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As a student want to things I love about. Wake Forest is a small class sizes. It's a medium sized liberal arts college. So let's when I was a freshman touring, I think the ratio for student, in fact, it was three faculty members are three students, everyone faculty. So most of the biggest class I've been away for us was my internal bio and introduce like classes, which for fifty students but for the most part, especially want to declare a major. It's gonna be twenty five under, so I just had a cost for communications class. That was twenty two students, and I, like, you know, I think that the most because you could really four million relationships with your professor's Goto office hours. You get out like your professor gets to put a face to your name. It's not like a big state school on DH then. Also, it's not. It's not a lot of lecturing. It's more of a conversation in the classrooms. You also get formulate relationships with students who have been having your costumes. So I think it's really nice. You easily get to meet new people, especially once you declare a major You're kind of seeing a lot of silly faces in the classroom. So other show in class right now, it's a really not that big Windows whiteboards projector. Mom's here. So I have class in here. Not all the seats. I'm sorry. I'm recording. Not all the seats are taken up whiteboard, so Yeah, it's really nice facilities. Um, other things that have kind of surprised me about Wake. I came thinking nights By the time I can't. This is so beautiful and I definitely have. But as I've gotten older, I think Winston Salem is kind of such a hidden gem. Wake Forest. I'm especially kind of the restaurants and the concerts and the energy of it, and I feel like there's randomly, just like when people come in once and they don't really think food. But there's a ton of different, amazing restaurants here. It's literally crazy. And being from Connecticut, it's ups like a small town. But this way you can find anything. Your food is honestly better here. And the brunches, I think what every girl goes. Yeah, with her group of friends on Sundays. It was kind of like Debrief Here we get that you, like, sit there for so long before you two start like all of your work and get all of your Sunday stuff. You kind of have that times like export around. I feel like underclassman. That's kind of like your pits it like on Sundays. And once you get older, you get a car. Then you kind of just go somewhere else. Like especially because we live off campus of seniors. Absolutely. And you just feel like when the sound becomes kind of like an escape like I gone drives a lot of words, sound like neighborhoods, and especially you spend all your time on campus. And you so say that, like studying in extracurriculars, it's awesome to get off and go to different restaurants. Uh, yeah, Thursdays for a night. Yeah. Most kids goto about people about this up, but last resort is kind of a bar. On Thursday, all kids go just for homecoming. That was like pact of alumni, like everyone had it All right. So Courtney and I are now walking on the upper quad and one of the hidden spots that we have been to win last year with a meeting there. Yeah, I'm It's called campus grounds. It's just really good copy shop. They have cranky. Is coffee, right? Yeah, they had, like, specialty, like local coffee on DH. They have it's such a coffee. It's from downtown, But they like, they saw their beans here, and that's what they make there. Coffee out of it. So good. And we're going to go get Khun Future, which us senior two years ago started her own computer company. And so they sell it here at Wake, obviously, to help promote her company. Um, it's really good. They sell it on tap, and we're gonna go get, like, awesome cookies, pastries that they all bring in from, like Salem, like communities and stores. Hello. My name is Sam, literally from ducks. Very Massachusetts. I am a major in communications with folks in media studies and a minor film studies, and I'm a senior. Okay, So could you describe what the communications major like what that's like, that way it's been awesome for me. I didn't know what he wanted to be a communications major until soft or fall. I transitioned into it, and I think more than anything, the professor's been unbelievable. I love going Kara's. Well, there's a dog. There's Canis birds who works. Uh, Secretary. She's been unbelievable. I've really got no small some teachers, which is a very dull. They have been very helpful, uh, spirit experience. And then what are you involved in around campus? Involved in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has been awesome. And I'm also a little banshee, which is a sketch What's up, guys? This is Triple Hall. This is the building that houses the English and History department. It also houses the Scholarship Commons for kids who on scholarship here, Wake Forest. Um, it's a stable, down, lower quality, right next to all the freshmen dorms, which is convenient because every kid has taken a boy asked first year seminar in trouble their first year, Wake Forest. It's a great classics. It's all freshmen. It's a writing intensive class that kind of covers a variety of topics miles of deception in the morals of lying. And that was pretty cool. I still hang out with a lot of kids there in that class was just twelve. The fresh with me. It's a great program. They instituted that. I'm sure if you think I'm here, Woods out, guys, This is the tour of Manchester Hall, its location of the computer science offices, the math offices and economics offices. And it's kind of a two part building with this room right here. Separating the two in the third part, which will come back to later, is the math and computer science departments. And in this bag, part Titan we called