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Thinking about Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix experience. These Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, it's star. It's the one I am right now at my apartment, and I am doing homework and making lists. Can doing everything I need to be for the next couple days so that I could get a little more organized important to the video we're gonna talk about, like, working life balance. So the most important thing in college, it's like we're starting to get your education. That's top priority. But also, if you want to involved in clubs or jobs like I'm a student government and a your official and I love both my jobs, I love being able to. I go. It's four twelves being gloss. Also getting students and things like that. It's very important to take care of yourself. So if you get really stressed out for credit, I'm taking twenty. That's my personal. Lim can't do one twenty. I feel like that would probably too much for me. But also I'm working jobs and two clubs, and I'm having a social life, and I want it enhance that college parents doing as much as possible. But I know how to balance that. That's how I work. I work best under stress and when I'm busy and things like that. But if you're type person that's gets a little along with two classes or that can't say no to people because you wanted to solve anything, you gotta find your balance. So, like, if you don't like it busy all the time or you just need some downtime yourself, take care of yourself first. Truly, what's important is honestly, like, who's gonna get mad? Thank you. Take care of yourself and having self care. Make sure that your health is good, That you died is good and everything in moderation. Honestly, that's my prerogative. But just make sure that you are socially, uh, healthy as well as your work. Life is amazing with school and things like that. And make sure that your social life and like yourself, things like that your mental is very important. But I will see you in the next video when it's not one in the morning. And I'm not doing homework. Probably No, I'm not doing homework and stuff for work. But you guys have a great day and I'll show you around more of downtown Hey, guys. So we're in the health north building here on campus. And so this what a typical classroom would normally looks like just going to give you the little you right there. So this is what it'll look like. Um, there's always like a little teacher's desk. And then there's usually like not that many tables in a classroom because of, like faculty, the smaller, like faculty to student ratio. We were just talking about lake classes were more lecture based or more like discussion based, And I would say, like, it's kind of half like, depending on what class you're taking or like even meet like maybe your major probably plays into it, too. Like way. We're saying that we probably have had, like, half and half. Yeah, cause, like I was like, assigns major league when it comes, like biology's and things like that, like, it's definitely more lecture based. But when it comes to, like, fix things like that, it's a lot more discussion based. And like I've taken like a pretty good even mixture of the booth to yeah, so like it's definitely not like more lining toe one or the other. You just like, really depends on the class. On a typical Monday or Wednesday. I have two classes in my day, so it's a pretty short day, but most of my days are like that. So on those days, I would normally take the inter campus shuttles from the Tempe campus because that's where I live and it will take me to the downtown Phoenix campus. And then from there, you get off the bus and I go into the Walter Cronkite building because journalism is my major. So that's where all my classes are when I'm downtown. So I walk up the stairs to the second floor and right off the bat. You'll see the First Amendment for him, and you go to the right, and I have my business journalism class on that side, and that lasts about an hour and a half. And then from there, I have like an hour and a half break. So sometimes I'll just hang out in the forum and just work on homework. Or my friend still lives downtown, and so I'll get to stay with her her apartment and chill there until I have my television reporting class. So I go back and that's on the sixth floor. Of the building. And I, uh, it's really cool because my professor is actually a news anchor on Fox here in Phoenix. And so we're getting firsthand experience from her, and I want to be a reporter or a news anger. So it really helps me with my goals and what I want to do. And it's cool to really talk to her about her career. But that class lasts almost two hours, like ten minutes off from two hours. So it's a pretty long one, and some of the classes as you get into higher level classes will be like that. I'm a tailor, Gleason. I actually got a little university in Baltimore, Maryland. I am visiting my Friends Julia story, whose writings for years they had Julia and my hometown is right outside the Manhattan, which is New York City. What an amazing place it is. An amazing location. It's really awesome to meet you over at the city Hall gym, which was absolutely fantastic. Especially with the rooftop pool. You see the entire city, which is absolutely beautiful. Uh, campus stretches out really wide. I only saw a little bit of in the beginning, but we walked around. No