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Thinking about Wake Forest University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Wake Forest University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Wake Forest University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Wake Forest University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Wake Forest University experience. These Wake Forest University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is green. Wait. Just Courtney and I just had a three fifteen. So a lot of people are kind of off campus right now. We're just shoot your last class, so greenest fairly. It's one of the newer buildings. Seoul just begin to look like this is a classroom right here. The lights are on. What? No towards? Oh, here. So you can see they're generally small buildings. Uh, or smaller classrooms. Bond. Then let's take you outside. Green, Take a look at the lower cause beautiful lower cloud and across the lower classes where all the academic buildings are seeking. Kind of get a sense of fact that, like, even if you have, like, a three fifteen passing green, you could make it to your three third class. Like across that. It's all right. Yes, very convenient. Green Night Classic Green. With this Lola work one you know, on the center. But it's honestly just that are different academic buildings. Kind of all around it. So very easy to get to class and right next to it. This is Manchester. This is computer science. So you think you can see over there is triple which is English. So as a freshman and sophomore, you'll kind of have classes. I'm in a bunch of these buildings you'll be taking, like your division ALS on which satisfies your liberal arts educations, Dance, English are back in the stuff. But then, like I said to you, ten a free, good Mr, probably one or two Oops. And then if you ever want to snack during Academic School Day, that building right there Benson that send Food court Mo's chick fillet on Asian Stir Fry Station, Make your own salads station and then one of two sit down restaurants. I'm called Shorty's, and that's like a good place to come if your parents are ever here kind of like a nicer. And then this is just the panel of the lower clouds. This is the academic Claude What's up, guys, this would like your help. Looks like it's pretty big. Pause it for a hundred. You know a lot of your general education here when you have two visuals, which are essentially aware that way for us, in case it's little arts reputation usually go through and take a cost of every department in the school, the major fire department in the school and taken in Jo to that subject with about one hundred students, they're not too tough. Sometimes they can be pretty difficult because it's something you never study if you're not interested. But I've had no bad experiences. The professors are awesome here way. They all have office hours released, even touch it. A lot of give you their number, right? Nurse Elvis that you reach out to them whenever you need. They're super understand. Well, if something comes up, I'll get very small school, but they all know me. No, it's just a great class environment ever. Okay, so right now you're on the upper quad on and this is home is like a chapel, which is kind of like the Eiffel Tower. Wait, so you seem like a photo. Wait, you've probably seen me chapel. But what's nice is this area eyes less for academics and more for like Wake forest traditions. So there's a ton of different events that go on here, I think, just a few weeks. The project pumpkin on, and that is one week brings, like underprivileged. You don't live in areas to retreat to a course campus. I'm indifferent. Student organizations will set up like Shaq. One of the buildings becomes a haunted house, and you consign it to walk with kids dressed in costumes. So that's one of like a million. There's the lighting of the quiet on which they both Christmas tree on during the holiday season. And then often right. Person of the speakers Who's the one from, um, orange is the new black. And then there was a basketball player. Chris Paul just came. Um, there's like a Ted accident here where a bunch of influential speaker is coming and give speeches so a ton of traditions. And it's also rolling the kwan there's I just noticed because they're swell paper behind you season twenty stone trees. That's a huge force tradition. So if any of our major athletic teams win, the whole student body is supposed to come out and throw the tape around the trees like you just be the flies. And it's actually really exciting because wake, it's like, Now I'm getting pretty good at scoring. I'm so Tyler Last semester, way needed like to march back. Honestly, it looks way were abroad, but like the football team last year does really well, and they want All right, guys, I can tell you, Wake Forest University was showing you wait. Chapel? Um, it's the big church on campus. Got a huge tower. It's a landmark. You couldn't see it from pretty much everywhere