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Hey, guys. Sorry. Now I'm in the squad. This is the heart of campus. And as you can see behind me, that is the administration building also knows the admin building where the office subpoena students is as well as financially. So in the quad, this is like I said, the social hub of campus. You'll walk by here all the time and see their friends And this war clubs and organizations come to table as well as raise awareness for any events or events that they're having, like on campus. So right now it's Greek weeks coming up. And so we're having a competition between all of Greek lies, and they are table ing in the clock, just raising money for the philanthropies. And basically, we just have different events that go on around here. Also during finals week, they have puppies. Small finals week. My friend bought its beauty. All right, guys. So here is the administration building, also called the admin building. This is where the registrar's offices Office of Dean of students as well as financial aid. So if you ever have any problems, had need to go head over there with you can head over there. They also have the campus food pantry over there. So it's open to any and all students with an ID card us to go and get some food if you need help with the system. And like I said, this is the heart of campus. So one really important part of campus is the Green Belt, which is a place where you can ride your bike like I am now and you can go from either end of campus. It's also along the river. So it's so pretty, and it's how I get from my dorm room to the Morrison Center, which is the theater, which is across campus. So it's a really quick way to just ride your bike, enjoy some scenery. It's not usually like super busier crowded, and it also takes you past the quad so you don't have to deal with the clot traffic. It's on that. Just like so pretty. Just hear my bait. Threatened on the Greenville and then campuses, right? On the Hey, guys, We are around Boise right now. And some of our favorite areas around jillions neighborhood. Super awesome. So what are some of your favorite things to do in the city? I love going. Tio had the Hyde Park area like a park. And then there's a bunch of little businesses. Ah, high torque is amazing. Yeah. One of my favorite places in the city to go is the district coffeehouse. They have the best Nutella Law tae that I've ever tried. There is nowhere else that compares to it. It is like a flurry of flavours in your mouth. Yeah, also, I love there's so many coffee places everywhere you go. Like every street you're going on. There was gonna be calm. If you don't like coffee, you will. By the time you leave, Boise stays check out the next video to see where I hang out with my What is up, folks? A campus. Riel. My name's. Logan Potter. I live in beautiful Boise, Idaho. And you are in my dorm room at Boise State University. You clicked on this video because you're looking too come to Boise State. Well, as a media arts journalism major who's involved in quite a few things around campus, I can't wait to be the one to show you why you should go here. Are you ready? Check out the next video. Now we are going to go into the student union building. This is OSI looks labor blasted pizza so we can travel as you guys can see. I voted way just voted for a s P s U, which is our student government here on campus, also known as the sub. This's one of, like the most communal areas here on campus, not in the heart of campus, but, you know, and you walk in here is our game centre. Um, it's a very, very small fee for students with the cards to come here. But wait, so you're all set. All right, so right now we're just walking through this hub and this is where one of our major dining halls nor needs the annoying, um, known as the Boy's River Cafe, also known as the PRC. And this is where a majority of the freshman students, because it's close enough to their dorms. And just like on campus. Yeah, on campus. But it's like the closest to the freshman dorms because south forks, like across the street, some fresh don't walk across the street. Um, but yeah. So how meal plans work, at least for my ear. I had fourteen meals a week, and I had two hundred flex dollars in flex dollars, also called Bronco bucks. Just money that you can use. That's on your ID card at campus. A different real tail spot so you could go get a Starbucks drink unusual flex dollars, and then your weekly meals reset every Sunday so you can use those meals, not use them. And then you just get your meals in for the week. Can you say about feet up? guys. So behind me, as you can see, is the talk of El Arena. This's where a lot of the sports games are, such as basketball gymnastics. A lot of them have their sports games in here, and a really cool thing is too full time students. It's through your student I d. So you can just bring your SIG ninety and get a ticket online for free, and you also get discounted guest tickets. Another really cool thing about the Taco Bell Arena is that a lot of artists come here to perform. So we had J. Cole, Keith Urban, Jimmy Buffett. Uh, but, yes, a lot of artists come over here to play and it's located right next, the freshmen dorms who want to a little peek around. So I rushed here. I live in the dorms over here, and it's really cool because technically get a free concert because they play so *** loud that you can He's a good shot of our three d printing speak. Super cool stuff, Guys. You want to check this out? What is a prospect of students? This is Boise State's Woz River. Front Hall Is the hall right here? Behind me is the math building and then all