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This is your eyes. Ballantine Hall, where most, if not all, of the business classes are held. This is where students come to take courses such as Business one eleven Accounting, another math and business related courses. Let's go Inside Inside Valentine Hall. You can see we have the New York Stock Exchange rolling through. If classrooms surround the perimeter of the hall, along with a nice common area here with tables and chairs to hang out in, this is a classroom. Ballantine Hall Classes in these rooms tend to be more discussion based. The student faculty ratio here ur eyes seventeen to one, meaning they're seventeen students to everyone. Faculty member. Most professors here really try to build strong relationship the students by incorporating questions and holding office hours. You can build a better relationship with your professor by tending their office hours at least bi weekly hand asking questions and answering questions in class. Really, Just try to be engaged with your professors and try not to seem like you're just showing up to class because you have to try to make it seem like you're really interested and you really want to learn, because at the end of the day, that's why we're Hello. My name is Patrick on today, when I take you on a tour of the historic district of your eye. But before we do that, we're gonna look at the old Ben Butler Cannon that's on the southwest side of your eye quadrangle. So this is the old butler Civil War, and I was brought here a long time. About a hundred years. It's pretty interesting. Check it out. Like I said, this isn't the original Civil War cannon the original civil work in and was placed in Kentucky Museum sometime the eighteen hundreds. However, this radicals creating eighteen's of seawater, you have resided on Union Civil War airship in Newport before it was brought here to the euro. Quat, originally named after Benjamin have Butler, came in the South Carolinian, Russian, his friend Captain George and Canyon brought the cannon and named it after him. In honor of this election, the broken barrels due to a long night of drunken celebration of the second moral act of not eighteen nineties you, which gave the school must change funds and also change the name of the state agricultural school to the right out of college. Magical certainly can't carts the drug students packed many things, and so they can begin firing until eventually they can take it anymore. And that's all for the old band Butler. So little work. That's place on the quad. Now we're gonna go over to the Ranger home. So this is right behind my share of places because his parents school communications that film was that it has the most technological man, some handsome sweet netting labs, a bunch of stuff that loved, and we're gonna go inside. Amazingly enough, Ranger Hall was originally built as the science hall in nineteen fourteen as a home tall sciences, too much political opposition before signs was studying and crumbling shacks near the woods. But Rachel is bills with campus quarry with granite in a state of the art heating system, which connected to the main power house by an underground trench that runs with the quad. Building was her name's Ranger hall after Walter, a Ranger, a strong advocate for the building and later chairman of College Board of trustees. The building received just six hundred thousand renovation in nineteen fifty to improve the interior space, and in twenty fifteen arranger Hall was stuffed with state of the art technology and software that makes it what is today the home of the Harrington School of Communication Media. It houses a lover rooms on the first floor, including classrooms adding sweets, recording, studio screaming, social innovation lab, I mean economists, a resource center and a large living room was three TVs that stream the news regularly. Rangers, second, third and fourth floors are closed until they get renovated. All right, so now behind me, is that tall? This is currently Peter harmonies also over, but this is probably most of the campus. Oh, you mean this was probably somewhere else. Anyways, we're going now. We're going to check it out. I'm gonna talk about that now. Edwards Hall was built in open in nineteen twenty with somewhere materials early buildings on campus like Ranger, which had also looks centralised too, as well. Assist next to on the court. It was named after your eyes. Third President Howard Edwards. Initially, how's the small campus library? A seminar room, A large central reading room in a large eyes holding the SAT one thousand nine people. It was your eyes home for the Fear department was the place to go to sea, popular movies and popular place. The theater department moved to the Fine Arts Center, and Edwards was redesigned as a large lecture halls. While is a public facility for many performances and shows. The Conte murals were uncovered in twenty ten during a one point five million dollars renovation and were removed in. The story is part of the new look of the building, which is it is what it looks like, all right now. Behind Washington Home one, not Washburn Hole was originally in Nazar Kosher Hall, which was built to centralize the studies. Animal husbandry, our Culture, daring and horticulture. Washburn opened in nineteen twenty one, had a more simplistic design. One special aspect of Washburn is Lindows, their enhanced by deep plaster ball recesses. Giorgio's dean of agriculture called it a dream come true. It was renamed after the colleges. First President John Jose Prosper in twenty twelve. Washburn has roof windows, interiors renovated. So what it looks like today and that's safer. Washburn. Let's go down to East Hall. All right. Next on our story. Right next Washington Hall. Yeah. So we're gonna go right there. You saw was named for its location on the quadrangle and was completed nineteen o nine as a men's dormitory there by solving a housing crisis that was rapid on the campus. It was the first of the late Georgian south buildings, with its arch windows on the first floor and edging of brick trip original plans for a building. We're next because people said the rooms were too small. Renovations of you solve reduce rises to sixty three, and after it was used for housing, he's tall, became the homes of the physics department, and that's where it is day. That's every solve. Let's go down the Olympics for one last final tour and lasting Tory's lived at home, probably one most hunted in historical places. You're right, Let's go inside job on our final South. The tour let the hole was open in eighteen ninety seven and filled the need for a drill hall in gymnasium facility as well as the library for your eyes. Growing number of books was built with locally found granite. Libya was named in honor of government. Charles W. Limpet love its architectural styles. He knew to the campus with suitors style and it houses chapel Well, it was a central gathering place for the campus and in nineteen thirty five recitations put in a student center with the dying facility on the upper