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This area is the communications building. So this is where news Lincoln's films. That's the news room. Have the daily news ball State Daily twelve bearing Skin news, Lincoln Vienna. Also, we're student showcase. There are. That's the news desk. Filming a foot. Man, there's the control room. I can't tell you. This is where a lot of classes are held. Selection hall, more art to showcase. Once you get past this ramp, you're entering the David Letterman. And they would let a man is actually a very famous personal. Right in the cereal digital core area. Hey, services, that ball state doesn't give students everything. You have jobs. Um, there's go out. They filmed videos around campus and in the community, and they get paid for it. So what's your major? It's a really great job. Have they only have applications twice a year? So it's very select. After you gotta get calm scholarships. And then sports link. If anyone's ever heard of that is very famous here on campus, Student ran and they actually have won so many enemies. Look at that that is all of their enemies, and they just showcase them right here. Not one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. That's crazy. They have more awards over here. We're just doing a thing in there. It's a very professional. It's seen all around the world. They do things all around the world. If you get a chance to be part of that, it's really great. Really good on your resume, too. This is basically the area where all of the classes are held from T com. They also have a student ran radio station. That's where a lot of students go study. All the classes there down there. I had a class in that room. That was my very first class on campus. Most energetic and crazy teacher I've ever had, but he's also very sweet. More boards. But some of the radios Okay. That's Neuer Residents Hall. It's where a lot of people humanities, majors and undecided majors usually stay there. But I really wanted to show you guys this lovely area over here. So if you know anything about pledging people host their events in this area and it looks like area the area, the people will hold him in. It's really wise. And it's circular. This whole area is one of the quads here on campus, right next to the wedding, Jer business college, all your e con classes, business classes or in this area campus is so beautiful. Guys, this is a perfect day. I'm so happy I chose today to film. But like, look at that. There's a whole freaking zebo over there. People I think are doing poetry and playing music actually looks not poetry. It was a class that was being held earlier today. Look at how beautiful this is. There's people over there enjoying their Friday evening playing Frisbee, studying, chilling in hammocks. It's a really nice place to do that. I've never I don't only Hammett, I've never done it but the actual Jim of this whole place. This is from babies home. Important component here on campus. Why, When I was a freshman, that's what I was told. That frog baby. And there's like this theory that if you're struggling with yours or you want a bit of extra, try and touch, baby, I don't know how people are they But like my roommate, actually put a heart problem and she had a great time that, But yeah, it's just a really chilly evening here on campus. There's a library behind all those. This is the bell tower. It literally. Deans, I don't even know when it dings. I just feel like whenever I hear the bell going, bells going off, it's a the most random times. Like sometimes it will be at nine o'Clock and sometimes will randomly go off at, like nine. Twenty six. So yeah, but this is also another campus human. I didn't learn until last week. You could actually go inside of there and climb up. And so I'm gonna try to catch that bus. I've taken exam. I will talk to you guys later. Hey, guys. So my name is Felicia. I am a sophomore here at Boston University, and I'm gonna be taking you on a virtual tour. So I am actually from Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated from one Central high school, and when I first came to school here, a ball stay. I was interested and their telecommunications program because it's one of the best programs for communications and the Midwest s O I originally enrolled to be a telecommunications major. I eventually discovered my passion for fashion was just too strong, and I decided to change my major and now make it fashion design. So I'm a trained to be a fashion designer, but my mind is still telecommunications. Um, so I really just saw this great opportunity. Uh, I learned who I am as a person through this campus, and I'm really grateful for that. And so when I found the opportunity to give a virtual tour, I thought, Why not? So I'm really excited to show you guys what Ball State has to offer between their various various opportunities for your major's between all their social activities on their sports groups and all the abundance of things to get involved with a figure you guys could get really excited, just like I really excited. So let's go ahead and get on with the tour. Okay, guys. This is another academic building