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Thinking about Biola University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Biola University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Biola University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Biola University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Biola University experience. These Biola University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Jocelyn Chu

Communication Studies, Class of 2021



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FAQ Blackstone Hall

FAQ Part 2 Biola University

Right now, I'm standing in front of one of two violas way have their show Amazing. They're one of our campus. Landless, loyal, so intentional values. Have you not seen by cameras? I believe twenty four hours and really just turn your line to focus from what price has real way. It's just nice to round So you hear about all the way the calf works. It's a flea style cafeteria. You can walk in and take your ID card, and you swipe it and it'LL automatically take meals off your meal. Plan it super simple. There's so many options we have pizza, uh, like lunch and dinner every day on. Sometimes I like to mix it up with different kinds of pizza, but you'LL have like that as like a staple food. And then they have different areas. So there's one area where it's like a made to order. So they'LL put in give you options of like six different like veggies you can put in your bull, and then they'LL Cook that up for you. And there's another area for home coach meals. That's where I usually go. It just has the rice, the protein and a vegetable. And then we have a salad bar that's open and then his burgers, usually at every meal and then for breakfast. It's just like, uh, made to order omelets. Or you can get like premade eggs and sausage and potatoes on just your basic breakfast items. There's ice cream in the CAF, their cereal strings all those things are available to you and you can basically, if you really wanted to stay in the cab all day and use one feels people do it. But it's been known for a place to study a place to hang out, so overall the quality of the food is pretty good. Uh, sometimes it's hard to find a variety of food because they do repeat certain kinds of meals. But I found it really easy to find Hello, everybody. My name is Jocelyn, and I am going to be your campus. Really? Tour guide for Biola University to start off, I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about myself and then I'm gonna jump in to dorm life. So as I said before, my name is Jocelyn. I'm originally from Redlands, California, and I am a communication studies major with a business administration miner and a minor and biblical studies. If you decide to come to violin, diversity were very special in that we all get to participate and having a biblical studies minor. It is a thirty unit minor, which means they're ten classes you have to take. All of them are super crucial to the formation of your faith here. And that is really what Violet cares about. And the only people that do not have a Bible minor are those students who are in the story honors institute. And that is because they have their own separate curriculum. If you decide to attend here, you will be a Bible minor. I am a business administration double minor because I really care about where else I can expand my horizons here in college. So I decided business and communication could go hand in hand, and I am enjoying it. So far, I have lived in hope all for the past two years, and I will be living here again as a resident advisor. That is one of the many on campus job opportunities that you will get here. A viola and the resident advisors There are either one or two on every floor in one of the seven in each of the seven buildings and in each of the buildings, there's one or two resident directors who are full time staffers here who are in charge of the resident advisors and oversee the entire residents life community. So right now I am sitting outside of Heritage. Heritage is one of our many on campus coffee shops. Way have several others. There is talent. It is in the business building, and it is known, really, for just like a quick cup of coffee or a meal exchange where you use your meal sweets on. And then we also have common grounds, which are like coffee shop five kind of coffeehouse. Uh, that one's really fun to go to, because there's a lot of people in the area and you have to see your friends. But also they play like really mellow music sake and focus on your homework. And then right next to Coming grounds is Eagle's Nest and Evils. Ness is like a deli kind of by, but it's like burgers. And like burritos and tacos and stuff like that, Heritage Heritage has, like smoothies and by evil. And then, lastly, we have Blackstone. Bloxham is more for upper campus people because watching was a farther storm from like the middle of campus. So if you live in the upper campus of buildings, it will be easier to go back soon. They have some really fun stuff it looks like a mini seven eleven inside, it highly suggest if you get a chance to go over there in this quiet inside on all of these different food places. If you have the meal plan, you can use flax dollars, which come with your meals there, kind of like a gift card on your ID, and you'LL have between fifty to one hundred fifty dollars and you can spend it on coffee or food, anything you like. And then every day at lunch, there's different items that you can get better solely using the meal swipes that you have instead of spending those gift cards dollars. Right behind me is for Fountain, and here is basically where you can just hang out and study and they have tables everywhere. And since we live in sunny Southern California, it's a great opportunity. Just sit out and soak up the sun. You guys can see really cool shots of our quad. Essentially, there's a bunch of tables out. Since we live in sunny Southern California, you can just sit there, do some home, working out with friends. Um, and there's a really special thing where you get Teo, basically step into the fountain for graduation, and it is right next to this area with Sutherland