here. Yeah, and also have a hamper down here, and I'll have a hamper backpack. You just put that around your back. And, um, that's what I used to care. My closes. This makes it more convenient. So this caring it really doesn't matter, but I just think it makes it more convenient. But yes, you do have even those room is small. You do have a lot of storage of make the most they count that. And lastly, for the room. We have the back wall, so right here we have a microwave. I'm not sure exactly which. Margo A visit Some Samsung my grave. And I asked my roommate, The is a higher, Uh, it's like a fridge and freezer combo I got at Walmart for, like 1 28 And I don't know they'll have met your Wal Mart because there's a Wal Mart right next to campus, and that's why it was there. But I found for 1 28 and has a freezer. You see, it's about this base not like too big. And if I confront him out and then you also got the fridge portion and get fit to two liters in there, that's what it said. But, um, this little part right here doesn't fit on the other side. I like based on other bottle shapes, but it's a pretty decent size. I'm going to get here, but it's a pretty decent size in there. It's not like anything crazy, but for 1 28 I'd say that's pretty good deal. It's 3.2 cubic feet. So I would say that is actually a really good deal for just a mini fridge and you may want to buy the warranty when you, by the way, have like a two year warranty on it, so it should be pretty good. You never know fridges like that are gonna break down or anything. Also, we have a quiet set fan years. This is my roommate, Coleman brought. This is actually really handy. Sometimes it gets hot in there. It's got a bunch of things like it's got. It's got a whisper mode where you can barely even hear that. Hear the fans that, like calm white noise, relaxed, fresh, cool, power cool, which blows super hard. And it can also rotate, too, if you press that and I think that it can also heat up because there's a temperature button. But we're not really trying right now because it's summer, and it's like super hot right now. Shut up to my roommate, Coleman, for bringing that you shot him because like it gets hot and you sometimes that pretty much wraps up for the room. I don't know if you could see you. Like always he has his side is my side. You gotta get no your roommate like I get covered with them. because you're gonna be sleeping on one side. He's going to be really close the other, so make sure you get comfortable with your roommate or like a room with a friend. But I just wanted to meet somebody new, so that's why I chose a random roommate. But now I think it's time to head down to the basement because, as we're kind of all the activities to do in the hall, at least are here. So let's get down there. So, as you can see here, has no net and only has one so lately. Like what? My friend I was playing. He's using the back of eyes paddle so replies I had to buy a new one just like no native here working like a clip on that, too. That's the thing we also got here. Hi, guys. This is the lounge area. You know, couches, chairs, TV. You could pretty much watch anything on there. Uh, I don't know they have HBO or not, but they must not like all the other family watching Simpsons right now. You could do that. And the most satisfying the pool table way Don't have people just to two balls and one Staci eight. And people use the one ball what you're doing. But this is honestly the most fans. And now if you walk out of here, we got a lot of stuff out here, kind of. So we got another lounge area back here, got foosball, two couches, and it's and we have a kitchen which has an oven, a stove, microwave sink. Here, you got a fridge, but opens up. We'll get it. Open up this way, then walk inside. Then get whatever you need, then walk back out and closing and got cabinets up here with nothing in the trash. Yeah, nothing really. Here. And then if you make your way back out this way, there is a laundry room and hear Mount of its loud Sorry. It is what you do. I have the longitude, laundry detergent, pods, so I'll just throw him in here. All I do is 30 clothes in there first, and then you close it. Then there's a little button over back here. Is this like a vending machine? Just put the code, but should be on the top of the washing machine. Like here, like that. It's a one seed go over here, you press anyone and then you swipe your card. Then you come back and then you would choose which option you want. Make sure you also put stuff in here If you have actual detergent softener. And yeah, and then also the temperature trying here. I was stupid and then check it and I kept doing hot water when I want a cold water. But yeah, that's the same thing for the dryer's saying he likes wipe it. We'll put the code, swipe it and then a little option. And that is together. They're $2 you get $8 per week and refreshes every Monday. So you have four washes per week basically, so it makes you use those wisely. But you have playing in time. The washing clothes drive. Hi, guys. That wraps it up for the dormitory. I hope you enjoyed it. Hope you learned a little bit more about Graham living. Or if you're about to move in here, then hope you figure out like what you probably need to bring. But you guys so much for watching. Just remember, I have all the equipment or the main equipment. You probably need will be in description. They'll be links with the Amazon. You guys so much for already supported me on my college during. I really appreciate it. More skate videos coming soon because that's what my town mainly about. I just thought you guys might thought this might be a little interesting to see, but yeah, it was in that. Thank you for watching guys. What's up, guys? My name is Shawn Brown. I'm a software here. You see, Charlotte and today I'm gonna give you a dorm tour of Levin Hall. And right behind me, I actually have more hole. But I did last year, and I'm actually kind of happy to leave their for Levin home. So let's go check it out. So do kind of started off like you actually have this giant courtyard right here so you can meet up with more whole Sanford hole. I think more holes gonna be down, like, halfway through the semester. So you have a huge open field to do whatever you want. And over here we have, like, a little hood over the whole building. So if it starts raining, get under here or you could just can't show. I got places to sit around here. That's pretty much