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The Malesardi Quad

Welcome to the Malesardi quad! This is a very picturesque area, and is great for watching the sunsets. It is surrounded on two sides by classrooms and faculty offices (and a theater), and by the library on another side.

Video Location Malesardi Quandrangle

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Alana Bortman
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There's the science quad. We have the mouth started quad, which has the library. It's kind of what we think about when we think of the main quad, which I am about to show you in some following clips, and it's very, very pretty. I'm on the mallets arty quad, and right now it's about eight fifty in the morning. I'm going to my nine o'clock aecom class, and as you can see, the quad is pretty much empty, which is really pretty. So then I went to E. Com class, and then here you'll see what it's like going back into the quad in the opposite direction. We're about to go into the main quad, which is called the Malice. Then right over there is Coleman, which is another academic building. I had an English class in there, and then this is the main quad. And then, as you can see in the distance, you can see the mountain as the quadrangle. I'm right over there is Von Late, which is, uh, the place where much officers are in classrooms. Then the science quad is through the how so majestic. Is Rick Chapel not bloody? And just because mouth started, Quad is so pretty, I'm going to throw in a clip I took back in September, so.