Kirby is the economics department. And so I'm gonna take this time to talk a little bit about very majors. You don't have to declare a major until your sophomore spring, and it's a really good way to kind of like give you time to check everything out, like see what you're passionate about. I came to school as an engineering major, uh, didn't love the engineering program. It just wasn't for me because I want to do a lot of new stuff. But I'm sure it's still a great program. And I ended up switching over to potentially the business school before finally settling in this building. Dole majoring in math again. And, um, it's a few stories. Talk Vigilante Kids is over the open classroom. For anyone who wants to study, it's like a great call during finals week to be with some classmates working on board. Um, but otherwise, this is typical centered school building. Hey, guys, this is the Manchester, Mass. Side of the building. I have a lot of classes down this basement. It was my first car class of college was, um, calculus. And again, like all all the president met in this department faculty, it's all very, very helpful. They want you to succeed. They want it for yourself. But, yeah, it's a great I guess we're walking into the business school right now. One of the entrances. Father. As you see, the fire pit is over there. There's a reception right now, probably because it's homecoming weekend. Not gonna go over there because not dressed properly. Uh, but if you're just coming so. Brick Every every building on wake is spread. I like a lot people of you just try not to be seen by anyone. So this is the year of the building. I find this close right now. Don't know why on DH then over here are the classroom on either side and then below in the basement, there are a ton of classroom and then people kind of just and then classrooms. So yeah, it's a business On DH, then lastly, if you can give one piece of advice and incoming freshman, what do you think you would say? Yeah, I would say, honestly, I think you start so broad is a freshman like you come in. And at least for me, I have no idea what I wanted to do. So honestly, it sounds kind of shape, but take the classes that you didn't think you were gonna take and honestly, go to a meeting for a club that I'm not sure you're gonna be interested in. Just sign up for everything because you can always narrow it down. You can get yourself off that list server. Drop that class. Yes, but by starting Broadway force get such an opportunity to, like, try things weren't gonna try. Just great. Like that's why we're live or liberal arts, like, out of a liberal arts college. Things goes like socially, like, you know, grab lunch with people dissolves, and you don't have your set group of friends doing back on the been friends since kindergarten. Like, grab lunch with someone random were like, um go on, like, be bold. Yeah, like everyone's friendly. Everyone's in the same boat like wanting to get to know as many people as they can kind of like find their college like people say, it's a fresh start. And yes, in some ways it is. But more than anything, it's just a chance to try anything. This and you're gonna find your niche things by senior year, and you're gonna have your friend group. But freshman year, it's all up to you. So much for change. I'm like Wake offers, like so many different opportunities for students and really just take advantage of them completely lovely. Okay, bye, guys. Hope you'd enjoy. And then one thing I would say, in my opinion, also being freshmen, it's good office hours. Yeah, Good off south. Yeah. And that's trying something new because maybe to meet Professor. It's all right. Aye. So I am currently walking to the bookstore, which is OK on the upper quadrant. Upper Quad is pretty much the same as a lower quad, except it's quieter, like it's mostly dorms. The bookstore, which is where I'm headed right now, and the Deacon Shop, which is just dicking apparel as well as Subway and six. And, of course, white chapel. He's right there, so it also goes around like Florrick. Waddle trees border around it, quanto dorms. A lot of people when it's nice out, not right now, because it's kind of late in the day they are tan out there and there's the guy walking his puppy. So it's probably nice places like hang out to work. There's a ton of tables for people and the Wait for us is a really active campus, their students running around us all the time. And in the end, all the trails, which is right by campus. Niko is kind of back into gardens, which is a great running trail. I think it's about five miles. But then this gym that I'm sitting in right now is just opened for the first time this semester. There also a ton of more classes in Winston Salem. Wake Force units take and they have think they're opening up a spin class downtown and they have a camp boxing and a pair of art and adult ability just walkable from campus as well. So that's very popular. And this just actually opened this facility, so it's all very new. Equipment doesn't walk rock climbing wall. It's pretty spectacular. I'm gonna take you on a little Oh, okay. So right now you're looking fire, you signally slide and like on that issue endemic slot. And then and then we could go out to the upper quad, also known as But this area here is kind of cool guys on my right is he study abroad? Over sixty percent of students study abroad, so it's a huge thing and wait for ice and what's really nice. You can definitely kind of choose where you want to go. So I say we has houses in Barcelona, Venice as well as London. Those are kind of places that you want to visit. Uh, wait. Is happy to partner with, like, any affiliate program to make sure you get there. So my friends wanted to study computer science and Fiji, and he found a kind of affiliate program that would do it partnered with Wake and