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Now we're in Neuer, uh, which is a housing complex. But it also has a dining court inside of it. Um, it's probably the most central dining court that you're gonna find. Um, and it also has to section so it has a buffet style that's offered in the afternoons. And then it has more of, like a pantry style that's offered all day long every day of the week. Um, I think it opens around seven. Thirty and it closes around nine thirty hot food and Mother Presidents Hall on campus. It's called Woodward. Last year it was all one's building. But now it is a unisex buildings, both male and female. Stay here. Another whole thing about this is it's also dying. I'm sorry. You have option C candy. You have a bunch of dreams. Fresh fruit. You have a pasta? Here. Yes. Shit. Two options. This is a salad. This is a salad bar. And you can also make sandwiches that here. I have, like being store items so you can get quickly. Fine drink, love the start. They have a chip. All these wonderful chip. You have eight dollars, sixty cents on your nails. So you can here as you need. And then you also have dining club kind of berries, according to now what you want? This time. Best salad. Lots of sitting Spain's. Recyclable around what? Good. Other greater isn't all that good Okay, so we're in lawyers a dining main dining location. All the food you can see. They have like, son. But this is a sandwich option, and we can walk over here. There's like a salad bar. It's a smoothie bar. There's pizza bar over here. A lot of options. Uh, hamburger sandwiches, fries, and then this is home. Home style is just a way for there to be a new hot food. Every day you can actually check on us ball state dining and you can see what's being offered at each location that changes every day. Today it looks like it's gonna be fish and seafood. Hey, guys. So it's Lisa and I just kind of wanted to take some time to talk to you guys about the dining plans here on Boel Seeds campus. So I actually just got back from getting my food, and I normally get things like salad and tea and healthy organic based foods here on campus because they actually offer that now. But I just kinda want to take some time to explain to you how the meal plan works. So there are a wide variety of meal plans. If you are a freshman, you are required to stay on campus. So I will explain the meal plans from a freshman's perspective. So you have let me see. I have my notes right here so I can get you guys all the right information. But you have up to four options for your meal plan so you could get the twenty one plus plan. And when you see plus class means that you get an additional excuse me. An additional amount of money out of one two year meal swipe for the semester, Um, usually ranges and all kind of explained that more as I get into what other mill swipes air offered. So you'll have a twenty one plus meal plan, which are twenty one meals per week, which means you get three mil slaps per day. I don't get confuse. You can't just go all crazy and spend dog mill stripes on breakfast. The way it works right now is you have a breakfast white um, and then a lunch and dinner swiping. You can use your lunch and dinner swipe at any time between eleven o one and twelve a. M, but the breakfast wife is only offered an available from six thirty up until eleven o'clock. I am so you kind of have that option in that leeway for the twenty one plus meal plan, and in terms of the plus the plus refers to you get an additional seventy five dollars person Master. I don't want to your swipe when you go to the dining hall. Every single person, no matter what meal plan you have, is offered eight dollars and sixty cents. So that means that you could get a salad for three dollars a drink for two dollars. Maybe something sweet for another two dollars, and you might have some actual since left over and say that you end up paying or your total for food ends up coming to like nine dollars. That's what that dining pluses for. That's seventy five dollars per semester covers that extra of whatever else is over now, whenever this is over eight sixty. So if I purchase something and my total wass eight dollars and sixty nine cents, I won't tell her you can go ahead and use my swipe, which is my idea. All solar. Go ahead and use my mail swipe and then go ahead and use my dining. Plus, all had the additional nine cents added from dining Plus, so I'll be down from whatever. My total wasn't dying plus and start over every semester the next. So now we got that out of the way. The next meal planets offered is eighteen plus meal plan, which means that you can choose any eighteen meals per week you want, and you also are offered seventy five dollars and dining. Plus, when you get to the fourteen plus nail plan, that means that you are offered any fourteen meal swipes throughout the week and you get an additional one hundred dollars per semester so if you think about it. I My freshman year, I had the fourteen plus, and so I would get a saw. I would use my meal swipe before lunch, and I would use my mail swipe before dinner and whatever else I got extra, that was not, you know, eight. Sixty. I use my dining plus for, um, and I pretty much worked for me. I had basically two meals a day, seven days a week, which is basically all I ever ate. Um, and then you also have the ten plus plan, which means you have ten mils per week at one hundred dollars per semester. And that's kind of how the male swabs work. Um, if you need tips on how sorry my thing keeps on rocking for some reason, like my standards, my broken I don't know why, but you need tips and tricks on how to choose your meal plan. Something that would be beneficial would be to consider how often you eat when you're at home and how often you think you'll eat when you go to school. So if you're someone that gets up every day for breakfast, you eat lunch every day and you eat dinner and it's a religious routine for you. I would suggest getting the twenty one plus meal plan, but it does cost more. Each meal plan has a different cost into your room and board, so that kind of plays and with that on the website also explains, this is well, so always go to Ball State's website. Look up in the search bar, meal plans and all this information that I'm telling you right now we'll come up. Um, But if you regularly skip a meal, say it's breakfast and you only eat two meals per day. That's when the eighteen plus comes earning eighteen, fourteen plus comes in. So I would normally skip breakfast and I would only eat lunch and dinner. And so I thought the fourteen plus nobody will be perfectly fine for me. But if you're gone a lot and you go home on weekends and you're never really on campus, then the ten plus might be better for you because you think about it. The ten plus that's two meals a day, just like the fourteen plus. You'll have two meals a day Monday through Friday, and if you're at home, you don't need to worry about getting your meals, like using a meal slide. So the ten plus might work out better for you. I don't know, like eighteen plus is actually knew, so I don't know. How you want to use eighteen. Plus. I guess you just have extra swipes if you get hungry. But if you do want to change your meal plan, you always have that option. All you have to do was emailed the dining hall and the lady that's in charge of it. She will change it accordingly. But you also have this thing called Cardinal Cash. Now, Cardinal Cash is what you upload from your own personal account into your meal slaps for dining Plus or it could be into your meal. Swipes for laundry swipes is well, so it's kind of hand in hand. And if it doesn't make sense how I'm explaining it, please. Like I said, go to the website. I just kind of want to kind of break it down for you. If you're looking on the website, you're unsure during your application whether or not you wanna, you know, submit the twenty one plus or do the ten plus. So hopefully that explained it little bit better for you. I'll see you guys in my next video.