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So the food here, I would not say, is very great. The whole food they do provide you with a range of options. They have veggie options, and they can probably a comedy gluten free as well. But the food is an incredible and around town. You're not really gonna get anything. That's great, but we do end up as a result, cooking up a lot for ourselves on you really can get at least three or four recipes. I found your belt that you'll know forever in terms of late night food. They're two spots that I would go Teo Empire Dervish. Both are kebab shops, and there's also pizza courtyards. Um, but honestly, I think the best late night food is cooked by yourself. Praying. So my first year, I lived in the combination called Dear a David Russell Apartments. I have my own room to myself in my own bathroom, right? A double bed, which is really nice. And I live with four other people with one thing I'd say about as I was a thirty minute walk from the center of town because the neighbors as a town of four main streets. And if you live up at the town, it's kind of a bit of a hassle to get there, especially because not many of us have cars. And I personally don't know how to drive cars and the others out of the road. Um, we asked them. Now only I live and a flat with for the people. I'm living center of town. It's different. It's really, really nice to have that. But I've had my room but the entire time of Because so currently we're in the science math buildings. This is where we have management chemistry go bile classes in the school of chemistry, and we take a lot of classes here. We're going to go into the party building, which is also the School of Chemistry for our management class right now. This is the building and I'm gonna walk into a somebody wanted you to know. Um, so, coming from just outside of New York, the food here does not compare because how can you, however, that being said, um, my favorite, which is pub food, never disappoints with. Like I said, we've got, like, twenty pubs. So you always have your choice of barbarian chips or something like that. Um, you. There's a prep it, which serves classic prep food, a k a. Salad Sandwiches Toasties. We do have the classic late night British drug food, which is dervish Empire Courtyard, which is good old Turkish Babs like BAP shops. Which do you get? A lot of business. So that's very much of a two AM crowd always bustling, which is fantastic. I love We've got great fishing ship shops, three fish and chip shops. We've got loads of Italian restaurant, which are delicious, probably my favorite. So the food here definitely brings in a decent crowd like you, Never. There's never something that you can't find. You even got a Japanese restaurant that's just opened on the dusty she So Tennessee, you can get anything you want to find here, and it's quite delicious. So I'm currently standing in the quad. This is a beautiful place. In my opinion, it's world of the classes are You have lower college long right behind me. And that is what we have a lot of events. You have lectures here. You have tutorials for smaller groups. Um, it's really nice places. Found like a day like today with your friends and do your readings, anything like So we're on our way to the student union. So how do you explain this union? Those soon unions like the local student bar slash There's sixty one as well, right? Yeah. The nightclub there. It's run by the university there. Three bars before. Yeah, there's what others Skybar top, which is, I guess, cocktails and fun drinks that there's two lower bars back. Yeah, seems fun. Place for sports, you know, one day and the face or sports, you're on a team that's like the night we go out after your game. Once center baby sinners so six and won the club opens up all the sports teams Crazy night to Fun night. I definitely have a lot of fun. Hive one's words. He re cost to it and then also the drink of the union. The famous drink is the Pablo Pablo. I've actually never had a problem. You've never had a problem. Get my first one on camera. Amazing. So obviously a Pablo is two shots of vodka. One. Wkd. Um, it's very strong. It's intense. It's very sugary on DH. Kind of gives you a little bit of a headache, but it's great room loves it. We'll get the full review later, exactly. Hey, guys. I'm Sofia, and I'm a thirty year at St Andrews. I'm from New York City and I study art history management, and I want to be taking around soon. And you should show you guys the day in Guys from the gym on fire, work out, says the indoor sport three. Now we have volleyball, basketball or football. Everything here, so yeah. And this is the St Andrew's So this is thin entries library on the first floor right now where you can shot the other two floors, all silent. Um, a story to almost our work. We meet with our group, so we have a Simon's group projects private study rooms for that, and it's really, really nice to have this place. I mean, it's the center of town. There's a nice view of the ocean. So I participate in a couple of things on campus. I am part of an all ladies drinking society. One of the first, actually, or maybe the first at the school. I'm also part of fashion show called F S. I am on a committee and I worked as a model for it as well. It's really, really fun is a huge time commitment, but it also gets to teach you about day in life, of working in the world, really world interacting with people. In communicating with sponsors. I also have been part of valuable team. When I was in second year on DH, I was on a committee and second year for a Halloween event, and I was head of charity for that. And that was another really interesting experience because I've gotta teach you how to do everyday interactions with people were