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Jocelyn sits you down to talk PROFESSORS

Jocelyn sits down with you to talk about what Biola's professors are like and what makes Biola class sizes special. Her experience highlights the communication studies, business administration, ad biblical studies departments, but many students around Biola have a similar experience.

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Jocelyn Chu
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Now that I am seated, I'm going to talk a little bit more about the classroom experience and Biola professors. So to start off by alert professors are some of the nicest professors I've ever met. I've heard so many stories about big schools where people don't know their professor, and that's just not true here. While some professors do have really big survey classes, I have really gotten to know some other professors in my smaller classes and especially within your major, you will get to know those professors. You can go to office hours just to talk about your life, to get to know them better, or if you have actual questions about the class. There's just so many options of what you could do in office hours to get to know your professors say that I think that there's so many professors who are wanting to invest in their students. I've heard of costs, is where professor invites the entire class over to their house to have dinner and get to know their family. So you will have so many opportunities to get to know the staff and faculty on Viola's campus. In terms of the types of classes I have experienced solely lecture classes, half lecture, half homework, have discussion. I've had crosses where they're three hours long, but they really only feel like an hour because we only lecture for an hour the other two hours we're playing games or doing some sort of hands on activity That really helps you understand the concept of what you're learning and the professor's. Most of them really think about those things and how much you're going to be able to focus. So it's really important that they even think about that and they want you to succeed in terms of classroom set up there so many different options. I have experienced the biggest classes, the survey classes, either for new or Old Testament those air. I've been in those air held in Calvary charcoal on. They have over two hundred students, and those classes are a little bit more unstructured in the sense that you won't really get to know your professor unless you go out of your way to, like, walk up after every class and talk to them. I've also experienced some of the smallest classes on this campus where there's, like ten of us way really get to know each other. I've experienced classes of all different kinds and sizes, and you really experience a smaller community here at Biola in the sense that you really get to know those around you. I've had so many professors who really invest in the class getting to know each other. That's where I've made most of my friends in those classes where the professor is really pushing for you to get to know your neighbour. I think that's part of the Christian value. So that we have here is to really put down our phones and get to know each other. I have a class literally where knowledge ever phones out because he wants us to talk tio our friends before class and really get to know where they're at.