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Thinking about Westminster College PA and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Westminster College PA in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Westminster College PA’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Westminster College PA, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Westminster College PA experience. These Westminster College PA video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this is the largest stadium that we have here at Westminster, and this is where all the football players have their games. All the soccer players, um, track has their truck meets here. And there's this big, nice set of bleachers here for any parents and spectators that like to come and watch behind me. We're on campus. There are a few other practice fields, and there's a different feel that the softball team uses. But there's actually a game going on here right now, which is pretty neat. And I really like this spot around campus because you can see the lake perfectly from behind, which I just think it's really beautiful, right? We started me. Here is a victory bell, and this, though we Hughes for whenever different teams Westminster teams win a game or a match or meat or whatever wearing this belt, Teo celebrate our victory. This is the Titan softball field, which is where the softball team has all their practices and games and everything like that. And behind this field here, there's a small Patrick grass, which is where the ultimate Frisbee team actually meets every single day, just kind of hang out and have fun with each other and throw the Frisbee around. This is the main tennis courts that we have your own campus for all the tennis players come to for their practices and games back here behind the lake, there's a few more practice fields for lacrosse or soccer pretty much anything that needs additional field to get some practice in. And I know the band also uses this area to kind of get some of their performances ready and just different stuff like this on one. Nice thing about this is it has a really pretty view of the league and also a few of the No, no, you're just in the top. I want to do any videoing down there just because it's really loud and I want to make sure you guys were able to hear me, But you can go there basically any time all day. They're open from, like, some in the morning till eleven at night. And they're perfect if you want, like a snack between classes. Or if you're eating a meal at like a weird time of day, there are always open. The grill is perfect. They have really good hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, really good tub tasters, which are like McDonald's snack wraps. So I really like those, Um, and they had the salad bar, which is open all the time, and the sandwich station as well, so you can get any sort of so much that you would be looking for, basically, and the Starbucks is there to see and get your coffee in the morning. They have really good muffins and scones cookies, that sort of baked goods type thing. They do have like a refrigerated section. If you're looking for like a sandwich that you could just, like, grab and go, they also have fruit in there as well and also like ice cream. They have those Halo top ice cream pines and Ben and Jerry's, which is really nice if you're looking for, like, a late nighttime snack or something. But you could need your dying dollars there, which are attached to every meal plan. I think my meal plan came with, like, five hundred of them, so that's honestly perfect for the whole semester. There are some kids that run out, so you can always just add more if you D'Oh. It's like not really a big deal, but the tub is honestly perfect. I think they have some of the best food here on campus, and they're just, like, consistently very good. So I really like just like grabbing lunch there, breakfast in the morning. We're even dinner. Some nights I like when they have grilled cheese and tomato soup. That's sort of like my favorite meal there, but so that's it. So this is the Ferguson residents hole and this is where all the sororities are housed here on campus. You don't have to live here, but you definitely can. And each sortie basically has their own floor and then they decorate them for their colors and hang up pictures, stuff like that. So I'll show you inside. So this is the entrance upstairs leads to other floors. There is a floor there, and over here is just a lounge area. People liked to hang out here and do homework or just hail their friends. This is one of the bedrooms here in Bourg and this is a part of the CID cap suite, which is the sortie that I'm in. And this is just a double. So there's two girls living here in this room and it's actually pretty space person here, so they just have a lot of room to kind of organize their stuff that way. This is one of the bathrooms can for and it's pretty nice to sit to stinks and three different stalls and they have these nice little catty areas for people to keep all their stuff in. And there are also two different showers, so there's plenty of room for people. There's never any worry about trying to get a shower in the morning or anything like that. So one really nice thing about Ferg is that each chapter has their own chapter room down the basement, and all the chapter rooms are equipped with a TV and a little kitchen so they can come down and cook some food or just hang out and get some studying done. Really, whatever they see fit. So this is ours from my store ity, And this is just really nice, since we're not really lucky enough to have chapter houses here on campus like the fraternities do. But this is kind of a next best thing. So one secret about Westminster's. There's actually tunnels that run underneath the campus, and we aren't allowed to use them anymore. But they used to be able to go in, and they would actually able to paint the walls and stuff. So this is just one of the kind of always that you can see that's connected to the bottom Oh, some dormer essentials, I would say the first being that if you're going to be sharing a bathroom with other