then we just met yesterday. So there's a place you want to go well, pretty much get also nice. Decided to go through really grand while your forces and like credits will, of course, transfer your grades. You get so coarse, great to go through with it if you want. But if you want to kind of take it. Break with grades, studying France. Help. Um, and then the balcony, right? So that's the president of Wake Forest. And just like the professor is President Ashton's office, I can't say that I know Billion that's gone. But wait, that you ever want to take up or just want to talk about applying for something, always something? And then. So this building is Rinaldo Hall. It's like home of all advising. So there is academic, which is like tutoring. And there's financial advising. You need help, like making a budget once you get to wait on, and then the biggest driving. Okay, personal career development. And that's actually really cool because obviously get a job. So they'll help you create a resume you can sign up for, like, a mock interview where they pretend to be a recruiter. You couldjust reserve a room set. You have, like a phone interview. Need quiet space. Created Winton for you as well. Set you up with, like, a small job count. I'm on hand shaped which is like a journal before Islington. So a time going on in terms of it, All right, guys, this is the view of the upper quad. It's where most of the sophomores and juniors live on campus right down the middle and you can see is we know the hall. That kind of service is a boundary between lower and upper campus. That's where people go to eat, has a study abroad office and proves you're seeing now is a bunch of storms called My Wait Chapo is they have a tour of earlier. It's a big landmark on campus, but this is really a congregating point for all the upper cosplay. Okay, so right now I'm sitting in front of the business school, which is fairly new to our campus. And when I was a freshman, it was, I believe, like top six in the country. I'm not really sure what stands now because I am not in the business school. I'm sitting on the cusp of kind of North campus, but she could pan out. It's it's fairly new. I think it was like no. Two thousand thirteen. I think it was so I think the cameras built to thirteen. That's where all the majority of the sophomores live on. Ben, when you joined the sororities, if you're a girl like you have like a sorority hall and, like each sorority is like, doesn't need it to one of the different dorms on North Campus. There is also a Starbucks in that building hands the pit, which is one of our cafeteria, a beautiful side of campus, and it's much quieter than top campus. South Campus is where all the classrooms and such are in. The library is like that, but the business school behind me is fairly new. It's beautiful. You and also what the great thing about business school is through. What different businesses will come for seniors in the fall for career fair, which we have this week, and you can actually have interviews in business school, which is very convenient. So you have to drive to places like Charlotte at first, like you can, like, get your first interview here. So actually having the interview yesterday and just had to come here, so it's very easy, and it's a great place to study as well. Ifyou're once you're in the business school, you kind of have access any room so you can sleep in any plaster in the study with your friends, things like that. It's kind of I'm even into made a little bit by the business because it is. You see, I'm wearing sweater sweatshirt right now in leggings, and sometimes I go in there and people are wearing heels and stuff. But there's also an Einstein's bagel place in there and printers and saw what what? Oh, and there, showers. I even know that. Yeah, there's locker room. Oh, and there's a locker. Oh, my gosh, crazy. So the business school there's a ton of different parks, too. It's very prestigious. It's a great place to study. And it's also there's a fire. There's like an electric fire pit outside to a lot of people hang out there like kind of in the fall winter. There's also a ping pong table. People kind of like taking a study break, so I kind of get your creative juices flowing. Come. Yeah. So this is just a very pretty part of campus life. A bunch of trees and stuff. Wait. Chapel is hidden and, like up there is the upper body and then in the parking lot. Hi, guys. I'm sitting, um on the lower quality. Just finished class with my friend Courtney, um, the tent to steal it from home, Coming from the president's ball? Not a lot of soon. They're out right now because it's three. Fifteen and Jenny, that's, like, kind of the latest class, And they have a night class. Andi seem corny, and she's goingto talk about weak forests and in her eyes and kind of her experience thus far, she is a senior, so she's had a lot in four years, so it's quite a bit of experience, but, yeah, here we go. S so here she is. All right. Hi, guys. My name's Courtney and I'm from Wilson, Connecticut, and I am senior like Sophie said, I'm majoring in political science with minors in entrepreneurship journalism. Uh, and I am a tour guide here. Weeks. I talk a lot about, um, kind of why I chose Wake and why I decided to come here. And I only always talk about the fact that weight tends to prioritize so much of your education outside of the classroom on DH. Not only do you have your first two years to kind of figure out what you want to study by taking off your different divisional classes. But you also kind of find out what you want to focus on by your extracurricular activities. And I somewhat think that as much as I've learned inside of a classroom, I've grown so much more as a person outside of the classroom as well. And then what are you involved in? Our own campus involved