Penn State-Shenango Student Jobs

Browse all the student work opportunities available on-campus at Penn State-Shenango. CampusReel’s primary purpose is to help prospective high school students and families to explore colleges and communities from home. Our jobs allow current college students at Penn State-Shenango to connect with our users through videos, chats, interactive technology and more - all on your own schedule.

How many hours a week is CampusReel?

This is completely up to you - our work structure is 100% flexible. We have a variety of different timelines to accommodate your schedule and we know you are balancing a lot of competing priorities. Our goal is not to take over all your free time, but rather to provide a fun, rewarding and career-boosting experience that helps you feel more confident in yourself and your own skills.

How much does CampusReel pay Penn State-Shenango ambassadors?

It depends on the role. Some students earn hundreds of dollars every semester while others work fewer hours on a volunteer basis but reap amazing resume experience and other perks.

How can I increase my chances for working with CampusReel at Penn State-Shenango?

Every year tens of thousands of students apply to work with us across the country. Believe it or not, there are some easy ways to immediately differentiate your application. First, we are much more inclined to select students who have existing CampusReel accounts and have uploaded a few videos. Second, you can share CampusReel on any social media channel and add a comment for why you want to work with us - please note we are not looking for who gets the most “likes” but rather who is willing to be vocal and represent the CampusReel community in larger ways.

What does CampusReel look for when filling Penn State-Shenango student jobs?

We have cultivated a community of passionate, highly-motivated students around the country who deeply believe in our mission of equal access in college search. We know these students exist at Penn State-Shenango too! The students who are most successful in our program are vocal advocates for their colleges, they enjoy pushing their comfort zone, and they are extremely outspoken and personable. When hiring new students we carefully examine personality traits, social profiles and other factors that can help indicate your willingness to put yourself out there.

What kind of resume experience will I get with CampusReel?

Working with CampusReel means you will join a high-growth, well-funded start-up that is radically disrupting the college search and application process. You will radically enhance your communication skills, creative thinking skills and other general soft skills. In addition, depending on your role, you will cultivate or refine video skills and interview skills.