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Hey, guys, it's me and Maddy. So right now we're on the way to Soyka Pavilion because we're dancing at the basketball game because on the dance team here and the doors are locked. So Wade got a sighting. All right, so on the right, we're gonna walk by the swimming pools. Patikul? What's in it with six eyes? So this is where people go swimming. Very cool, Very nice. One of our areas of Jim Jim has two floors, so there's a floor right above this when there's a separate weight room and then another weight room for the athletes. And now we're going to a different area of the gym where there's another layer upstairs and those air where we have workout classes. So my favorite workout class is the hit class, which is the high intensity interval training I believe on. Then there's like yoga cycle ing things like that right now. Matty and I were going to these things called squash courts squash, squash quit, and that's where we're gonna run our dances for the game. It's here, the squash courts, and we're going inside this one, Teo Faison spotted, and here is a good close up of the track. Everybody's got some tennis balls. House. Yeah, the Gerard Fieldhouse. And there is basically event in here. Sometimes track practices here. You've got some sports that practice here It's pretty fun. It's pretty cool. All right? So now we're so good. Pavilion, This's the Basketball Arena Stadium. This is the basketball area. Right, E. I don't know. I should know that by now. Yeah, There's a little peek backstage where boys and girls put their stuff and now we're going to go to us. Wei have the bicycles dance team. And then there's the bison that stands Team. Oh yeah, always. I haven't eaten. Wait, Can I see the bag of snacks? Freshman protein starring a bag of Inara. Because kit have children phone is one of the big things at school. This is the science pod. I'm not here all too often because I'm not making a lot of science classes, geology and this building, which is a leering last Mestre library straight ahead right over there. No. So right now I am leaving the library and I'm headed into the Science Guatemala way back to my dorm. So this is coming from the opposite side is a just showed. So right over here, we have one of the humanities buildings, and then that over there is actually a brand new building. It's called thie Hildreth Mirza Hall. And the thing is, from the construction of a quest East, I think in the back and then right over there with the big pillars is break iron. It's an engineering building, and then on the left and the right arson buildings used for science classes like Colin. And then we're going past the classroom. I had geology and then shared ahead is Carnegie, which is kind of like another library. It's like the baby library, so I like together a lot. So then, this building right here is another engineering building, and then right here is called Olen Science. And then right behind it, we have rock, which is another science building, and it split up into two wings, one for bio and one for Cam. But I do have an accounting class in there, so it's not strictly for science mentioned. Rick is right through there and you can cut through it, which I do a lot, especially when it's raining to go to the CAF. And then right over here is the very center, and that is very had geology. And that is an overview of the signs quad. So on campus we have two main quads. There's the science quad. We have the mouth started quad, which has the library. And it's kind of what we think about when we think of the main quad, which I am about to show you in some following clips, and it's very, very pretty. I'm on the mallets arty quad, and right now it's about eight fifty in the morning. I'm going to my nine o'clock aecom class, and as you can see, the quad is pretty much empty, which is really pretty. So then I went to E. Com class, and then here you'll see what it's like going back into the quad in the opposite direction. After class, we're about to go into the main quad, which is called the Malice. Artie can visit the mouth or the tongue. It's the malice started Quadrangle. And then right over there is Coleman, which is another academic building. I had an English class in there, and then this is the main quad. And then, as you can see in the distance, you can see the mountain as the quadrangle. I'm right over there is Von Late, which is, uh, the place where much officers are in classrooms. And then that is Bertrand Library. And then the science quad is through the how so majestic. What was that Brand number one rated. Very true. Is Rick Chapel not bloody? And just because mouth started, Quad is so pretty, I'm going to throw So Hello, everybody. This is Hallie. Shakeup featured in a previous vlog. We are coming back from our first night celebration. Ray, who would like to explain first night for my my vlog? I'm Hallie taking work. Okay, First night, they basically just said congratulations for us being here, completing our first semester. Yes, exactly. Way had some alumni. Corinne, Aaron, say hello. Um Wei are. We're walking back to Smith Hall right now and it is snowing outside and Yeah, Peace. Hello, world. We're at Seventh Street Cafe getting bunch. So wait. I can Oh, my God. Don't judge me. Yeah, there's a bad laugh again, but anyway get much everyday. I love it. And Aaron loves muchas Well. Kareem thinks that it's grass water. Hallie, I don't think has an opinion on that. She doesn't care. It's so much better with sugar. Okay, but seven Street Cafe, lovely place to study can Hi. We're back right now. I am a thie bond lit building, which is, um, the humanities building. So we have all of the history classes and the language classes here right now. So I'm going to try and take you guys into some of the classrooms and some of the class types. And there are also some really pretty fall abuse from here. A little view of the main quad. Look at how pretty everything looks and those are just people walking to class. This is the class that I was just in it for my women's class. And there are about thirty to forty people in this class. Thie average faculty ratio at Bucknell is nine to one. So this is probably my largest class that I have a very You hear something main course. Pretty, and right now I am going to dining hall and getting taken behind me. Got it. To get takeout from the dining hall. And then I'm taking it back to my room, and then I'm taking nice to