that you will want to make sure you have on your radar. This is Thie Freshman advising Building, also known as the North Quad Building. This is where most freshmen will go to heal. My gosh. Guys, look a little chip, mom. Okay, Okay. But anyways, this is where freshmen will go to stick with their advisors about classes and Oh, my gosh, a black squirrel. Guys, there's animals like everywhere on this campus. But I was in here a ton of times to schedule my classes. Just take care of. So sometimes I would study over here, too. Right? On every place that's in this building is the Learning Center modern language office. Humanity's. There's a lot of buildings in here. They're not build things. There's a lot of classrooms in here. Here it is the College of Sciences in Daddy's office. Have you inner city majoring in that everything is really close. But I think right now what I will do is two the learning center. Okay, so the learning centre is where you go? Two Thanks. Learning Centre is where you go to kind of catch up on some touring. If you needed tutoring, help or assistance, I have okay update. I wasn't allowed to film the Learning Center, but you guys know where it's located him so Yeah, that is the North Korean building. I'll meet your freshman advisors in this building. You will. Hello. Let me think you'll meet your freshman advisors in this building you can schedule to drink Russians. And this is also where most classrooms are held for classes like humanities, social work and other related fields. This is a classroom for one of the humanity classes or social work. It really just depends. There's no set classroom in college, kind of just getting where you fit in and teachers teach wherever they're told, and these are wearing your professor's office. Hours will be held in their offices. And now we're entering the Robert Belle building. This is where you take most of your core classes. And yeah, this is where you take almost all your core classes. Not science, though. Science is Cooper Science Building. But this is where math and English was mainly held and some speech classes are in. Here is Well, this is also one of the main places to go for taking your exams and tests and quizzes. Sounds like you're coming this room right here. Sign in with your idea there, and I'll take your test of reading it. This is a printing services area content. Classrooms are down there. And then most of the professors are actually in the second floor of this building. Please take the elevator or the stairs to go. Through the classroom. Let's see, honey, turn these lights on. This is a classroom. I had a math class in here before. It's basically like a traditional classroom, so it's really not too different what you're used to seeing in high school, then out these dirty glass doors. And uh, fall in. That's one of the actually the oldest storm here on campus, and there's four wings for three now. They're not going down to the dining hall, but there are three dorm's over there, no air conditioning. So if you get stuck in the fall, it I'm so sorry. And then they also have an elevator that only goes to the first floor in the eighth floor. So if you're on the sixth Form college, you're screwed because you basically have to go all the way to the floor, and they carry all your furniture down two floors just to get to yours, and it's horrible. Them. What does Conservation tails deal? Um, it's about conservation link with the environment. We've worked on books about the entities seahorses and sea turtles for this semester. And like how we can protect That's awesome. Thanks be to the showcase today. Um, why did you choose Boston? Well, I chose because I love the campus in the environment. Just how it felt like home when I first got here, and I felt like I really fit it. And, like, explorers like my dress. What is your major? I'm an art major. My concentrations. That's awesome. Yeah. How would you describe the academic climate here? All state. I think it's a really good fine, mate. I think that they give you a lot of always starts with skills, help you to better yourself. Yeah. Awesome. Thanks. On DH. What's one thing that you love about this school in one thing, your maybe not so crazy about I love all the opportunities that give us. Like how we can explore all these different things. Like the number and activity is not I'm something I'm not crazy. No, really. I mean, I don't know asking This is the North Quad area. It's the biggest amount of green we have on campus. It's pathways, almost everything on this south side of campus. This is the only yellow brick building we have on campus. I'm not exactly sure what building that is, though. And I know over there you can't see. Right? There is the North Quad advising office building. Cooper Science Building is down this way. If you go straight down this path. And if you go here, this is like a history building. It's really cool. It's also a very chilly day in which I thought was a perfect day for filming, basically everything. They have a lot of outside concerts over here. Graduation is actually held right here. They said the entire area with nothing but cheers and they go to to diploma up