floor in a sandwich and soda shop in the basement. But then it was a place with a missile for the military. During World War two September tenth, two thousand nine fourteen, Philip Groans Ghostwriter was commissioned. Installed a lip it as part of the states one percent Public arts program. Torch in three, as it's known today, was designed and fabricated by James Sound. Hey, guys, I just wanted to thank you guys for watching. And, you know, it was a final piece of advice. I know that the college experience in the college process can be very stressful, but and all honesty can be a lot of fun as well. Don't forget to meet a lot of people. Have a have a fun time while you're doing this, you know, going tor colleges, even if you don't think that somewhere that you might want to go. Because, honestly, sometimes it turns out that that is the place where you see yourself ending up. So, you know, obviously do your stuff, get your work done. But don't stress about it too much, because at the end of the day, you're going to end up some place and you're going to love it. Thank you guys very much and good luck. This is Hope Dining Hall. Here you are arguably the best dining hall on campus, as opposed to Butterfield, which is only open Monday to Friday. Ramsden is another option for students on campus. They can swipe in using their IEDs, and you could only get three swipes per day at Rand Stan, I hope you get unlimited swipes in and all you can This is my friend Bella's dorm room. She has a double with her. Make her in. They have an extra bed here right now because they have someone staying the night, but pretty general, it's about the same size as a triple. Just They unlocked it both of their beds and, uh, got rid of the third bed that they have a This is the Boat Praise Centre. Here you are I, one of the newest buildings on campus. This is the science building. This is where a lot of chemistry, major spend a lot of the time, it's most communications major. This is where I take my communications class. Let's go inside. So this is the Boat Press Centre. This is where you'll come for your chemistry classes. If you decide to take those well, Ofcom classes, which is communications and any other classes that could be determined to be science related classes. As you can see, it's all very hi tech. Very new, very new building, actually believe it's the newest building on campus, which is pretty easy to tell how it's all laid out. I was all set up I feel like this. Uh, this building is a great representation of what your eye has for the future students. You know, they're building a new new engineering building as we speak right now, and I think it's going to be as good, if not better, than this one. This is one of the chemistry labs in the bow pre center. I don't personally have any classes in here, but very, very nice labs, all brand new. Definitely a great place to, uh, have a class. Hi. My name is Colin Smith. I'm a pharmacy major at the University of Rhode Island, and I'm from Poughkeepsie, New York, large. It oozed school. Uh, I chose the school because it's very close to home. Only about two hours. The size of the school is perfect. Not too big and not too small. And I fell in love with the campus, right? When I toward it, how would you describe the student climate? The student student climate is great. Everyone here is very friendly, and it's not difficult to talk to people who get the help you need whenever describe the academic climate. The academic climate is great. It's not overwhelming. As long as you get your work done and know what you have to do. Get it done early is owned by only recommendation for that. Are there any pros and cons of the school? The pros of the school is that the campus is pretty easy to learn. Um, socially. You can meet people, you conjoined clubs. The only con I would say would be if you don't get involved. There is a possibility that you could risk not having a social life here at the University. What? What defines our differentiates your school in your campus from other schools? Campuses? Um, I chose the school because of the demographic. I thought it was very diverse, and I'd be in a lot of new people. And I also love the size and the campus. Everything about it Just clicked. Advice to you seeing yourself. If you have any, I would say just make sure the work doesn't overwhelm you and have fun your senior year. Thank you, Colin. My name is Andrew. Business Undeclared Major here, right? I'm from Franklin, Massachusetts. Why'd you choose? You are? I chose it because it's campus is beautiful. It's super close. How would you describe the student climbing? Two. It's very fun and friendly community. You always see some walking to class. I'll say hi during community. How would you describe the academic climate? Academic client? The workload isn't too bad. It's if you failed like fall behind, it's very easy to fall behind if you don't keep up with your work. What are some frozen ponds of the University of Rhode Island? Oh, some pros is only fifteen minutes from the ocean, which is really nice if you go on a hot beach day. Another pro is Add Mons. Make it reveal to just roam the high school age into cars. The one car that I would say comes with your eye is that the class sizes are a little too big, and it's a little too hard to reach out to your professors. What defines your school differentiates it from other campuses. It's really easy to get help here. Everybody works together, all going a one same goal. Get a career so we'll help two back in a bit. You give any advice to your senior yourself When you were in high school, I would just tell him, Don't stress too much. Thank you very much. Your way from, but Starr from Bristol. I won't start from time to time, but I just wanna give it a shot. He's trying, So just give it a couple seconds before this. Amos. Karen. And I'm promising Ellen, and I'm a business major at the university. Why'd you choose? You are right. Wanted to stay in New England since I'm from an island. A lot of my friends. The university? What? No. Some people. How would you describe this student climate? Um, people are really smart here. Ends. Everyone's generally happy. There's a lot of schools. How would you describe the academic climbing? The work was not too Regis, but, um, a lot of my smaller classes, a lot of great discussions about it. What are some pros and cons of ur? Um, some of the everything is really close and this talking between Bill and what other states come here and it's great cross country. Is there's limited parking on campus. What defines your school differentiates it from other campuses. I'd say a lot of the professors are and it's using email them if you need anything, would you give any advice to yourself going into college? Kind of thinking about where you'd like to go? Um, procrastinate. Doing your work and thank you. This is my dorm room. Here you are, I couple beds TV. We actually found a space for a couch on a triple. I was pretty average pretty general. It's a bit messy because we had some people stay over last night, but overall, not a bad place to