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A Day in the Life with Lily at Amherst College

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Meet Lily, a senior math and French major at Amherst! King Hall

Tour of Lily's room in King, one of two "thesis dorms" and part of the French House King Hall

Another look at Lily's room King Hall

A walk through King Hall + Quick Facts on Amherst King Hall

More about Greenway/dorm rooms on-campus Greenway Dormitory

The outside of Greenway Greenway Dormitory

The freshman quad Amherst College Quadrangle

Another view of the freshman quad James Hall

Lily Val-sits at breakfast. What's Val-sitting? Valentine Dining Hall, Amherst College

Special Events on Val Quad Valentine Dining Hall, Amherst College

The biggest lecture hall at Amherst Merrill Science Center, Amherst College

A typical "old" science center classroom Merrill Science Center, Amherst College

A typical math classroom + tutoring resources available Seeley Mudd

The inside of Keefe Campus Center Amherst College: Keefe Campus Center

Free things at Amherst: break shuttles, music lessons, summer storage Amherst College

The gym at Amherst Alumni Gymnasium and Athletic Complex

Just keep swimming Amherst College

Classes by the natural history museum on-campus Beneski Museum of Natural History

The best view on-campus: Memorial Hill Memorial Dr

A "beach" in Western Mass?!? Beneski Museum of Natural History

The quaintest place on-campus, the Rotherwas Room in the Mead Art Museum Mead Art Museum

Our language TA's from abroad Amherst Town Clerk

A chat with Larissa, a German TA Amherst College Quadrangle

A chat with Hui, a Chinese international student studying math Robert Frost Library

A stroll through town Amherst College

A chat with Josh, polisci and music major in the class of 2018E Amherst College

To have a car or not to have a car? Amherst College

The college farm: Book and Plow Book and Plow Farm

I got my Chipotle Tempeh wrap! + more on the dining system Amherst College

The music building Buckley Recital Hall

Cozy little study spot: The Lord Jeff Inn The Lord Jeffery Inn

The best place to stargaze and pick flowers: Tuttle Hill Amherst College

The bike path Norwottuck Rail Trail

Thoughts on study abroad! (Yes, your credits and financial aid transfer over!) Amherst College

Final thoughts: pros and cons of Amherst part 1 King Hall

Final thoughts: pros and cons of Amherst part 2 King Hall