there. So I've got two more years until I could graduated from this university. And it's actually very calm. This is probably like the calmness place on campus. People put their hammocks out. I wish people had hand looks out right now, but you'll see a lot of hand mix in this area, people studying sometimes on the weekends. People bring their dogs and they play Frisbee over here. That's cute. It's very pretty in the fall time, and I'm so happy it's starting to get cold again. For me, my major is fashion design. So the building the I am in the most is this building right here is the applied technology building, and you'll see it when I get closer. But in the applied technology, there is fashion design for fashion merchandising. Um, I want to say, retail management dietetics. There's a lot of stuff in that building, a lot of classes going on, and there's also random structures that our artworks made by students on campus to. Right now I am standing on the furthest south west point of campus. I'm and there's three really cool places. I'm writing this little loop that I just wanna talk to you a little bit about Definitely three places you should. Yeah, stop and explore when you're here. And the first is the greenhouse. It's right behind me. Um, this really long building there is a bunch of species of plants, obviously, but they have both a cold and a warm room. You're going to be able to see a variety of species that you're not actually going to find in the month. Sea area. Um, really cool. If you're into any type of environmental studies, time to kind of come in here and be exposed. Tio, I am some new things you wouldn't see otherwise. Um, this greenhouse has one of the largest collections of orchids, if not the largest of all United States colleges. So that's pretty cool. You're going to see a variety bigger here than you would almost anywhere else. Also in this section is center for the glass. Right behind me here. What's really cool about center for the glasses? They do offer occasional like extra curricular course is in there. Uh, and you can learn to glass blow. Um, you can also study in it if you're interested. And in this building. Damn. Once you walk in the main entrance, that's not open now. But if you walk in the main entrance, their whole display to the classroom is open windows. And I do believe that they're one way glass so you can go in and watch people work on their projects. Kind of see how it works all day long. If he want to kind of get an idea, maybe before you enroll in the class or just to watch him. Sometimes I come down on Friday nights or Friday afternoons just to kind of see what's going on, what people are working on and see how they do it because they may makes them amazing, amazing things in there. I'm so really cool. Place to check out. If you have time, I'm. And then finally. So just behind you see all these trees. Um, it actually goes back for quite a while. All the way to the next road. I mean, that's Christy Woods. Sam, I don't seem to have an entrance on this end of the fence. But you can't get in mostly from behind the planetarium, which is also on the west end of campus, um, or river Side, which is the road that the planetarium I definitely can understand the importance of a school size them to an incoming student. I remember visiting schools before I chose Ball State that were around forty thousand undergrad and up. I mean, I just felt lost in a crowd. Boss State has about twenty thousand undergrad. It fluctuates just below or above that number every year, I would say, but I thought it was the perfect amount. There's still plenty of new people that you don't sit in a class every semester with the same people, But you also might have one or two refreshing faces that you've met already. Plus both states Campus Israel spread out. There's over seven hundred acres that all of the buildings reside on, so give plenty of space to stretch out. Find that quiet place if you need it. And that was really valuable to me. If that's something that means a lot to you, I think it would be a perfect place to start looking at Ball State. They're such Nixon crannies, um, and opportunities like I said, to just meet wonderful people and be able to sustain that relationship with them. Good morning. Thank you for checking out Ball State University with me. Uh, my name is Cam E. I'm in my final semester here. We'll stay. Yeah, I'm studying water management and visual design. I'm walking to my morning class this morning at night. I am so bright and shiny. You can see a quiet morning. We got bird, sharpen sunshine and can't wait to show you the rest of campus this week. When people talk about the quad, they're going to be referring to the old part of the state. When will say it began. It was a junior College people do not live on campus, so there weren't housing complexes. They were just academic buildings. And so our quad is set up for that type of scenario. The middle is all grass, some walkways. But then the perimeter all around the quad is academic buildings or what used to be academic buildings. I'm so if I just kind of give you a three sixty, you'll see what I mean. Yeah, um, actually behind