on campus. And it's a really beautiful building way course. Originally Baptist made. They've moved away from that tradition, but they still have really just services all of time. The first university. They have an imam, Um, that in addition to their, um, Catholic priests and rob Jewish rabbis, um, they also have events here. There's speakers that holds a lot of people, and it's really a truly center of the university. This's Renault the traffic. It's a walking, hiking running trail just off campus. It's a beautiful spot. Just a sunny day. Teo, explore, get jog in. I'm just really highlight all of the beauty only for his campus and around in a rural area. Yeah, this is Jim. Release the fourth floor. The camera actually die Little filming. So just a quick little tour of the stairs. Oh, so you're here. It's a great resource that everyone has access to grand now. So one of the really cool thing going for us is the intramural sports program. A ton of people get involved in it, and it's pretty much just they unorganized Lee for a pickup games where, at the end of the season, you have playoff champion and it's really fun because there's a lot of athletic kids that come to you in school in Campo, this poor anymore. It's their right here, working hard, just having fun plans in sports and degree. But it could stay active, stay in shape. And Jim is a good location for that. June is completely free to everyone to use open, like twelve hours a day, almost tore my fair parts away Oh, I didn't see that. The lottery is a great place. You get worked on use Resource is meeting with friends for a project. I didn't escape from the craziest day today. College life. One of my library is the study of Was just like these. You could rent out for free on a daily basis. I know you have your own credible. Is that cage of playing one library or anywhere else you might see you see, And you're able to really grind focus right here and is a resource and that resource. So is this like your full total library Enjoy? So this is one of the main floors of library, one that I do work on often. It's right above the gym. You will walk in and has a reference desk right nearby. Computers will see them way open. And just in general play, Sherlock would congregate. You often see kids were in the same class is easy, right? Do some home where? Reference desk Right there. Computers you can see and it opens up in this big breeding. This is inside the reading room. It's a quiet place. That's Alan. It's a really good place to get a lot of work done quickly. So this is a different part of library. It's called the Stacks. It's also pretty much dead silent, and it's a really good place where, if you want to get work done, if you do research project that books are read right nearby, they're accessible. Librarians are often walking up and down the aisles readyto help. I'm looking for a thing like that on. It's definitely cool place to study because it's so quiet, you get a lot of work. This is another common area of the library. It's up on the sixth floor, one of the great things, the library's so they're so spacious. Um, like a lot of people need to stay the same times during finals week during midterms, and you can never really struggle to find a spot like there's so many different nooks and crannies you confuse you find opens about the study open place find, probably with friends. Was there really convenient part of it? This is just another room in the stacks where a lot of people like this study with nice of peace and quiet. And I'd say the general feeling around campus is most people do stable library People like myself prefer to study in their rooms, but it's more of a it's personal preference and I wouldn't want to library cat. What's up, guys? This is where I live. It's a nine person, sweetie. Live here with my friends. It's a combination of singles and doubles, for example, is the single My friend Adam lives. He is a sophomore. Like May. He is a poly signed major in film studies Minor, and this is just a general of how big a single is. It's a little bit messy, but so is Adam. That is your right down the hall way. Come to my room, other right at the end and a double. Um, I lived with one of my best friends my whole last year, and we chose living double together. But singles are definitely available after freshman near, if you want into the way that, um, rooming works. Freshman year is people are randomly paired into doubles, and it has the random you can choose anyone else, but I kind of like that way, because all the halls, just a mixture of like a bunch of people, you get all of these detectives and you find your friends and my roommate. Freshman year, I wasn't the biggest fan of hand. We got along pretty well. We're finding mates and last year on campus still from they worked out how we play on DH. Then after freshman year, you kind of find your friends, know where you go from there and live with you are awesome. Sup, guys, this is Davis. Three one nine six Man sweet and welcome to my second home. Let's