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Hey, you guys. So I am on the way to actually a cookout with my philosophy and religion teacher for the night. But I wanted to get this chance to talk to you guys about very student work program. You heard me mention a few minutes ago that I actually just got done that with an interview for a research, a system job on campus. Well, this is just one of huh? Hundreds of jobs that you can have on Barry Skin, so pretty much very has the student work program. And what happens is anybody who wants a job on campus is guaranteed some kind of job. Whether you're interested in technology and what the work with our IT department or you're interested in just learning basic job skills and want to work under the president's office, are Provost or stuff play the mail services, everybody it Barry can have a job this way. You can honor only earn some extra money on the side, but you can also gain some really valuable work experience and learn how to be in a workplace and work with a supervisor or even get this role such as yourself one day so I worked for the department here on campus. It's one of my favorite jobs. It's really cool because I get to pick my own hours and I get to help other students on campus learned more about technology and fix their problems. And next year I get to be a research assistant. My floor doctor Hickman, my political science professor. So I'm really excited about this opportunity, and I think everybody should really enjoy the student work program here at Barry, though, I know a lot of my friends do it so that they can get some extra money, and a lot of them used it so they could just get to learn more about work. Some people in their various fields, like working at our medical office and some people just to learn howto work in a good and bad environment and atmosphere. So I definitely recommend from participating in the very student work program while you're here. It's one of the best things our college has to offer, and it's one of the things that makes very, really unique and helps you find your passion on campus. So that is the very Hey, you guys, I would like to share a quick update about the icy I got five minutes ago that you might have seen. It's kind of melted and dead. Now that's because it's almost eighty ninety degrees this morning. You might ask, Why Hunter then did you decide to wear a jacket, a long sleeve shirt and pants? Well, that's because this morning, until about eleven a. M. Berry was under a freeze alert. So you know, we can go from thirty degree weather in the morning to eighty degree weather in the afternoon and vice versa during other seasons. This is just to show you guys that Barry weather can be pretty sporadic, so never really trust what the weather report says. It can change at any time, and you pretty much have to be able to go change clothes whenever you need, because who knows how hot or cold it may change throughout the day. Hey, you guys, why we're up here at the Ford Complex? I wanted to get the chance to show you guys some of the cool athletic centers we have up here. So Barry's actually Alma, Division three school since we do not have that many students, but, well, we may not have that many students. We are awesome. It's sports. And when I mean awesome, I literally mean it. You guys, so over here is actually our softball field. This is where our softball team plays all of their games and our softball team, you guys is amazing. We are ranked fifth in the nation for division three schools right now, and we're conference champions for a few years in a row now for essay, and we're currently in the running to be conference champions again this year. Over here is our soccer field and our lacrosse field. He actually look in the distance. You can see our ultimate Frisbee team. Yes, we have an ultimate Frisbee team. It's a real sport there, practicing for the national championships. That's going to happen in a few weeks, so they're obviously really good. Teo. Really good at throwing Frisbees. Frisbee golf is a big thing up here. It's a really cool thing that we all do up here. Kind of like a berry tradition. And over there in the distance, you guys can actually see our baseball field to our baseball team, like our softball team is really good at what they do. We pretty much always have good track records with baseball. So it forward. If you guys live up here really cool to get to watch some baseball games, some softball games and some lacrosse and soccer games and even if you're not into it, it's always fun to come out here and just play around with your friends. The fields are if they're not in, practice our fields or sometimes open for you guys to come play and just relax. So that's one really cool thing you can do. It vary, but other than that, this is home to some of our best teams on Barry's campus and really cool to come support them and watch a few games. So that is our softball field, our baseball field Hey, you guys, we are finally at the Berry Reservoir, so pretty much the rez is just a really chill place that we have up here. It actually provides a lot of water for Barry, of course, after it's been filtered and all that, but the rest is just a place we always loved to come. I mean, look around. I mean, it's literally beautiful. It's so peaceful, so, like you just get to be at one with nature for a little bit and it's great. I think my favorite time I've ever been up here was back and fall and all the leaves were changing and it was just It was amazing. So pretty much. A lot of us just come up here. We have e nos hammocks and stuff. We time to the trees and we just study for a few hours. We just relax. There's also a lot of hiking trails up here, like the trail that actually gets to the rez. But there's also just a lot of trails in general around here. So we'll come up here, hike the trails. Some people will bike the trails because there's some really good bike spots, too, and we'll just enjoy ourselves. So this is the Barry Reservoir.