me now, um, this is loose, Sena. This is where should you come to do a visit or orientation? Um, that's actually the building you're gonna start in. It's on the south end of campus. Them It's across the street from the student center. Um, and then actually, we turn back this way. This is the, um, David Alice Lee Museum inside here on the second floor. This is also the building that Yeah. Should you graduate in the spring? Um, you would graduate in front of the set up all the chairs on the lawn There, you beautiful place. Hey, guys. So it's completely different day. Um, today I decided to make a little trip to our local art museum that's on campus. And our, like, this art museum is also the history building for most history majors. So I figured could be a really good priest, show you guys some more of the academic based buildings here on campus. So this is the floor of the art museum. It's actually closed right now. I actually wish I would've filmed earlier today while I was in class, but it's so cruel inside. I didn't know we had all this stuff going on. I little you knew nothing about this building, but there's so many cool things. Go on. They changed the exhibits frequently. There's a recital hall over there. The bathrooms are very updated and nice, but I wish I had a chance to kind of show you guys what it looked like inside the museum codes really fancy, and I had no clue. We have all this on campus. First floor is usually where all the classes are. Oh, and it's so cool like, look at this. They have all these things, all these fossils. But I love studying in this building. I didn't know I did until today, but I went here today. I went here today to study my love crystals. I'm sorry, guys. I keep getting so off track, but look at this. For those of you guys that are really super into crystals here, they all are. I love healing crystals, but in this case, so this is the floor. Look, even says Department of Geology, which explains all this stuff over here. This leads up straight to the art museum, which is so cool. I just love how polished an old fashioned this room. This entry area is beautiful. It is. That's what the questions look like. There's also a stair level that leads up to the art museum as well. If you're interested. So the art museum is open from, I want to say. Eight o'Clock until four thirty Monday through Friday and then the times change on Saturdays, but I don't really I hope after you seen these videos, I learned a little bit more about our university. You're willing to at least consider a checkout ball state. I know what it feels like. Not really knowing what to do or what to decide or what to go for. Uh, when I was missing your high school, I applied nineteen places before December and Ball State wasn't even on the list then. So definitely don't stress or worry. I don't think that it's not gonna happen for you. You're not gonna feel a fit. You will. Wherever it iss, I just hope that you find a place that fits your passions and you're able. Teo, expand your skills and love where you're at. If it's ball state, maybe I'll catch you around some Okay. This is another one of the campuses, Jim's this's Pruis Hall. A lot of events are in here. Banquet events. They have movie nights on Fridays and it's called Friday. It's called Friday film works, and it's really amazing. Every single Friday at nine o'Clock you can come in with your friends fair ball system. It's free if you're not. I think it's still free. Honestly, if you're not a ball state student I've gotten in when I wasn't a student here and I didn't pay a single dime, so you can always come in here. I don't know if I can go into the building, but because it might be walked, but there's a lot of banquets that go on a lot of your extra credit opportunities from most of your teachers. We'll be in this building and it is locked as you just saw so I can't get access but often like check this board often because it shows you what movies are playing and what's offered. And I think it's amazing. Like a couple weeks ago, they were showing incredible too. So yeah, you can kind of see what the inside looks like. I wish I could show you where the theater looks like. It's really hard to show the theater, especially when you're not in a class because, um if you're everyone's required to take calm, which is like a speech class. It's one of the core requirements here on campus, and I think I'm gonna go this way because I want to show you guys another campus gym. But everyone's required to take calm, and most of the com lecture halls carry about two hundred people all in that one room. You don't do speeches in front of two hundred people Bye. Excuse me a thousand of these, but usually break off into smaller groups throughout the week. But no me in that group, make sure you have a Nike liquor. Those are important in college. Apparently most teachers with big lecture halls these I cookers to take attendance. And how do you answer participation point Correct questions. Chili beneficial, but it also breaks the bank. Just kidding. Fifty dollars isn't that much, but it's kind of a pain, you know. But yeah, the com classes are usually three days a week, the