Way. Um, and it's awesome because you get to just see so many people walking by. And now I'm going to show you guys our student union building. So right here we have some panicking cools. It is a a big thing out violet to bring a hammock and just lay out in the sun and right next to it. As you can see, we're walking up on the student union building, which is essentially a twenty four hour area where you can study, hang out with your friends and do some cool stuff. Right now, I'm inside the building, and essentially there are a bunch of offices for missionary union student government programming So right behind me is Sutherland and Sutherland is academic building that I personally have had many classes in. And I've also attended chapels because there's an auditorium right behind me. It is a great place to study and hang out. We have so many spots on violas campus for you to sit in the sun or maybe in the shape and just Employer Day and hang out anywhere except the library inside there. Several classrooms. The set up is essentially the same as high school classroom, but I'll take you into a couple and talk a little bit more about what school is like here at Viola. Sadly, there are a bunch of classes in Sutherland today, so I cannot take you into each classroom. But it is a standard desk classroom and their fits about thirty five people in each class, and I've taken an English class in there, a com plaice and I've even danced in there late at night for different activities. So right behind me they actually do this thing where they put up Saran wrap and do graffiti for different events on campus. So you'LL be able to see that all during your time here at Biola. Now I'm going to talk a little bit more about the night life you have. Biola. Our night life is kind of different than what you would expect At most schools. We do not have Greek life on campus. We are dry campus like completely dry. We sign a contract. If you decide to apply to Biola, you'LL know well, contract that is it's in application. You sign it saying yes, I signed that. I won't drink while I'm enrolled in classes here. I won't do drugs and I won't have sex outside of marriage If you're Christian, you know that that is one of our values is too leave sex for marriage because that's how we believe God intended it. But they're still sometimes nightlife. So it every resident's hall, the IRA's will have like in all hole, which is essentially like, ah, party for your entire dorm building. And those happened once or twice a semester. There's always a back to school one and, like, ah, Christmas one. And so those I'LL essentially like the night life that's provided for you here. It's a good time. I like them. They provide snacks. They have games like it just depends on, like the vibe of your hall, but my hole is very fun and we do karaoke e. And it's just a really fun time to see everyone else who you living community with that you would otherwise not see. But they're not. You kind of create your own night life. So Disneyland is such a big thing here. I've had a pass for like, four years because I'm from Southern California. But most people who like come here they like No, that Disney's a thing, and you can get the cheapest past the Southern California select past and use it because it's only a twenty minute drive away. It's like maybe ten miles away. It's so easy to go and, like, spend the day there. So that's one thing we like to do at night. Sometimes we just go to downtown Disney if your pass is blocked and then the other thing we like to dio, Not everyone loves this, but I do know like a handful of people, including myself, who loved doing this. But we live near includes Fullerton, which is a line dancing place. It is for eighteen and older. It's so much fun. It's very different. You know how to explain it? I dont say like, Oh, Biola endorses this. But I will say Like That's one of the fun things I choose to do on a Friday night. Like I'll goto in cahoots and go wine dancing like they teach the finances and they have people of showing you how to do it. It's a really fun time. I suggest going at least once in your Bible a career. But if you're not a dancer than maybe don't go, it's probably not for you. So that's it really about night life and outside La Morada Biola. If you're interested in more, just check out a map, maybe check out Viola's website. I They have more stuff about that. That's just my personal experience. These everything I've talked about is really just my personal experience and what I know. But if you're looking for more information like that, I'm sure about all those lives Now that I am seated, I'm going to talk a little bit more about the classroom experience and Biola professors. So to start off by alert professors are some of the nicest professors I've ever met. I've heard so many stories about big schools where people don't know their professor, and that's just not true here. While some professors do have really big survey classes, I have really gotten to know some other professors in my smaller classes and especially within your major, you will get to know those professors. They take time to invest in you. Most professors have office hours. They're really easy to sign up online, and you just get to sit down with them. You can go to office hours just to talk about your life, to get to know them better, or if you have actual questions about the class. There's just so many options of what you could do in office hours to get to know your professors say that I think that there's so many professors who are wanting to invest in their students. I've heard of costs, is where professor invites the entire class over to their house to have dinner and get to know their family. So you will have so many opportunities to get to know the staff and faculty on Viola's campus. In terms of the types of classes I have experienced solely lecture classes, half lecture, half homework, have discussion. I've had crosses where they're three hours long, but they really only feel like an hour because we only lecture for an hour the other two hours we're playing games or doing some sort of hands on activity That really helps you understand the concept of what you're