people, especially like your freshman year, to get some sort of shower caddy so that you don't have to kind of carry your stuff every time. And it just makes things a lot easier on. Also, definitely invest in some like really, you know, quality towels, robes, stuff like that. Whatever makes you feel comfortable just that you don't have to keep buying it as like your college career goes on. And for betting, I would say it would definitely be worth getting some sort of like thick mattress pad. I think I spent like seventy five dollars in mine, and it's easily the best thing I think I purchased for colleges because it makes my bed really comfortable. The beds here at Westminster actually decently comfortable, but it's kind of nice having like an extra little thing, and I mean, it's just a personal thing, but I like a lot of pillows and make sure you have some soft blankets and stuff, really, whatever that makes you feel completely at home. Just it's really important to get a good night's sleep, especially at college. This part is something that I got at Target. I think for like thirty bucks, it's actually really come in handy. I like to keep all my makeup and stuff on it. It's kind of perfect. You could just kind of wheeled around, but that has kind of really helped out for me. If you're another thing that I really like having is this closet organizer and I basically just keep on my pants and shoes and stuff in it. But it kind of keeps everything out of the way and just like a nice space saver, really. And of course you want to get some nice hangers. And maybe some of those little storage bins that I have up there nice toe have kind of keep things hit. In a way, we'LL also probably want to invest in some sort of hanging rack like this to keep your towels or anything else coats whatever that you think you might want to have on it. It would just be great to have One thing that we invested in this year was this nine cube organizer, which is actually worked out for us, really nice we can keep some food there and just our cups, plates, stuff like that, which I would also suggest having. It's nice, too, you know, in the room. Sometimes you don't ever have to worry about having paper stuff or whatever, and it's kind of difficult to clean some of our dishes here too soon. It's our thinks. They're pretty small, but it's manageable. I would definitely suggest getting a mini fridge or two, depending on how many people you'LL be living with. It's just nice to keep some snacks, drinks, whatever that you want in there. I would say that a printer is definitely optional, but it's kind of convenient just having one here in the room. But obviously the school itself has a ton, so don't really have to worry about ever trying to find somewhere to like, printer stuff or whatever. Another thing that I would recommend. Having is a curate if you like having coffee in the morning or even like an off brand coffee machine sheen. There's always nice to have, and we also got microwave, which is been really nice to We like to make Mac and cheese and just other stuff to kind of heat up in, uh, room as well. And if you have the space in your room, I would suggest some sort of food. Tahn or couch? It kind of makes it nice. You have people over whatever. They're not sitting on your bed, and it just kind of convenient. We can all kind of sit around and relax on our couch. We actually bought this one for only, like twenty five dollars, so that was really nice. Another thing that you'll definitely want to bring is some sort of decorations just to kind of make your space feel at home and whether that be canvases or pictures or tapestries, basically, whatever you see fit. And also, I bought this fan, um, which I like to use when it gets kind of hot. Most of the dorm rooms here at Westminster don't have air conditioning, so it does get a little bit warm sometimes. So that's just been nice to have to keep my interest in. So can you tell us a little bit about what night life here is on campus? Yeah. So on Fridays, usually best bets to go out and find some fun with friends. Make that your own, whether it is to come out to the very end winery in town and see some live music and get some craft beverages, or you go out somewhere else into town on Saturdays. A lot of times we have parties within our fraternity's way. Have three or four fraternities that'LL be throwing parties on Saturday, so you look forward to that on the weekends. Most nights we go out, that's Tio fraternity house or some sort of house party on campus, but I'LL show you a few video. wait. Science Centre. This is where all the science majors, like biology, chemistry, physics and all the nursing majors and all the majors like that have their classes and everything. Yeah, ton of room to sit and do your work. Um, and this whole building's actually very new. They just renovated it. Also, it's really nice and updated. All of the labs have new equipment, stuff like that. So it is really nice. So this is one of the new lecture halls that was actually just recently built here in the Hoyt Science Center. This is primarily used for science, classroom stuff like that. Most class sizes aren't actually this big, but does provide a lot of extra room. And we actually use this for some of our meetings for some of the clubs and stuff that I'm in. So it's really neat. There's two projectors that come down, which is really helpful. Everyone in the room, Khun C. So it's just a nice edition that they just added additionally, all throughout Hoyt, they have all these nice little study areas which have little you know, couches and stuff People can sit on, um, some nice tables and chairs and There's a lot of white boards like that whole wall, right? There is a white board, which is really helpful for people when they're trying to study. For example, one of the costumes that was built recently and white. It's really nice. Chairs are very comfortable. Water finds plaster, you know, See anything much bigger informs. Oh, I would honestly say that pretty much everywhere you go, you're gonna find something like this, which is really perfect. Just if you're looking to sit down right in between classes or you