in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has been awesome. And I'm also a little banshee, which is a sketch Congress group on campus and described like being the head person in Banshee is like being in charge this year. What's that been like for you? It's been unbelievable. No, I've been in this group for my fourth year. I never would've brought many things have been a part of it the whole time, and it's kind of just giving me everything I could've wanted more. So to be, ableto lead that group and try to give that back to the new kid, joining and just be a part of the whole process just been really Right, Very much wine. Seven or eight em a call. Come to psychology and foreign language. So everybody special. Next Because I have specialties. Five hundred player major. You're kind of spending most of your time in one on and off face right offices in the corresponding building. So my medications Professor there communications building. I could go on for office hours, which is really nice. Forty points. Here it is. Twenty five people. I'm saying you really get to know both professors. So say check your like online. No, You're probably gonna know the name there. A message on Facebook text and thank you. No. Tell us to mention that you have like sometimes you open your professor's house for dinner and things Osman important. Thank you. That I like that. Have a professor. What happened? Like my one. What's that? He even kind of always reach out. Which is really another thing. Is that in terms of like, no semester. So my name. Fifteen minutes and then fifteen? No. Three times twice and then make yourself. Fifteen to thirty. It's not place frequented weeks. Um and then just one last final thing. What would you like? What advice would you give to potential incoming freshmen? It's too late to potential incoming freshman. Um, I would tell them that I don't know anybody who's regretted coming here. I think it's an awesome campus like this awesome people. It's a super great environments and I mean academically and socially. I think the combination you can't get much better, so perfect come to Wei. So I'm not going to take you guys on a full toward the gym because there's so many. There's three different level swift, but I'll tell you like to see the equipment and the rock climber. So here we are, This's it once you go down the stairs. So it's a brand new, really nice, and then this waits down there and then you have like a ton of equipment there. And then here's the rock climbing wall you can use on DH. Then there's treadmills, electrical things like that. And then they're more treadmills two floors below here, and then a bunch of weight machines here and if you go parents. There's like more weight's on floor space. Yeah, Freddy facility is very nice. All right, guys, this is a video of lower quality on this beautiful morning and basically is a go around back on campus and let you in the business school. Down on the south side of the fraud is freshman land, as we call it, which is six freshmen dorms. But your randomly assigned to your freshman year. Uh, and they're all great dorms. I wasn't Johnson, and freshman year is a great experience. So hang out with kids and it's a finish up for loop around just to mark it and Phillip Kirby So it is Thursday. Uh, this is kind of just one of the rooms in the library room. You're not supposed to talking every detail. It's pretty early, so there are people here. Just friends. It's you were kind of in a library got here earlier today because we have a test. It's psych class on that we are not prepared for the slightest bit, which is completely are usually. Yeah. So this is just time's up. It's almost ten. Thirty. This is just the kind of quiet it's. It's kind of social. Just try to get our work done. One is just possible before this. Yeah, before we go out, Yes, that's kind of thing. Work hard. Play hard school. He grinds library. Then what would you say is your favorite time of year on campus? Like that way I love, um, like the end of first semester like that last month and a half or so First semester, it starts to get cold. We've got mountain weekend. We've got our final banshee show of the semester. I started to get towards Christmas time. I go Thanksgiving, all of that kind of just like molds into a month and a half of just constantly moving. It's a ton of fun. I finished a lot of final projects and stuff. What's up, guys? It's actually smart. Concert from math class is held, and when you get the classes for your major, often times this class size becomes a lot smaller. And so the pressure's really well. I have my conn finds her compressor. He's awesome. Andi, you kind of get to know everyone, your major, all of professors, all the kids, and it's like a whole community within the way forest community are What's up, guys? This is Green Hall where the language departments are held on campus. Um, wait for it does have a language requirement, but it's only to take a two hundred level language class, which is proficiency. And so if you choose to go to Wake Forest, you think a placement test the summer before getting here, and it places you into, you know, like the beginner class and me class. And I was placed three actually did in intermediate class. If you have a real problem there, place when you can work with Harmon that you figure it out, how it breaks down his most students a sense in taking two to three semesters language. And it's a really good way to get like a driver's education and come here especially to major in something like stammer business. I'm like, That's a nice change of pace. All the language professors are unbelievable. Um, there was a happy happy to help out. They have all sorts of cultural immersion programs on the weekends after class. Um, and it's a really cool aspect about Wake Forest University. They have such emphasis on, like