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Meet Katie! And get ready to experience WashU through her eyes Washington University in St Louis

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Katie shows you around Brookings Quad Brookings Quadrangle

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"At WashU we're lucky to have such a beautiful campus" Brookings Quadrangle

So I'm majoring in economics, and I'm Mina ring in computer science, and I definitely did not know what I want to study before I came to college. So I applied to be in the Arts and Sciences School. And so that really allowed me to take a wide variety of classes and kind of try a bunch of different things out. And also another great thing was that I could take classes in other school. So I took a lot of business classes. I took some engineering classes, and I took a few classes in the art school, so those were really able to do a little bit of everything. Kind of just figure out what I wanted to study, the coolest cause it taken in my major. I would say I haven't really taken any of the cool e con economics electives yet, but I'm supposed to take game theory next year, which is supposed be really cool for my minor. I think the coolest cause have taken Wass Web development, which wass just like learning how to build websites like the code behind it. On the social scene is very inclusive, you know, no matter what. People are always trying to bring people out to things, even at parties, and also it's very inclusive on the student body is getting warm divers, I would say, But there are a lot of nice, you know, a lot of nice organizations set up to help students of different ethnicities and religions and all really have had their own group, but also fit in one else, which is really nice. I would say that for me on person have like three groups that I always associated with my This is fraternity friends, my friends, religious organization and I just a bunch of other guys from the South Asian community. And it's nice. Multiple groups gets something a Okay, so I'm just gonna show you my floor. Um, I live in, um, wrath house, which is so residential colleges and made up of two dorm buildings. So my residential college is south forty. Um, like so for ho South forty house. Um, but I live in, um, wrath, which is the other dorm building. It's all freshmen. I live on the first floor. So this is all of the dorms past here, and then on the other side, it's This is all like, offices and common room stuff. But if you live on any floor except for the first floor, the whole floor is just going to the dorms. Um, so every floor has a big common room. We only have one. Most wars have to, since the whole thing is dorm building dorms. This is our common room. A lot of times, my floor is really close. So a lot of times we'll come in here, we'll hang out, we'll be doing homework. We'll eat together. Um, so it's a really nice community. Your freshman floor's like a big thing here at Wash There are a ton of good restaurants near campus. Also, there's a street nearby. It's about a twenty minute walk away or a fifteen minute walk, and it's called Balloon. It's kind of like our college down, and they have a lot of good like or casual restaurants. They have to put Les. They have some good pizza places. Oh, so we go there a lot. They have Mexican places, and my favorite restaurant is pasta area. It's not on the loop, but it's about like a five minute drive away and they have Italian food. It's so good. Whenever I go, I run into like, ten other washing people. No, yeah, everyone loves it. So I am walking out of the South forty right now? Yeah, obviously it's a walk off south for you gets into your classes on DH as you are. I think these girls it's a big day. I think they just got in a shorty. Um, so anyway, atyou walkout of South forty. They're all these shops, and they're all student own, which is really nice. This is my favorite right here. It's the candy shop. I always go after my exams to get candy because you either need Teo. Forward yourself for all your hard work and studying and the fact that you crushed your exam or you need to eat away your sorrows, which is? It's usually the ladder. But, you know, whatever, there is laundry. There's a laundry shop. If you're too lazy to do your own laundry, you can get someone You could get them to do your laundry for you. They, like Pick it up, do it and drop it off for like a fi. How did how much it is? There's cornerstone, which is like a tutoring place. If you need help with a class, you could go there. Um, it's really nice. All of these, all these Okay, so I'm kind of in the middle of all the engineering buildings right now. They're kind of spread out ish, but they all are, for the most part, like on the northeast side of campus. So for an engineering socks, you'll be walking toe all your buildings fifteen minutes away this time. So this is the part a hall right here. What? Engineering and applied science. So that's really cool. This building I saw here, even if you are in engineering the Cal Kelp Room, which if you're in any calculus class, you need help what you will. He will need help because they're impossible. Uh, the couch help room is always open. There's, like, always to TA is in there. You just walk in and you're like, Please help me with this. Terrific. And through the cinder girl and the Utopia. And it's really nice here. This is kind of in Lincoln underpasses engineering. It's the other side of engineering. So I'm going to describe a little bit about town. We're lost. She was located. So see, the schools called wash you in St Louis, but we're right on the outskirts of St Louis is very close to Clayton is one of the nicest same move. Suburbs. It's such a nice area. Yeah, a little bit outside canvas on some sizes, just these amazing, like massive houses. And also it's really pretty area. And and so they're surrounding town is very nice, bizarre or, you know, it's a great place out. And hello, What is this? I said to get you over there and restaurants. Bars