it for the outside. But, uh, yes, It's really nice outside here. And C is that building just looks beautiful from outside. So let's go check out the inside. This is the inside, and these are wonderful d A's get introduced self. You want Thio? Kiki? Me? Yeah. This is the main lobby. So what we have down here? This is some stuff you can do. And I said we have a foosball table. We have a pool table. This couch is high chairs. We got a TV here. They're watching the parent trap. Yeah, and surprisingly, in the lobby, we have a kitchen, so I don't know how many people actually use the kitchen down him, but I guess I'll see throughout the semester, So, yeah, basically, is it for the lobby? So let's go ahead upstairs in my room. So before I head up to the room, actually ran into some my fellow Ari's, it doesn't know I'm a resident advisor here. So here on the second floor, then you might see me. But this is Chris. Is Amanda? Yeah, he's the race here. Every single one of the RNC are awesome. So if you're staying here, I think I'm gonna have a really good stay. So now let's actually go to my room. Okay, guys. So this room is a four person, two bedroom suite, so there's I think two or three different kinds of styles in this building there's, like, apartment cell, and then they sweet style, mainly, So you can like, even get your own room. It's a Shanghai one, but the one that I have is one that share betters. But since I'm sorry, I'm lucky enough to get one double set my whole room so I could make a king size bed if I want, but I didn't end up using that. So I'm gonna show you guys my room real quick, so just be ready. Has got this super awesome. So just looking at what? The room I have like compared to more hole, I don't know. You guys saw that video, but this is so much based compared to even if like you're sharing the room, you have so much space in between each bed, so you could kind of see that That's a lot more space than that Between my beds and more so much last time. The fridge just fit between the two beds and like that. Was it like they didn't have any other space between that? So pretty much Each side of the room is identical, so each person is gonna get one dust right here bringing one chair and each behind his desk. There's an outlet, um, co actual cable for if you have a TV so you can watch channels and there's an Ethernet port on each side, so that's good. And there's a lot of wall space like I have some decorations up, but honestly, it feels kind of empty in here. So, like, I need to get some more thing hung up. But yes, so a little bit more than desk. So you're gonna have, like, this little space, I think, for your keyboard. If you have one, you feel like a separate key where you wanna do something on there, that there's also a drawer here, this kind of normal size about like it's about roughly like under two feet. Um, the desk itself is about three and 1/2 feet long, and I'm about sure. It's like think two feet toll. So those kind of some of the dimensions you might want to know, And you also have another juror here, a simple thing like get a mouse or keyboard, and then you have two shelves in that, and then that is the death. So for the bed bed, pretty much the same as all the dorms, I don't think they're any different at all. But the size, so I'd say this is about about two feet taller. So and it is a twin excel. So, like that's the size of the bed. So if again she eats whatever you want, make sure you look for a twin Excel and under your beds you can actually move this. But I just keep it on my bed. So you have two sets of drawers. There's two each bridge, or so have three that, like takeout closing. And this is my snack drawer, Um, kind looking sad right now. I had a lot more stuff my snack, your last year. So I don't have a car in us. I can't get a bunch of, but I can maybe uber and get a snack. But yes, so the fridge has the same last year. It's a higher fridge and check that out to be a link in the description if you want to see that. But something else. Each person that sharing this room there is to closet, so each person gets their own closet. It was like these my space in here, so this is like a little rack on the top and then haul it face down here. So I say this is maybe, like, three feet long, I'd say, like maybe something close to that. Like, I was the fifth asshole been in here. So you have a decent space. You could stack stuff in there. So but yes. Since his room is all to myself, this is kind of like my, I guess, like cleaning and supplies kind of closet. And then this is like the closet for life, my clothes and shoes. So, yeah, pretty hyper have that all themselves. So some people I know like the other eyes that have rooms like this, all of themselves, they actually put the two beds together to make a king size bed. And you guys probably why I haven't done that. It's a little expensive to buy a mattress pad. That's king size. And my car was telling me that the match past me pretty thick or else you're gonna kind of knows that, David in between when you put the two things together, I don't know. I don't want to. That's what I did because I turned this side. It's like a little couch. Areas that has a little throw pillow, other pillows back, escorted to get a little cushion. So that's why have there and and some decoration animal have these three boards super awesome. 1st 1 for 10,000 scribes that she brought you describe having this is the Jack Mosley imprint of Collab skateboard. Then I got this tiny element that is just super six. I definitely but I don't know, I might hang up from old board because it's still like a lot of space on the whole. Also, never gonna add more decorations and something else I did to kind of make a little more organized was This is my place side. So this is my TV. I actually got this TV for about $130 or so, So that's actually really cheap for a smart TV. I really love that TV. I got it for you. So this is like my place I like on my electronics. And then this is my study and C s I C. I can't let my wife that is my room, and I'm super hyped to have this. So if you're in a hurry and get put in during a four person two bedroom, then you might get the whole room yourself. So this is a lot of space here. If you have any questions about this room just leaving down the comments below. So now moving on to the common area, This is the first you're gonna see when you open the door, you can see there's like, not the many things because it's echoing