Mt. clef freshman residence hall

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Rissa Gross

Tour Guide

Mt. Clef Hall is Rissa's former and Makenna's current residence hall. The P(urple) Lounge is pretty empty during the day and can be a good place to study or chill out if you want to get out of your room. RAs will put on hall events in the Plounge with free food and games. At the beginning of each year, they do a brick painting event in the Plounge, where residents can paint bricks to hold their doors open. Rissa and other residents watch the 2016 Presidential Election in the Plounge. The study room is great and residents can borrow cooking utilities from RAs to use in the kitchen (bring your own food). Rissa made most of her friends at the start of Freshman year by keeping her door open every night and saying hello to other residents walking by. \