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Thinking about Westminster College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Westminster College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Westminster College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Westminster College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Westminster College experience. These Westminster College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay. Introduce yourselves. What's up, Taylor? And they're going to show me their apartment. Starting with the kitchen. So did you bring your own utensils? All we didn't cross over on utensils, for example. This drawer we have, like, spoons. We are special. You got a pot noodles down here? It's where we store frying pan. Could things like eggs on it and only store eggs in the fridge? We have bills, freezer. And you can see here. Everything we could possibly need is in our fridge here. And everything when you get cold is a top right outside the kitchen. There's this wonderful little hallway where they have two sinks. There's actually four in the room total. This hallway looks exactly like that one. They've got a nice bathroom to do. Your bathroom, the stuff. Cool. Shower some cupboards for, you know, bathroom stuff here. We've got a nice bedroom stand in your bedroom so we know how big it is. Well, open these two doors. Just so everybody else knows. That's the front door. This is a closet. This is another closet with lots of bikes. Can you get in there to show our viewers how big the closet is Yes, Furber. Thank you. Okay, one final Look around as we leave to the Laundromat. So this little Andrea And here you put in your quarters. It's dollar twenty five. A little laundry. And you can see here we got somebody doing their laundry. Can hold quite a bit of a week's worth of laundry. Pretty good. If you forget your coins, though. You actually here with a credit card? You put a credit card in Star twenty five. You press with machine. You want. They're labeled one, two, three four and wanted washers. You put in numbers. Five, six, seven, eight. It's pretty straightforward. Welcome to Washington. So this is Richard comments. Everybody just kind of chills outside. It's basically like Main Area Westminster's campus. It's just like a chill place. You can't really hear the highway outside just because it's so enclosed with trees, but you can almost always find a friend. Just kind of sitting out here if you need them. And yeah, so if you ever want to study, this is where you go. There's lots of study groups, you conjoined as well. I'm going to go really fast passes group, so they don't think I'm recording them too long, like a weirdo ready. Here. We have the residents she square. Honestly, this place is beautiful. I don't live here, but I really wish I did. Right now I'm standing on this bridge. It's actually really beautiful. It's right next to the river. And there's the top of the bridge. It's kind of creepy at night, but I think that makes it even cooler. Apparently, campus is haunted. You can google it. So I mean kind of makes scarier to go here. But I like that thrill. You know, it's super creepy at night. So how did you guys meet each other? We met each other because I signed. This is room. It was still somehow manage not to hate each other, which is always impressive. Well, that's awesome. So how did they do that? Did they just randomly assigned, You knows? I guess it was completely random. So you guys didn't fill out any sort of paperwork before hand? Well, I think we like we feel that our survey but a parent. I'm like the least artistic person ever. Apparently the arts for so I don't know, I was at school, so they do, like artists like artistic floors. Per Yeah, so certain floors like, for example, our floors, arts and then other floors, for example, or like environmental sciences. And one floor is like the humanities we somehow got put in the arts for. But I think we're all pretty compatible because we filled out the survey that asked us if we wanted to go earlier. Late if we like to party or, you know, whatever the questions were on, we all became girl somewhat compatible. So I think that kind of helps. None of us really have any problems with each other, so I think that helps our living room students also. I am currently walking our wonderful hiking and biking trails. Cute little bench. Is that a bench that someone made out of rocks? I'm kind of scared to be by the river with this, but pretty secluded. I feel like this is probably the same place that some people have made out. I don't know. I wouldn't know. But that's there because it's such a small campus and we have one main dining hall. They grow a lot of their crops. There's so many cute places to study. I don't know why you'd want to stay in your room all day because so beautiful. I'm Spencer Potter. A system that sort of cost constrict college training. Focus this. I think a big thing is our hand tense up. Oh, I got to get this perfect in your shelter. Attention. So before you start crying, just relax. Yeah, sounds a little bit, and I do. I didn't just cracked my hands a lot that we want to start. Drop it. Christian necessity professor of sociology and gender studies here at Westminster College. Imagine what your life would look like if you follow all of these tips. Yeah, but it's also l a protection against predators that you might not know most breathe. I don't like someone having a relationship with so overused. Yeah. Give a lot of the stereo type a stranger, right when we know most of his acquaintance, right? Well We are currently at City Creek, one of the coolest shopping malls in Salt Lake City. There's definitely a lot of high end brands and some very familiar ones, one of my personal favorites, another one of my personal favorites. Let's face it, they're all my personal favorite. I lied this. This is my favorite store. Around winter time. This entire square is filled with lots of Christmas lights and people. This is a nice, lovely view of the Thames. There are so many places to shop and so many places to eat. I'm looking at you. Cheesecake Factory. You are the love of my life in this place, it's called the Village Baker. Get the banana cake and come see a show. Eccles Theater. It is the most beautiful place they have touring Broadway shows. I saw Phantom here a couple months ago. It's great. These are the shows for the next season in two thousand eighteen. So if you come and decided to go to Westminster, you should definitely watch one of them. That I don't know if you can see very well is the convention center. That's usually where they have comic con panics. Right now. It's called the dough Terror Dream. Yeah, I heard a few jackman's actually there right now. So that Zen thing that they have all over town, it's an electric scooter. You download the app and you pay like a dollar. They have bikes too. And you? Yeah. So you pay a dollar