the way back around, kind of messy in here right now because they're preparing for the annual splatter party, which happens in that little fenced area right there. Neither Emma or I is going to splatter party. Last year, though, it was off. It's also we have some really cool events here on campus. The main quad is like the student hangout. There's chairs all the way along the quad tables to eat. It's really awesome. Maybe when you guys get here, you can check it out with me sometime. So right now I'm in the library has got done studying. Uh, basically, there's the Albertsons Library. It is four stories, and the second floor is actually known as the College of Innovation and Design. I took two classes there last semester. I took Art of Happiness, which is a really cool elective. And then I also took digital marketing. No, it was my side hustle class where I made balog side business. So there are four floors here at our Albertson's library. Um, as each fork it's hired, the floors get quieter, says he conceived Third four's quite study, um on each of the floors, there are study rooms that you can either reserve at a time or you Khun, go first, come first serve. So as we make our way down to the second floor, this is home to our College of innovation in design. On this warm makers lab, Issa's wells different three D printers I took in the Bridge to Career Path in the College of Innovation Design. I took a digital marketing class as well as art of happiness as an elective, and I also took a side hustle class where I had to create a side business and then launch and give a presentation to a group of professors to explain my business. All right, guys. So right now I'm going to be showing you a study room that we have here in the library. I'm just here with some friends. Guy. Say hi, but basically thie study rooms here. It was you, state. Our first come first served. So if you get a group of friends and you guys want to study during any day of the week, you couldn't come rose in reserve, or you can reserve. Yet you can reserve one, but they're also for his comfort, sir. So you don't have to pay for them or get them in advance. You can just come and show up, and then you have a room to yourself and a fun fact. During dead week, the library is open twenty four hours, so that's really great. Bring your sleeping bags and Grand House alone. This is where all of our games they take place. And if you can hear me over in that corner over there, I mean, maybe it's the left. That's where soon section is. And also, if you look at that little blue box, says Broncos ROTC programme lunch cannon during all the touchdowns, which is pretty awesome. But yeah, so here, a Boise State. Since we don't have any state national teams in the NFL, what is it? Tractor's was a big football brings in a lot of the community. First, hear it as well. It's himself. You're on campus, so game days are one of the biggest social hugs of the year, and this is one of my favorite places on campus. Just left two days, and also they do different events, such as Yoga on the Blue and the Big Movie on the Blue. So what we'LL do in since Frieda students with your idea and basically inflatable movie screen, you could bring out sleeping bags and just watch movies. A zoo well as yeah, yoga on the field, the sunrise yoga and they just have different events that you can coming straight in, and one more fun fact that I wanted to bring you guys long. Chandler Hutchison, as you can see behind me, actually cheered for him my freshman year of high school. And he was two years above me and he actually just graduated last year, and now he plays for the Chicago Bulls. So I just thought, that's a really interesting thing because we want the same high school, so pretty, Hey, guys, Welcome to Bronco Stadium, which is the home of the Boise State Broncos. Boise State has a big, big sports culture, most of our most of all, our football team, which is in the top twenty five in the nation for collegiate football teams. So here's a little something out here. All the way up. Super awesome. If you guys come to Boise State, you're totally gonna want to check it out. Some of our other sports include basketball, which please here. Here's the stuff Sky way. Have all of our club seats. It's really awesome. You guys are totally gonna want to come to a game. Maybe you guys can check one Welcome back campus. Really? I'm here to show you the second half of Boise State's a beautiful quad. So I showed you the original spot where we have the splatter party, where the chairs are and where the math building and Riverfront Hall are. But this side is one of my personal favorites. All across here is a liberal arts. There's benches. There's a stair seating there. Really nice miles monitor up here for advertisement. Really awesome. And its power. Look at us conserving energy of Boise State, and then here is the main event. Right over here. We have one of Boise State's to Starbucks locations. Is that the best part or is it the best part? The most important part. The most important part. You heard it here first. Gonna pass your classes. Exactly. Check out the next video Hey, guys, I'm out delivering on my morning paper out. And so I'm going to show you what the outside of the student rec building looks like. They're not quite open yet, so I can't give you a tour of the inside. But here we have bergreen bike stands, some motorcycles outside and then here. We have just a speak peek and then this ramp takes us to the front. And here we are. I can't give you the straight tour because there's too many people working out in there. But welcome to recess. Tossem. Check out the next video.