lecture halls one day a week. The other two days. You just break up into small groups, and the classes are kind of scattered around campus. But it is a campus gym because a lot of people like to hold events there. So if you want to know where Pruis is, that's Wait. What? You live there? What? What you need. Right? What? What? You guys. So I'm back again? Um, I kind of wanted to explain to you my class that from today. So if you watch some of my other videos, you know, that I showed you, um or the recent clips. I just showed you footage of me and that some of my classrooms, the classroom that I showed you Most of the footage in was my fashion illustration class and my P F W class, and it stands for personal fitness and wellness s O that classes, actually, but when I was in today was actually a lecture hall, you'll have your actual activity gym class two days a week, and then you'll have your lecture, like, sometime for the third time. So I have my lecture on Lee on Wednesdays, and then I have the actual activity portion on Mondays. You're not sorry on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that's kind of how that works. I am not a fan of jam. Okay? I was a cheerleader in a gymnast, but that does not mean that a girl likes physical activity. I mean, I go to the gym, but I just would prefer to not have to have a P F W class, and it's one of my required courses to graduate, you know. But the lecture itself is actually pretty easy. If you study and work hard, it's really just memorization. I personally just sit there and I take notes. He actually offers the notes on Blackboard, which is what a lot of universities used to get information to the students. It's where you get your assignments and everything. The class itself is generally large just because almost all of the physical ed courses in college for that, you know, a specific course or like five courses. They all meet on the same day in one lecture hall. But we all split into our own group. So we go into our individual activity classes like I take aerobics and so on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I meet with the people in my aerobics course. That's about it. I want to say I have twenty people and my small group class, but in our actual lecture, I want to say there's close to one hundred people in that room possibly want one hundred to two hundred cause I think our capacity is like one fifty in the room and all this heat are always filled. So yeah, in terms of office hours, every single teacher I've had offers office hours. Um, and they're actually very easy to talk to. So if you accept, except for some of my math teachers, because my math teacher is a very, like a single cranky. But I feel like that's just all Matthew. Maybe math makes people angry, I don't know. But even then, the teacher should still willing to meet with the students and talk to you. So you always have office hours is an option to meet with your professor and talked about anything, whether you're struggling in class or whether you just want them to understand that you exist in that classroom, you can always similiar teachers. And during syllabus week, it's always mentioned, like where their office hours are, what times they're offered and everything else. So I kind of want to break that down and explain it to you, so that made more She's a probably my civilian choking today, and she is working on the same team. So why'd you call state? I really like the size of all state, I think, a midsize institution. It's not overwhelming, but it's also not so small that there are social groups of or interest groups for everyone. I think the class size is really nice to get to know your professors, but you still get to have a large enough campus that you have a lot of different opportunities. I also think the honors college specifically, is what attracted me because that provided a really specific learning environment. Andi provided there's a lot of opportunities available through the Otters college here. That's awesome. Um, can you describe your degree and what the economic climate is here? So I'm pursuing a degree in sociology on Dime, getting Three miners and German sustainability and piece of conflict resolution. I really love this sociology department, particularly because I get to know all of my professors and they're very open. Teo talking about grad school with me from my freshman year, even on and I'm able to have three minors with that degree and my professors are really flexible and working with that. I like the flexibility of the major a lot and kind of how faculty here allow me to explore my system interests within that area of study. Awesome. Um, And then finally, can you tell me one thing that you love about Allstate and one thing you're not so crazy about? I like the flexibility that curriculum policy provides him with. So I get to study abroad for a whole year here next year because of the flexibility of the sociology department and the willingness of professors and daughter's college and officer study abroad to work with me. So that's just something that I really value. And university is just so willing to work with me, making whatever I