and then they charge you like ten cents an hour. The city also has If you can see over there that little kind of trained thing that's called the tracks Westminster students get it for free as well. So it'll take you all around the city. Get lost is also the bus passes. And this is seriously how easy it is to get on the transmitter. Get on your student, I d Hi. The front runners honestly just is easy. Here we have Bamberger Hall, and this is a really important building. If you come to visit campus, you have to go to this building because it's got the financial aid office. It's got accounting, marketing, communications, literally everybody that you probably would want to talk to. I was basically living in here right before I started coming here just because I was so worried about scholarships not going through money problems, but I got all sorted out. So just stop by. I'm about to go inside and interview some people, so you're coming with me. First up. Hi. My name's Joxer Advise. I work here in the financial center. Some of the better nights of coming to US Minster, is the larges out financially that we provide. Most of them are based on merit, but lots of them are also talking. The I saw your parents make less than one hundred thousand dollars a year. We have great. If you get greater high scores of your easy to have the presidential scholarship starship the job, this car shit one for which I can, but they're lost lots of scar ships you could see on line. It's right here on a student here, and I love it here. So we should talk case. It's after five. So it's closed now. But they have all sorts of literally every resource you could possibly need. So this is definitely somewhere you want to stop by when you go? I'm joined us. No, I'm the director of brand marketing and strategy here at Westminster College, and I work in the marketing communications office on DH. It's great to work here because my job is to promote this wonderful institution and help us find, um, students that are gonna fit in well here and enjoy their time here and start there. Meaningful course in life. You want tea? Sure. Know what size do you think you want to come over way have different styles? Um, got this style and we've got this style. They seem a little small and then we have just, like traditional cut ones that are more black, boxy. There's so many options, I'll take a great reward. I get to do really fun things life. Create beautiful videos to help promote the college like this that we just launched. Great, No. Warren diligence our spirit here. About. Right. If you wanna watch, trust that video. Link it somewhere. Not sure where yet, but you'll be able to see it's way better than anything I could have made. And I'm actually really glad I stopped in there. So yeah, that's Bamberger Hole. I think I might have just said that wrong. So this is the cafeteria on campus, guys. Um, they have all types of food. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's out. They have serial on campus, all kinds of salads, and they actually don't weigh the sauce. You get the salad sauce on the side thie dressing, and then they won't charge you for it, So that's pretty cool. So this is shot. Hi, It's pretty busy just because there's a lot of people around lunchtime, but you'll always see somebody that you know. This is Ainsley. She's buying her food first meal plan. It's about twelve dollars a day, three meals a day, and all she has to do is hand ten per student ID card and he scans it and they are recycled points for the end of the semester. They go into the spring session. Health Wellness Athletic Center. That's why they call it a quack. That makes more sense. This is a tch wack already. Just told you what it stands for, but we have a really nice school. Got some people out. Another side doing yoga. There's a gym right there. Blake. And what do you do here? How do you get your job? Supervisor one day after. See you leaving with only what positions you hired. That's awesome. Did you do the same thing? Cool. And she's a lifeguard. That right there is too dry or something. So if you want to come swim and you don't live on campus like me, you can dry it and put it in your back. Some ping pong tables. Hey, can I cop a feel? Hey, that's a really nice Patil you got there, buddy. Look at him. Go like you. There's these windows right next to this area, so the whole world to see how strong you are. So that was a track. You go there if you play sports or if you just want to hang out with friends. And if you aren't on any teams, they actually have intramurals that you can sign up for. I don't know what those are, but yeah, so that's Seriously looks like Harry Potter. The main building. Here we go. I just climbed four flights of stairs. This is an important building now, So it was worth it. Name's. Matt Quebec. I'm Professor Opinion drawing near Westminster College in our studio. We have a still I set up from our last class here. This is where we do all of our drawing. Introductory drawing figure drawing immediate advance section. You passed nickel maker like we do with construction projects. Some three D printing since he rounded projects A lot of projects currently right now around the room. So we're right in the middle of the semester. Lots of stuff. Yes. They are paying you a lot of stuff for projects. Seems Teo back here, private spaces for seniors who are about to graduate or people working on it. Apostle. Beautiful natural lighting in here. It's in the best sense of the internal value of his word. Especially in following the best form Smokies. Yeah. So Naomi said that the art rooms are open twenty four hours. Is that true? Yes. So, anybody taking our class concomitant work wherever they want? Teo Security will wantto obviously check your idea and make sure that you are who you say you are. You Can you have access to this twenty four hours a day to work on projects. All the equipment up here, too. Well, we have a digital drawing lab next door. That chain next. So obviously you're gonna have to have a student I d to come in here for the twenty four hour thing. But that's still really cool, because, like a lot of times, I can't sleep. And that's when the best creative stuff comes from my brain. So, yeah, we're gonna explore this room now. Let's go. We've got two. Large format letters in here for preaching photographs and drawings of three D printers for doing object creation of all things workstation, withdrawn tablets, all sorts of stuff that may things make images pictures. Yes, there are major lab slash traditional studio. So your physics major? What Major U this is making music liner. So they're uneven art students and they could be here. Wow, that's pretty awesome. This building also has classrooms in it. I have a sociology class and here, and it's about twenty five to thirty people. Just this is admissions, and it's actually closed right now, But you can come in here and ask any questions you have.