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Thinking about Brigham Young University-Provo and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Brigham Young University-Provo in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Brigham Young University-Provo’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Brigham Young University-Provo, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Brigham Young University-Provo experience. These Brigham Young University-Provo video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Technology Engineering, Class of 2020


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Physiology and Developmental Biology, Class of 2023



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So it's a beautiful, rainy day. Take a look. That's my mountain. I'm gonna show you guys a little tour of the Cannes Center where all the freshmen, they live in human halls because they don't have a kitchen. So this is the cannon. Face it. Hi. Different stations solely have stations have sandwiches. There's salad and fruit bar for names, cereal, bar station waffles. Over here, we have a burger. And then at the front of the cancer over by that wide black corner is the pizza station suits. Really, My favorite part about can sooner is this dessert bar has tons of desserts like cakes and cookies, ice cream and the waffle Station where you walk right now. Syria. WeII. Just from different desserts. They kind of fell through throughout the week. There's places where you can put that make all the desserts on. Then they just changed and eat them and their Liam. We also have stop. When you're done eating, you bring your tray, Trey station And, oh, my gosh, I shredded tio, two of my residents in my friend's absent and Sarah, um, I wanna ask you ask him, What's your favorite food in the canon? Look solid. Salad bar. What do you always get? Goldfish, especially you. Sam. What if everything in the Canada Well, they have some chicken, which is OK. I like it. Like it. They have it every week. More like every other week suite. Say hello to everyone. Do you love me? Why, you, sir? Yes. Do you love me? Why, you, Addison, You heard it here first. Here is my typical balanced breakfast. I can't a waffle sometimes. Great through a full crew and banana. So healthy. I mean, it is pretty healthy, I guess. But this is the best part. Oh, yeah, Sugar. The cannon center is pretty good. I have been eating here for two years just because I lived in hell and for the last two years and it's the same. There's a lot of meals like there's a lot of options, but they kind of cycle through every week, week and a half or so Some nights we'll have, like, special culture nights. Like last night. We had a luau night, which was good. They brought in a wine chef and he made a much really good food that we don't see a lot here. It's pretty standard stuff. Um, I've been here, like I said, for two years, so I have got kind of sick of it, of the meals. But there's lots to choose from. I like baked potatoes. They have big potato night every Monday night. I go to town on that and just you see the same people with everyone, all of you. Everyone lives here. That's a freshman, so you can eat with friends. I really liked my freshman year. All my friends and I were so busy studying that we couldn't hang out that much. But he always made time to eat meals together. So that's kind of fun about the Cannon Center. Again. It's not a good place. And even if you're not a freshman, I wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself eating here sometimes just because it's like all you can eat and it's not that expensive. And when it caused him to get a good big meal, they will. So that's the Cannon Center. All right, So I'm standing here in between quads, we have Brigham Square here, and just behind me. We have a different kind of Claude. It's just grass, fields and areas in between buildings. Um, I wanted to show you guys probably the coolest thing about you. That's one of them. If you can see right above my finger on this mountain is a big why where that is is a big cement. Why that was built in nineteen o eight. Utah is kind of unique in the way that we have so many mountains and every town has a college. They put a huge letter on the mountain. You see it all over the place. There's just these big white cement letters on the mountains. BYU has. Why so in Provo, It's the biggest school letter in the whole nation, so that's kind of cool. It was built in nineteen o eight, and they built it because they wanted to put you on the mountain. But they had to go by hand with these buckets of cement to make it. Um, which they start with the wise and it would be in the middle, and then they realize that it was just gonna take way too much time. So instead they just kept the wine. Which is why BYU was often referred to as the Why. So that's kind of just a fun fact. There's hikes. There's there's just one trail all the way up to the Y. It's about a mile and a quarter long. People loved like it's like such a big thing. If you are a freshman, you will like the Y At some point. It's like you must. It's like a rite of passage, so that's kind of fun. I love to see the mountains right here on campus. You can see this big Why mountain? It's like, so green and lush or covered in snow, and it just looks amazing, and you could see it from most places on campus. So that's something I love about BYU Hey, guys, we're looking at a centre, and I just wanted to show you a couple of cool resource is that we have here first. His employer service is just is just career services on B y U campus. If you get tired as we are at your job, which likely will if you come to me why you? This is where you come to fill in your paperwork if you want a job, this is a great place to come as well. Just we have the office of Experiential learning, which is where you go if you want. Teo, make your resume better if you want to just be fun. Uh, you're getting running for internships. Jobs and stuff is a good place to come a little further down. I'm still March of the career. An experiential learning center. They do workshops here all the time for students just to learn about how to do better networking Better? No, like interviewing and just research. Still stuff like it's one of my favorites. Just down here is the University Academic Support Center in the Academic Support Center. If you don't have a major U here, the university advisement center and you can come and meet with an adviser and they'll help you figure out what classes did you take how to get to graduation or just like what major you should take if you are undecided. So I've spent some time, in fact, occupies center when I know my major was