in all in area? Wouldn't say it is cool. There's just a lot of things that you're on campus there's Forest Park is the largest, I think City based the country. It's right outside walking distance of so called No, I would say it depends on who you are, but the town can be an important part of you watching experience. But some people just designed not to get Afghanis at all. And that's really up to. I think there is so much to do on campus that you know you're really losing out getting off campus. But at the same time, I'm someone who likes to go explore the place. And they are just so many fun things to do that it's cool to not have No, so damn it's at Wash U. I am a finance and economics and shot the mayor with it. It's minor at moment. I just finished a Russian here, so we'll see, please. But general academic climate, I would say, is pretty. It's very which is really not do we have and amazingly, just a really, really great business. We'll definitely expected to be a more competitive by. I guess you'd say, like some other business schools are. And one of the nicest things about ours is, you know, we're consistently a top ten. Last year, poaching clients were ranked number, the number one business school and underground business school in the country. We have such a collaborative atmosphere. I did know I wanted to study finance primarily before coming to college because I watch you walk through a high school for business and finance. Not everyone does, and a lot of people just jump into it on DSO. Things about business school is, you know, people. I think a lot of premed kids especially like to poke fun at the business school and say it's typically easier. I don't think the classes are too sleazy, but I would say there is what's called the business school her, which is really nice for students where essentially business school classes curved to B Plus. So long as you're about the average you tape, we can do pretty well. Nice. Three cool spots I've taken in my major was most likely. First spot's called Neck to ninety Presser is this incredible? Unfortunate? You like school this year? He was here for a while. Yeah, really did a great job with just, you know, bringing up his incredible examples from everything from anything from your TV subscriptions to buying a taxpayer get tight. And this really in death economic theory, which I thought was right. And so my classes, primarily this school, they weren't crazy. Homework Intensity. What? You still got time? Most of them were test based on that papers here Okay, so I don't leave campus that often cause a lot time you have to study. You're you're like, doing fun stuff on campus. But if you do want to leave, I have three or four suggestions. Forget the number had the West End. Central West End is on the west side of campus. Um, it's like a nice place. There's some restaurants is not shopping, but there's some really nice restaurants. They have Pie Pizzeria Um, and then the other thing is Forest Park, which is on the east side of campus, which is like you step off the campus and you're stepping on to Forest Park. It's this giant park and pretty sure was designed by the same dude. But it's Central Park again, New York So it's pretty. It's pretty special. And then we have, um, the botanical garden, which is kind of nerdy. But I love it. It's you have to drive there. It's like it's a pain uber to get there. But it is so beautiful. Is my favorite part of Missouri so far. And then during Christmastime they have garden glow, which is which means that they basically put up lights everywhere around the garden, and it is so beautiful. Um, and then the last part is the loop, which Okay, So now I'm gonna show you where you can eat on the forty on DH, there's two places. One is called Bear's den. And that's where you can, like, put in orders and get like fresh food. And then pause and go is a place where you can get food that's already been pre made or like If you want some snacks, that's where you get your snacks to bring back to your dorm Um and everything like that. So I will show you this. It's in south forty. I just showed you You walk in on, there's a bunch of different stations. This is a stir fry place. There's kosher. If you'ii coaster, there's make your own pasta, pizza, hamburgers over there. There's a world fusion right there, which is really good. They have like, Indian. They have a lot of food from, like, different cultures. So basically, what happens is you go out, you fill out your order, you get what you want. And then you go over here just like your car. You pay, and then you know it's So this is pausing. Go. They have. Like I said, they have stuff. Snacks, ice cream, popcorn machine. There's always sandwiches here that you could get their pre made. My favorite thing here is to make your own salads far. So if I ever wants out, you could just come in here and make your own. And it's really nice. They're pretty cheap. So over here, there's more snacks. Teo, go stuff. It's a lot of drinks, chips, really, Whatever you want, have Rahman here. There's a custard machine and their soups, and so you can get up. It's really nice. And smoothies. This is everybody's favorite part. You can make your own snitch just to further record. If you're worried about being able to eat healthy when you're at college, don't worry. Wash U is rated. I'm pretty sure we're rated number three for food of all colleges across the nation. Um, so the food, first of all, is really good. And if you're worried about like if you track your calories or few track your Mac rose or whatever you d'oh, there's a website that wash U has. If you just search washing nutrition, it'll come up and they have the nutrition info for every single piece of food being served on campus that day, so no matter what you can eat, you can even, like, put together things and like make your own salad and it will show you what the nutrition info is for, like whatever you make. So if you're worried about that, don't worry about it Is super easy Tio healthy here and and they make it.