noise. What? My product walked around there. It was absolutely for the architecture er picked inside the classrooms. Those were beautiful. It really is just amazing. Amazing place. Everybody That I've not here right now is really, really, really, really sweet. Security is really present. It's really on top of everything. Everybody goes on their way to say hi, which is really awesome Food's Good way Had the a block party last night. I guess you could say all the clay that air's too fast. Yeah, and that was so much fun. Just seen holstered body together. That was really awesome. No. And everything's vocal, which is really nice. So you can walk anywhere, get anything which is really cool. Thank you. Give the little forks Castillo. Hey, guys. So I'm here with Hannah. Way are at the Snow and Wilmer Plaza at the downtown campus. A S u. So we're just sitting here. So, Hannah, tell me who you are. Introduced yourself, and then tell me why you chose to come. Teo. Okay, so Hi, guys. My name's Hannah Ream. I came from New Jersey to Arizona State, which was a big deal for me because I've never really come west. Um, I'm really worried about it, but I came to the downtown campus and it is so beautiful here. The weather is gorgeous. It's, like, seventy five degrees out right now. Um, and especially the Cronkite school, which both Joe and I are studying is super specified and kind of focused on journalism and your major and everything. You do kind of caters to that. So it was just a perfect fit for me. Yeah. How would you describe the student body here? Or at least like on the downtown campus? Yeah. Yeah. Downtown's a bit quieter, and I think less like crazy than the Tempe campus because our majors down here I don't want to say harder, but they're like a specialized, yeah specialized program. So, like it kind of feels like a trade school, like everyone is very focused on, like their major and what they're doing in their own classes. Whereas Tempe feels a lot more like a big like general college, downtown's a little bit more quiet. People are more serious, but you know when they go out, they go out. So it's really fun. But it's quiet during weekdays. Very true, and, like I know our freshman year, we would always, like, have to take lifts or uber's Tio. Go out, Tio, drive to the Tempe campus. If you don't have a car, you'll spend a lot of money like downtown's great for work and everything. But if you want to go out, Tempe is the place to be, so you go back and forth along. So how would you say academic climate is had Walter Cronkite school, which is your major crank? It is competitive, but I think in a good way where especially think with like a communication field. Everyone kind of wants each other to do well, and if someone has a connection, they passed it on to you. But the classes are hard and their competitive. But, you know, it's I don't think I've taken mean maybe one or two classes that I don't think will really help me. But in general, all the journalism classes, I feel like are things that I need to know and that are going to help me after school. Yeah, I definitely agree. Um and then the best part. What's your favorite and least favorite part of this? No favorite part. I feel like I keep saying it, but it's probably that everything I feel like I'm doing, like is going to apply to me in the future. You know, worry that a lot of my friends and stuff are gonna feel like they're graduating and you still don't really know what they want to dio or what they can do. And I feel like, very set up from Cronkite. Teo, be successful and get a job where I want. And my least favorite is that sense. Downtown isn't really much of a campus. What you'll probably see in Jodie's tour it's just kind of a couple blocks. We don't really have God very obvious area like the Temple campus. Sometimes walking alone at night can be a little bit creepy just because it's the city, and I think you get that anywhere, but it's just kind of part of But today I'm going to talk about dormer essentials and the things that you like, definitely need for your room and Taylor Place. That's where I lived my freshman year. That's where most freshmen live arm on the downtown campus. So let's get started. Well, first off, you can look at, like YouTube videos for downtown Phoenix like rooms to like it. Three sixty. View them as well as you can see the dimensions and everything online. You can just people like a shoe Taylor place rooms, things like that, depending if you're living in tower one of our two, but things you're definitely going to need for your room. I would recommend bringing like, a shower curtain, because they do have like the plastic thing but doesn't locus you. So you could like it of a curtain and matching like shower rugs, not shar rugs mats to go in your bathroom as well as at your sync. And it'll look really cute, but also be very functional. Outside of your bathroom, I would write get up! But like kitchen utensils, you need a microwave mini fridge. Get a reusable water bottle. It's hot here, like right now, like a hundred degrees sometime. No, Get tougher wear because you're going to need it. Utensil. Obviously, um, for like, laundry get like, hamper, Get like a big one is sometimes you're just gonna forget to do it. You're doing last minute, maybe get a laundry bag in the basket. I didn't. I just use, like, my hand for went and did all my laundry a once, and I had, like, a little divider in