gonna be and they were really so. Those are just some resource is in the Wilkinson centre. It Like I've said before, the resources in the world are endless for students, so that's just a little bit more. Hey, guys, too. Kit is like a PM and I'm walking home because I've been studying for eight hours straight. Basically, e. I guess that's how you know it's finals week. But I'm walking into the library and I wanted to show you guys some cool things. So the library is my favorite place to study next to my room because there is so many different places to study. So I want to show you some of the coolest places or in the library. So here is the library's newest addition to the family. You are very real. Tons of Syrians have kids and are like, bring them to class and stuff like that. So what? We have our place in this Kansteiner and their kids that I e. Here is the best way far way that there is a designated its access. Not only that, it's also a no shit zone, which means that you can't tell anyone else will be quiet in here is my favorite place to study. Allowed, bustling. There's like fun places to sit with. This country isn't stuff like that. As Faras Resource is in, the library goes there so money there's not only full study labs for different classes, but there is places that you can get your papers revised, their study rooms that you can reserve and just tons of different things that you can use. There's also elevators, which are good because I'm going from the first floor to the floor. I don't wanna take the stairs. Okay, so right behind me, right there we have our family history lab. It's a really quiet bone, so I don't wanna go in there talking. But that's what we have are microfilms are microfilm readers and stuff like that. So if you're introducing ology and different things like that, that's a great resource. It's like, really cool, not marry. Even the universities have that behind me also is the American Heritage Lab which has Richmond. You have to take American heritage. And it's like a Luers class ever. Also in the library and another quiet zone. We have a three D printing lab where we have about four three D printers and you can go and customize things. So I thought about the library and I try and spend some time there. I can every semester. Just because I think it's so funny. Since it is finals week right now, the library is actually extended. It's ours until from midnight until two. A. M. Now. So everyone, not everyone but you find tons of people in library just shutting it down, like studying all night. I know during finals week, it is really easy to just sit down for hours and just go on. Go on. Go. But the library, the HBO well, has a really good place to do that, So All right. So now I'm gonna show you guys the freshman quad. So this is human. Whole squad behind me. Um, if you can see, it's just lots of grass fields all around me. We have a building and more dorm buildings. There's my dorm building behind me for here's another. So it's just or buildings all around this circle of grass when it's really sunny outside in the afternoons like today's a beautiful day. Um, the grass field is just littered with people. We have ham mix up between trees. It's really nice. It's really social place. People play Frisbee golf. We have groups out here all the time. It's way front, so that's kind of what it looks like. You see, it's just grass field, grass, fields, grass fields up over here of those stairs, we have the cannon center, which is where everyone eats. So it's a really central location. And the woman halls. It's really easy to get. Teo just takes a couple minutes for me to walk there. That's also where we have our mailboxes. And if you get packages, that's where you go to. So I love human halls. It's just like a really beautiful place. They wanted to grass all the time to make it look this good, um and it's just a really fun place. It's really social, so that's kind of what the quad is like. We don't have a lot of parties here in the quad, but there is just a lot of social activities. There's like groups that meet every Monday night called Family Home Evening groups. Those air based on like Where you live and stuff those air really fun. Ah, lot of, um we'll meet out here, especially during the week just to like, have fun, play some games. So that's a little bit about My name is Kat. I am a sophomore here at Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University, also known as before you, I go to the location in Provo, Utah. There's actually through Beauty I use. There's one in Hawaii's one in Idaho and then one here in Utah. The Utah campuses the main campus, and it's an enormous campus. We have thirty three thousand students on campus, which is thirty thousand undergrad in about three thousand graduate students. Um, it's the biggest private university in the country, as well as the biggest religious university in the country. Beaulieu is a religious based run organization, nonprofit university, and it is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which most people know as the Mormons. So we have about ninety eight percent of the population on BYU campus is Mormon. Beauty is a really fun place. I am a technology engineering student here, so I get Teo do a lot of really fun stuff in the different labs around campus. We work with wood shop labs and metal labs three D printing labs. We also have computer labs at our disposal, can use all the time, so I'm really excited to show you guys around you and just the kind of things that I see from you are you and the things that I get to interact with all the time. I love it here, and I think it's just the most fun atmosphere ever. So keep watching my videos because I know that you are going to love love BYU. But now I want to show you guys the engine fun place sounds fun place on campus where students standing out Wei have a bowling alley for students to use whenever they want today in the evening as students of Master Yu get one free game. There's twenty lanes and you can go hang out with friends, really inexpensive for a game. That's it. This whole area here, it's just like a fun place with people from front tables, and I want to show you guys another hidden attraction. Is this is one of the coolest places to eat. Are you just a burger place? But it's really for Wallace will do a lot of cool performance. It's Bansal. Come perform here. There's open mic night. It's just really cool atmosphere to hang out Now your meal plan will work here. Tio Hans, My meal plan does work here, so sometimes I get a burger. He's a cool place. Um, somebody have sport nights without you. I like challenges challenges here, burger stuff like that. So the walls a really cool place to eat is