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Biola University is a private, small, Christian college located in Southern California. There are about 4,500 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students. Jocelyn is also sharing some advice!

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Jocelyn Chu
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How little My name is Jocelyn, and welcome to the frequently asked questions section of my campus tour. I'm going to get giving you guys like the statistical breakdown of the little things that you might be asking that might not have been answered on the tour. So to start off by Allah is on the smaller end of schools is a private Christian school. It is very much Christian like it's not one of those schools that say they're Christian and art. We really believe that faith is what needs to be integrated into our education, and it happens every day. Our student body for undergraduates is about four thousand five hundred students, and then we have grad students who go to the Talbot Seminary School, and those students are about two thousand. The academic culture here is not as aggressive as you would find at a state school, but I think that everyone here, really it's seeking to learn the information and so we have very rigorous academics, but in the best way possible because we want to learn not because we want to get a good grade. There are still people who are coming here to have good grades, and that's fine. I think the overall culture is that we really, genuinely want to learn things that we have from class because we do integrate our faith with in almost every class. People here dress really Q and like history and like every day seems to be like going to church, which is really funny. Then there's like people who like don't dress up as much and it's really just all around. Whatever you want it to be, you can like, do whatever you please, essentially in terms of clothing and vibe, like there's all kinds of people here. There's the people who have just become Christians or the people have been Christian since they've been born. There are people who just struggle with certain things, and people have struggled with this and like there's such a diverse population of students. I think what defines us is that in all of our differences, we can worship one God thes sports culture is not as prominent as you would expect. We do enjoy seeing basketball games every once in a while, but I don't think that sports are like our defining thing here. So some of the best clubs on campus I personally love Zo pop dance crew. I love dancing, and it is a fall club where you get to just hang out with friends and learn choreography and perform at different school events. I think every organization glorifies God in a different way, and you can find the one that really speaks to you. So my advice for incoming fresh rid There's so much. I think I didn't know a lot coming into college, and there's certain things you just won't know until you get here. My advice is to take it easy, really Enjoy some of your classes that are not as hard at the beginning, really enjoy your time, making new friends go out and, like, get involved in things even though. If you go toe one meeting use, I don't like it. Maybe you'LL make a friend from that meeting and just really put yourself out there to make you friends. Sometimes they will be your best friend, but you might just end up finding a friend for life. So I'd really encourage all incoming freshmen to go to any event. To just meet new people is one thing I wish I knew before coming to college is that friendships are just deeper than sharing. So coming to college, I really learned what it's like to be a good friend in hard times. I never fully took a tour of Viola, but if I did, I wish they would have told me how serious the spirituality is here. It's so great now, looking back, thinking, while that's like a lot of chapels and that's what I have to go to, Tony Chappelle's a week. I have to go to this conference and there's like so many spiritually like things happening.