have a little spare time, we'd like to get a little bit of homework done. And like I said, there's always a ton of whiteboards. So if you'd like to work on those you can. Well, just a basic lab here at Westminster, you have pretty much everything that you could think of when it comes to research and faces are always super supportive. D'Oh of a rising star idea. So, actually, one of the reasons that I first came to Westminster is originally started as a bio major, Um, and that's because I heard about how they had such a great science program here. When we take a lot of pride in the fact that all of the graduating seniors that are applying to medical school actually get accepted and go away to medical school. So that's really awesome. Just to hear I did end of switching my major. But while I was a bio, major had a really great experience here with all the professors and all the classes that I was taking. Tio. So this is yet another classroom here and Hoyt chemistry level of the Hoyt Science Centre. This is where all the chemistry majors have their classes in their labs and everything like that. As you can see behind me, they have a nice place. Different animals like that. Um, all the professors here, like I said, really great about helping their students get involved and kind of research different things before I start off. Here's via major. So I actually heard my chemistry class, our lab in this posture. This is the planetarium that's here in Point Science Center. I've never actually been lucky enough to have a class or anything in here, but they do show movies in here sometimes, which I think is really neat. Westminster College is located right in the small town New Wilmington. There's not a whole lot here what has pretty much everything that you could ask for, and we're surrounded by the Amish, so it's not uncommon to see over somebody while you're walking through campus. Now I'll take you on a small tour through the town of New Orleans. Stop it! Eats Joes. They have really cheap pizza here. And of course it's delicious, and they're also one of the places places open here in the town. So it's perfect for a late night snack with your studying or if you're just looking for something else to do on a Friday look. This is a perfect spot on campus for people looking to get away from the library or even their rooms to get some studying done. They have coffee and a lot of really good snacks and sandwich and stuff like that. I'll take you inside. I just I'm Craig Stevens Jr Business administration major love these great place for a part time office free time to catch up on our just work. Wei have Rite aid, which is perfect. If you need any toiletries or medicine, anything like that is a little market. It's pretty small, but they have every kind of basic food I don't that you need. And there's two banks in town, first Huntington and then around the corner there's a first national so pretty much anything they have teams, and if you'd like to get a count there, it's super easy to set up. Behind me. There is a tavern that is great for If you want to have a sit down meal or if your parents come to town, you want to take him out somewhere nice and farther down the street. There's a dollar general, which is perfect if you need anything else that you couldn't really find here in town, if you don't feel like driving twenty minutes in the post, I'd also like to point out that above most this shops, there's a lot of apartments and stuff that students like to rent. If they're trying to get all that. This is the town of New Wellington is decently small, but it has basically everything that you need, especially we don't have a car on campus. Everything's within walking distance, so it's really not the end of the world There is a Wal Mart that's like twenty minutes away, and this year they actually just started having shuttles that takes students there and back. So that's really nice again. Especially, you don't have a car. Um, there's a little town called Newcastle, which is about fifteen minutes up the road, and they have all your regular restaurants that you'd be looking for. People really like going to Applebee's. And there's a really good Mexican restaurant called El Canellos that people really love going. Teo Ah, there is the group's city outlets there, about twenty five minutes away, but they have a ton of stores. It's super nice, so people really like going there. They're looking for some new clothes or shoes or whatever, and we're only actually an hour from Pittsburgh, which is really nice. So people will go down there on the weekends if they're looking for something else to dio or just want to explore the city or whatever. But Newington is basically consumed by Westminster College, but it's still really nice and cute. It's a small little town, so it's really nice. It's it's quiet. Um, it's kind of my favorite parts of being here at Westminster is we're not really located like a huge So now we're at the library. This a perfect place on campus. If you're looking for a quiet place to study or if you're just looking to get away from her. They have three different floors, and as you go up to the third floor of the quiet level is enforced more strictly so it's been hired. They expect that you're a little bit quiet or we'LL have one more of a silent studying environment and I'LL take you for a little tour inside. You know you have a certain first here is the maid, huh? That's where everyone can meet if you're working on a group project or something, so you can talk freely and you can talk people and collaborate and everything like that. So you're here. So here you have a club, so everything that you need is right here, and it connects to computers a printer. So if you need ever print anything or whatever, it's right here pretty easily. However, here is where the heart, which is producing like that there's plenty of boy boards and places to sit and just work, And most the seating has outlets in cases like to charge your laptop or anything like that. So now we're on the second floor of the library. This floor is destined to be a little bit more quieter with first, but a little bit of talking is all right, but