want to happen kind of fit my curriculum and what I want, I would say one drawback to this university is its location. Muncie isn't most hopping city, but I do think that it's interesting to see the students really try to make it a better place. And, like, have the effort invested in Muncie work to make it for life. Right now, I'm walking up to the administrative building time. Big yellow brick. Can't miss it, Um, and has, like, a blue shutters and doors. Um, this is a place I would suggest that you come. If you ever want to run into our provost or our president, um, you're gonna have a lot of opportunities for high connections. Yeah. Step in. Also a cool feature in here is a three. So if you need to get an idea, let's stand out here. You need to get an idea where you are on campus where you'd like to go. I think this map is a great way to start cause you can see where you are. You can see where buildings are You can see where land expands things like that I'll bring you in and show you real quick. So this is. Right. We're walking through this student center. I'm just on the main floor out of the city has a lot to offer. Um, first and foremost as a dining court, I am on the main floor, waken take a peek and it's closed right now. But there's Taco Bell in here and then also like a pantry style. I kind of get the idea. They also have, like, a hot sample. Every day. It'll Chef station. Come on, Father. The basement floor. They have, like, pulling billers, things like that. Um, So this is the main lounge area. Those are their shares, and then there's formal dining tables, and then there's, like, barstool type of booth further down that way, um, and then on the in the upstairs, they have yeah. A bunch of challenges if you like formal ballrooms and there's a lot of networking events held there. Couple offices and that also upstairs Ball. State of health, which you're more than welcome. You know about your family to stay at. Personally, I think it's a treasure. What I think is the nicest hotel in Muncie. OK, I like your haircut. This is odd, Otto. What's your name? I'm double majoring in fashion design and fashion. And what did you say for the fashion department, Actually, And what do you think about your car? I'm not really welcoming a fiver. Have questions or anything ever. What's ableto, you know, help me out? Yeah, for classes like the Janet. Well, they're kind of a challenge, but it's good. It's worth your money there. Climate. Bob State in terms of social life. Like I said, everyone's just really welcome me. Like I said, I feel, you know, it's easy to Here we are in front of one of my favorite buildings on campus. It's, sir. PSA houses, School of Music. I might take harp lessons here. Just just hasn't elected because I love it. They have a beautiful light display. I'm in this windows, but it looks way cooler at night. I'll try to show that to you in another video. And then, um, if you look across this intersection here, this is called the Scramble Light. Um, it actually has a countdown of thirty seconds where you can walk, um, in any direction on Dit count yet you can hear the trip in right now. Yep. Um and then, actually, right across the road from us here is Emmons Auditorium, where the university has numerous productions. They bring in speakers. They have performances. Um, there's always something coming up on Evans. Okay, so we're in Breckin. I bury on the first floor. If you ever meeting here with someone, you're probably gonna be at the naked lady statue, which is just right here next to me on DH. Then every floor in the library gets quieter as you go up comes. This is normal talking level. And then as you get to the fourth floor almost completely silent. So just something to consider for your, for Okay, so this is McKinley Avenue. This is basically where all the hustle and bustle during the day happens. And it's way more crowded than this, especially in the mornings or at any time, the clock. He's like at a solid number, so and it's crazy because you have buses going through people on bikes, students walking around, people stopping in the middle of this sidewalk for no reason. People on skateboards like it's crazy, but it's college life, and it's amazing. McKinley is also Yeah, Main Street. Through the campus, you can basically at get access to any on campus location through this area. All the buildings are kind of located, essentially based off of this road. And if you're ever lost, just look from a candy street and you'll find your way back to your neck. There's a library right there. Over there is the architectural engineering building. This is the atrium. A dining hall over there is over. There is one of the classes for art. We are in journalism building. There is the applied technology building, where they have most construction, major's fashion design and some others that can we think about because I only really know about those two. And then this is the teacher's college right over there. If you are music, major, majority of crosses are going to be in here. Guys, this is our library. It's actually going through some construction right now, so I'm both sides. There's like these little things, but