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The quaintest place on-campus, the Rotherwas Room in the Mead Art Museum

The art museum offers awe-inspiring collections, and is also a quiet place study. The Rotherwas Room is particularly beautiful and often offers a large table and chairs for students to do their work there.

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Lily Fang
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I'm currently in the art museum, and this is one of my favorite rooms here, Rother Wass room and it's just it's really old room, that very historic. It's actually one of my favorite places to come and sometimes just sit and study. There is normally actually a table where there is that house over there. Even when there isn't a table, there is in chairs and sometimes we'll just plop down with my laptop and people say, I'm working here like at the museum asked me a bunch of questions, but I don't know the answer to, but this is just a really peaceful spot to study. It is a really nice place to just walk in and see what sort of exhibits are going on at the time.