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The biggest lecture hall at Amherst

Most classes at Amherst are 20 or so people and are discussion-based, but science intro classes are often for lecture-style. Professors really do take care to get to know you--I've never had a professor who didn't know my name, and some of them have even invited classes over to their homes for meals or for makeup classes. Amherst also encourages student-faculty rapport through the Take Your Professor Out program, where groups of students are given funding to invite their professors to a restaurant once a semester.

Video Location Merrill Science Center, Amherst College

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Now we're still in the old science center because I wanted to show you a gigolo lecture, huh? This's probably our biggest one. I had social psychology in here, which is probably about forty people, and that was definitely one of my larger classes. I think my largest classic, Emerse, was probably fifty or so people when it was count three or multi variable calculus. Probably a little bit larger for, you know, science courses like Control camera and true Psycho or anything. With those sort of classes, you may find yourself in lecture situations. Professor's really do try to engage with the students and ask questions and even to some extent, get to know us. I've never had a professor who didn't know my name on DH. There are programs in place so that we can get to know them. You know, there is office hours where we can go to our Professor's office and ask questions on these. Happened several times a week on DSO. These computers questions on the homework. There is also a system called Type O, which is Take your professor outs, and Immerse will actually pay for groups of students to take their professors out to a restaurant in town once a semester, Um, and share a meal together. Honestly, like Amherst really facilitates close faculty, too. I've had professors who have invited my classes to their homes for meals to their homes for classes. It's really not uncommon for students to really like no other professors and, you know, we grow fond of each other, so it's it's really sad, Teo, think that, you know, this is the end of my four years, and I definitely feel like I'm going to be staying in touch with professors and also students.