the theatre. It Look, this is one of my favorite spots on campus. It's just this little part right here, and it's just really nice to watch sunsets on our sketch. The quad, because look at that, you fun fact. There's a penitentiary like way out there. You probably can't see it, but it's there. Appy auditorium. And that's when we have a lot of assemblies with the whole school. And we had Josh Peck here a little while ago. I met him so fun over there is our chapel. You can see the steeple of top pretty. It was really pretty a couple weeks ago, and now the leaves are starting to fall. Um, here is the entrance of the main quad, and then over there is where we are going to the CAF. It looks so tiny from the front, but actually huge. So this is just admissions I'm with my friend. Colleague. Now we're getting Taco Tonto started. Yes. I believe it's not very crowded right now. Just what are some? Some things about our cast. Others. We have a peanut butter grinder, which is really fun that I used, like every single day. Yeah, I love that. We also have a begin station. We have a group in free and peanut free station ice cream. Wait. Oh! Here. No. Here. There's like in the area there's my name makes my way. Let's go up to my talk, Cheers answers. This is what it looks like when I could be my dorm and this is called better Circle. The hill is on. All the costumes are going to get up that hill. So I'm going to my management class, right? Right here is Taylor Hall, and this is the home of management students. I'm going right now to meet with my advisor, so she consigned my ad drop form. I'm just going in through one of the side doors here. This goes right into the basement. So right now manager building and I'm going to talk for two. My advisors that can add up like last time were so crazy for all the questions. We're getting a new ministry building, which should be done in two or three years, I believe. And that's gonna be across campus. Actually, it's gonna be a brand new manager building. So this is the current management building. That's kind of offset from the rest of campus. But it's really nice inside and has a computer. So I'm currently going Teo room where they're having basically meeting great for my major so great. And now I'm headed to my tall Teo. Give them this little storm so I can add the cost schedule right over here Is this building? It's called botany. But inside this complex, we have the Career Development Center and the Office of Global Education. Now I'm walking downhill, and here is another view of Taylor Hall, which is the management building. This is when you're coming from hell and it's very pretty. The back of the management building. And actually, last semester, if one of my classes, we set up Corn Hole in the whole class, played it outside to collect data for some data analysis. So that was fun. It gets very cold in the winter, so make sure your coat Now I'm about to show academic West. So I have my EQ on one of three class in there, and it's one of the brand new buildings and its very nice and has a lot of open workspace and places where you can meet up with people and have conferences and such a quest. Right now. This is one of our new buildings, but it just has a bunch of classrooms. So I'm economy here. It's one of my bigger classes. So it's inside that kind of lecture hall style classroom. I think about how many kids, like twenty kids. Yeah. On academic piece is gonna be home for education and engineering. This is the outside, very grand. This is academic beast being constructed. So we just had a Nikon class and renowned the quad, and it's pretty empty right now. And one thing I've noticed is that you're there sometimes. Sometimes you're the only person on there, and it's campus. Just feel super Abdi. But then other times you'll see a bunch of people look out in Hammett. And this is where I'm going right now, because I am getting the instructors signature so that I can add a ballet costume, a schedule. And this is where we sometimes practice on dance, too. You know, this is the dance studio on campus. It's in the going called Tustin just had practice. Hitori. Um, and that's where I had one of my big lecture classes. And then here is where I went to. The office is ours. This is where I'm headed. And then through these windows, you could just see right into the main quad. Just really pretty. When it's sunny out, I hear is the art building. It's right by my dorm. I've never had a class in there, but it would be very convenient. If you're living downhill, then right through here is my So this is the Elaine Lingo Center, and this is the outside of it clearly, and right now Lord and I are walking to dinner. So inside this building, there is the mill room, Um, center freshens to hang out when there's two dining halls. So right now we're going to Bostwick, which is the dining hall re swipe in and could have. So I just got off the main quad. And this is the view from upper campus. You can kind of see there's this big help. I'm going to the dining hall, and this is the main dining on campus. So there's one closer to senior housing. And then this is the main one is called Bostwick, a place called the bison on the lower level of the same building. And it's more of Cafe, Ala carte style. So instead of swiping in and getting unlimited, you purchase each item separately. Dining hall Lauren over there. And that's the salt a line. So every week they'll change it up and do a different saute option a bar This week. It's pasta, so it's still cover it now. But you usually pick everybody you want. They cook it over there right over here with Bara and basically pick what toppings you want, your eggs and how you want it, and they could get it and it's coming. The most popular station in the dining hall. I get it at least once. Freshmen have the unlimited dining plan, so it's good you got to go in and out all the time way. Have roundtable of some long tables. So you really confined any table you like. We just had a hearty lunch. And now what? We are up, Tio, show you guys three ice creams. Don't get the holiday Today we have these eight flavors on. Then it's kind of like a make your own sundae station. Biggest opting for a cone today. Good choice. They also have lockers free soft, sir. Over here way. Have allergy friendly zone. So they have stuff like we've been free fridge. The cheesy pudding is very good. It's very solid. No Alright, So mean Colleen just got taken from the caf, which