learning and the professor's. Most of them really think about those things and how much you're going to be able to focus. So it's really important that they even think about that and they want you to succeed in terms of classroom set up there so many different options. I have experienced the biggest classes, the survey classes, either for new or Old Testament those air. My biggest classes. I've been in those air held in Calvary charcoal on. They have over two hundred students, and those classes are a little bit more unstructured in the sense that you won't really get to know your professor unless you go out of your way to, like, walk up after every class and talk to them. But I've also experienced some of the smallest classes on this campus where there's, like ten of us way really get to know each other. I've experienced classes of all different kinds and sizes, and you really experience a smaller community here at Biola in the sense that you really get to know those around you. And I've had so many professors who really invest in the class getting to know each other. And that's where I've made most of my friends in those classes where the professor is really pushing for you to get to know your neighbour. And I think that's part of the Christian value. So that we have here is to really put down our phones and get to know each other. I have a class literally where knowledge ever phones out because he wants us to talk tio our friends before All right, So I'm sitting in my car right now because I'm actually going to go off campus and do some work. But I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about La Mirada. La Mirada is the city that Viola is in. It is in South L. A county. It's so close to North Orange County. So if you look on a map, what I right on the border of L. A and Orange County. So the area itself is actually like a residential area like La Mirada is mainly just like residential things. And then if you go like ten minutes down the street, it's wittier and La Habra and like there's Buena Park, so there's like other areas. But while not at like itself like in like the five mile radius of the school is residential, we do have like a little plaza that has, like food and like a walmart and stuff. But most of time we will go, too, like what with Town center, which is like a fifteen minute drive away. And they have old navy and check filet and target and like shopping and that kind of stuff on then the other direction. There's like different coffee shops. So something that's really big here at Biola is the coffee like vibes. I guess so, Like, we really like going to coffee shops and doing homework and stuff like that. So if you were that kind of person, this is a perfect place for you. A lot of people here love coffee, especially. I'm not a fan, But I know so many people here like coffee is like their thing. So if you really feel like coffee and Jesus are your thing, like, Biola is a place for you to go. We also live about thirty five to forty minutes away from downtown Dallas. So if you're looking for a church, you can go to downtown L. A. If you're looking for something funded, a fun to Now I'm going to give you guys the rundown of dorm tips Number one. I think you should bring a couch and a TV if you are living in the bigger dorms. There are a couple who are bigger. I would say it's Hope and Alfa, maybe Horton. Those three have larger rooms, so I would suggest bringing accounting and TV. It's great community area. It's great for if you have friends coming to visit. It's great for watching bachelor on the couch like anything really community wise, I think, is a good idea to bring a couch and a TV. The next thing on my list is to bring a desk lamp. The lights inside your dorm room are not very bright. They're just normal room life. So if you like to do homework at night or you just I need better lighting. Bring your own desk lamp. It will be so helpful for you in the future. If you like eating late at night, we're eating really healthy, and you don't always want to walk to the CAF. I have had a mini fridge the last two years living at Biola. It has been really helpful just because sometimes late at night. I just want a little something fantastic in the fridge. Or if I get sick and I can't make it to like across campus to go to the cafeteria. I have food in my fridge, so I would suggest that. So with Dorn living, I will say each building has a different vibe. It just depends on your year, and it just depends on the people that are placed in it. Most of the time. There are a lot of athletes who live in hope just because of our distance to all the athletic buildings on DH. That's just how it's been. We're right next to the baseball field. So if you know what kind of ivory looking for and you get a chance, visit Biola go into the dorms. You'LL kind of get a sense of what it's like. Since I'm talking about buildings, I will tell you that our campus is split into upper and lower campus. Upper campus is Horton, Alpha Sigma and Blackstone. And Lower Campus is hope, sort and heart. So whether or not you live either way, I mean they're all pretty much the same distance, I think, from campus people will say Horton is easier, walked to the CAF and you can get across campus like all the way across campus and like under ten minutes. So it's really not an issue where you live and like the distance on campus. And last thing I would suggest it's not really dorm, but I feel like I should put it in here. I'm just bringing a car just because La Mirada is a residential community, which I'LL talk about later. And I just think having a car is so nice to get off campus because our campus is kind of small and you don't want to stay within the Bible a bubble, as we call it, You want to, like explore Ella or explore their places or find a church that you really love. So I just having a car. It's literally like one hundred fifty dollars a semester for a parking permit, which is so much better than what I've seen at other state schools. So if you have the ability to bring your car, that's all I really have for like, door tips and born life. But in the next video, I'm gonna talk a little bit more about apartments and like off campus