for the most part, remains pretty quiet. There's tons of study rooms up here in case you and some friends, or even if you buy yourself with, like, your own private room to study. And also, it's nice to mention that here in the library, they have a lot of assistance and stuff downstairs on the main floor that if you ever need help with your computer, help buying a book or anything like that, they're always here to help. They're also really great if you work like a research paper or something, and you need a little bit of guidance when you're doing something that so I'll take you up to the name for what? We're just going to buy it. So here we are, on the main second floor. It's pretty fancy today what she doesn't really surprise me because it's a Monday but appeared *** someone. Nice study. So this is what the study was most that without lock doors that you kind of close and keep yourself private from everywhere they have. Nice TV said. If you'd like to put something about the display, it can. Of course, they have little informational thing. Can you help getting them to work? And most the serums also have white for is that you're really nice to use. You can bring your weight were markers. So even downstairs they have workers that you could just rent for your time that you're gonna spend the library to know we'LL go to the third floor, which is the quietness of the levels were doing talking up there. But it is really nice if you're really looking for somewhere just totally silent to get your studies done. Are in there basement level the library. I haven't heard of really any rules down here about how loud you can hear what not. But this is personally one of my favorite places to go, because it's always so empty and there's not usually any people around. It's also nice to point out that in between most these tax there's little cubicles in case you're really looking for us. Include, It's about Teo. Get your studying done and just kind of escaped the world of college for a little bit. So here, behind what? We have another one Computer labs that's here in the library. That's what has all fancy computers if you're not really complete using your accident over there. But there are some classes and stuff to take place in here. So some things have to be careful if you're trying to rely on here to get your tonight we decided to just stay in. There's not really too much going on here in campus, so we're just gonna hang out in her room Most nights we'Ll just get dinner together or we'LL go somewhere Sometimes we'Ll just bring the food back here. Um, well, usually just, like watch a movie or watch from the TV shows that we really like and just hail Give me that three to you What do you like to dio on your Friday nights? And others like to hang out with my roommates All your love Us? Yeah, on sometimes on the weekends Like going out isn't like that fund. So, like in nearly tired from a long week. So it's like nice, too, just like chill. so behind me here is the second gym on campus and it's connected to the field house, which is the location of the pool. The trainer They have racquetball courts in here. Pretty much everything else that you would think that alerted him would have is already here. So I'll take you inside now. So here we're entering the field house. Here in the hallway is where the athletic department is, which is where all the coaches and stuff have all their different offices. And along this side, there's a few different classrooms. This is where a lot of the wellness types classrooms are that the freshmen have to take their first year being here. So in here we have the student athlete and here this is a nice spot for students to come in here and study, have a nice, quiet place. And here you can see that there are office hours. So we actually have several professors from different disciplines come in here different Daisy tweaked to help students out with whatever homework they have. So here is the fuel lounge and in here there are different snacks for the athletes as you are studying Auditorium. This is where they died Here have mainstreaming this not only for the swimming team, but this is also open. The other sports. They do some water aerobics training in here and then is also open during lunchtime and at night every day for opens in front. So this is just the main entrance to the field house, and this is really perfect for parents if they're coming to watch. And maybe they're running a little bit early and just need somewhere to sit and hang out the main gym part. This is where basketball has all of their different practices and games, including the women's basketball team, volleyball and basically any of the other indoor sports that need a large port. And all these features cool down for a lot larger seating. Two for games and stuff. Great. All right. Hey, guys, my name's Dylan. I'm on a lacrosse team on Westminster College campus. Um, I've been a part of it since I came here, and I love it. It brings together with a great group of guys, and it's honestly brought a lot of organization in my life, and it's helped me succeeded in college, just on the field and off the field, helping to build those relationships people as well. So as you can see behind me, there's a rock hole, which I think is one of my favorite parts of the field house here. And I was actually in the rock climbing class last semester, which is a lot of fun way. Just meet here like once a week in the mornings and about a credit for this nice way. Just climb on the rocks with a lot of fun, kind of something different to do and, you know, just different to get out like normal class schedule. Just come here, here. So here there's actually two different racquetball courts, which you can just come in and use any time when you're much too leisure, would like to get together some friends and just get some exercise in. So behind me here is the Fitness centre, which is located in the fieldhouse as well, and this is the second time here on campus, and it has a lot of the larger machines weightlifting machines. There's also some treadmills, bicycles, pretty much everything Michiko imagines right here. So I'LL give you a quick shot of