mine. So, like one side, very close once I'd be queen Or it would just be like both dirty, like wash my clothes and then, like, put back, you know, twelve. Um, also with laundry, a little tip. There is a website. A Lincoln. Right. Right here. Um, it's called laundry view. You can like Chip, but, like, just look up in your college and your floor. It's like your dorm building And see where like, which ones are free. So you don't go all the laundry room and then, like, you can't wash your clothes. It's, like, really inconvenient. Um, just look at my list before, um, I also had, like, a few, like miscellaneous things he's like As a young lady, I needed a lot of stuff, but I didn't bring as much as I needed Cousin from out of state. So, like I would recommend getting like command strips and talks. If you want to like your bathroom, which, um, bring like extra lighting, like a lamp or string lights to make your room has, like mood, pretty lighting instead of, like two straight for all right, arrested likes like I did bring trash bags because at the end, you don't want to clean out like you trash bin of a bunch of crap that you just get throwing, you know, and it's just looking for Santa. Um, got my favorite thing that I brought to college. I bought it from best. That's it, that bed bath beyond. And it was this truck. It's picturing No, it's a trunk that is black and it has wheels on it, and you can carry so much in it. I put like toilet paper things that I want using drugs for years and like a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to get to in it, and you can lock it. I'm with, like, a padlock or key that you get with it. Andi, it's just very helpful. Like when you move out, you put a bunch of stuff in it and like, you can like, rolling. So it's a lot easier. So I would ten out of ten recommend that I would also recommend a mirror and wall art. So, like I had a painting that I made for me and my friends from high school, and it was just like all of our states that we're going to college and I put that up in my room. I also had like a whiteboard with, like, Cork on it, so that it helped me like just remember Teo, things I needed to do things like that. But I recommend that because you don't want to have balls. Just member on these commands, traces. You hear that? A couple more tips. Sorry. Like this video's Really when I stood on my hands. Right. Um, a few tips and tricks don't buy about coffee. Don't fight a coffee maker because coffee. Okay, everyone buys them, and they're like, Oh, I have a cure. You, my dear. If you want some no one uses, then you just go downstairs like you really get off the elevator and right around the corner is a Starbucks, and people just spent four dollars, like, every other day on Starbuck's instead of coffee could have in your room. It's just a decoration at this point. Um, what else? Oh, in the dining hall. I know this probably, but in the dining hall, you can like if you go there for breakfast. Which is why I went there for this. Um, if you want freshly cracked eggs instead of life, the eggs that they have, like, premade in a bag or whatever, You just ask for cage free eggs. And they cracked eggs in front of you and everything because I liked And you can ask for any type of you could have, like, Oh, I want a family. I want omelette ball walk. And the people there are amazing. And I just if he stored there is I haven't been eating at the dining hall because I moved out. Um, omelette guy's name is Richard, and he's amazing. Remembers everyone's order. And it's us, but yeah, honestly, make your room your own. Just make sure you keep it clean. You Some people have dirty rooms. But yeah, just make sure you have Don't bring too much toughies in here is gonna have a room that's it filled. And you're not able to, like, get through anything and it would be a lot harder Move out, But yeah, thanks for watching. And I will see you So we just showed you the dining hall. So this is like the outside part of the dining hall right here and on this side to it, which you can enter from the dining hall is the Chinese food place. Great. I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but but it definitely it took some accustom ing because I'm from California. What I said earlier, and I think our Chinese food is like, pretty good and I really like Chinese food. But coming here like this, Chinese food is really like, not good. It was disgusting, but you had to force myself because it was just so, like, nice to have it close by and just like walking distance that way just went here and it grows on you. And then it does, like, eventually taste because, like, it's definitely not a quality you can tell the greatest, but you can also use when you get a meal plan. It comes with, like a certain amount of, like blacks, money that you could use. That kind of call them in G. Yeah, I mean, you can use that local places, and you can use that here, so that's kind of nice. You can use it at any of the lake restaurants on campus, so that's cool, too, because they need after, like, bring your wallet with you. It's all on your ID card front in your plan and then just around the corner from the other side of the out side dining area is a Starbucks, and so like that's opening to the dorms. That's the dining area and then over here starving. It's very packed all the time like there's always lines in there and it's so long. But everyone loves Starbucks, so it's kind of