Welcome to CampusReel

Congrats! If you’re watching this video, you’re on your way to becoming a part of the community of student-storytellers working to provide equal access to college searchers throughout the world, regardless of financial or geographic constraints. In the following video course Julian, a CampusReel Guide from Boston University will give you all the information you need to create some incredible vlogs :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t see my college on CampusReel..How do I set up a profile?

    New profiles are automatically published once 10 videos are submitted at a school. We believe every college should benefit from CampusReel's enormous marketing potential and reach.

  • Can anyone post a video to CampusReel?

    Yes and no. CampusReel allows any college student, faculty member, or administrator to post a video to CampusReel; however, each video is vetted for quality and appropriateness before being published to the website.

  • What equipment do I need to film my Reels?

    You do not NEED anything beyond a smart phone and a killer personality to create a great Reel; however, if you do have access to a GoPro or comparable video camera, we’d HIGHLY recommend using it.

  • If I’m filming with my smart phone is there anything I need to know?

    When filming with a smart phone be sure to always film in landscape mode (with the camera held horizontally). Videos with a vertical orientation WILL NOT be published to the site! Additionally, camera shakiness is your worst enemy when filming so we’d suggest getting a handheld camera stabilizer or tripod for your Reels.

  • How long should my videos be? Do I need to edit them?

    Videos should be 2-8 minutes long, with simple edits and tasteful music. All videos should be edited, polished, and ready to publish to your CampusReel channel. Simple edits can GREATLY enhance your viewer engagement. Vlogs that effectively implement dynamic cuts retain viewers 30% longer than those that do not.

  • How do I upload videos to CampusReel?

    To access our Video Upload Poratal all you need to do it register an account as a “College Student” or “College Administrator” and select the “Create” button on the CampusReel homepage.