I am going to take you guys for my floor election. Know what's up with campus? Thank you. Okay, so this for that I'm on right now is actually, yeah. Like first, I guess. Main level. And this is a floor where you're welcome to talk a computer labs, color printing on other printing services. This is where you will go to check out library books. There is also the Bookmark Cafe where you could get a little coffeeshop items. Um and there's also me see, because I'm really is kind of looking around. There's a apple store in here. There is. Yeah. Like a reference table, A lot of stuff on this floor. All right? Dan As you continue to go down the stairs, he will go down spiral. Okay. This is the basement. There's another A computer lab exam room right there. This is real. Come to check out any kind of video equipment, music equipment when I say that you like a piano this computer labs for studying. And they also have notebooks. It's when you check out her quick. You're actually allowed to talk this over, but there's generally nobody really down here, so it's intends to be very, very quiet. I personally like studying and these small viewing gramps. It is my favorite area to study. I'm here with my friends. It's quiet and relax. This is where you'll go when you're a freshman to come and pick up your Boston I'd sex. The campus library also has a map collection. So if you're in history or anything else related to that major or you just like learning about maps, it's offered to. You just have to use your live here, be a suicide. Okay, so I personally come to the library like once a week twice. And what I'll do. ISS I will meet up with my friends and study for E Condor study for my fashion classes. And like when the study room's almost always go onto the Web site and reserve a room because they fill up fast. Okay, so there's not too much special about a third, for it's literally just like the second floor, with just more books and more study groups. What I do like about the third for you. Khun, Check out books, Distribution, reading. I didn't find this out until, like, two weeks ago. So they have books around here just for a simple pleasure. I don't know where they are yet because they haven't had much time this semester to find them. But between you and I, both we know that he exists. And that's all that matters. Um, I don't know if you can hear me because this really loud, but it's also offered is three D printing. We're now headed to the Final Four. This is the fourth full of the library. So the fourth floor, this is math area where you come and take your certain exams for math, more study room's over here and then this is like, strictly wife, violent like for people who are really happy. Majors like chemistry. And they're saying they usually come here because you're really not allowed to make any Sounds like sounds in your headphones. Sounds like headphone sounds would not fly. Okay, so that was the tour of our library on campus. There's four floors. It's undergoing construction. And there's a lot of resources you guys can utilize, Like three D printing these maps. There's editing software available to you color printers on every student it's offered in your tuition to get thirty dollars worth thirty dollars worth of printing services every semester, and it renews every year. You can't take whatever money you didn't use an applied over to. The next message doesn't work like that. It starts complete fresh, just like the meal swipes, too. So, yeah, if you guys want to know more about the library, of course, Go on Ball State's website and Right now you're looking through those. School glittery. It's led certified purchases, a sustainability. Guys. Open wound on the first floor and a great view of the stars here. I want to come here and study. Give you so that's the bell tower. Perry Mason time that also connect to which is and English and math. And then it connects on the other end to the atrium I am, which is a main dining court and then also in the upper levels. I'm it's home to the School of Art. I'm concerned you might have on campus it. See? Personally, I have never bin and secure. Hi. Or worried. Yeah, but the university does put up emergency blue lights. That you can tap if you we're being followed. Chase. You're uncomfortable. Something doesn't seem right. Medical, emergency, anything. Um, you can tap these blue lights, and if you're being chased, you could go around and keep tapping them. And they can track where you're running so you don't ever have to stop at one. Um, if you feel uncomfortable, him most of main campus is well lit. But once you start getting on the outskirts of campus that that isn't really the case. Um, you might have a light at main entrances or a crossroads, but you're not really going to see a lot of well lit walking areas the further you get from campus. So I guess a recommendation for that would be to stay in center locations at night Timer. You have more light travel with people, any of those air, just general, thanks to think about. Regardless, if you're on this campus or any campus, you don't really want to be alone at night. You want to have people with you or people knowing