gonna be really fun to hang out spot for students. So I just wanted to take a study break because I have been studying for like, four hours now, and I just wanted to take a break in, talked to you guys about who I am and why I'm not BYU. So I came to be why you mostly because it is inexpensive and because I wanted to be surrounded by people that have the same values is me. So that means that I basically just wanted to be around Mormons and before you is the best place to do that. I because it is a Mormon university. It is really hard to get in here, and I worked really hard in high school so that I might be able to get in. I didn't really think I would, but I did, and I'm glad I did. The academic climate here is really rigorous, I think, even in like our religion classes, which in my mind would be easier than a lot of other classes. Those are, honestly, the hardest classes for me. I really enjoy them and I learned a lot, but they're really difficult. So so they're just like some of the things that I've noticed about B y his academic climate. It is really difficult here and everyone is best of the best, I guess, from their high schools and stuff. So it's the best of the best from across the nation competing with the best of the best. But I don't really think college should be about competing except for competing with yourself. That makes it doesn't make sense. You should only really be competing with yourself so something I love about you. Why you, though, is that they really want the students to succeed. The amount of re sources we have on campus is just unbelievable. I didn't realize that any problem that I had, I could reach out to someone else and they would be able to help me. So that's what I love about you. Are you? Of course, the weather is in Utah is of winter, and then it is summer the next day, like it snowed two days ago. And now it is about seventy degrees outside, so it's kind of temperamental. And even with that, though, I still love the whether I still love being here. I think B I use a great university and there's tons of opportunity to learn, especially about other cultures. I love how BYU, more so now than in the past, is reaching out towards other cultures, including different religions, different races and because the majority of students here are white. But they're definitely trying to branch out more just trying to get tons of international students in. And it's been so fun t to be able to interact with and learn with all these international students. So that's just a little bit about me on why I chose you, are you? And why I will continue to choose BYU until I graduate? Um, I love it here. And I know if you came here, I would hope you would love it here, too. Eyes so sad to say, This is the end of our campus time together. I wish I could have had you guys on campus with me all week. I feel like there's just so much that I wasn't able to show you just because of how things are. It's just wild around here. I wasn't able to show you guys, Um, the LaVell Edwards Stadium. That's our football stadium. I don't know how I could have gotten in there, but it's the huge stadium on campus. And not only do we have our football games there, but we also have big football events. I just wanted to give you guys some final advice before I sign off. Choosing a college is really personal, and it can be really special. Once you find the right college for you, I think you are you choosing it for me was the best decision I could have made. It can't brought me to Utah, and I love it here. I love this university. I love the people I've met, and I love the classes I'm taking. I love what I'm learning, and that's what's really most important, I think is to come somewhere to University that you love. So if you are, you seems to be like it might be a good fit for you. It's not very expensive. It is in the middle of Utah, So depending on where you're coming from, it could be kind of far, and it's very difficult to get into. But it is so rewarding to go here. So just keep that in mind in your college search. And if BYU seems like the right place for you, then go for it. Try your best and just apply. There's two other beauty I used in the country. There's BYU and Idaho, and there's one in Hawaii, which is like, Why aren't I going there? Right? But in all seriousness, I do love you're you and I'm grateful I got just one this time showing you guys around campus. I hope you got to see just a kind of fun looking Teo. The life around here. Um, I have spent so much time doing fun things on campus, with clubs and off of campus with clubs and just with campus drops that I've had. It's just been such a great experience here. So I hope that if you were trying to come to BYU and maybe thinking about it. This convince you to or if it didn't? I'm glad that you now know that B y u is not the school for you, but good luck in your search. And I hope you find the right school for you. So I am in the tanner building, which is where all the business majors meat. It is a really cool building. If you look behind me, it's four stories and you could just see straight down, there's all these flies around. We have these just like fountains on the middle of every floor right there and just a really cool place. The acoustics in here are amazing, so sometimes they do choir concerts in here. What's really fun? I like the Tanner bowling because downstairs they have a different food place you meet. So I really like that about it. Um, like I said, this is where all the business majors go all the time. Um, I've never had a class in here, ever, but I know people that all of their classes in here, so that's kind of fun. Something also, um, the business majors. They don't have school on Fridays so that they can do internships. That's kind of cool. So if you are interested in business, BYU has a great business program. It's one of the best in the nation. Um, it's b Y U is actually a really procedure school, and it's rated top in a lot of things. One thing that is plenty that you is rated top of a CZ. If you are, you is always the number one stone cold, sober school thiss like Stanford Review, I guess, is the group that makes that decision. But every year Beaulieu wins stone cold sober, which just makes sense because, like I said before, it's like very against the rules Tio, drink, alcohol or D'oh drugs or any partying of that's worked here. So there's not that sort of night life here. But there are still parties that happened around B. Y. You can't base and just are still fun things that you can find off of campus, lots of fun things that you could do without alcohol. So it's a little different than that traditional college experience you hear on TV. But I think it's really great