to be expected. It just takes a while. I don't know. How often do you come? Teo Starbuck. I started going my freshman year because I could use my mng there, but I don't really drink much coffee, so I don't go very often. But it's nice of you of them. Angie and I have way had a lot of friends who went every single day before class like So if Hi, everyone. Welcome to take their place. Tower two. My name is Ricky Cornish. Let's go inside and give you a little tour. So right now it's welcome weeks. And there's a lot of things going on right now. Lot of maintenance a lot boxes, But we're gonna get through this together. So in the lounge, you have just kind of like your basic little set up here. It's kind of up to you what you wanna do with it. As you can see. What the two people that live here, they t their fridge marked away. And you can use it however you want, just as long as you're within your rights. Yes, we go over this way. We have our bathroom. Yes. Come on in here. I came here is basically like a fat. You have your toilet, you have your shower. And that's basically it makes a kind of convenient to have your own bathroom inside those. You don't have to worry about floor bathrooms. And then right over here, you have your sink and your mayor. So when roommate could be, you know, brushing their teeth, getting ready, the other person, which is really nice as you can see over here with the beautiful Julia who? Only this room. We have two bedrooms in this layout. Make your pass, please. Yeah, This is better. Number one. So as you can see, you get your own bed, you have the desk, a dresser, and you even have your own little side table. Julia is going to show us that you now we are currently on the odd number side. So we kind of get a look at the other tower, which isn't as exciting. Julius let because she actually gets these beautiful windows which are full Florida ceiling windows. But just look at the time, which isn't exciting. If you get an even number room in Tower two of Taylor Place, you get a nice field north six, which is really So You guys were coming here trying to one of those rooms, and then you walk over here, basically have the same thing. It's just number two. And right now this room is having some maintenance. Taylor Place maintenance is on you. File a maintenance request. Usually come. Same day to fix anything you need for free. That's pretty awesome. Well, thanks for the tour. You guys. Hopefully we'll see you on a downtown campus Hello. My name's Jodi. I'm from Sacramento, California, which, if you don't know where that is, it's like two hours from San Francisco and then two hours from Tahoe at the same time. So it's kind of at a nice in between, um, But what brought me to my current school, which is Arizona State University, was the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. It's very highly acclaimed, it's known nationally. It's one of the best journalism schools in America, and my major is broadcast journalism, so that's this is just very hard to be. I definitely did not plan on leaving California, but curious. But the school is great. Um, and then I mind a ring and sustainability at the Julian Wrigley School of Sustainability and Arizona State actually had the very first school sustainability, So that's really cool. I'm very involved on campus, and that's a new thing for me. I, um, actually went my freshman and sophomore year without joining any clubs, joining Greek life at all. Like I just stuck to like the friends that I met in the dorms. And, uh, I definitely regret that. So I encourage everyone coming into college to get involved as involved as possible. And Teo really put yourself out there because it's so worth it, and I regret not doing it initially. But right now I'm involved in the scuba diving club, where we kind of travel around and get to do like scuba diving lessons, which you're required to do before You can go on these trips, but they have, like, super cool ones because we're right on the border to Mexico. So you could go there and scuba dive and like it's a trip with, like, issue people. So it's totally safe. But it's so cool and I'm super interested in Marine life. So it's perfect for me. And then I'm also in a sorority Alpha Gamma Delta here on campus. I'm also kind of new to that. I just joined my spring semester of my sophomore year. So, uh, last school, you're basically so, um, I'm really involved in campus, and I invite you to get really involved on campus. Um, I think your college experience could be so much better, but I'm very excited to show Hey, guys. Um, this last video. So I wanted to say goodbye. I wanted to thank you guys for all my videos. I hope you like seeing the cam pus from my eyes. I love this campus with everything I have. I never thought that I could leave home and be so happy somewhere and field justice as home as I did when I was there. Um, this campus feels like a family with all the students, all the teachers, like, they're all amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Um, but I'm not the only one who wants to say goodbye. I have a few other friends of mine that you've seen a couple videos or heard, um that want to say goodbye and yeah, come to you for I hope you enjoyed downtown Phoenix. Go, devils. Go, Devils hope to see you around campus Go, devils. But as we're saying good bye, I want to give you good forks up. And I hope you come downtown. Have a good when you guys see you later.