we're going to bring Thio our Super Bowl watching get together. Very funny, very young. You can get take out, like once or twice a day, I would say, like depending on when you get it. I guess you need to get it like you need to space out the times that you get it. But yeah, it's good and it's easy. Convenient. Like sometimes I'll bring take out of the library studying if I don't have time to meet with friends and it is very convenient, Yes, so have bone Hello anyway. Hello, people. Jane and I are walking to a fashion show hosted by B s. You the Black Student Union and a bunch of my friends are in it. So we will keep you updated. Continue blogging throughout the night. Updates to follow. Yes. Apparently it's in the gym. Welcome to my overview of all the different freshman living options. So I live in better haul, which I will soon show you. And there are Schwartz and McDonald, which are the ones uphill. And then there's Smith and better, which are the downhill options. The rez colleges are McDonald and Smith. So I do have friends that are impressed colleges there, and they love it. One big thing about Buck now is that you can't pick your roommate going into the year and obviously put your preferences on it Some things about you, and then they match you up with something that they think would be good Bye Smith, which is another freshman dorm. And then we're going to my heart, which is called better. So right here is my dorm building is called Better haul. This is called Smith. Then, as we walk here, you can see that Smith continues all the way on. Then better continues right over here. Half echoes right through there, and it goes to the gym. Vetter is composed of singles. Doubles are are quads and Smith. Everything about better is that it's at the bottom of the hill. So although you do have to go up the hill when you go to classes, it's really close to downtown. Here we have the Office of Transportation and Housing Services, so everything's really convenient being in better because we have a lot of this office is in our own dorm building, so better is comprised of four four's total, and there's two half floors. Two and a half and three and a half are single gender floors, and I'm on three and a half, so I have and all girls room. It does have a private bathroom, as do some of the singles and better. But every hall has its own communal bathroom, which most people use. I would say one of the main perks of being better is that it's so close to downtown. So if you want to go out and I am coming back, it's not going to be ah, long, hard track going back uphill. If you lived in McDonald or Schwartz halls, which are so that is the outside of better hall again. And then right over here is Hunt Hall. And that is where girls who Dorn shorties will live in. But not everyone will get to live here because space is limited to the front of Hunt Hall again. Right over here. It's called Buck. Now, Hol. It's used for lectures, poetry readings. So these are the gateways and juniors and seniors live here. It's basically a circle of these buildings, and then those are some stairs to go up campus on that Robert's right there. Just another dorm right out Tio, the little junior squad. I mean, soft housing. And this is the dorm building called Body. And then here and here you have two other sophomore housing buildings. And then where I just came out of it was. And this little place where you could do work print. It's like basically a library and I have a class in here right now, so it's pretty interesting. It's it's pretty much a daughter, but you gotta class this's Robert's home and I just got out of class, so I'm headed to lunch now. Just like Venice, and there's a kitchen and a basement work area, and it opens up to the same quality. Just showed. Where has he's other sophomore dorms, then? Right back. Here are some other dorms. It's basically a whole little quad of them. It's Colleen, Today I am showing you my, um my dorm. I live in Smith Hall, which is one of four freshmen dorms here at Buck. Now, Smith Hall is home to the residential colleges, which are basically living in learning communities. So I live in the social justice rez College. So here is my hall. Everybody on this whole lives and the social justice rez college. Um, so for the rez college, we have specific, like, foundation seminars. Which is, of course, that we take on. This is my room. That's my friend Avery. Every single o check up, say goodbye. Jacob is going somewhere right now. You'll probably see him later. And other logger, Whatever. Okay, So this's my dorm. I live in a double. That's my roommate's bed. A movie? Um, we live really well together, not going to lie. It's like random at Bucknell. So you don't get to choose who your roommate is. But I would say it worked out pretty well, so we just have to excel. Twin beds every over my bed s O. We get honestly, a lot of storage. We have those drawers here. The desk, which I put like a lot of books in and everything, and then here is my closet. I honestly don't have a lot of clothes, so, like, I don't care what. The closets aren't big enough. But honestly, for me, it's like fine here on my laundry, in my shoes and all that stuff, a lot of people by little boxes to put other stuff in, like I have here, and then my roomie has some, too. But now we're going to interview Avery about hurts or, um, so Avery, what? What dorm do you within? I live in better vetters, so interests, Yeah is known as the party dorm. Yeah, it's not. It's not as clean a Smith. I'm not going to live like when I got Smith. I was kind of nervous because it's all residential colleges, but it's like a lot cleaner and like, just nicer and general. The only thing is that the better rooms each side. The better room is really well separated, so you get a little bit of privacy. And also the closets are bigger than like hear me mean Emily are like, pretty close and everything. It's not like you get your own space, necessarily, like it's clearly just like a rectangular room like we were with each other all the time and stuff. But the rooms and better are a Z shape. Yeah, which is nice because you got your own privacy of everything. But you do have the option to rent a my growth with Micro fridge, which is what Emily and I did, which helps a lot. You're my essential oil diffuser. Some decorations I have. I tried to make it more beachy theme because it reminds me of home and everything. But honestly, overall, Smith Hall is really great.