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What's your favorite and least favorite part of AU?

A lot of students LOVE how diverse AU is. The college, and city, is truly a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Downsides? Relying on shuttle and public transport services means you won't always get where you're going quickly, but at least it's cheap!

Video Location Kogod School of Business, American University

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So what's your favorite part about campus? Like I mentioned earlier, the diversity. You know, I'm really progressive, really liberal. I like, seen people no different kind of people. Colors are like different cultural identities, like different narratives. You know, I like seeing different people practiced different faiths on the campus. I mean, it just makes me feel like we're not, You know, we're not, like just one person, you know, multiple people. So can you describe your least favorite part of you? Yeah, it is forty minutes to get here. That's because I Okay like again, I don't live on campus. Um, but like the metro, you have to take a shuttle from here to the metro. You up a little little round me like it's as it arrives. You mean? But like most people who live on campus, like, live in the area, like around here intently town, they have no issue.