go. Yeah. So this is standard double, um, bad there, but they're what they call it. Double two desks, micro fridge, free of charge. Great additions. Yeah. And then two dressers. Commands. Yeah. You can put a TV in here if you want, but you don't have to. You know? Well, semi prime right there. Dogs playing poker. Well, Kramer's well, start whenever you want. So welcome to the galaxy. Um, that's what we like our singles in here. So this is galaxy. This is actually a dark side, but so, yeah, they're actually pretty big one bad, you say, Make sense. Same stuff. You got that micro fridge huge. Yet that desk you got some guy that doesn't live here. Then you have another Mr right here. So, Cam Cam, how do you feel about living in a single? I like living in a single a lot because I can go to bed or wake up whenever I want to, And, uh, I get tired of dealing with people. I could just go to sleep. Perfect. You should. You terribly high. Like living with Oh, I mean, I love it. I mean, you can live with one of your best friends. I'm currently not. Which kind of sucks, but, um, yeah, it's great. You're never lonely. They're a lot bigger to them. The singles, which is great and a lot more room to kind of customize your room and then Oh, no. If you grew up in a family more than one. Okay, this is a great way to do it. And then get Tau live super close to your boys, So it's Thursday. Justin. I just finished our research methods Psych exam, that one pretty poorly on dime to show you guys where we live. One of the options of living for seniors. I know Courtney told you guys a little bit about it. This is my house. This called the compound. This is my house. And then that's my friend's house, Other five girls. So there's five of us in each one, and then these houses are fraternity houses there, the Sigma Chi. But we call them Machi houses, and we live in this kind of dead end zone. Um, and so so far this year, we kind of like, have fun block parties with each other because we're all friends, and we like order lacrosse sticks. Just can I like, not be serious at all, Just kind of have something to do in lawn boards, and we just kind of chill. And there's a gazebo up there with the grill. So you have like, family dinners. On Sunday, the boys will grill. And then there's also, apparently, supposedly they're putting a pool behind the houses, which would be sick for us. There are other pools around would be nicer to stab one closer to us. And that's Monica. She's also lives in that other house and she's coming outside. Hang out, go to the pool later. You're in the pool later. And then so just and I actually, because we're seniors were able to arrange your schedule in the way that we don't have classes on Friday. So this is basically our weekend, so we're going out tonight, pool later out tonight. No classes Friday and then party Friday. Darty Saturday fund. Artie, Saturday. I'll record you guys in, There's a ton of different food options out on the campus. I'm currently sitting on cereal, just called, which is right off a pillow with one. And then not their defense center, which has a close chick fil A Morris head, an Asian fusion bar, a salad bar salad's, rob and smoothies. And then there's a hit on on North campus. Where are all the software you ever last clip? Let's go to Starbucks on campus. Wait night Eve. We have subway. That's open twenty four hours as well, is open until two AM and six has pizza, mozzarella sticks, wings, fries, things like that. And I'm pretty much accommodate anyone. So right now I'm staying in the our cafeteria. There's a big bar. There's a complex station. There's gluten free breads, so I'll take you around. So there's a ton of seeding and then Thursday drinks over there, and then they just some and put in the vegan bar last year, so every day there was going to be different being in options. Hello, man. Come around here and we have the sandwich bar. One sandwich. Sorry. Believe me. Um, and then serials over here with on bagels and bread. I don't need all that far. And in the grill guys like fries. Like that. Here you go, Alan. Can I? Sorry. Here. You'll just have green. Ah, protein of the day, things like that. And then come over here and you have your pizza calzone station here. You could make it, and then you have. Fairly big, and there's a ton of seating over here. All right. You're solid bar and course just has, like, a ton of different toppings. You, Khun ad time. So this is pretty popular than dressings over here. Then you could not be more topping chicken green yogurt. So they're ton of options. Here on campus is twenty different food and pretty much What's up, guys? It's actually smart. Concert from math class is held, and when you get the classes for your major, often times this class size becomes a lot smaller. And so the pressure's really well. I have my conn finds her compressor. He's awesome. Andi, you kind of get to know everyone, your major, all of professors, all the kids, and it's like a whole community within the way forest community are