a lot. But you get trash, can a cycling, of course. And then a couch. This country that really nice, like my older brother lived in belt and his couch wasn't the nicest kind of a little dirty. But this one I looks lot clean to start off with. And then there's also a TV stand here with collateral cable, you know, whatever. So you can watch TV and have it like a little community room. So definitely gonna get more decorations up here because it is super empty in, like, I don't like this echo. Yeah, it makes feel super empty. Also, with this room, you actually have a thermostat to control attempt so more I couldn't do that. So I got I had to open a window or something. This is really going to do that so super hype to have that they're So now moving over to the bathroom to get two sinks. If you have my same setup two years, like hear all this stuff mine. So, like, I don't know, you kind of need to make sure you bring your own stuff like you need. So Pan tells actually put up like a little hook for a hand towel later. I don't know how to handle, but I gotta get that. So it only just come for the steak itself. And then there's one before drawers here so each person can get their own drawer and there's too little cabinet things. And I know you might see this, but these things no, least not that I know he also get four towel rack so easy for people in the room can get their own tower. Okay, so now moving on to the bathroom between lights on real quick. So what's gonna get here? You know, awfully, get one toilet and then your shower, so they called the shower curtain. But I got this to make it a little extra, So it wasn't boring like this. Police. Now, this could be the one that catches the water and, like this is kind of more for design. And this thing here, this little kind like a book chauffeur like shelf that I put together that not come with the room. So if you want something that you can like put in your room like that, then you need that. But I think in Bel Call they come with one. So maybe, like I just checked. But if they don't have, you can always make a quick run, Nike, if you go here. So that's why I got this Pretty much, you know, just keep on my cleans it flies and stuff. So showers, it's pretty decent size, I must say. It's like maybe I say, like, three feet probably. And, you know, pretty tell. I'm like 5 10 understanding here. So, yeah, like I saw this much room above my head. So it's like two little shelves here, so it's definitely not enough to hold everything if you have four roommates. So that's why I have this shelf here. So I definitely recommend, like, a show. If I could only have doesn't have to be this big, it could be like a plastic one. Be like kind of short, but you definitely can't hold everything in there for four roommates. I'd say so. Definitely gonna show if you can, but yes, that's gonna wrap it up for my room. If you want the dimensions of the room, I think they have him listed on the UNC Charlotte website. So you can definitely check out all the room. So the one that I'm in right now, if you didn't hear, is the Levin four person, two bedroom suite. So I'm not in an apartment style apartment cell has kitchen and everything, but yes, I'm in the sweet style. So let's go check out in the hall because they do have a little more stuff that you can use. So in this hallway, we actually have a lounge area. I'll show you that. And let's say your friend is taking too long in the bathroom cause it only one bathroom in that whole suite you could have come out here. There's like a family restroom, like anybody can use it. So we also have our laundry right here. Is this door over here? Uh, this two on each side? I believe so. Like this, this whole floor has to r ays some. I have three. So, yeah, each one. I think she'd get two sets of washers and dryers on each side of the building and four. So you get three washes right here, at least on our floor, and then you get four. Drive. So so for the lounge. What's in here? You know, we got suffering so people can hang out. We have chairs, tables, you know, from my life. Took some eight year old quick. You can't cook that much because we do have just one mike away. It's not like a stove or anything, but yes. So let's say like you cook something or, you know, after you're done downstairs, you didn't wash your dishes. You could actually wash it right here. So let's look in there. And there is another lounge on each floor that has a TV, so I'll go over that one real quick. All right, so this is the second lounge. This is one for the second floor. So, what we have here, we have being back to conceal on got chairs, the couch, and then we got this TV here so you can link up your own stuff to it. Yeah. This is the second lounge. Each floor has one that has a TV. So and you also get a nice view of the campus outside. So I really just like the layout of this door, Miss Seriously, super beautiful in here. So yeah, guys, that's gonna wrap it up for the dormitory. This is Levin Hall. This is the four person, two bedroom suite. So really loving the setup. Super happy that I get both sides. So being a resident advisor is definitely a plus. Can't wait to make so many new connections here. Guys don't know what you are, is an IRA is somebody that watches over the residents and make sure that it's fine helped build a community. And we just try to make sure everybody say so. We have, like, rules and force and stuff, So I don't think we're out to get you cause or not, we actually want to make connections with everybody. So I really like my whole squad of our race here. Since everybody is super awesome, they're all super pro school. Really nice. So if you're living here this year, then you're really gonna like it here. So I'm happy to meet you guys. If you're And if you ever I saw this video and you're one of my residents. Make sure you tell me, like, just come up to me and say, What's up? And I'm gonna have a conversation. We have a super awesome squad. Everybody is here to help you. So if you ever need anything, just make sure to contact us, and we'll get whatever you need. So I think I'm really gonna like the job. But otherwise in that you have any other questions about Levin Hall or any of the dorms? Leavitt down cons below, and I'll try to help you as fast as possible otherwise, And that makes you like this Video is helpful. And make sure you subscribe. You haven't already. And if you want to see kind of more views on campus so yeah, guys, hope you